Surviving a Powerful but Fraught Empire

The Gods Are Watching: A Historical Novel

The Gods Are Watching: A Historical Novel

David McCormick

David McCormick

How an artist maneuvered through a civilization reeling from a tragic past

PEMBERTSON, NEW JERSEY, USA, August 6, 2020 / — Filled with themes that, together, make for an image of a civilization in embers, The Gods Are Watching is an ingenious telling of how an invitation for the Minoan artist Paleus to create a masterpiece in Egypt turns into a trap he needs to survive while on a creative mission. The setting is in 1500 BCE, when the Prince of Egypt invites Paleus, the Minoan king’s celebrated artist, to paint a mural in Egypt’s royal palace in Thebes.

Unknown to Paleus and his friends and family, they are being thrown into an empire still reeling from years of war. He needs to maneuver into the completion of the task at hand as they easily get caught up in political intrigues, rebellion, and an assassination attempt on the royal family. Paleus must use his wits to deal with natural disasters, uninvited passions and powerful magic—and appease the Egyptian gods—to survive the surrounding chaos and complete the mural.

David D. McCormick wrote The Gods Are Watching as an action-packed sequel to his first historical novel, Dark Labyrinth. An art history professor for over 30 years and a visual artist (painting and drawing), McCormick immersed himself in the genre after taking his students on a tour to Greece in 1998. During the tour, they stopped in Crete and Santorini where he saw the wonders of the ancient Minoan civilization. Three years later, he returned to Greece to research Dark Labyrinth, which is about an artist who lived during those times. McCormick is currently retired and living in Kerrville, Texas.

With its thrilling sequences and intriguing subplots, The Gods Are Watching warps time for the readers and draws them into an imaginative journey whose factoids prove that the present is very much a reflection of the past.

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Filmmaker Spencer Shaver of Denver Discusses How Filmmakers Can Reduce the Industry's Negative Impact on the Environment

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — The film industry isn't an industry known for being environmentally friendly. For decades, films have been produced in a variety of environments, many of which have special needs to keep the flora and fauna thriving. Early filmmakers often left environmental sustainability out of the filming agenda. However, over the years, the industry has shifted more toward human and environmental sustainability. Filmmaker Spencer Shaver of Denver recently discussed how filmmakers can reduce the industry's negative impact on the unique ecosystems in which films are made.

"Environmental sustainability wasn't always a concept that was pushed among filmmakers," Spencer Shaver of Denver, "But, like many other industries, eco-friendly practices have become increasingly important over the years. As filmmakers, we're doing as much as possible to keep the environments in which we work safe."

Spencer Shaver of Denver explained that he and his fellow filmmakers are taking actions, small and large, to help the ecosystems in which they film to thrive. He stated that acts as simple as forbidding the sale and use of disposable plastic bottles at film sites have greatly reduced the amount of disposable plastic used.

"Viewers can't necessarily see what we're doing on their TVs," Spencer Shaver of Denver said. "But most of the lighting we use is LED and the vehicles we are using are hybrid. These are practices you wouldn't have seen just a decade ago."

Spencer Shaver of Denver stated that even some of the major blockbuster films have been filmed as sustainably as possible. For instance, Spiderman 2 is considered one of the most eco-friendly blockbuster films ever made. Spencer Shaver of Denver explained that filmmakers like himself are now focused on giving back to the environments and communities in which they film. Used items from the set are being donated to local communities instead of sent to landfills and other disposal areas. Even the leftovers of catered on-set meals are being sent to food donation programs.

"As filmmakers, we've taken it upon ourselves to improve our processes and conserve the environment," Spencer Shaver of Denver said. "However, we can also do more, and we will always strive to do so."

Spencer Shaver of Denver explained that filmmakers and the film industry as a whole can give back to communities by replanting plants and other resources once the set leaves. After all, hundreds of people are stepping on these natural landscapes day after day and week after week. Spencer Shaver of Denver finished by stating that the film industry is a consumeristic one, so those involved will have to do as much as they can on a daily basis to help minimize its negative impact on its surroundings.

