Easler Education Inc. Launches Version 3 of EaslerLMS

Easler Learning Management System

Easler Learning Management System

The logo for DrugTestingCouses.com

DrugTestingCourses.com logo

Easler Education Inc., operator of DrugTestingCourses.com Launches Version 3 of EaslerLMS

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — EaslerLMS Version 3 was launched on April 15, 2019, and we are proud to report to our affiliates, resellers, authorized trainers, and our future partners that we are ahead of schedule.

Here is a quick update on what this version release includes:

• Managers can now purchase course credits directly from their portal by “clicking on the course” then “add course
credits” function (FYI – course credits never expire)

• Managers and portal administrators can now view payment history directly from the manager profile.

• Portal administrators can now enroll/invite users directly from their portal.

• EaslerLMS is now fully compatible with Microsoft Edge.

• Portal administrators can also review the progress and status of managers and their learners and can resend invites,
update email addresses, names, and other user information.

• Assignment submission and course completion manager notifications.

• View and download certificate options for managers, administrators, and instructors.

***Version 4 will be launched sometime in late June 2019, and will include:***

• E-COMMERCE WEBSITES: We will be launching an e-commerce function so our resellers and authorized trainers will be
able to sell drug and alcohol testing courses directly from their own websites.

• Instructor portal for resellers, authorized trainers, and other third-party customers.

• Website trust seals that immediately verify manager and learners’ certificates directly from third-party websites.
The trust seals can be generated after you complete the course, they can be embedded on websites and landing pages to
build trust with your customers and use as a valuable sales and marketing tool.

• Public API connect EaslerLMS directly to your website.

**Upcoming Courses & Programs:**

State-by-state drug testing law courses

• Employee Drug Awareness Course

• DOT Supervisor Training Course with FRA Post Accident Training

• Bloodborne/Droplet/Airborne Pathogens

• OSHA Construction Safety Classes

• Site Auditing

• Authorized Trainer Program


James Timotny White
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New Book Release:‘The Medusa Enigma’ reveals the corruption of USA’s legal and medical systems'

Justice shall prevail

corruption of the legal and medical system

I felt like St Sebastian during this decade of my life

justice shall prevail

‘The Medusa Enigma’ Dino Panvini,MD,describes how he escaped attempted murder,near death experience and corruption of the legal and medical system in USA.

The relentless fight against corruption is never easy.It is exhaustive on ourselves,families,friends and our children. I believe the price of the pain is worth holding on for our dignity and values!”

— Dino Panvini M.D.

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — New Book: In “The Medusa Enigma”, nonfiction, (published by Xlibris), author Dino Panvini, M.D., reveals the corruption within the medical and legal systems in America, and how lawyers are injuring innocent people for malicious intent yet not policed by the American Bar Association.

Dino Panvini, M.D. says: ‘Everything you are about to read is true. Although you may think this is a work of fiction, it is not! This book will take you deep inside the corruption of the United States’ legal and medical systems, and how it led to my near-death experience and multiple attempts on my life.’

Through the book, readers will learn about the actions taken against Panvini’s professional career, personal life, and safety with multiple murder attempts and fraudulent allegations by the legal medical system — all because he did the right thing. The book chronicles the battles Panvini faced against a conspiracy of malignant lawyers with immoral ethics and criminal behavior while colluding with a very corrupt medical system. According to Panvini, the origins of these actions are from a “psychologically deranged drug addicted” ex-wife.

The book describes real events that have taken place as the reader will be enchanted with the drama, corruption and real-life attempted murders. “[I want the readers] to understand the reality of the corruption of the legal and medical system in the United States, and how important it is to change the present corruption and to allow for a policing agency to monitor the legal system,” says Panvini.

