Dr. Ruey Ryburn of Sacred Path Healing School to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HONOLULU, HAWAII, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Our scientific, technological Western world doesn't prepare people to heal themselves. If you can’t heal yourself, how can you expect to heal others?

Dr. Ruey Ryburn is an energy healer and the founder of Sacred Path Healing School, where she helps people heal themselves physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so they can be healers in the ways they choose and are guided to be.

“When you’re deeply connected to sacred energy and open to the divine, then spirit flows,” says Dr. Ryburn. “I'm just the plug that allows all this to happen.”

Dr. Ruey Ryburn had previously been a nursing professor at the University of Hawaii for 18 years when she hit a wall.

“What I was doing was not why I went into nursing, so much pressure and politics,” recalls Dr. Ryburn. “I went into nursing to help people. I finally just got down on my knees and said, ‘God, I'm here. I'll do anything and I'll go anywhere. Just show me what my path is.’ It took a while for that to unfold, but ultimately I became a healer.”

In the process, Dr. Ryburn attended a women's retreat which motivated her to become a yoga practitioner and attend a workshop where she received her first energy healing.

“This wave of purple light was just bombarding me, which I now understand is a huge spiritual opening of the upper chakras,” recalls Dr. Ryburn. “At the time I was just absolutely in tears as it was happening. Of course, my nursing, scientific, bio-medical background was also there to say, ‘What is going on?’ From this experience a time of joy, calmness, peace, and inner light began to take shape and I am deeply grateful.”

After reading Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan, Dr. Ryburn taught at the Brennan School and began a private healing practice. When she retired from the University of Hawaii, she started the Sacred Path Healing School.

The Sacred Path Healing School is a three-year program: the first year concentrates on self-healing; the second and third years continue self-healing while learning how to heal others. The school begins a new three-year class in September.

“The joy of watching students come in with varying ranges of life experiences is so fulfilling to me,” says Dr. Ryburn. “Students enter from many walks of life. Some of our students have had horrendous childhoods and early adulthoods, so watching them heal and go on to help others is an incredible experience, just to be a witness to it. I'm extremely grateful for the journey of it all.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Ruey Ryburn in an interview with Jim Masters on July 15th at 3pm EDT.

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