IntelStor Steps into Second Decade with Thomson Reuters Partnership Agreement

Thomson Reuters Partnership IntelStor

A cloud-based market intelligence ecosystem for renewable energy

Thomson Reuters Partnership IntelStor

Thomson Reuters is a leading provider of business information services

Thomson Reuters Partnership IntelStor

Reuters Events serves a diverse range of industries and places a focus on the challenges and opportunities resulting from technological and strategic innovation

The partnership will have a particular focus on the Reuters Events subsidiary of Reuters News & Media Incorporated, which produces industry leading events

Thomson Reuters (NYSE:TRI)

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, September 1, 2020 / — IntelStor LLC (“IntelStor”), a cloud-based market intelligence ecosystem for renewable energy, has signed an agreement with Reuters News & Media Incorporated, a division of Thomson Reuters Corporation (“Thomson Reuters”) (TSX/NYSE: TRI), for the distribution of content as well as partnership on business development activities.

The partnership will have a particular focus on the Reuters Events subsidiary of Reuters News & Media Incorporated, which produces industry leading events in the verticals of Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Transport & Travel, Insurance, Marketing and Technology.

The scope of the agreement will allow for Thomson Reuters and Reuters Events to distribute IntelStor research content through its various media distribution channels and for the two companies to work collaboratively on mutual client relationship development across all areas of business for both companies.

IntelStor market research content including reports, expert presentations and industry analysis will be developed to coincide with Reuters Events, and the scope of capabilities of the Reuters Events division will be expanded to include offering IntelStor market and technology intelligence. Partners and sponsors of Reuters Events will also have exclusive collaboration opportunities on market research reports and intelligence offerings developed in cooperation with IntelStor.

“Reuters Events produces the highest quality and most engaging industry events I have had the pleasure to participate in. This partnership will allow both Thomson Reuters and IntelStor to grow and expand our capabilities as the world looks at improving sustainability, driving to higher levels of energy efficiency and expanding cost-effective clean energy technologies to everyone. Together we are committed to these endeavors and to ensuring that anyone with whom we partner can achieve these strategic objectives as well,” says IntelStor Founder & CEO, Philip Totaro.

According to Alphonse Hardel, Head of Business Development for Reuters News & Media Incorporated, “We are delighted to partner with IntelStor which has spent the past ten years aggregating and analyzing renewable energy market and product data. The rigor and quality standards which IntelStor adheres to in their data gathering and client services approach mirrors our own Thomson Reuters Trust Principles on integrity, and freedom from bias in the gathering and dissemination of information and news. We look forward to a fruitful partnership and taking the next steps to support the growth of renewable energy around the world.”

Founded in September 2010 by renewable energy industry veteran Philip Totaro, IntelStor has developed into a fully digitized market research and consulting services provider. Complete with a global renewable energy asset database, tecno-economic analysis capabilities, product and technology benchmarking as well as intellectual property risk analytics, IntelStor is widely regarded as a market leader within the renewable energy sector.

About IntelStor

IntelStor is at the nexus of technical, legal and market research in order to collate intelligence and convert it into action. Our strategic market analysis has led to the funding justification of over US$600M in R&D investment and the development of multi-million dollar product and service offerings. We have provided legal, technical and commercial due-diligence for over US$1.8B in M&A with clients based throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. More information is available at

About Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is a leading provider of business information services. Our products include highly specialized information-enabled software and tools for legal, tax, accounting and compliance professionals combined with the world’s most global news service – Reuters. For more information on Thomson Reuters, visit and for the latest world news,

About Reuters Events

Reuters Events serves a diverse range of industries and places a focus on the challenges and opportunities resulting from technological and strategic innovation. For more information on Reuters Events, visit

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Konstantin Lichtenwald Assesses New Not-for-Profit Reporting Requirements

Konstantin Lichtenwald

CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald assesses new reporting requirements for not-for-profit companies.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, August 31, 2020 / — The latest not-for-profit reporting requirements for CPAs are unusual. That's because, as opposed to requiring more detail, these requirements generally ask for less detail to be reported in statements. This means adjusting to the new requirements should be easy for nonprofit companies and their CPAs. However, CPA Konstantin Lichtenwald outlined some of the new reporting requirements not-for-profit companies do not want to overlook.

"One major change CPAs will see is that all private nonprofit organizations will now be expected to use one single format for reportings," Konstantin Lichtenwald said. "Organizations like museums and universities will now adhere to the same reporting standards as trade associations and hospitals."

Konstantin Lichtenwald explained that, after time, this should be easier for CPAs and nonprofit organizations, as the industry will have a uniform reporting format for all industries. Konstantin Lichtenwald added that another change made was in regard to the reporting of expenses. Per these new regulations, all nonprofit organizations will report expenses by natural and functional categories. This reporting was previously only required for welfare and voluntary health organizations, but it will now apply to all nonprofits.