Ultimately, Panvini invites readers to witness a non-fiction fast-paced thriller of a doctor escaping attempted murder, corruption by the legal and medical system and a bizarre divorce like no one have ever heard. The name of the book has cryptic message. Let’s see if readers can decipher the message, as of today only one reader has deciphered the message. Enjoy your read because my readers tell me that is a page turner. “Once I started I couldn’t put it down”. Another reader says: “Best book I've read in a long time. It was a very easy and exciting read. It was an eye opener about how evil people can be, and so greedy. I kept wondering how do these people look themselves in the mirror, and not be mortified at what they have become. Dino Panvini MD is amazing how he never gave up the fight for what he knew was right and what he believed in. Even at his darkest moments his faith got him through. He is a great inspiration for people when they are going through tough and unfair times….God does have a plan for us and will give us the strength to keep going…Thank you Dino, for sharing your story.”

The US Review of Books says:

Pacific Book Review SAYS:

Keep your mind open as you read my book as you will find out the truth within the legal and medical systems in the United States of America. My book will open your eyes and hopefully inspire the reader to “never give up in something that you believe to be true and correct, because only the truth can set us free”.

Available in English and Spanish

“The Medusa Enigma”
By Dino Panvini, M.D.

Hardcover | 6×9 in | 296 pages | ISBN 9781796011258
Softcover | 6×9 in | 296 pages | ISBN 9781796011241
E-Book | 296 pages | ISBN 9781796011234
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and many more

About the Author
Dino Panvini, M.D., is an American-born, board-certified Doctor with more than 34 years of experience. He has held administrative positions as chairman of surgery and chairman of urology in many U.S. hospitals. He comes from a family of doctors, dating back to the 15th century in Italy. He started his clinical practice in New York City in 1987 and ultimately ended up in Arizona, in 2010. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Urology, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a fellow of the International College of Surgeons, and he has been fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine.

Dino Panvini MD
Dino Panvini MD
+1 (407) 777-9946
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Mapogos Media Increases Businesses Revenue Using Results-Driven Digital Marketing Strategies

Mapogos Media

Mapogos Media

We strive to ensure that we maximize your ad spend, fight for results, and communicate in a way you’d expect any business partner would.”

— Benson Lewis

PLEASANT GROVE, UTAH, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mapogos Media is pleased to announce it is increasing businesses revenue through the use of results-driven digital marketing strategies.

Founded by Tanner Smith and Benson Lewis, digital marketing agency Mapogos Media was created with one goal in mind: to help increase the awareness, engagement, and revenue of businesses, practices, and brands using strategies guaranteed to be highly effective for their clients.

“While we recognize that digital marketing is a process, our end goal is to produce maximum returns,” says Tanner Smith. “Because of this, we are ROI driven and won’t take on a client unless we are certain we can deliver results.”

This unique approach is distinctively different compared to many other digital marketing agencies. Through becoming dedicated partners and assets to their clients, the team at Mapogos Media is highly invested in their customers’ success.

“We strive to ensure that we maximize your ad spend, fight for results, and communicate in a way you’d expect any business partner would,” states Benson Lewis. “I believe it is what sets us apart from our competition, and we look forward to developing relationships with new clients into the future.”

Mapogos Media specializes in a host of customized digital marketing solutions for clients around the world. These services include:

• Lead generation
• Sales funnel & web design
• Social media management
• Facebook advertising
• Google PPC ads
• Email marketing
• Consultation to increase revenue and awareness
• And so much more!

“A lot of people think they need to do direct mail, billboards, newspaper ads, etc, to get leads and, have been getting leads for years through these channels,” says Smith. “However, with the transformation and opportunity of the internet, leveraging digital marketing strategies is a much more effective way to increase ROI and get quality leads.”

For more information about Mapogos Media, please visit the company’s website at https://www.mapogosmedia.com.

Tanner Smith and Benson Lewis
Mapogos Media
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Perks Group Employers Healthcare Professionals Across the Country Through PerksConnect Discounts

RONKONKOMA, NEW YORK, USA, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Through the PerksConnect national discount program, Perks Group has helped millions of employees, students, and other professionals save money on everyday purchases. Working with organizations such as Montefiore Medical, Middlesex Health, and SEIU Nevada, Perks Group provides real savings to healthcare professionals across the country.

