Fargo Moorhead Insurance Discusses New Guidelines from AAP on Child Safety Seats

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released updated guidelines for child safety seats in cars, especially in regards to use of rear-facing seats.

FARGO, ND, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released updated guidelines for child safety seats in cars, especially in regards to use of rear-facing seats. The former guidelines stated that children should be in a rear-facing seat until they were two. The new guidelines have now removed an age limit, instead recommending they be kept rear-facing for as long as possible. Fargo Moorhead Insurance, a provider of car insurance in Fargo, ND, says that parents need to be aware of the recommendation.

"This information helps parents to be better informed about how to place their growing children in the vehicle," says a spokesperson for Fargo Moorhead Insurance. "There is no magic number where the child will be safer by facing the front." They go on to say that the AAP recommendations are designed to reduce injury for a child if they are involved in a car accident. Experts show that rear-facing seats do a better job of protecting the head, neck and spine of the baby or toddler. The recommendation also says that they should stay in this position for as long as the seat allows based on height or weight. For forward-facing seats, it is recommended that children use these until they reach the weight limit. Many seats are designed for children up to 65 pounds or more. Once a child has reached those limits, which often happen around age eight, they should use a booster seat to ensure the seatbelt is positioned at the correct height for the child. Children should also remain in the back seat for as long as possible for greater safety.

Fargo Moorhead Insurance acknowledges that newer models of vehicles often come better equipped with safety features to prevent serious injury in accidents. They have increased the number of airbags installed on the vehicle and feature a number of systems which detect an accident before it happens. Crumple zones and other design elements make the vehicle safer as well. Vehicles go through safety testing and crashes to determine how safe they are. Fargo Moorhead Insurance recommends that more buyers look at this information before selecting a model to buy, especially if they have children. The NHTSA issues a five-star rating to those models which meet expectations while the IIHS provides a Top Safety Pick designation to vehicles that fit the criteria.

A side benefit to researching safety standards for vehicles is it can help buyers choose a model which will lower their Fargo car insurance rates. They will save money by choosing a vehicle that has a better safety rating. It also means they are less likely to suffer a serious injury in a car accident. However, it is still important to take the right precautions every time they get in the vehicle. This includes following the AAP standards for child safety seats. New technology makes it easier to protect one's children, but it does not completely eliminate the risk for a car accident as they travel on the streets and highways.

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