"CPAs will notice that nonprofit organizations reporting cash flow from operations using the direct method will no longer be required to provide a reconciliation of changes in cash flows and net assets," Konstantin Lichtenwald said. "We can expect to see more organizations choosing the direct method as it requires less time, effort, and length when preparing the statement."

Konstantin Lichtenwald added that nonprofits will now be able to report investment returns net of expenses related to those investments. Previously, nonprofits were required to report investment expenses separately. This update to the reporting process should make reporting investments easier for nonprofit companies. It will also allow the internal and external investments of multiple nonprofit companies to be compared more easily.

Konstantin Lichtenwald explained that changes commonly occur in the reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations. Having a qualified CPA, like Konstantin Lichtenwald, with a specialization in taxation, corporate finance, and financial reporting for nonprofit and for-profit businesses can take the uncertainty out of your reporting process.

Lichtenwald is equipped with more than 15 years of finance and accounting experience, and he is able to offer a hands-on approach to helping your nonprofit financial team understand new reporting requirements and potential future changes as well.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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The Ripple Effects of Kindness

Podcast about how to be happy.

Happiness Podcast

Creator of the Happiness Podcast

Dr. Robert Puff

Skills for learning about being kind.

Kindness matters

When we treat others with kindness, there is a ripple effect that is felt through the lives of countless people around the world.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 31, 2020 / — It only takes a spark
to get a fire going,
and soon all those around
will warm up to its glowing ….

That old song, called “Pass It On,” used to be a popular one to end campouts and church retreats. Everyone would gather in a circle in the dark with an unlit candle, and as they sang the song, one candle would be illuminated. Then that candle would be touched to the wick of another, and the person holding that candle would pivot to the next, and so on, until every candle was lit and the darkness was driven away.

It only took a spark.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of kindness in that way — how it spreads from person to person, with the potential to light up the world.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve been listening to people’s stories — the stories of their lives, and of what has caused them to be the way they are. Everyone has these stories of events from their past that caused them either unhappiness or happiness.

One thing I’ve learned in all this time is that we affect one another, and the way we treat others matters.

There’s no getting around the cruel fact that the actions of people we’re raised with matter. Some parents are loving, supportive, and kind, but then there are those who are cruel or even abusive. The words of such parents can have a lasting impact, with statements like “I wish you’d never been born,” or “You’ll never amount to anything.” This can become part of a playlist that their children return to again and again throughout their lives, because it’s incredibly difficult to change to a different soundtrack when one is so embedded into our subconscious.

Cruel words are sadly common, but physical or even sexual cruelty are also enacted upon children, and the memories of these actions, too, can reverberate for years.

You may know someone who had a very challenging childhood growing up, and if you do, you have likely seen the ripple effects of that early trauma. These people may leave their childhood and their families in the past, but as adults they may move on to instigating abuse in their own relationships, or they may numb themselves with drugs and alcohol.

Even if they avoid physical abuse of themselves (through substances) or others (through violence), people who were raised in an atmosphere of unkindness may themselves resort to being unkind to the people in their lives — the people they love. What we see in these situations is a cycle of pain that moves from one generation to the next.

Something that has surprised me over the years is that I have known people who went through incredibly difficult childhoods, and they have turned out beautifully. We might look at this outcome as being seemingly miraculous. How did they do it? How did they end the cycle of pain?

This is a topic I have explored with close attention for decades, and what I have found is that love makes its mark in people’s lives. When people who have had challenging upbringings turn out helpful, loving, and kind, I believe we are seeing ripples of a loving presence that made its mark on their lives, perhaps outside of the home.

I really believe that no matter how challenging our young lives were, someone probably loved us unconditionally. Someone showed us unconditional kindness, even in the darkest of hours. It could be anyone. Are they angels? Are they beings that were sent to help us? Whatever they are, they’re with all of us, and the spark of their lovingkindness passes on and on.

I’ve never found anyone who didn’t have someone in their lives who showed them some kindness, some love, even when it seemed like everyone else in their lives was cruel to them.

Here’s what I know about kindness: It has a ripple effect. The love of a single kind, angelic presence can issue from them in wave after wave after wave, washing over and through us and continuing on to touch those in our path. For some, even with the horrible things that are happening in their lives, they are able to take this kindness and turn it into something beautiful.

All of us have opportunities in our lives to be kind to others — to say something encouraging, to treat them in a friendly way, to show expressions of kindness toward them — and when we do this, we create a ripple of kindness that radiates in two directions: outward and inward.

The kindness that radiates outward toward others can help them to improve their lives by giving them hope, by helping them through difficult times, or by putting a smile on their face. We often do not know the effects of our kindness on others, but we can be sure that it makes a difference. It could be that someone goes home with a happier heart, and thus is more likely to share kindness with loved ones — perhaps with children.

