Michelle Courier of Westward Gallery to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

I look forward to painting every minute. I never get sick of it, I never get frustrated. I love it.”

— Michelle Courier

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — If there is a secret a satisfying and successful career in art, Michelle Courier knows it. Courier is a landscape artist and the owner of Westward Gallery, a contemporary Western art gallery in Denver.

“I look forward to painting every minute,” says Courier. "I never get sick of it, I never get frustrated. I love it. I always wanted to live this life. I wanted to pursue my own vision and do it my way.”

Courier works mainly with acrylics and her subject matter is the West, so it made sense for her to pack up all her belongings and head to Denver where she discovered the space that would one day become the gallery of her dreams.

“I wanted to move West my whole life,” recalls Courier. “When I was twelve years old, I cried every time I had to go back east. I spent as much time out here as I could and finally just made the jump to come out here full-time and open a gallery. I've always wanted to, so it's been a dream of mine.”

Courier’s paintings can be described as photographic until you get up close, where one discovers that they are rather impressionistic, particularly in the way she paints water.

“I started off in portraits. And they're very realistic. Then I went to the water, looking into it, which was incredibly challenging,” says Courier. “I try to paint very loose with a dancing brush stroke. I have a very light hand with the paint. It kind of dances around. And then when you get ten feet away they start to look like a photo and around 20 feet you think they're a photograph. So I like the aspect of almost two-for-one. When you get up close you see metallic in the paints and kind of fun, funky colors: hot pinks and neon and things you don't notice far away.”

Still, owning a gallery presents a completely different type of challenge for an artist. But it allows Courier to always display her art prominently in the front gallery. Courier’s studio is attached to the gallery where she can work on commissions.

In addition, Westward Gallery features four acrylic artists and two oil painters.

“I've been an artist my whole life, so I really look out for my artists in this gallery,” says Courier. “I have five other established, well-known artists. And they do their own work which is completely different from mine. Everybody has very their own style, which complements mine and looks very nice hung in the same room. That's what I look for: art that is completely different than mine but also complementary.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Michelle Courier in an interview with Jim Masters on November 21st at 11am EST.

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