Clean Label Report from InsightsNow explores impact of ingredient statements, brand trust & past trial on choice

Plant-Based Burger Choices

Using Behavioral KPIs to help drive choice

InsightsNow Clean Label Enthusiasts™ Behavioral Research Communities

InsightsNow Clean Label Enthusiasts™ Behavioral Research Communities

Using plant-based burgers for context, the study delves into Behavioral Key Performance Indicators to determine factors influencing consumer decision making.

Behavioral Scorecards based on Behavioral KPIs are changing the way companies make decisions about product development and innovation.”

— Dave Lundahl, Founder and CEO of InsightsNow

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, November 7, 2019 / — InsightsNow, a behavioral research firm, has released their October Clean Label behavioral Report that further reviews the plant-based burger category. This study looked into the choices among Clean Label Enthusiasts™ (CLE), a primary shopping group identified to be driving the clean label movement and growth in plant-based food choices.

The research examined CLE shopper consideration of the front label (with product brand and claims) and back label (with product ingredient statements) among 14 plant-based burgers, and the impact of these aspects on choice. These SKUs included recent additions to the category, such as The Beyond Burger® and Impossible™ Burger.

Nine different Behavioral Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that marketers and/or product developers can utilize to help improve share of this expanding category were researched. Consumer choices, along with these Behavioral KPIs, were built into a predictive model that was used to generate a Behavioral Scorecarding tool for strategic decision making.

“Behavioral Scorecards based on Behavioral KPIs are changing the way companies make decisions about product development and innovation.” said Dave Lundahl, Founder and CEO of InsightsNow. “This methodology allows product developers and marketers to quickly make strategic product decisions, in areas such as chosen ingredient statements, ingredient inclusion or exclusion, and brand awareness and trust. And these decisions directly impact purchasing behavior in their target markets.”

Results show a category undergoing great change in response to the introductions of new plant-based burger choices.

– Amy’s All American Veggie Burger was ranked highest in choice—chosen 36% more frequently over either The Beyond Burger® or Impossible™ Burger.

– Brand awareness—and an implicit measure of brand trust—were found to be important Behavioral KPIs driving choice decisions.

– For example, only 41% of CLE shoppers polled were aware of either The Beyond Burger® or the Impossible™ Burger—suggesting their choice positions can be increased through promotions.

– Also, the Impossible™ Burger was scored low in implicit trust among those aware of the brand, possibly in response to recent media coverage that its colorant is not GMO-Free.

– The category overall was found to be fairly fragmented with past trial, giving most SKUs a significant lift in ranked choice.

This subscription-based monthly report from InsightsNow provides insights on consumer-driven demand for natural and plant-based foods, as well as for the incorporation of ingredients that are perceived to contribute to a clean label. It compiles behavioral data collected from the company’s proprietary research community of Clean Label Enthusiasts™—primary shoppers with a specific set of behaviors around the clean living movement that influence their buying decisions.

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