The PerksConnect affinity program supports thousands of business locations by offering millions of qualifying employees discounts on everyday purchases and luxury items. In this way, companies give their employees exclusive resources and more incentive to improve in their roles as well as demonstrate appreciation. Through the Perks Group program, members join a national network of savings with participating locations in every state.

Perks Group allows their members to save in a number of ways, making discounted purchases and frequent savings easy and quick to access. When making purchases online, members can enter a code or else follow the provided link to get instant savings. At physical stores, members can print coupons from their official PerksConnect hub and redeem them at checkout as well as use scannable codes directly from their smartphone app. Additionally, members can dial an 800-number to access discounts.

PerksConnect brings together local merchants and consumers through a range of deals, but also allows members to save money while traveling: members can enter zip codes or search by city and state to get an updated list of potential discounts in any given area.

The Perks Group savings network encompasses many job markets and institutions where it allows students, alumni, government employees, educators and many other professionals to earn real cash back in their pockets––without any gimmicks or point systems.

By signing up for PerksConnect, healthcare groups are able to extend the network savings to all qualifying members, empowering their work and giving them incentive to continue providing exceptional service.

Montefiore Medical

Through participation in the Perks Group network, Montefiore Medical employees and their family members can save money on products and services at thousands of retailers. They discover discounts on brand names like T-Mobile, Dell, ADT, Dish Network and others as well as find discounts on luxury purchases and traveling or vacationing needs.

Middlesex Health

Besides savings such as cafeteria discounts and deals on health club memberships, Middlesex Health express their appreciation and commitment by offering employees access to the Perks Group network. Here, members encounter local and national deals (including online savings) as well as special discounts on gift cards from top brands.

SEIU Nevada

Representing healthcare and public service employees across the state of Nevada, SEIU now offers discounted gift cards and regular savings through Perks group. Qualifying members have the benefit of savings from brick and mortar businesses such as Barnes & Noble, Chili’s, Lands’ End, Cabela’s, and JC Penney as well as online discounts from over 300 web-based savings such as Xfinity, PC Care Support, Disney Parks and From You Flowers.

Providing a range of savings to healthcare professionals across America, Perks Group empowers the nation’s healthcare providers with real savings on countless purchases.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
+1 7865519491
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Vision Award logo 2019

President and CEO of NAMIC

Best of multiethnic programming celebrated at the 2019 Multicultural Summit

The Vision Awards winners represent the best of multiethnic programs and feature the culturally diverse communities we support.”

— A. Shuanise Washington, President and CEO, NAMIC

NEW YORK, USA, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — NAMIC, Inc. (National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications), announced today the winners of the 2019 NAMIC Vision Awards. These awards recognize original programming that reflects the lives, spirit and contributions of people of color and represents ethnic and cultural diversity of the viewing audience. This year’s NAMIC Vision Awards winners were celebrated at the 2019 Multicultural TV Summit in New York, an event exploring the business of reaching diverse audiences for TV and video.

HBO led all networks and distributors with four NAMIC Vision Awards. HBO’s original movie, “Icebox”, received top honors in this year’s Original Movie or Special category. Rounding out HBO’s wins are awards for “Sesame Street” (Children’s), “Insecure” (Comedy), and Dwayne Johnson “Ballers” (Best Performance-Comedy). In addition, NBC Asian America took home three awards for “Searching for Queer Asian Pacific America” (Digital Media – Long Form), “Open the Pantry” (Lifestyle) and “Break Shot with Will Choi” (Variety/Talk show).

ESPN received two awards with “SC Featured: The Black 14” (Reality- Social Issues) and “SC Featured: Bubba” (Sports).

“The Vision Awards winners represent the best of multiethnic programs and feature the culturally diverse communities we support. Their commitment to storytelling reflects the lives and contributions of people of color creates value for everyone in the multiplatform, multimedia environment that is entertainment today”” said NAMIC’s President and CEO A. Shuanise Washington.

A total of 27 networks and distributors competed for programming diversity honors presented in 17 award categories: Animation, Awards & Honors, Best Performance – Comedy, Best Performance – Drama, Children’s, Comedy, Digital Media – Long Form, Digital Media – Short Form, Documentary, Drama, Lifestyle, News/Informational, Original Movie or Special, Reality, Reality – Social Issues, Sports, and Variety/Talk Show.

