Konstantin Balakiryan: The Stars of the TV show "Shark Tank" Can become national heroes.

Wildfires are a national tragedy that can’t leave anyone indifferent

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A huge number of TV viewers in the US and around the world watch with great interest the TV show "Shark Tank", the stars and professionals who make this show are greatly respected. Many people understand how important it is when someone powerful and knowledgeable comes to the aid of inventors, helping them realize their dreams and solving many extremely important social and economic problems by:
1. Creating many thousands of new jobs.
2. Making huge contributions to the development of small and medium-sized businesses, the driving force of the economy.
3. Promoting active creativity and expression, which is especially important for young people.
In general, all participants of this show reveal to the world that the "American Dream" is not an abstraction, but a real formula for life and success in our country.
In the past, I, a well-known scientist and inventor wanted to be in communication with you, to invite you to invest in one of my latest inventions.
You will find some of them described in the following articles and patents:
А extinguishing forest fires with explosions of hydrogen capsules;
В Rotary Fuel Cells Must be the Foundation of Hydrogen Energy;
С. WO2015005921A1 – Multifactorial hydrogen reactor – Google Patents;
D. Proton-3ND Energy Storage Technology Could Revolutionize Battery Industry;
E. Konstantin Balakiryan develops new aluminum alloy oxidation method;
F. Water Saving and Recycling Device
Realizing there was a huge queue of people vying to get in front of you on the show, I did not invest the time to go through the process with my earlier projects. (Alas, I'm already 77 years old.)
However, the real-life tragic events currently occurring in many states of the country have led me to now urgently ask you to help intervene in the fight against these destructive forest fires. Today, more than one hundred large wildfires have burned about 1.7 million acres across the United States. The worst in California where one fire has taken the lives of 8 people and another fire has burned nearly 300,000 acres, becoming the largest wildfire in California history. Particularly painful to our hearts are the two young children (4 and 5 years old) and their great-grandmother who were taken by the fire, unable to escape its rapid approach.
Fighting the wildfires in California this fire season alone has thrown 14,000 firefighters from different states of the US and other countries into a dangerous battle utilizing long-held methods. Unfortunately, they are technologically outdated and losing effectiveness as a means of extinguishing the increasing size and intensity of the fires today. I apologize for being blunt, but we do not have the right to use these firefighters as "cannon fodder", where too many of these heroes perish while doing their best under such intense conditions?
My colleagues and I set ourselves the task of creating a new and effective tool for extinguishing wildfires, which would reduce risk to firefighter’s lives and increase the efficiency of suppression.
Fortunately, we have created the new explosive hydrogen capsule concept, which when introduced into a fiery inferno produces five beneficial fire suppression actions:
1. The explosive force itself blows out the flames. It is common knowledge that a mixture of hydrogen with oxygen produces tremendous explosive power. Experiments have repeatedly proven that an explosion pushes the flame off of the fuel, like blowing out a candle.
2. The blast wave breaks trees and foliage, putting them on the ground, greatly reducing possible fuel for re-ignition.
3. Tons of soil blown up into the air significantly reduces the contact of potential fuel material with oxygen in the air.
4. Returning to the ground, soil particles act as a blanket covering the smoldering remnants of flame.
5. Right after the explosive hydrogen reaction, what happens was described 250 years ago by renowned English scientist Henry Cavendish: "Hydrogen in a mixture with hot air reacts with the explosion and with the formation of water". This water, covering the burnt trees and ground, helps to further reduce re-ignitable fuel.
Now, firefighters can come to a site with much less risk of life to follow up and complete their work.
The world press described the methods and means of such fire extinguishing as follows: “Mankind has never before possessed such a powerful means as the hydrogen capsules for combating this terribly destructive natural cataclysm.”
It is clear, that for your participation in this firefighting concept, you will receive gratitude from millions of US residents, as lives are saved while destruction and expense are reduced.
Economic opportunities and financial feasibility of investing in this project we hope to discuss with you during our contact on site of the magnificent show "Shark Tank"

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Source: EIN Presswire