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Rick Asnani, National Political Strategist and President of Cornerstone Solutions

Asnani Discusses Campaign Management Training With FAU Students

Rick is our kick-off speaker for the Advanced Campaigning Class each year due to his wealth of knowledge in campaign building”

— Rick Asnani

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cornerstone Solutions, a full-service public affairs and political consulting firm providing communications services, grassroots campaigns and community relations, announces its president and national political strategist, Rick Asnani, discussed Campaign Management Training during the Advanced Campaigning Class at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) on Monday, January 27.

Asnani has presented as an opening speaker annually at classes on campaign planning and management and serves as a judge for the class final projects. During the recent presentation, Asnani discussed how to get involved in political campaigns and campaign management training. Asnani’s presentation focused on how to create a plan, budget and messaging.

“Rick is our kick-off speaker for the Advanced Campaigning Class each year due to his wealth of knowledge in campaign building,” said Dr. Kevin Wagner professor and department chair of FAU. “His ability to relate to students with the stories he shares about his campaign experience is invaluable.”

“Working with FAU professors and students is an honor,” said Asnani. “Today, it is crucial to learn from a mentor in the field of your career interest. As we head into the 2020 election, understanding the inner workings of campaign management relies heavily on your previous experience and surrounding leaders. My goal is to create leaders out of students, to provide each individual with real-life experience and insight on campaign challenges, creative tactics and timeless proven strategies. I continually look forward to the Advanced Campaigning Class at FAU where preparing our next generation of leaders means standing on the frontlines with them from day one.”

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