Networks and distributors achieving wins in a single category include BET Networks, CNN, Disney Junior, FUSE, National Geographic, Paramount Network, SHOWTIME and TV One. A judging panel of entertainment industry executives evaluated entries and selected winners based on overall imagery (creative merit, originality and presentation quality), sensitivity (the consideration given to cultural nuances), writing (the depiction of issues relevant to people of color) and the quality of acting in the performance categories. Eligibility for NAMIC Vision Awards is extended to national, network owned and operated, and affiliates of broadcast networks; national and regional cable networks; local origination programs from cable operators; first-run original program syndicators; and VOD content produced for digital platforms.

A complete list for the 2019 NAMIC Vision Awards winners follows. For more information or to view the Winners Gallery, visit www.namicvisionawards.com or contact NAMIC National 212-594-5985.

2019 NAMIC Vision Awards – Winners

Disney Junior – Elena of Avalor

Awards & Honors
BET Networks – 2018 Soul Train Awards

Best Performance – Comedy
HBO – Dwayne Johnson: Ballers

Best Performance – Drama
TV One – Meta Golding: Behind the Movement

HBO – Sesame Street

HBO – Insecure

Digital Media – Long Form
NBC Asian America – Searching for Queer Asian Pacific America

Digital Media – Short Form
CNN – 25 Influential American Muslims

Paramount Network – Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story


NBC Asian America – Open the Pantry

National Geographic – America Inside Out with Katie Couric

Original Movie or Special
HBO – Icebox

FUSE – T-Pain’s School of Business

Reality – Social Issues
ESPN – ESPN Features – SC Featured: The Black 14

ESPN – ESPN Features – SC Featured: Bubba

Variety/Talk Show
NBC Asian America – Break Shot with Will Choi

2019 NAMIC Vision Awards – Winners by Network/Distributor

BET Networks – 1
CNN – 1
Disney Junior – 1
ESPN – 2
FUSE – 1
HBO – 4
National Geographic – 1
NBC Asian America – 3
Paramount Network – 1
TV One – 1


NAMIC (National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications) is the premier organization focusing on cultural diversity, equity and inclusion in the communications industry. More than 4,000 professionals belong to a network of 18 chapters nationwide. Through initiatives that target leadership development, advocacy and empowerment, NAMIC collaborates with industry partners to expand and nurture a workforce that reflects the cultural richness of the populations served. Please visit www.namic.com or follow @NAMICNational on Twitter for more information about NAMIC and its many opportunities.

Wanita Niehaus
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நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் தேர்தல் வாக்களிப்பு நிறைவு பெற்றது !

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)

தபால் மூலம் வாக்களிப்பு, நேரடி வாக்களிப்புகள் நிறைவுற்றுள்ள நிலையில் வாக்கு எண்ணும் பணிகள் தொடங்கியுள்ளன.

2009ம் ஆண்டு தமிழர் தேசம் சிங்கள அரசினால் ஆக்கரிமிக்கபட்டு தமிழர்களுக்கான அரசியல் வெளி இல்லாத நிலையில், இலங்கைத்தீவுக்கு வெளியே அனைத்துலக அரசியல் வெளியில் உருவாகியதுதான் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம்

— Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ —

நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் மூன்றாவது தவணைக் காலத்துக்கான தேர்தல் வாக்களிப்பு நிறைவு பெற்றது.

தபால் மூலம் வாக்களிப்பு, நேரடி வாக்களிப்புகள் நிறைவுற்றுள்ள நிலையில் வாக்கு எண்ணும் பணிகள் தொடங்கியுள்ளன.

பிரித்தானியாவில் இடம்பெற்றிருந்த தேர்தலில் வேட்பாளர்கள் பலரும் ஆர்வத்துடன் இத்தேர்தலில் போட்டியிட்டிருந்த நிலையில், தேர்தல் பரபரப்பாக காணப்பட்டிருந்தது.

நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் ஒவ்வொரு தவணைக்காலமும் ஜனநாயகப் பொறிமுறையாக தேர்தல் அறிவிக்கப்பட்டு, அதன் மூலம் தேர்வு செய்யப்படுகின்ற ஓர் தனித்த அமைப்பாக, அரசவை, மேலவை, பிரதமர், அமைச்சரவை என்ற கட்டமைப்புக்களைக் கொண்டதாக இருக்கின்றது.

2009ம் ஆண்டு தமிழர் தேசம் சிங்கள அரசினால் ஆக்கரிமிக்கபட்டு தமிழர்களுக்கான அரசியல் வெளி இல்லாத நிலையில், இலங்கைத்தீவுக்கு வெளியே அனைத்துலக அரசியல் வெளியில் உருவாகியதுதான் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் என்பது இங்கு குறிப்பிடதக்கது.

இந்நிலையில் இடம்பெற்றுள்ள தேர்தலின் முடிவுகள் மே 5ம் நாள் வெளிவரும் என எதிர்பார்க்கப்படுகின்றது.

4 Attachments

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
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AWOL Hotel, a Provincetown GayTravel Award Winning Boutique Inn Reopens for the Season

AWOL-GayTravel Award Winner

We strive to honor the LGBTQ community and to bring people together, which is why it is so gratifying to have three of our hotels in the Lark Collection recognized by the GayTravel Awards”

— Rob Blood, CEO of Lark Hotels

PROVINCETOWN, MA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — AWOL Hotel, a boutique inn in Provincetown, MA, and winner of GayTravel.com’s 2018 GayTravel Award in the “Seasonal Hotel” category, is slated to reopen for the summer season on May 1, 2019.

A Lark Hotels property, AWOL was completely renovated in 2018 and offers 30 stylish rooms and suites with private patios or balconies overlooking Provincetown’s iconic moors. The inn is conveniently located nearby the diverse mix of shops and restaurants located downtown.

Two additional Lark Hotels properties were highlighted in GayTravel.com’s recent awards: Field Guide in Stowe, VT. was nominated in the “Boutique Hotel” category, and 21 Broad in Nantucket, MA. was nominated in the “Seasonal Hotel” category.

“We strive to honor the LGBTQ community and to bring people together, which is why it is so gratifying to have three of our hotels in the Lark Collection recognized by the GayTravel Awards,” Rob Blood, CEO of Lark Hotels said. “AWOL, in particular, embodies the essence of P-Town’s rich history — a history that was created by the LGBT community. We thank GayTravel.com for this prestigious award and look forward to opening our doors at AWOL on May 1 for another amazing season!”

The award is testament to AWOL’s dedication to providing an inclusive, welcoming base for LGBTQ travelers and its commitment to supporting Provincetown’s strong LGBTQ community.

“As a trusted resource for LGBTQ travelers for over two decades, the GayTravel Awards™ recognized those businesses who serve as a role model of excellence and inclusiveness for others,” said Stephen Prisco, Vice President at GayTravel.com.

“AWOL could not be more deserving of their 2018 GayTravel Award win for Seasonal Hotel: they live and breathe the very essence of inclusiveness! It’s not enough to AWOL just to offer their services as a retreat where LGBTQ travelers can be themselves; they also give back to causes that support the community, such as the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod.”

Guests can book online for stays at AWOL from May 1 through October 31, 2019.

About Lark Hotels
Lark Hotels is a collection of boutique hotels in sought-after spots. All Lark Hotels properties embrace the locations they are in but in playful, unexpected ways. Think “sense of place” with imagination and a touch of mischief. Launched in 2012 under the leadership of CEO Rob Blood, Lark Hotels range from nine to 95 rooms. Properties are located throughout New England and beyond, including Kennebunkport, Portland, and Camden, ME; Portsmouth, NH; Stowe, VT; Provincetown, Falmouth, Plum Island, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Salem, MA; Newport and Block Island, RI; Saratoga Springs, NY; and Mendocino, CA. Each Lark Hotel invites guests to experience modern luxury in the heart of an iconic destination, to feel the pull of a nostalgic getaway while surrounded by today's amenities, and to find attentive service when they want it and privacy when they don’t. For information on Lark Hotels or to join the “On a Lark Club,” please visit http://www.larkhotels.com.