And beyond eliciting a simple smile, our stopping and making time for kindness to others might pull them out of dark despair. It might help them when we don’t realize that they’re having a hard time. It could even spare a precious life from being ended through suicide. We don’t know how far our ripples extend, but I believe they can go very far sometimes, and just by the mindset of love and care, we can help others to live an improved life.

Kindness is a source of hope for the hopeless. It opens the door to positive possibilities. When others are being kind to us and they really don’t have to be, we take that in. We say, “Oh, maybe there is love, and maybe I can let that love in and even love myself.” Even if we feel that we do not deserve kindness, we understand that someone else feels differently about us and our value and worth. Kindness loosens our bonds to let that love in, and as a result, we may begin to show compassion toward our own stoutly beating heart.

The ripple effects of kindness affect the people we come in contact with and the people they encounter after they leave us, and there is every reason to expect that the beat goes on and on and on. “It only takes a spark,” as the song says. The more kindness we show, the more the world around us will become a much more beautiful place. There is so much negativity and darkness in our world, but our kindness can be a light.

I remember once going on a tour of a cave. There is a moment in most such tours where the guide turns out the lights, and there is no dark like that. It is a fact of physics that light can’t bend; it can travel only in a straight line. Once we’re in a cave like that, we’ve moved through narrow passages and around corners and up and down slopes, and there was no way for a ray of light to follow us there. That would be physically impossible.

If someone in the tour group happened to have a watch with a glowing dial or a lighted digital display, what a difference that would make! That light, imperceptible in the light of day, would be so bright in a dark cave because it’s the only source of light to be found. Kindness is like this. When we’re in our darkest places, the spark of the simplest friendly gesture can illuminate our lives and guide us on our way.

When the lights finally do come on in this part of the standard cave tour, what an experience that is. It is almost blinding. Maybe this would be considered low light under normal circumstances; maybe there’s hardly any light at all. But kindness shines when people are in despair or struggling, and we can help people navigate by our example.

For the people in our daily lives — our friends and our family members — we have an opportunity throughout the day to share our kindness with them. Where we might come home to them and tease them, kid them, or make fun of them, we can instead choose a loving word that can encourage and lift them. This is something we can do throughout the day, wherever we are.

I have often counseled couples were struggling in their relationship. The main thing I try to impart to them is the importance of a tender word. I encourage them to say something friendly to them throughout each day to give each other hope and help them to feel love. We experience love through kindness, in romantic relationships, but also in our daily lives. For example, in the workplace, if we are a supervisor with employees who report to us, we can correct them, but for every correction, we should give them dozens of words of encouragement, too.

Sometimes people choose to be unkind to us. When this happens, a good choice can be to walk away and put distance between ourselves and the ugliness. Another alternative? We can be kind back to the person who has chosen to treat us cruelly. We are never required to be giving to those who take from us, emotionally or otherwise, but it is an option we might want to try, and a potent one. Unlikely as it seems, kindness is one of the most important forces in the universe.

I mentioned that kindness can radiate outwards toward others, but it can also radiate inwards towards ourselves. When this happens, we open ourselves up to happiness.

The truth is, happiness is only possible through kindness. We are not going to find happiness in our hearts if we treat others with unkindness, because kindness is part of the journey toward happiness. We honestly do need to be kind toward others if we want to find peace in our lives.

Those people who are kind are much more likely to be happy in life. They don’t have to look in the mirror and say, “I’m a cruel, unkind person.” Instead they can say that even if people are treating them unkindly, they can be kind toward others.

It is really important that we understand the value of maintaining boundaries when we are dealing with cruel and sadistic people. Everyone needs kindness in their lives, but those who would choose to abuse you do not need their kindness to come from you. If someone is being cruel to you in your life right now, you should recognize that you have the right to get up and walk away — and if someone is being physically or sexually abusive, you must find a way to exit that situation the moment you can do so safely. There are resources to help, including the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233).

Beyond abuse, many of us find that the world is not a kind place, but even when we see others out to cause misery and unhappiness, we can choose to be that watch dial in the cave, or that circle of candles, lit one wick to the next until night starts to look like day. When we take the many opportunities we have to be kind throughout the day, we can feel the ripple effects of kindness inside of us, radiating through self-love.

There are many parts to living a happy life, but one of the main ones is kindness. I doubt you or I will ever meet a truly happy person who is unkind, because a person who is unkind will never find happiness. The ripple effects would be so damaging to themselves and to others in their lives.

You are reading this because you desire a life filled with happiness. Maybe we all want such a life, but you have taken steps to embrace happiness and to welcome it into your life. I have been talking about happiness for quite a long time, with individual, with groups, and with listeners and readers in various formats. I am always promoting the value of meditation — of finding that still, small voice inside of us, of getting in sync with nature, of slowing down our frenzied lives. I suggest making time for pleasure and counting our blessings. But one of the most important means to becoming happy is kindness. It’s the one component of a happy life that has no substitute and that must be our set point if we are to know the bliss we seek.

