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SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Raising children is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs we will ever have to face. Between juggling a hectic work schedule and our busy day to day lives, trying to raise happy well -adjusted children in a technology driven chaotic world can be tough. Fortunately, there are ways to shift your approach as a loving parent and create that solid healthy relationship with your child that you’ve always dreamed of.

Dr. Judy Sullivan Osterhage is an expert Certified Parenting Coach and founder of Parenting Matters Consulting with over 40 years working with families in need.

“My objective is to provide parents with the most successful strategies and practical tools so families truly connect and enjoy more fulfilling happier lives,” says Judy.

Judy’s clients range from single moms, adoptive parents, nannies, teachers, caregivers, grandparents acting as parents, foster parents, and moms in recovery. Skillfully assisting her clients to navigate the ins and outs of parenting with a heart centered compassionate approach, Judy aims at building and strengthening parent-child relationships. By encouraging parents to be skillful communicators and develop self-confidence, kindness, self-reliance, and empathy she literally helps families thrive. According to Judy, because children mirror adult’s behavior it is essential parents set the example and this starts right in their own home.

“It’s critical that kids acquire life-long skills so they can grow up to be empowered responsible adult citizens,” says Judy. “With proper nurturing and positive reinforcement parents will genuinely and effortlessly bond with their kids. I help them navigate the process with a solution focused approached for achieving life-long relationships.”

Judy says the importance of building solid relationships is critical in connecting with your children. Parents should allow their kids to make mistakes so they can learn. It’s not only about the child’s behavior it’s about the parents knowing how to navigate it that truly makes a difference.

Prior to becoming a coach, Judy experienced the emotional frustrations of raising her own children while as a single mom – juggling a full time demanding career, so she understands firsthand what it’s like. When her seventeen-year-old son tragically passed away from an undiagnosed heart condition five years ago, she not only had to come to terms with the overwhelming grief but suffered two heart attacks and slipped into a coma. Soon after, her younger son was in heart failure and in rapid decline.

After miraculously making an amazing recovery, feeling inspired to go on and make a difference in the world, Judy obtained her doctorate degree and became certified as a parent coach. She started her business Parenting Matters Consulting to help other families create better lives that are just peeking at them around the corner and right within their reach. With a renewed sense of purpose and realizing it is not over yet she tells herself – “Such a time as this!”

“In my life’s journey I learned all things are possible,” says Judy. “My belief is that with healthier families we all live more joyful lives and we can accomplish anything when we support one another. When we stay connected with our kids we create life- long positive influence on them.”

Well-balanced healthy families tend to have kids who do better in school. Parents sometimes are not certain on what to do, it’s not that they are bad parents. Judy also conducts expert training and workshops in schools and trains teachers training in classroom management with a similar philosophy. Strong families produce kids who perform well in school leading to stronger schools and communities.

Judy has worked for almost 25 years with foster families and foster youth moving towards emancipation. Her Doctorate in social justice – leadership for change supports her work with her dissertation – The Importance of Trauma Informed Education for Foster and Adoptive Parents – highlights the crucial need of trauma informed education especially with her work with sex traffic survivors.

Aside from her life changing parenting work, Judy is also a human sex trafficking educator, instructor, advocate and a powerful voice in raising awareness. On her website Judy offers a human trafficking awareness training course which is mandatory for employees of the hospitality industry. Judy’s hope is by raising awareness one day we will eradicate the horrors of human trafficking once and for all and she is determined to make that come to fruition.

“I’m a teacher, a proud mom, an advocate for a better world, experienced in the heartache of loss and have been inspired by my experiences,” says Judy. “Throughout my incredible life’s journey, I have learned connection is crucial and all things are possible. My unwavering belief is that with stronger families we all live better healthier lives and we can accomplish anything when we wholeheartedly connect and genuinely support one another.”

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