About GayTravel.com’s GayTravel Awards
GayTravel.com’s GayTravel Awards are designed to recognize and promote select destinations and travel-related companies around the globe. These distinguished organizations lead by example and help to inspire and challenge other companies and brands to follow their spirit of inclusiveness as well as to constantly improve their amenities and service levels.

If you have recommendations for future GayTravel Award recipients, please email recommendations@gaytravel.com or call 1-800-GAY-TRAVEL Extension 709.

Victoria Prisco
1-800-GAY-TRAVEL EXT#709
email us here
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In Business, Expect the Unexpected and Then Instagram About It

Denise Biderman, CEO of Mary’s List

Denise Biderman, CEO of Mary’s List

Angela Ardolino, founder of CBD Dog Health

Angela Ardolino, founder of CBD Dog Health

Hamish Sutherland, Founder and Co-CEO of White Sheep Corp

Hamish Sutherland, Founder and Co-CEO of White Sheep Corp

Instagram is a powerful tool that when used right, will get your story across and help build your brand and image.

Empower your employees to be their best selves. If one way of doing something doesn’t work for them, help them see outside the box and find what works better.”

— Denise Biderman, CEO of Mary’s List

GREENWICH, CT, USA, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fotis Georgiadis, owner of the blog by his namesake, is a branding and image consultant specialist with a robust background and is a visionary interviewer. With a knack for pulling out a well rounded interview, not only covering cutting edge technologies and corporate directions, but also bringing out the personal side of the interviewee.

One of the things that can be daunting when starting a business, can also be what makes you successful. Pushing through that challenge will strengthen you, make you wise and should be posted on Instagram. Companies forget that other people have gone through, are going through or will be going through similar situations. By leveraging Instagram as not only an advertising platform but a communications channel, you will not only grow your followers, but begin to see them talk about your company with their own followers. Fotis Georgiadis' interviews bring out some incredible stories, the kind that get people talking and in turn build brand/image following. A recent interview with Denise Biderman, excerpt below, brings to light some of these struggles while building their brand and image awareness.

“Can you share your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Leading a Cannabis Business”? Please share a story or example for each.

Be prepared to be persistent. Although we are an ancillary cannabis business, we are still considered to be in the business of cannabis. It was incredibly difficult to onboard a payment processor to do payouts for our professionals on Mary’s List. We went through 15 different payment processors before finally finding a company that would allow us to do payouts. We were met with the same hurdles that any plant-touching business would go through getting a payment processor, which is a lot. We kept believing there was an option out there for us, and the 16th processor was our saving grace. Always be persistent.

Startup capital is important, so get some and probably get more than you think! You’re going to need money to make money, especially in the cannabis industry. It’s expensive to be at events, set up your business, work with and hire the right partners to grow — the day-to-day adds up so be prepared because it could be a while before you start turning a profit.

The stigma is ALIVE AND REAL. Even though you could be building an ancillary company in the cannabis industry, you’re still in cannabis. There are people out there that don’t approve of cannabis as individuals or as businesses. For example, when we were in Las Vegas for MJ Biz Con, we needed to get something printed last minute. I had a company flat-out tell me that they refused to do any printing for me because I was involved in cannabis. They didn’t care if I didn’t touch the plant, and then they hung up on me.” See the rest of the answers and the whole interview over at Fotis Georgiadis' website.

The expansion of CBD for Pets has been amazing over the past few years. Angela Ardolino, founder of CBD Dog Health, was recently interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis. In the interview we see where branding/imaging played a huge role in Angela Ardolino being seen as an expert in the field:

“Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began leading your company?
I am constantly surrounded by dogs so there is never a dull moment. But I’d have to say that having a senior vice president of a major drug chain, as well as the pet buyers from a major brick-and-mortar and online retailer call ME to ask how to sell CBD, how CBD works, and if it is legal, is the most interesting thing to happen yet. Both companies called me around the same time, and I was humbled that they would seek me out for advice, and excited that we had shown big chains how important CBD is.” commented Angela Ardolino.