All of us are here in this human existence so that we can be happy and at peace. We can create happiness in ourselves by one means more than any other: by being kind. And because kindness ripples outward, we can make the world a better place if we work towards cultivating kindness in others.

Random acts of kindness

An old bumper sticker used to implore other drivers to “Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.” These days we often hear about random acts of kindness being performed. Many of us have been in a line at the coffee shop where one customer after another picks up the tab for the customer next in line, and unbroken chains of random kindness can last for days.

Here are a few kind acts that may light a spark in you — one that can light another person’s candle, and then another’s.

• Walk someone’s cart from the parking lot to the cart corral.
• Hold a door.
• Offer a sincere compliment.
• Leave an extra-large tip.
• Pick up and throw away a piece of litter.
• Give canned goods to a food drive.
• Offer to pick up items from a store for a shut-in.
• Shovel or sweep a neighbor’s walk.
• Leave an encouraging note under a stranger’s windshield wiper.
• Do an extra task to lighten a coworker’s load.
• Hug (with permission) a loved one who looks down.
• Bring donuts to the office.
• Spend time with a child in your life.

Here’s hoping (and knowing) that the kindness you show comes right back to you, in the words of the Beatles song “The End”: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

About the Happiness Podcast

If you would like to learn more, the latest episode of the Happiness Podcast, hosted and created by Dr. Robert Puff, is now available. The Happiness Podcast has over 250 episodes, with over 8 million downloads. Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., author of 13 books, TV show host, Psychology Today blogger, and corporate trainer, has been studying the actions it takes to reach the highest levels of human achievement for decades.

It is titled, #289 Happiness – The Ripple Effects of Kindness

Links to listen to the Happiness Podcast:

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#289 Happiness – The Ripple Effects of Kindness

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Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival Online

Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival


At your service!

Wining and Dining Goes Virtual

The virtual Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival will strive to recreate the festive joie de vivre atmosphere the event is famous for.”

— HKTB Chairman Dr. Y. K. Pang

HONG KONG, CHINA, August 31, 2020 / — Hong Kong is a city of wining and dining and is one of the most popular events in the City of Light, and this year it is going virtual.

Organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), the “Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival” will get not only a virtual taste but also a global format. With the festival, just a device away, imagine the excitement of clinking wine glasses with someone halfway around the world or learning a new way to prepare a delectable dish from a top chef – all from the comfort of your own favorite chair.

In today’s world, meeting someone for a glass of wine via Zoom is natural. Human beings are so adaptable, and in reality, the virtual world expands our universe that much farther. From Hong Kong to New York City to Monte Carlo to Saint Petersburg to South Africa, the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival will be sure to tickle our taste buds and our worldly desire to travel. And this year, because the event is online, it really will be possible to meet people from all around the globe!

Explaining this strategic move, HKTB Chairman Dr. Y. K. Pang said: “The Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival has been one of the most popular events among locals and tourists alike since its inception over a decade ago. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak this year, we hope people can continue to enjoy Hong Kong’s unique dining culture while providing business opportunities for the local F&B sector amidst this challenging economic climate. Organizing the Festival virtually allows us to achieve both objectives without compromising public health and safety.”

Although in a different format, the Festival will still be delivering virtual versions of a line-up of programs equally exciting as in the real-life editions, featuring world-class food and drinks. So even if you live in Timbuktu, this year, you can take part in the annual Festival from wherever you are.

Dr. Pang added: “The virtual Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival will strive to recreate the festive joie de vivre atmosphere the event is famous for by offering access to an exclusive wine and gourmet experiences curated by experts on the subject. Taking advantage of the virtual format, the event will be extended from the usual four days to several weeks so that more people can take part regardless of time and geographical constraints.”

To preserve as much original flavor of the physical event as possible, the HKTB is building an online hub where most of the Festival programs will take place. A variety of wine merchants will be providing special discounts and products tailored for the Festival which participants can browse and purchase in a virtual exhibition space. Meanwhile, renowned wine and food critics, chefs, and wine experts will be invited to speak on wine-pairing and culinary topics in virtual workshops and classes.

The Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival was launched in 2009 after Hong Kong and Bordeaux signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Wine-related Business. The large-scale outdoor event quickly became the talk of the town and was dubbed one of the world’s top 10 international food and wine festivals by Forbes Traveler.

Dates and details of the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival will be forthcoming from the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Bon Appetite!

Juergen Steinmetz
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Source: EIN Presswire Identifies COVID related Business Failures and Startups in Near-Real-Time

Unique Data Signals to Navigate a Changing Business Landscape that could see millions of businesses fail

OMAHA, NE, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2020 / — While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc within the U.S. Business landscape through a series of shutdowns and patchy restarts, has developed a series of data signals and unique audience reach attributes to help marketers deal with the dynamic nature of the business landscape.

