Ashish Deb Supports the Toronto City Mission and the Toronto-Calcutta Foundation

In addition to his career as an IT professional, Ashish Deb regularly supports nonprofit organizations within his community in Toronto

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 31, 2020 / — While Ashish Deb’s Deb job as an IT professional can be quite busy, he still finds time to support local nonprofit organizations. He mainly supports the Toronto City Mission and the Toronto-Calcutta Foundation.

Born in Delhi, India, Ashish Deb is an IT professional currently living in Toronto in Canada. Most recently, he partnered with a few friends to teach new immigrants and students coming fresh out of university and college IT related courses in networking, database, and programming.

Toronto City Mission is Toronto’s oldest and longest running outreach to people living in
poverty. The organization provides community care to low income families in Toronto by offering free
after school and tutoring programs, youth and youth leadership programs, as well as
adult programs designed to enrich and enhance parents.

For the past five years, Ashish Deb has been an active volunteer for the Toronto City Mission and regularly raising funds and donating to the organization. With his IT skills, he has provided computers for the nonprofit and set them up for the office staff. He has also provided computers for the organization’s outreach locations for students and low-income families who use the computers to complete homework, search for jobs, and more.

The Toronto-Calcutta Foundation, which began operations in 1988, strives to help those in poverty and in need in Calcutta. The foundation comprises an international executive (board of directors) in Toronto, with supporting members-at-large and a management board in Calcutta.

In May 2020, Ashish Deb made a generous donation to the Toronto-Calcutta Foundation’s Food Distribution Drive.

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About Ashish Deb

Born in Delhi, India, Ashish Deb grew up in an environment when personal computers were at a very early stage and people saw it as a next engineering marvel that will change people’s life for the next few generations. He started looking at courses and programs through which he could learn computing skills and he also enrolled in a degree program with Electronics and Telecom Engineering. During this time, Mr. Deb was also granted apprenticeships with various organizations where electronic instruments and computers were extensively used and finally he landed a job with a U.S. based PC company, Compaq, working as a service engineer for middle east and Asia. After working in the middle east and Asia for seven years, Ashish moved to Toronto and worked for one of the top five banks in Canada as a Senior Technical Project Management Consultant (IT). He saw a need to increase IT skills for local companies, so he partnered with a few friends and started evening school to train IT related courses in networking, database, and programming, gaining a lot of popularity with new immigrants and students coming fresh out of university and colleges. His training programs also catered to people who were already working in the IT industry but lacking in leading edge skills.

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