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PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, November 9, 2019 / — Wireless Charger Market:

Executive Summary

Wireless chargers or cordless chargers are chargers that are electrically charged battery-powered devices without physically connected cables. This mode of charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. This method of charging provides a safe, reliable and convenient way to charge and power numerous electrical devices. The inductive charger or wireless charger uses the technology that enables smartphone wireless charging such as the Qi wireless charging standard. Some wireless chargers are faster as compared to the conventional chargers, with modern high-powered chargers that are capable of charging a large battery smartphone in around two hours.

There are many advantages to using Qi wireless charging technology. One of the advantages is that cell phones and chargers from different manufacturers also provide compatibility for charging. The only need is that both the sender and the receiver should fulfill the Qi specifications. The main disadvantage of wireless chargers is that the charging cannot be performed through metal using current technology which means that most wireless charging smartphones have either glass backs or plastic which makes them more fragile. The wireless charging may also not work through thick cases depending on the phone and the charger.

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The global wireless charger market report analyses the growing trend of the wireless charger market owing to the increasing awareness among the key companies and consumers towards using wireless power technology. The high demand for smartphones and wireless computing devices is one of the major driving factors for the wireless charger industry. But some factors like the lack of standardization of mobile devices, their charging potential, longer charging duration, and the limited portability hampers the market growth of wireless chargers to some extent.

Market Key Player

Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Spigen, Ravpower, Nillkin Magic Disk, Energizer Holdings, Intel, QUALCOMM, Belkin International, Incipio

Market Segmentation

Based on the market segmentation by type, wireless charger products can be classified as Electromagnetic Induction, Magnetic Resonance, and Radio Frequency. And based on the market segmentation by application, the wireless charger market can be split into Mobile Accessories, Tablet PC, Wearable devices, Smartphones and Automotive. The business is booming for the companies involved in the wireless charger market, especially the automotive sector which is expected to be the fastest-growing over the forecast period by the end of 2025. Wireless charging in automotive is driven by an increase in the sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the demand for safe, convenient and faster wireless charging systems. This present scenario also suggests the potential rise in the consumer electronics sector.

Regional Overview

Countries like India, Japan, China, and regions like Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe are the major centres for the rise in the global wireless charger market. The various benefits associated with wireless charging like the ease of handling, mobility, protection from shocks, flexibility, is attracting the consumers and providing ample opportunities for key players in different regions of the world to bring about a technological change in the wireless charger market. But with the increased adoption of wireless technology, new challenges are being faced by global companies like lower efficiency as compared to the wired chargers, different technologies, additional costs related to advanced technology. The global market is focusing on rectifying and improving these challenges.

Industry News

Amid the technological innovations going on around the world, under a pilot project, BYD and Momentum Dynamics has deployed a 50kW charger in Howard County, Maryland, US’s first wireless charging bus. In another report, Nomad and Aira two electronics companies have created a wireless charging pad, Base Station Pro that can charge multiple devices at the same time.


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