For a complete overview, request a copy of's influential whitepaper “COVID is Reshaping the U.S. Business Landscape” by clicking here. Copies may also be obtained by calling our Enterprise division @ 877-418-0101 or emailing:

Small businesses, in particular, are suffering at an alarming rate and according to industry sources, as many as 4 Million Small Businesses may not survive. "In addition, while looking at recent trends, nearly 75% of the 575,000 retail establishments were temporarily closed for some period between March and May of this year," according to Mark Richard, Ph.D., President of's data research division.

To counteract these business challenges,, a leading provider of business information, has made the following data signals and files available to business marketers to aid in their quest to navigate the uncertainty.

1) Business Failures & Temporary closures – up to 300,000 weekly
2) PPP Loan Data – Data signals from the 4.3 million small businesses that received PPP loans
3) Executives @ Home – home address, phone, email, and cell numbers for business owners
4) New Businesses – there are over 50,000 new businesses starting up every week is the premier data solution and information provider of full-service databases and email marketing solutions for businesses and professionals. With over 40 years of experience, proudly offers a 95% accurate, highly-detailed database of mailing lists, email lists, and sales leads, as well as direct mail, database enhancements, data analytics, and many other marketing and sales, lead services. To learn more, visit

Monica Messer
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Jeff Ber Featured in Exclusive Ideamensch Interview

Entrepreneur and business consultant Jeff Ber recently shared his career story and industry insights with web publication Ideamensch.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, August 31, 2020 / — Jeff Ber, an entrepreneur and business consultant, was recently spotlighted in an exclusive Ideamensch web feature regarding his career path and experience in the industry. As an entrepreneur himself, Ber specializes in helping start-ups and small businesses craft cutting-edge strategies that facilitate sustainable growth.

The interview spotlights how Ber’s experience with testicular cancer gave him the renewed purpose and drive he needed to launch his new business. “Being diagnosed with testicular cancer was one of the most difficult things I have ever been through,” says Ber. “I had to muster up all of my strength to say, ‘I won’t let this defeat me; I am going to fight.’” Now, Ber channels that same persistent drive into fueling his own successful business.

Other topics discussed in the interview include productivity hacks that helped Ber succeed and habits that allow him to organize his day. For professionals looking to launch their own businesses, he also delivers insight on successful strategies and best practices.

Ber’s full feature can be read on the “Interviews” section of the Ideamensch website. Ideamensch is a fast-growing online publication which spotlights the backgrounds, stories, ideas, and best practices of today’s most influential business leaders.

About Jeff Ber

Jeff Ber is an entrepreneur and consultant with an extensive background in business management and analysis. After graduating from Concordia University, he accepted a role with Edward Jones where he gained skills as an Analyst. Now, with more than a decade of experience in the industry, Ber has launched his own business consulting company. Drawing from his strong background in the field, he helps small businesses and start-ups develop effective strategies for success.

Outside of his personal and professional responsibilities, Jeff Ber is also a passionate cancer awareness advocate. After defeating testicular cancer, he was empowered to continue helping those who struggle with the disease. Currently, Ber serves as the Vice President of Operations at Oneball. He attributes much of his current entrepreneurial success to the drive and persistence he gained from overcoming the disease.

Jeff Ber
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20th Anniversary Special Edition Release of the Left Behind Film Trilogy – Available September 1

Left Behind 20th Anniversary Cover Art

Today's Climate of Uncertainty Makes the Release of Kirk Cameron's Blockbuster Left Behind Trilogy More Relevant than Ever

The world foretold in the Bible & dramatized in the LEFT BEHIND films has never been more real than it is now. It’s really happening, exactly as the Bible predicted thousands of years ago. ”

— Paul Lalonde

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2020 / — Cinedigm is set to release a 20th Anniversary special edition release of the LEFT BEHIND film trilogy tomorrow, September 1. Digitally remastered from a new 4K scan from 35MM and with a color upgrade, the 20th Anniversary Edition provides an incredible visual experience that will look great on today’s home entertainment systems.

When the films released twenty years ago, conspiracy theories, misinformation campaigns, censorship, and a deadly virus infecting the world were all part of the thrilling plotlines from the LEFT BEHIND movies produced by Cloud Ten Pictures, based on the #1 New York Times Best Seller book series of the same name. Those movies were an overnight success and went on to sell more than ten million copies on VHS and DVD. In today’s climate of uncertainty, these stories are more timely than ever, with the ‘plotlines’ mirroring our news headlines.

The fear and uncertainty of the Book of Revelation comes to life in the LEFT BEHIND TRILOGY. Millions vanish, the society is in chaos, evil is lurking, the world is at war; this is the premise for the ground-breaking faith-based trilogy. Starring Kirk Cameron and Louis Gossett, Jr., the anniversary release features all three iconic films: Left Behind, Left Behind: Tribulation Force, and Left Behind: World at War and all-new bonus features including the Hollywood premiere special, cast and crew interviews, additional footage, a candid interview with Kirk Cameron about the importance of faith and a featurette with Louis Gossett, Jr. Dove Approved for 12+ the series has become one of the best known faith-based series, changing the genre’s landscape for years to come.