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Digital Pi Unveils 2020 Gold Standard Framework To Help Marketo Users Do More With Less

Global Marketing Operations Automation Experts, Digital Pi, LLC, launches enhanced services offering to help businesses scale marketing efforts with Marketo

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — Digital Pi, LLC, a Merkle company and global team of marketing automation experts, today unveiled its plans to launch the 2020 Gold Standard framework.

The 2020 Gold Standard is a newly enhanced and fully packaged services offering built for Marketo Engage customers. It includes a series of twelve foundational processes and corresponding deliverables focusing on getting companies to ROI for their Marketo Engage. It is an answer to the needs of marketing teams who face increasing pressure for greater scale without a corresponding increase in resources. The end result is a repeatable and measurable Marketo instance that scales for new implementations and Marketo makeovers.

"The 2020 Gold Standard framework is a culmination of each piece of the philosophy that has perennially brought success to our clients. It is dynamic in nature and continuously updated so that our clients’ marketing efforts are resilient even to unpredictable markets like the one we find ourselves in now," said Vivi Gehan, Vice President of Operations of Digital Pi. "Marketo Engage is an incredibly powerful and versatile platform. The 2020 Gold Standard takes into account Marketo Engage's inherent capabilities, best practice marketing tactics and strategy, as well as our clients' specific goals and needs to increase their output to achieve desired scale."

The 2020 Gold Standard will be offered both to new Marketo Engage users, as well as existing users who are looking to increase their marketing efficiency by optimizing their Marketo Engage instance.

The enhanced 2020 Gold Standard includes new features to help Marketo Engage clients streamline their Marketo instances, such as:
Enhanced engagement framework for streamlined nurturing and journey management
Updated FLEX framework for increased email and landing page customization
Streamlined UTM process for detailed campaign tracking and management
Customized subscription management for compliance

Poly recently turned to Digital Pi for Marketo Engage optimization after Plantronics acquired Polycom and needed to merge separate instances of two different marketing automation platforms. "In the Gold Standard, Digital Pi has developed a base system that is based on research, experience, and iteration," said AJ Sedlak, Senior Manager Marketing Technology & Automation at Poly. "The Gold Standard has been incredible for us, providing our new Marketo Engage instance with a really strong foundation for us to scale as needed."

As part of the 2020 Gold Standard launch, Digital Pi will host several virtual events to educate Marketo Engage users on how their marketing team can accomplish more with less.

For more information on the 2020 Gold Standard, follow along with our blog series beginning here or watch our content hub for details on upcoming events.

About Digital Pi
Digital Pi, a Merkle company is a leading full-service B2B digital marketing agency focused on marketing automation consulting services that help companies get the most value from their investment in Marketo Engage and integrated technologies. Digital Pi defined the widely adopted Digital Pi Gold Standard framework, a blueprint for achieving measurable and repeatable marketing with Marketo Engage. Founded in 2013, Digital Pi has helped hundreds of companies from mid-market to enterprise get more from their investment in marketing technology.

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Imagine Media House Provides Game-Changing Headshots for Professionals Across the Globe

The company helps individuals to look their best through images that convey approachability, trust, and confidence.

You only have 7 seconds to give your first impression”

— Enrique Urdaneta

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, August 6, 2020 / — Imagine Media House Provides Game-Changing Headshots for Professionals Across the Globe

The company helps individuals to look their best through images that convey approachability, trust, and confidence.

Renowned photography company, Imagine Media House, is pleased to announce it is providing its game and career-changing headshots to professionals in all industries across the globe.

Imagine Media House is a one-of-a-kind photography company that helps businesses and professionals tell their stories, which resonate with their customers, through professional headshot and storytelling imagery. The company works with individuals from any industry to look their best through images that convey approachability, trust, and confidence.

“You only have 7 seconds to give your first impression,” say founder of Imagine Media House, Enrique Urdaneta. “Oftentimes, many people waste this first impression by using unflattering selfies. With a professional, high quality headshot, however, people will immediately want to work with you and get you closer to your dream job. It’s really that simple.”

