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Denny Daikeler’s collection of experiences and insights convey how to maximize one’s potential in life

The universe had decided it was time for me to be aware of possibilities, communion, and the huge amount of power within me and us all around intuition, communication, manifesting, and knowing.”

— Denny Daikeler

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2020 / — A greater connection to the universe, the powers that guide life and tie people together, this is what Denny Daikeler conveys with her “Messages,” a collection of recollections and insights drawn from her myriad experiences. Designer, instructor, interfaith minister, yoga teacher, artist and writer, these are just some of the fields Daikeler delved in. Her pursuits of these studies, disciplines and passions – as well as the people she encountered in these times – informs her, makes her attuned, and has left her with a repository of sagely knowhow to and meaningful moments to impart upon readers. Just as these moments comprise Daikeler’s life and changed it, so too do they offer audiences the opportunity for revelation.

“The universe had decided it was time for me to be aware of possibilities, communion, and the huge amount of power within me and us all around intuition, communication, manifesting, and knowing.” Daikeler says. An accomplished woman, she has spent years teaching and mentoring while honing her own understanding of her chosen fields and capabilities. And in doing so, she found greater meaning and connection with her fellow people and, perhaps, even higher forces.

“I wrote this book because of the amazing accumulation of experiences and guidance from spirit, the universe and life,” she explains. “I realized that not recording them would be withholding fascinating information that everyone needs to know…our possibilities of relationship with all, the answers to asking for guidance, the truth of what is possible, and the power each of us has.”

Once, she wrote a book about interior design. But this is not about that, the writings on design. Rather, it is about how she learned to create and shape narratives. The process of writing, not just penning words on paper or even publishing books, but writing one’s life. Her own journey entailed effort, sweat and tears and blood, all in order to succeed. But it was not just pure effort alone, it was also insight. Wisdom, acquired through the long and difficult road, which proved instrumental in opening different paths to new and rewarding destinations.

This is not a memoir nor a didactic instructional work, it is not just Daikeler on a metaphoric podium delivering sermons. While it is done with the medium of her experiences and memories, ultimately her “Messages” pass on these insights to readers and build it within them. It aims to develop awareness and, with that, agency.

“I encourage you to believe these stories and accept them as your own possibilities,” she says. This is what she hands to her readers. “The reader can learn how to live closely with a new reality. I had always been a student of theology, but I had no awareness of how to personally ask for and communicate with all of life. Now I know how simple it is.”

About the Author

Denny Daikeler is a graduate of Drexel University and a modern day Renaissance Woman. An interior designer, an instructor in design, an interfaith minister, a yoga teacher, a writer, a speaker, even a student in painting – she does it all. She did the first makeover television shows on interior design in Philadelphia. Daikeler has written articles for magazines and has been featured in newspapers and magazines. She is a mother of three grown children and a grandmother of four. She also loves kayaking, dancing, counseling and life itself.

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Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity by Denny Daikeler

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