Covering a similar question by Fotis Georgiadis when interviewing Hamish Sutherland, Founder and co-CEO of White Sheep Corp, we see again how branding and imaging is key to success and how easy it can be destroyed. It takes consistent work and consulting with someone like Fotis Georgiadis can allow you to focus on the business to backup the branding.

“Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began leading your company?

When the industry was new, and we were the only facility in operation, there was interest from media in having a look around. During one visit, a journalist reached into her pocket to reveal some “product” she has purchased the day before at an illegal dispensary (for media research!) to investigate its quality and similarity to our cannabis. This was a huge problem for two reasons: 1) All cannabis in my facility was properly recorded and located — this was extraneous and could have led to a serious inventory issue and, while unlikely, a license suspension; and, 2) Contamination is the biggest concern in a cannabis facility and pollutants of any kind (especially on “dope”) could jeopardize an entire operation. Note to self: beyond hairnets and shoe covers, ask people if they have dope in their pockets before you let them in to your facility!” – Hamish Sutherland

Branding and imaging require work. There is no doubt about that. When it is done right, it will attract a lot more than one might expect as can be seen in the above mentioned interviews by Fotis Georgiadis.

About Fotis Georgiadis
Fotis Georgiadis is the founder of DigitalDayLab. Fotis Georgiadis is a serial entrepreneur with offices in both Malibu and New York City. He has expertise in marketing, branding and mergers & acquisitions. Fotis Georgiadis is also an accomplished VC who has successfully concluded five exits. Fotis Georgiadis is also a contributor to Authority Magazine, Thrive Global & several others.

Contact and information on how to follow Fotis Georgiadis' latest interviews:
Website: http://www.fotisgeorgiadis.com
Email: fg@fotisgeorgiadis.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fotis-georgiadis-994833103/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FotisGeorgiadi3 @FotisGeorgiadi3

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Using CBD for Pets by CBD School

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Best Online Conference, Meeting, and Document Management Software Brands Announced by SoftwareWorld for Q1 2019

SoftwareWorld puts together customer reviews & industry insights to help businesses choose the best Online Conference, Meeting, & Document Management Software.

Businesses rely on SoftwareWorld’s intelligence on the best software brands providing Online Conferencing, Meeting, and Document Management solutions to increase their profitability and efficiency.”

— SoftwareWorld Research

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In today’s times of extreme competition, what demarcates one business from the other is the response time that one takes in responding to the changes in the markets and trends. Businesses cannot afford to waste their precious time in processes that are time-consuming, lengthy, and drain their resources. A company’s employees lead all the business processes, and their time spent while carrying out their responsibilities is of paramount importance. To top it, these days many companies hire people working in a remote location or have employees that are scattered geographically. The best way to increase their productivity is to let their employee’s meet online, carry out their tasks and use the best Online Conference software.

SoftwareWorld, after exhaustive research and studies, draws up a list of best software providers regularly in order to help businesses stay profitable and relevant for a long time.

Here is a list of the best Online Conference software brands by SoftwareWorld to support your decision-making process:

– Cvent
– Regpack
– Bizzabo
– Weemss
– RegFox
– Glisser
– EventGeek
– BusyConf
– ConfTool Pro
– Team App

Online Conference Software ensures that employees collaborate over long-distance communication by helping the teams interact, share files, and present information. This not only helps in tracking their performance and keeping the goal achievement in check but also helps in saving resources by minimizing travel expenses.

The best way for businesses to initiate and allow seamless two-way communication and collaboration is to use Online Meeting Software. Businesses can ensure more structured meetings, better participation from employees, and quicker response to their clients and the overall market by using the best Meeting Software.

