Dealership News and Friendemic have Joined Forces to Generate a Quarterly Car Dealer Reputation Report

Dealership News and Friendemic have joined forces to bring a car dealership online reputation report to the auto industry and car-buying public.

We’re excited to work with to make this information easily available to dealerships and consumers. Having a solid online reputation is critical in today’s marketplace”

— Steven Pearson

CALABASAS, CA, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2020 / — Automotive dealerships and manufacturers use many surveys and metrics to assess customer experience, but consumers typically rely most on one simple source: Google. Online reviews on Google are the authentic voice of the consumer, difficult to game, and have unmatched visibility to the public. Beginning in late February, a quarterly Google-based, Dealership Reputation Report will be published on, and distributed on the major social media platforms. The report will list the top 50 dealerships in all 6 regions of the US ranked by volume of reviews, quality of reviews, and including fresh reviews published during the previous quarter.

We’ve essentially done the heavy lifting for the dealer, who wants to see where they stand in the pecking order of consumer preferences, and how they are perceived in their respective PMAs. Consumers can also see how the dealerships they are considering doing business with…do business with folks like them.

Friendemic is the Reputation Management Vendor of the Year for 2019 and has been in business since 2010. Friendemic specializes in online reputation tools for many of the world’s largest automotive brands, retail-level dealer groups, individual dealerships, and retail businesses nationwide. is dedicated to those people and companies who put their best foot forward and represent themselves and the Automotive Industry in the brightest possible light both ethically and professionally day in and day out.

“I think it’s important that an agnostic rating system needs to be applied to our industry that not only shines a spotlight on the best car dealers in North America, but also allows us to see how dealerships rank across all brands” said Kelly Kleinman, Director of Content for

“We’re excited to work with to make this information easily available to dealerships and consumers. Having a solid online reputation is critical in today’s marketplace, and it’s important to know where you stand,” said Steven Pearson, Friendemic CEO.

Of course, there are several review sites and social media platforms that consumers frequent beyond just Google, but the ubiquity of Google among consumers and its simplicity made it an ideal starting point for dealers or consumers looking to easily measure online reputation. “There are a number of products out there that try to encapsulate all of online reputation (including both dealer-level scorecards and enterprise-grade tools by Friendemic). Generally, the other metrics correlate highly with Google scores,” said Pearson. Says Kleinman, “Consumers have a number of platforms they use to review dealerships and share feedback, but the important messages often get lost in other reports due to the volume of data points and the nuances of any particular score calculation. Our new Google Reviews Report will quickly and simply show which dealers take online reputation seriously and stand above the rest.”

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