According to Urdaneta, those who include a professional headshot on their LinkedIn profile receive 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests. With Imagine Media House, professionals can receive a great amount of attention, simply by adding a professionally done, and highly flattering, headshot.

Imagine Media House is the ultimate photography company for professionals in any industry, including:

Business owners

And so many more!

Imagine Media House specializes in LinkedIn headshots, storytelling portraits, environmental business photography, aerial video/photography, and modern video interviews.

For more information about Imagine Media House, or to book a free consultation, please visit

About the Company

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Imagine Media House provides fresh and modern professional headshots inspired by nature, light, and human connections. The company serves all of southern Florida and is expanding to provide its popular services worldwide.

Contact Information

Enrique V Urdaneta

Enrique V Urdaneta
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My Social Book Introduces Reorder Option

My Social Book creates photo book

Print your life in a photo book

One-click reordering comes to popular Facebook and Instagram photo books

Our books are known for their time-saving automation… People can now reprint their past orders in seconds. ‘Can I have a copy,’ is a request that can be fulfilled the moment you are asked.”

— Charles Becquet, CEO of My Social Book

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — My Social Book has released a number of improvements to its Facebook and Instagram photo books. Loved by more than 250,000 customers across the world, My Social Book fans can now reorder their favorite books with a single click.

“Many customers love rebuilding their books as gifts for family and friends. More often than not, there would be very few changes to the content in their photo book. Our books are known for their time-saving automation, so we have spent the past several months enhancing our online software further. People can now reprint their past orders in seconds. ‘Can I have a copy,’ is a request that can be fulfilled the moment you are asked,” said Charles Becquet, CEO of My Social Book.

Also popular with businesses, the new reorder feature is ideal for sales, marketing and social media campaigns where My Social Book is used for business development, customer loyalty programs and company culture initiatives.

Joining this much requested feature are new cover colors. With 644,000+ books occupying shelves across the world, customers commonly order a book year after year and select a different color every time to brighten up their bookcases with a multicolored display. This expansion provides customers with even more customization.

“We are constantly developing new products, formats and features, and these latest enhancements help people get more from their My Social Book. 2020 has been a year of reflection on what’s important to us. Our photo books immortalize our favorite memories, relationships and celebrations in print, which is one of the reasons why people return to us year after year.”

My Social Book has also introduced a new online home décor gift shop full of cheery mugs, celebratory canvases and premium tote bags. These unique gifts join its premium photos books, which allow anyone to print their Facebook and Instagram content in as little as 45 seconds, and its Photo Mosaic product that has surged in popularity in recent months.

— Ends —

About My Social Book

My Social Book transforms social media content into photo mosaics and physical photo books in just one click.

Whether documenting a vacation with family or celebrating your relationship with that special someone, My Social Book’s automated web-based platform allows anyone to print their Facebook and Instagram memories in as quickly as 45 seconds.

More than 250,000 customers in 20+ countries have printed 644,000+ books and My Social Book ships worldwide on-demand from the company’s technologically advanced printing houses, including many within the US.

Discover more at or follow the company on social media for special offers and product announcements.

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Hoosier Contractors LLC Performing Roofing Services with a Detailed Six-Step Approach

Hoosier Contractors LLC’s has un its roofing service procedure goes beyond simple installation to also provide help with insurance, selection, and more.

INDIANAPOLIS , INDIANA, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — Locally owned and operated Indianapolis roofing company Hoosier Contractors has recently released an in-depth detailing of its service process: a six-step approach which covers far more than installation and cleanup. The company’s six-step process, which is detailed on its website, is evidence of Hoosier Contractors’ commitment to deliver high-quality roofing services to both businesses and individuals in the Greater Indianapolis Area.

The company’s comprehensive six-step process includes: performing a detailed, no-cost roof inspection, meeting with you and your insurance adjuster to advocate for your claim, helping you submit your insurance claim and secure approval, helping you choose your new roof style and shingles, performing roof installation and clean up, and providing a final roof inspection.