To ensure your better productivity and minimized wastage to resources, you can refer to this list of the best Online Meeting Software to make an informed decision while buying this software:

– GoToMeeting
– TeamViewer
– Cvent
– Samepage
– ReadyTalk
– BoardPAC
– Diligent Boards
– 24sessions
– Boardable
– Azeus Convene
– Vectera
– eyeson

SoftwareWorld is one of the few platforms in the world that rates software providers on such exhaustive and stringent parameters. An online collaboration between employees of a company has become a necessity in today’s digital times of competition. Nor can companies afford to waste time on scheduling the time of all their employees and monies on their commute.

SoftwareWorld has teams of professional and experienced researchers and industry experts who evaluate the software before bringing them to you. SoftwareWorld uses stringent parameters like software features (integration with diverse digital devices, efficacy, ease of use, audio and video functions, etc.), affordability, functionality, the ability of the software to be customized to any business’ specific needs, etc. to rate and review software service providers.

Our rankings are free from any bias from our internal teams or factors.

During these online meetings, employees need to share a lot of information and documents. It is by no means easy to digitalize information and share it optimally and safely. Investment in the best Document Management Software ensures that critical information is securely handled and shared well and is readily accessible to all the relevant teams. This software also lets file search and retrieval become easy.

Here is a list of the best Documents Management software:

– Samepage
– ShareFile
– eFileCabinet
– Process Street
– CapLinked
– MangoApps
– LibreOffice
– FileInvite
– Dokmee
– Qualityze

One of the most important advantages of using these collaborative and sharing software is that they reduce a business contribution to wastages. By reducing the usage of paper and travel time of its employees, businesses use fewer natural resources and become more eco-friendly.

At SoftwareWorld, we are committed to contributing to the sustained growth, profitability, and efficiency of businesses by helping them in becoming more competitive and agile.

Andy Butcher
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Abbott Laboratories to lead Panel Discussion with Eli Lilly & MedImmune at Pre-filled Syringes West Coast Conference


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hear Edmond Israelski (Abbott Laboratories), Lin Li (Eli Lilly) and Diane Doughty (MedImmune) discuss improving patient centricity through digital health at the Prefilled Syringes West Coast Conference, taking place on June 3rd to June 4th in San Diego, USA.

Panel Discussion: Improving patient centricity through digital health – Day 2 | 11:15
Learning outcomes:
– Optimising user interface tools
– How to improve patient compliance
– Overcoming cyber security challenges
– The benefits of digital health and patient compliance

Edmond Israelski, Co-convenor of ISO and IEC Medical Devices Standards Committee, Abbot Laboratories

Panel Members:
Lin Li, Senior Consultant Engineer, Eli Lilly and Company Ltd
Diane Doughty, Senior Scientist, MedImmune

Further information is available at: www.prefilled-syringes-westcoast.com/einpr7

The Pre-Filled Syringes West Coast will gather a global audience of medical device experts and PFS industry leaders to discuss new developments and showcase the latest advancements, keeping you are the forefront of a booming industry.

The competitive PFS market has sparked great improvements as devices strive for higher quality, safety, and patient satisfaction. Pre-Filled Syringes West Coast is the perfect platform to strengthen knowledge in key principles such as human factors and patient centricity, connectivity and digital health, container closure integrity, the therapeutic opportunities of pre-filled, and manufacturing in the landscape of complex biologics, whilst honing in on emerging trends for parenteral devices.

The event brochure with the two-day agenda and speaker line-up is now available to download at www.prefilled-syringes-westcoast.com/einpr7

Book before April 30th to save $100.

Pre-filled Syringes – West Coast 2019
Date: June 3-4, 2019
Workshops: June 5, 2019
Location: Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, San Diego, California, USA
Website: www.prefilled-syringes-westcoast.com/einpr7

Pre-Filled Syringes West Coast 2019 Conference is proudly sponsored by:
Almac | Aptar | Credence MedSystems | Harro Hoefliger | Kaleidscope Innovation | Lonstroff Sumitomo Rubber North America | Mitsubishi Gas Chemical | Nemera | Plastic Ingenuity | PHC Corporation | Wilco | Zeon |ZebraSci | Zwick |

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About SMi Group:
Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world's most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at http://www.smi-online.co.uk

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