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BEIJING, CHINA, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — What is LEBEN?

LEBEN is a smart-contract-based collaboration platform for global medical industry that technologically features "profound sharing of medical knowledge" and "creditable medical data exchange" and combines big data with artificial intelligence technologies. As LEBEN shares a vision of "Equalization of Global Healthcare", the "equalization" here means the possibility of enabling medically underdeveloped regions to be on an infinite par with medically developed regions via LEBEN platform. (http://leben.pro)

What can LEBEN do?
Determined to break the ground of the current medical industry in which knowledge cannot be effectively shared and utilized, the LEBEN platform allows any doctor or medical institution to share their knowledge, experience or data with anyone by turning them into smart contracts in the Contract Mall. Others can call these smart contracts for auxiliary diagnosis and treatment on our devices or DApp. The whole process is done in a "black box" where sharers do not need to worry about data disclosure and users do not have to download or store any data.

Please see the following case to figure out what LEBEN can do:

In an underdeveloped region with high occurrence of congenital diseases of fetuses, we connected a B Ultrasonic Scanner with the LEBEN platform, which allowed us to compare the locally scanned image of a fetus with those images in the database of many hospitals across the globe. After a series of AI computation, the device will output a probability of congenital disease suffered by that fetus, with an accuracy infinitely approaching those produced by hospitals in developed regions.

LEBEN Chief Architect Zhu Haogang said, "Making data, algorithm and knowledge exchangeable at different locations is our original purpose of creating LEBEN."

The other initiator of LEBEN project is Dr. John Fox, the founder of PROforma, who said, "LEBEN can not only license services at different environment in many countries, but can also help healthcare professionals improve the quality of their services offered to patents, allowing them to better take care of themselves."

The birth and development of LEBEN not only brings a whole new platform for the credit system construction of the medical industry, but reshapes the way of obtaining and iterating knowledge, exchanging and sharing data in the medical industry, making every participant on the platform a "platform" itself. By coordinated innovation and tested practice, we boost the construction and development of the global medical system, and fuel up the provision of more benefits to the entire human kind.

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Source: EIN Presswire