While many roofing companies in the Indianapolis area offer their clients the bare minimum, Hoosier Contractors goes the extra mile, providing assistance from start to finish. After installation, the company’s extensive warranty ensures the roof will be properly covered and maintained for years to come.

Individuals and businesses in the Indianapolis area seeking help with their residential or commercial roofing can learn more about Hoosier Contractors’ services and offerings via the company website. In order to schedule a cost-free, no-obligation inspection, reach out either by phone or through the company’s contact page.

About Hoosier Contractors LLC

As one of the area’s most trusted roofing companies, Hoosier Contractors provides high-quality roofing repair and installation services for both residential and commercial buildings in the Indianapolis area. The company specializes in large/steep roofing but also offers window installation, drywall and ceiling repair, gutter installation, siding repair or replacement, and painting.

Hoosier Contractors’ wide range of offerings eliminates the need to hire multiple contractors, which streamlines and simplifies the repair process. With a customer-centric approach and dedication to excellence, Hoosier Contractors’ team of dedicated professionals are standing to meet your roofing needs.

JD White
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Doctors On Call Maui Clinic Re-opening August 10

Doctors On Call Maui Telemedicine

Doctors On Call Maui

Don't wait for care use telemedicine now


Rapid COVID Testing

Drive Up COVID Tetsing

We are thrilled to be back in the clinic serving our West Maui community. We can diagnose and treat most conditions and are now offering the Quidel 15-minute Rapid COVID Test.”

— Paige Williams, Managing Director of Doctors On Call Maui

LAHAINA, MAUI, HI, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — Doctors On Call, Maui’s Urgent Care clinic, Is excited to announce their re-opening on August 10 to serve the Maui community. Conveniently located at Times Shopping Plaza in Lahaina, the clinic will be open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. No appointment needed, just walk in. Now accepting new primary care patients. Plus, Rapid COVID-19 tests will also available during clinic hours with results in 15 minutes. Doctors On Call will also be offering telemedicine appointments from 8 am-8 pm daily.

Doctors On Call accepts most insurance and is now offering a 40% cash discount for those without insurance. They are able to treat most non-emergency conditions, including respiratory infections, rashes, urinary tract infections, stomach flu, sprains and minor fractures. They also provide prescription refills.

“We are thrilled to be back in the clinic serving our West Maui community,” said Paige Williams, Managing Director of Doctors On Call Maui. “We can diagnose and treat most conditions and are now offering the Quidel 15-minute Rapid COVID Test,” said DOC Maui founder Dr Norman Estin.

Visit the website for more information. Or, call 808-667-7676.

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Kenneth Shepherd Featured in Exclusive Interview on Ideamensch

Entrepreneur Kenneth Shepherd shared his career history, background, and industry insights with interview platform Ideamensch in an exclusive feature piece.

PASADENA, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — Kenneth Shepherd, the current Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Loenbro, was recently spotlighted in a feature piece appearing on Ideamensch, a unique interview platform which seeks to highlight the career paths and achievements of entrepreneurs, makers, and doers.

Shepherd’s feature piece covers how he first entered into his career field in the early 1990s after finishing a degree in Industrial Distribution at Sam Houston State. It also details some of the many jobs he has held, a few of which include positions for companies such as Prime Equipment (now United Rentals), Lone Star Rentals, Hi-Tech Industrial, a start-up company named Refractory Construction Services, Industrial Specialists, and BrandSafway. Though he began his career in a Sales Training position, a successful career progression has led Shepherd to eventually become the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Loenbro. All-in-all, Shepherd’s Ideamensch spotlight offers insightful morsels from both his personal and professional life, illustrating his drive to succeed and motivation for success.

In the body of the interview, Shepherd also offers up valuable advice and guidance for those who may be curious about launching their own business or beginning a career in the field. In a particularly insightful moment of vulnerability, Shepherd shares with readers one of the most prominent failures of his early career, offering profound insight on how others can follow in his footsteps to overcome their own shortcomings. When it comes to recommendations regarding entrepreneurship, he offers up a single, crucial piece of advice: “Don’t ever give up.”