“The world we see on the news every day is scarier and more uncertain than it has been in at least a generation,” says LEFT BEHIND screenwriter, producer, and Cloud Ten Pictures founder Paul Lalonde. “The world foretold in the Bible and dramatized in the LEFT BEHIND films has never been more real than it is now. It’s really happening, exactly as the Bible predicted thousands of years ago.”

The LEFT BEHIND TRILOGY was directed by a trio of excellent directors Vic Sarin, Bill Corcoran, and Craig R. Baxley. The films were produced by Joe Goodman, Ralph Winter, Nicholas Tabarrok, Peter Lalonde, and Andre van Heerden. Executive Producers include Ron Booth, Paul Lalonde, Peter Lalonde, Bobby Neutz, and Edwin Ng.


Cloud Ten Pictures has been a producer and pioneer in the Christian film space for more than 25 years. Its innovative marketing and use of well-known actors paved the way for a stream of successful faith-based films over the past two decades. Cloud Ten’s productions now include 11 feature films and more than a dozen documentaries, all focused on Bible prophecy.

Since inception, Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) has been a leader at the forefront of the digital transformation of content distribution. Adapting to the rapidly transforming business needs of today’s entertainment landscape, Cinedigm remains a change-centric player focused on providing content, channels, and services to the world’s largest media, technology, and retail companies. Cinedigm’s Content and Networks groups provide original and aggregated programming, channels, and services that entertain consumers globally across hundreds of millions of devices.

Lori Heiselman
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Allen Samuels’ Waterfront Texas Coast Home to Auction Online via Concierge Auctions in Partnership with Republic Ranches

Exterior aerial of 38 La Buena Vida Drive.

Exterior aerial of 38 La Buena Vida Drive.

Large kitchen island and open kitchen.

Large kitchen island and open kitchen.

Master bathroom with Gulf views.

Master bathroom with Gulf views.

Resort-style pool at twilight.

Resort-style pool at twilight.

An aerial view from the Gulf of Mexico at twilight.

An aerial view from the Gulf of Mexico at twilight.

From our past experiences, I know that our firms’ combined reach will provide the best possible synergy for finding the buyer for this property. We’re looking forward to another successful auction.”

— Rick Doak, listing agent

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2020 / — With commanding views of Redfish Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, 38 La Buena Vida Drive will auction online next month via Concierge Auctions in partnership with Rick Doak of Republic Ranches. Currently listed for $8.75 million, the waterfront property will sell with No Reserve on September 26–30th via Concierge Auctions’ online marketplace,, allowing buyers to bid digitally from anywhere in the world.

“We are thrilled to partner with Concierge Auctions for the third time,” stated Doak. “From our past experiences, I know that our firms’ combined reach will provide the best possible synergy for finding the buyer for this property. We’re looking forward to yet another successful auction in Texas.”

The Mediterranean-style villa impresses with a wide, open interior adorned with luxurious details such as a custom staircase winding around a stunning 18-foot chandelier. There’s room to roam over 11,000±-square-feet with five bedrooms and six baths, there’s ample space to host the entire family for a weekend getaway. Oversized windows and arched doorways bring the swoon-worthy views of the Gulf of Mexico inside. As artful as it is state-of-the-art, the kitchen is a chef’s dream, while the master bathroom is a roomy, spa-like retreat. On the weekends, take to the Gulf from the property’s private boat slip. Other features include a Spanish clay tile roof; a private, gated driveway; enormous metal and glass front doors; Syrian stone archways; a fireplace; soaring coffered ceilings; French doors; a master suite with an expansive spa bath; separate vanities; custom dressing rooms and walk-in closets; a soaking tub and an enormous shower——all just minutes to downtown Rockport, spectacular Gulf sport fishing, and 40 minutes from Corpus Christi International Airport.

“This home was designed with the finest materials and furnishings in mind and was built to last,” stated Donna Samuels, seller. “It’s located in one of the most prime spots along the Gulf with access to any type of recreational activity you could imagine, making it the perfect place to play host to our friends and family over the years. With its easy access to Rockport and Corpus Christi, this is a dream coastal escape.”

Just 30 miles from Corpus Christi, the property is only five miles from bustling Rockport. Renowned for its beaches, birding, and coastal fishing, this small community offers a plethora of outdoor diversions. Head to Brown & Root Flats or Estes Flats, where redfish, trout, and flounder abound—or venture out into the Gulf, just a short boat ride away. Take the ferry over to Port Aransas and Mustang Island to more than 18 miles of wide sandy beaches. This seaside enclave has plenty of shopping, galleries, and restaurants to entertain in addition to all the sportfishing, parasailing, dolphin spotting, and kayaking. Visit the Aransas Pass Lydia Ann Lighthouse, and meander through the wetlands on one of the Port Aransas Nature Preserve’s many trails.

