Professor Balakiryan: An open letter to Jeff Bezos.

According to experts, only the hydrogen revolution can save our common home and make living conditions on Earth more pleasant and comfortable

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, February 28, 2020 / — Dear Mr. Bezos!

The creation of the Bezos Earth Fund and the allotment of 10 billions to fight climate change is admirable and confirms your concern for the fate of our beautiful planet.

You accompanied your decision with the wonderful words: "The earth is what unites us all – let's protect it together" Jeff Bezos

According to experts, only the hydrogen revolution can save our common home and make living conditions on Earth more pleasant and comfortable. After all, hydrogen is a better fuel than all petroleum refined products and all natural gases.
Hydrogen energy will completely change the ecology of our Planet: smog will disappear in megacities, millions of tons of carbon dioxide and heavy metals will not be released into the Earth's atmosphere, all modes of transport (car, water, aviation and space will be equipped with hydrogen reactors)

These are absolutely safe devices that are directly on board a ship or space rocket will produce the necessary hydrogen volumes. We have already created working prototypes of such engines.
I have been researching the phenomenon of resonance in electrolyte solutions since 1967.
And today we can get from 1 liter (1 kilogram) of ordinary sea water
not 112 grams, but 970 !!! gram of pure hydrogen at minimal energy consumption less than 0.5 kW/hour) and room temperature. You can imagine that under laboratory conditions it was possible to split the oxygen atom into nucleons and to obtain 18 !!! hydrogen atoms from 1 water molecule!

In order to restore the planet's ecology and enter the World energy market with an annual turnover of 9 trillion dollars, we need to create a "Hydrogen Research Center" under the Bezos Earth Fund.

I invite you to come to Phoenix Arizona at any time convenient for you, where I will give you and your colleagues a presentation and present patents and testing protocols for the devices I created.

These tests have been conducted at different times by independent companies with the highest trust rating in the United States and the world. (Air Kinetics, Inc. TRC Advanced Technologies Inc, Horizon Air Measurement Services)
A legendary hydrogen technology American scientist at Stanford University, rated my results as:
"This could be the biggest discovery in the history of mankind". Michael McKubre

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