Auto Tyre Market 2019 Industry Analysis, Share, Growth, Sales, Trends, Supply, Demand and Forecast to 2025

This report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies

PUNE, INDIA, November 22, 2019 / — Overview:

Auto Tyre is a ring-shaped material that surrounds a wheel’s rim and is made up of tough sidewalls and robust material that provides a smooth ride with durability. It offers excellent grip and traction along with resistance to wear and tear. Auto Tyre is designed to provide a flexible cushion to absorb shock when it runs over a rough surface. The materials used in the manufacture of tire are natural rubber, synthetic rubber, wire, fabric, carbon black, and few chemical compounds. It comprises a body and a tread.

Auto Tyre is distinguished according to the load they carry and also with their application. The auto tire is available in a wide range of variety for different types of vehicles and is designed depending on their weight-bearing ability such as light truck tires, winter tires, sedans, sport sedans, and high-performance cars. Auto Tyre is one of the important components of a vehicle. When a car brake is used it stops the wheels instantly. It is necessary to control the condition of the tire regularly for safety reasons.

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The key manufacturers covered in this report:

Apollo Tyres
Nexen Tire
Triangle Group
Toyo Tire
Kumho Tire
Shandong Linglong
Cooper Tire
Hengfeng Rubber
Qingdao Doublestar
PT Gajah
Shengtai Tyre
Jinyu Tyre
Jiangshu Tongyong
Sailun Tires
Double Coin
Shandong Deruibo

The auto Tyre market is growing along with the increase in urbanization, per capita income and altering lifestyle. The rise in population is another factor affecting the growth of the market. The Auto Tyre market will grow rapidly owing to the strong growth in the automobile industry. With the development of advanced quality of Auto Tyre the market will expand at a fast pace as the performance of Auto Tyre depends on its ability to cope up in different road conditions. With the emergence of a wide range of tires the market will witness significant growth.


By type, the global Auto Tyre market in the section – Bias Tire and Radial Tire. A Bias Tire comprises of multiple piles of rubber overlapping each other. The sidewalls and the crown remain inter-dependent. The overlapping piles are less flexible and more sensitive to over-heating, forms a thick layer of piles. A Radial Tire allows the tread and the sidewall to function as two independent features of the tire. In the design of Radial Tire, the cord plies are arranged at 90 degrees towards the direction of travel. By application, the global Auto Tyre market in the section – Light Truck Tyre, Truck/Bus tire, and Passenger Car Tyre.

Regional Analysis:

Europe and North America’s Auto Tyre market achieve growth due to the development of technologically advanced Auto Tyre with better quality, grip, and durability. The ongoing effort from the manufacturer will also drive the market further. With the increase in investments and per capita income the Auto Tyre market will grow rapidly. South America’s Auto Tyre market achieves growth due to changing lifestyles and growing income levels. The rising growth in the Automobile industry will directly affect the growth of the Auto Tyre market. Asia-Pacific (APAC) Auto Tyre market to achieve growth due to the rising urbanization. The growing population will also affect the sales of Auto Tyre. The market of Auto Tyre will grow at a fast pace.

Industry News:

November 12, 2019. Apollo Tyre has collaborated with Global Automotive Research Centre (GARC) to establish the first tire test track in India with the initiative of the government’s plan to implement the star rating of tires, per the tire labeling regulations followed in Europe. The objective is for ensuring safety, environmental and the economic efficiency of road transport.


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