For readers interested in viewing Kenneth’s interview, please visit:

About Kenneth Shepherd

Kenneth Shepherd is the founder of Fishbone Services Inc. and current Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Loenbro, a leader in the world of industrial construction, inspection, and electrical. Well-known in his field for his ability to predict market trends and transform problems into possibilities, Shepherd has helped a multitude of companies improve sales and progress towards large-scale success. His professional background includes extensive experience in account management, sales, marketing, and more.

With several decades of career experience, Shepherd has helped companies in a wide range of industries transform their strategies in order to achieve significant and sustainable growth. His work experience boasts collaborations with companies such as Hi-Tech Industrial, BrandSafway, and more. Notably, he attributes much of his career success to his growth mindset and opportunistic approach. Shepherd is based currently out of Pasadena, Texas.

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Founder of JAMAC Jarod Machinga Recently Featured in Exclusive Online Interview With Ideamensch

Entrepreneur and investor Jarod Machinga recently sat down for an exclusive one on one interview with Ideamensch

HOPEWELL, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — Jarod Machinga is proud to announce that his online interview with Ideamensch is now live. As the owner and operator of JAMAC – a New Jersey-based construction company, Machinga takes the time to delve into the evolution of his business.

Outside of providing background on his unique career path, Machinga's Ideamensch article also spotlights some of the key habits and practices that have contributed to his success over the years. He describes, for example, what drew him to the field, how he makes his days productive, how he brings his ideas to life, and what industry trends have currently captured his attention.

"I work very hard", states Machinga. "Although many people think the things I do seem easy, it’s only because I make them look easy by planning, executing, modifying and not complaining when things don’t go as planned. I am always thinking and working toward my goals."
As someone who values persistence and determination, Jarod Machinga is a prime example of the importance of goal setting. Jarod Machinga's full feature piece can be found in the “Interviews” section of Ideamensch—an online publication dedicated to spotlighting the stories and ideas of today’s most influential entrepreneurs.
For those interested in reading Jarod’s interview, please visit:

About Jarod Machinga

Having been born into a construction family, it was only natural that Jarod Machinga pursue a similar career path. While obtaining his Bachelor's of Science from the College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College), Machinga purchased his first investment property. Performing extensive renovations fueled his passion for the real estate landscape and he spent the next twenty years gaining relevant industry experience before making the move to commercial properties. He is now the proud owner of JAMAC construction.

Jarod Machinga
JAMAC Construction
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Jonathan Weiss Speaks Out Regarding the Importance of Global Education

While the pandemic has left many people feeling isolated, it has highlighted the importance of having a global education system

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — In a recent article, Jonathan Weiss discussed how the coronavirus pandemic has showed the value of a global education system that allows students to learn from students in other communities and communicate with them.

Born and raised in New York City, Jonathan Weiss is a real estate professional and investor residing in Connecticut.

In the article, Jonathan Weiss explained how global education creates an international connection for studies, promoting worldwide collaboration and conversation. Through this process, students will become more aware of worldwide news and current affairs, preparing them with useful skills to address any emerging obstacles that could affect the global community.

Further, Jonathan Weiss shared how access to global education inspires and shapes leaders as they become empowered to tackle global threats and sympathize with others.

Finally, Mr. Weiss explained how an exposure to global education provides students with many qualities because they have learned about a wide range of people, cultures, and perspectives. This allows the students to become good candidates to work in diverse teams and with clients around the world.

For more information, please visit

About Jonathan Weiss

Born in New York City, Jonathan Weiss is a real estate investment professional with a Masters Degree from NYU. He grew up playing playing sports, mostly baseball, and was recruited by many colleges across the U.S. During his freshman year, he played baseball for Boston College and Tulane the following three years before completing his studies at Cornell. Mr. Weiss has been involved in real estate for the past five years and he is currently seeking real estate investment opportunities.

Jonathan Weiss
Real Estate Investment Professional
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