38 La Buena Vida Drive is available for showings Thursday through Sunday from 1-4PM and by appointment, and is additionally available for private virtual showings. For property details, diligence documents, and more, please visit

As part of Concierge Auctions' Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes, the closing will result in a new home built for a family in need.

Concierge Auctions offers a commission to the buyers' representing real estate agents. See Auction Terms and Conditions for full details. For more information, visit or call +

About Concierge Auctions
Concierge Auctions is the largest luxury real estate marketplace in the world, powered by state-of-the-art technology. Since its inception in 2008, the firm has generated billions of dollars in sales, broken world records for the highest-priced homes ever achieved at auction, and is active in 40 U.S. states/territories and 29 countries. Concierge curates the most prestigious properties globally, matches them with qualified buyers, and facilitates transparent, market-driven transactions in an expedited time frame. The firm owns the most comprehensive and intelligent database of high-net-worth real estate buyers and sellers in the industry. As a six-time honoree to the annual Inc. Magazine list of America's fastest-growing companies, it now joins the Inc 5000 Hall of Fame; was named No. 38 on the 2018 Entrepreneur 360™ List recognizing 360 small businesses every year that are mastering the art of and science of growing a business in the areas of impact, innovation, growth, leadership, and business valuation; and has contributed more than 200 homes to-date as part of its Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes™, which guarantees that for every property the company sells, a new home will be built for a family in need. For more information visit

Krystal Aeby
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Author's Eye Opening Memoirs Include Talking His Way Into a Cockpit of Commercial Plane and flying It From DCA to ATL

McGuire’s Memoirs Book!

McGuire in Marseille, France exploring which restaurant has the best Bouillabaisse

McGuire in Marseille, France exploring which restaurant has the best Bouillabaisse

I asked the Crusty Captain––Politely––If I Could Fly the Fully Loaded Boeing 727 and He Looked at My Bow Tie and Assumed I Was a Harmless & Proper Gentleman!

If the passengers knew I was flying the plane they would have said, ‘Let’s Roll’ and I would have been tossed out over Spartanburg, South Carolina.”

— Jake McGuire

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 31, 2020 / — Jake McGuire, who already has ten books in print is finishing up his colorful memoirs entitled, 'Out of Line • The Adventures of a Wayward Photographer,' is looking for a publisher and movie house.

But he warns ALL WHO HAVE A FEAR OF FLYING, including editors, publishers and Hollywood producers to call their therapists before even reading this press release.

McGuire, who has spent his lifetime on jaw-dropping, eye-opening adventures says, "I've traveled to, lived in or had to flee from more than 30 countries."

His mantra of ‘thinking big’ and ‘being daring’ has landed him, amongst other feats; talking his way into the cockpit and flying the commercial jet, finessing his way into the Oval Office for a visit with a President of the United States, and managing to join the Amir of Bahrain in his Royal Palace for tea, whereupon McGuire was showered with gifts of diamonds and gold before he left the Oil Sheikhdom.

My memoirs are by a photographer, about a photographer, so the stories are extremely visual,” he says, “so they easily translate into an entertaining motion picture, or a fun Broadway performance."

"I have entertaining adventures that Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos can't match!" He says, "They have more money but I live a richer life!"

McGuire, who is no stranger to “Out of Line” techniques–as his book title says–thought he’d go big and pitch his book to Hollywood. He got the idea from his sister in North Carolina who said, “I’ll pray to the Patron Saint of Movie Rights!” They both laughed, remembering their childhood school days where the nuns had a Patron Saint for everything and everyone.

When the name George Clooney, came up they agreed the angelic-looking Clooney might make a great Patron Saint!

So, enter George Clooney! Not only Clooney number one…..but also number two, and number three!

“When my initial pitch to Clooney went out on the EIN, PR Newswire, it got a lot of media play,” he says, “but I never really expected to hear from George Clooney. So when I heard from three of them all claiming THEY were the real George Clooney, my head spun around in a 360 like the girl in "The Exorcist."

First, a little background on McGuire’s “Out of Line” memoirs: From working on the staff of a weekly newspaper to becoming one of America’s most published photographers, McGuire’s book reveals how he ditched his disheveled looks, switched to dapper, acted daring, and then watched his life blossom into a Hollywoodesque series of entertaining globe trotting adventures.

McGuire has been a newspaper photographer, photo editor, reporter, food and travel writer, chef, restaurant critic, and an admitted mischief-maker. He now has ten coffee-table books in print. He is always on the move searching for good food, fine wine, and delicious adventures all woven together.

McGuire's gourmet adventures include how an upperclass, noble-woman living in Paris took him to Marseille to see which restaurant had the best Bouillabaisse. "We had so many versions, that after a week I was growing barnacles," he laughs, " and she was kind enough to pick up the the entire tab including the high speed TVG Train to Marseille!"

