Authentic Video Marketing Will Make Or Break Your Business in 2020 Says Sharon Haver, Founder of

Sharon Haver

It’s Show Time for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 8, 2020 / — Authenticity – just another branding buzzword or a new cultural norm? When the world transitioned to working from home, remote learning, and at home television broadcasts, we became accustomed to the relatable authenticity of what was on-screen daily. Today, the ease of being virtual continues to shift the future landscape of effectively marketing your business. Nailing your authentic visual storytelling is a must, says entrepreneur Sharon Haver, the founder of

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, being “camera ready” was never a necessary element in your modern business tool kit – until now. However, the importance of showing up authentically on camera shouldn’t complicate the production process. Take it from supermodel Naomi Campbell who shot her own Essence magazine cover from her iPhone. Simplifying your marketing videos and branding photos makes you more approachable, leading to better conversions at a fraction of the cost.

Developing authentic photo and video content that helps your business stand out in a crowded market is Sharon Haver’s area of expertise. Sharon is an online business, personal branding, and style expert who helps you navigate the ever-changing online world so you can grow a modern business with authentic marketing…refined to suit your style.

You can tap into Sharon’s extensive branding knowledge in her challenges, masterclasses, and other resources at is a 5-day photo challenge that will help you scale your audience quickly while mastering how to take your own branding photos.

• teaches everything you need to amplify your video presence and leverage the power of video to grow your business.

• offers a framework for creating your own authentic personality brand photos using exactly what you have at hand.

“What sets you apart from anyone else is your own personality. To stand out as a go-to authority, lead with authenticity, have the confidence to truly be you in everything from your branding photos and marketing videos to social media,” recommends Sharon.

To help you get going, Sharon offers these tips to magnify your brand’s visual storytelling.

• The less “professional” and more “real” a video is the more it converts these days as it removes the friction between you and the viewer, thus more revenue from doing less!

• The longer it takes to get on video, the more momentum you lose. The “same day” approach works like gangbusters to get out of your own way and get it done.

• The setting and background of your video, along with what you wear (and what not to wear) will complete your visual story. Make sure they are saying the right message. Aim for a natural, yet styled setting.

• Avoid sounding salesy and scripted. Use a bulleted framework to keep the video more conversational and allow your personality to shine. After, you can repurpose the video into ad copy to keep your personal brand consistent throughout.

To schedule an interview with Sharon, please contact her Communications Manager, Nicole Dickerson, at connect(at)focusonstyle(dot)com.

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