Charles Laverty Calls Masks an Essential Tool for Reopening

Charles Laverty CEO of Nuzuna Zone Fitness in 2020

Charles Laverty CEO of Nuzuna Zone Fitness in 2020

CEO, entrepreneur & healthcare advocate, Charles Laverty, spoke out in favor of face masks calling it our cheapest, simplest most basic tool to reopening.

We need to reopen coast to coast. That’s essential to our happiness, welfare and health. But we can't get there with skyrocketing infections, so we must work protect people and manage any ‘second wave”

— Charles Laverty

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2020 / — Entrepreneur, business leader and healthcare advocate, Charles Laverty this week joined leaders across the country in warning that widespread use of masks is essential in the regaining momentum against COVID-19 and in fully reopening the country.

Rises in the majority of states have led to record levels of new daily cases of Coronavirus this week. Laverty, a noted conservative, argues that wearing masks should not be viewed as a political statement. Instead he argues that it is part of the social contract all Americans share to protect one another. Laverty decried examples of state and local law enforcement and political leaders who choose to portray masks as a choice or worse, a violation of personal freedoms.

Laverty, writing from his office in Newport Beach in California penned an online op-ed and personal blog post wherein he compared masks to seatbelts, another public safety device that has proven highly effective while also being cost effective at saving lives.

Charles Laverty has been highly critical of the state-mandated lockdowns that closed most businesses and instituted shelter in place requirements, such as that in his adopted home state of California. But he sees face masks as an essential tool in fighting the pandemic and allowing for faster, more complete reopenings. “We need to reopen coast to coast. That’s essential to the happiness, welfare and health of America. But we cannot get there with skyrocketing infections, so we need to work together to protect people and manage any ‘second wave’.” He writes. “When we roll back reopening it damages our confidence in ourselves that we can control this. When, in fact, we can manage coronavirus.”

Laverty has written recently that the lockdowns may have fatally wounded as much as half of the forty million small businesses in the United States. He shared his own challenges keeping his fast-growing firm Nuzuna Fitness on track and employees and their clients engaged. The lockdowns did so much damage that only a Marshall Plan for Small Business can prevent further massive economic hardship.

Lockdowns Laverty says can be prevented through better management of the virus through consistent use of masks and social distancing and other practical measures that fall short of closing businesses. The goal he points out is to protect the vulnerable, keep hospitalizations manageable by a constantly adapting healthcare community and to protect those at highest risk. All this he points out is to buy us time to get to some combination of herd immunity plus widespread vaccination that should make COVID-19 a manageable healthcare issue. In the meanwhile, he also points out that the case for masks is hardly just economical. Lives are at stake.

Citing cites a personal example of a friend of his who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. That person, Laverty points out is at a heightened risk of contagion and a serious, potentially deadly response to COVID-19. Laverty hopes to reframe face masks as a collective act of goodwill to those most vulnerable.

As a healthcare commentator and advocate and as an entrepreneur, Charles Laverty sees the need for decisive and consistent, data driven approaches to COVID-19 management. By depoliticizing masks and social distancing, focusing on decisive and consistent local action and smart reopening he believes America can pull together and beat the virus.

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