McGuire’s calls from the three Clooney's came interspersed with him receiving his usual dozens of daily robo-calls, junk call, sales calls, and prank calls––of which, while he is promoting his book––he is hesitant to ignore, THE POSSIBLE BIG ONE.

“I’m hopeful the real Clooney might want to take my book off the movie market place before someone else does,” says McGuire, “and, Clooney has that terrific twinkle in his eye to produce, direct and star in a fast paced film about an, ‘Out of Line,’ character.”

Clooney phone caller number one was fairly convincing, he says, but turned out to be an old schoolmate, “who was just messing with me.”

“In a movie, Clooney would make a better me, than me,” says the wayward McGuire with a chuckle. “And, I'd love to a bit part in it, where I’m sitting next to Clooney at a venerable old DC bar like the Old Ebbitt Grill.”

“McGuire is edgy, nutty, romantic…nimble in his walk and talk…spreading mischievous wisdom around,” says fellow book author and DC area Professor, Anita Nahal.

"Clooney caller number two, sounded like a gentleman from Mumbia,” says McGuire, who was about to hang up on the fellow, “But what if he were a film producer from Bollywood?” McGuire didn’t want to miss an opportunity so he listened for a while, but eventually said good-by when the pitch for yoga classes with Oprah came up.

"Clooney number three had a Russian accent," says McGuire, But with the man's Russian accent I didn't think it was the real George Clooney, so I hung up on him."

On second thought, McGuire now wonders if Clooney number three wasn't the real Clooney, clowning around with a theatrically savvy Slavic accent. "Oh well, there goes my movie––so far–– down the drain, boo hoo!"

In addition to his adventures of chumming it up with heads of state, his truly sky-high–adventure of flying the commercial jet had McGuire saying, “If the passengers knew I was flying the plane they would have said, ‘Let’s Roll’ and would have tossed me out over Spartanburg, South Carolina.”

And, McGuire admits he has no pilot’s license, and having to hang up on the final imposter, McGuire has no Clooney. Yet..he is hopeful!

Washington Post writer, Monica Hesse, who penned a lengthy feature on McGuire in August of 2010, wrote, “McGuire is looking like he should be holding a mint julep, or yachting or doing something else genteel. His face is aristocratic… his manner is intense.”

McGuire's newest and most devilish marketing attempt was trying to get the Evangelical Liberty University to ban his book, but Jerry Falwell was fired and then so called, Pool Boy, " stole Mcguire's media thunder.

Stay tuned!

For more on McGuire’s books visit his website:

McGuire Communications
+1 703-888-6320

Jake McGuire
McGuire Communications
+1 703-888-6320
email us here

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Cover of the pop single, “Cry Myself to Sleep” as recorded by Luckie Boy

Nashville pop recording artist, Luckie Boy

Nashville hit songwriter, Thornton Cline

Radio single co-written with Nashville hit songwriter, Thornton Cline

I am honored that this young talented artist loved the song we wrote and chose to record it as his first single.”

— Thornton Cline, Nashville hit songwriter


Twenty-two-year old Nashville pop recording artist, Luckie Boy debuts his uptempo pop song, “Cry Myself to Sleep” to radio worldwide on Monday, August 31 according to Musik and Film president, Stephen Wrench.

“I am honored that this young talented artist loved the song we wrote and chose to record it as his first single,” said Nashville hit songwriter, Thornton Cline.

Luckie Boy hails from a small town in Indiana and is a graduate of an audio engineering school in 2018 in Nashville. He has recorded and produced tracks since he was 14 years old when his mother gave him an Apple Mac Pro book. Luckie Boy met hit songwriter, Thornton Cline in Nashville and the two of them began collaborating. Their collaboration resulted in an uptempo pop song they both loved and thought was commercial enough to be produced and recorded. Nashville producer, Levi Bennington produced the tracks and then recorded Luckie Boy. The song was picked up by Musik and Film president, Stephen Wrench, a veteran hit producer who once recorded and produced the hit single, “867-5309” for Tommy Tutone, “Eye of the Tiger” for Survivor, and for other major artists.

Thornton Cline has been nominated multiple times for Grammy and Dove Awards. Cline has received a platinum award for certified sales of one million units for his hit song, “Love is the Reason”. Cline has been honored with “Songwriter of the Year” twice in a row. Thornton Cline has had his songs recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck, Gloria Gaynor, Rebecca Holden, Gary Puckett, Tim Murphy, Billy and Sarah Gaines, Ray Peterson, and 150 independent and major artists. Many of his tunes have reached the top of the charts. Cline is a traditionally published author of 32 fiction and non-fiction books.

For more information, contact Stephen Wrench at

– END –

Thornton Cline
Clinetel Music
+1 6155734880
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