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Give The Chicken Logo

Mother & Daughter happy to have backyard hens!

Mother & Daughter happy to have backyard hens!

FREEPORT, PA, 16229, May 21, 2019 / — May 21, 2019
Freeport, PA

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“You get the chicken! You get the chicken! You get the chicken!”

Chickens are our favorite things, and now with the launch of Give The Chicken, people can nominate individuals and organizations to receive a Rent The Chicken or Hatch the Chicken package for free. Give the Chicken harnesses the power of crowd-funding to bring farm fresh eggs and the chicken experience to groups who might otherwise be unable to afford it. “Generosity has always been a part of our business model,” says Homestead Jenn, co-founder of Rent The Chicken. “With Give The Chicken, now we can reach even more people who are interested in the farm-to-table movement. We can get more Hatch The Chicken programs into schools that might not be able to afford exciting science lessons. We are so excited to announce this new program!”

Who can benefit from Give The Chicken? Everyone! Whether providing therapy at a senior care facility or thrilling kids in the classroom, Give The Chicken can make a difference for many in the community. Nominations for recipients are currently being accepted at “We also encourage those who believe in the backyard chicken movement to place a small donation to the crowd-funded campaigns already underway for current nominees,” says Homestead Jenn. “Together we can spread the love of chickens far and wide!”


About Rent The Chicken

Rent The Chicken was established near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, by Phillip and Jenn Tompkins in 2013. Since then, the chicken rental program has spread to 60 major markets in the USA and Canada. Handled by local affiliates in each market, Rent The Chicken provides everything needed for a backyard chicken set up with no long term commitment. Love your chickens? Rent them again! Not for you? Turn them back over to Rent The Chicken with no fuss or rehoming of birds. In 2015, Hatch The Chicken was introduced as a five-week program for schools and educators to hatch chicks as part of their STEM programs. Once again, the ease of having everything provided by a Rent The Chicken affiliate makes the program stress-free. With the recent launch of Give The Chicken, both Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken can spread into communities with limited funds. It’s a win-win for everyone! | | |

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