Video keeps friends in touch by fuelling social media conversations

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 28, 2020 / — Snibble Corp, the world’s first premium social video platform, announced today a summary of the key results from its January 2020 survey of US mobile video watching behavior

This report is based on the findings of research conducted by Snibble’s in-house research arm. Snibble surveyed 1,221 mobile video consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 across the U.S., yielding a national sub-sample of 451 18-24 year old respondents. Data was collected online between 17th and 20th January 2020.

Key findings include:

Gen Z blurs the lines between social and entertainment
• As frequent users of both social media and entertainment apps, 73% of Gen Z say they regularly share videos as a way of staying in touch with friends
This means video entertainment doesn’t end with the viewer; its value is extended by sharing and reacting

Most Gen Z mainly use the phone for unplanned entertainment, often opening their phone before they’ve decided what they want to do or watch:
• 61% of Gen Z say “I usually click through different apps or videos to find something that catches my interest”
• 27% say “I usually know precisely what I’m going to watch before I start”
• The remaining 12% “usually open the phone for background when I’m doing other things”
This means there isn’t much appointment viewing on mobile but platforms do have to offer a constantly updated and refreshed menu of video options

Although Gen Z watch a lot of SVOD services, they don’t actually pay for many of them:
When asked which monthly bills they personally pay for entertainment,
• The majority of Gen Z aren’t paying for entertainment.
• The streaming services with the highest Gen Z subscriber rates were:
o Netflix (31% pay for)
o Spotify (30% pay for)
• 16% of 18-24s pay a cable TV bill
• They’re least likely to be paying for Apple TV+ (5%) or YouTube Premium (1%)
This means most Gen Z are used to getting their entertainment for free

Free beats subscription, even if it means watching ads
When asked about new subscription options, 14% of Gen Z were attracted to an ad-free subscription of $8 per month; 17% preferred to pay a $5 per month subscription, even if it came with ads; but a whopping 67% of Gen Z opted, perhaps not surprisingly, for a free service, even if it carries advertising.

This means Gen Z is happy to watch “some” ads in return for entertainment, but not too many
“This latest research survey gives us an insight into Gen Z’s use of mobile video as a continuous daily activity” said Neale Halliday, Chief Customer Officer, Snibble Corp. “The viewing experience and the triggers for it are very different from other video devices like TVs or laptops”

Andrew Shortt, Chief Product Officer, noted that the research “Also sheds light on Gen Z’s use of video as a spontaneous trigger for social interaction with friends. This behaviour echoes previous Gen Z research in which we found sharing video and commenting on it to be an integral part of the video entertainment experience. It’s unthinkable for them to watch video on their own with no means of sharing”

“Gen Z just aren’t sharing as much video as they’d to like because the current platforms aren’t built for it”, said Blair Currie, CEO, “but Snibble’s patented technology allows users to seamlessly share mobile video and comment on it in real time as part of their daily social routine.”

About Snibble Corp.
Snibble is the first premium, short-form mobile video platform. The free app offers customizable and shareable video feeds, while maintaining a low level of advertising intrusion. Snibble is in beta test on the App Store. Headquartered in Toronto but focused on the U.S. market, Snibble delivers a better social video experience to users, fair compensation to content providers, and a less cluttered environment for advertisers to reach a Gen Z audience

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