The Things to Consider When Choosing a Translation Agency in Vietnam guarantee to bring the best prices and translations with high accuracy to surely satisfy the strictest requirements from customers. guarantee to bring the best prices and translations with high accuracy to surely satisfy the strictest requirements from customers.

With a team of 8 Project Managers, 16 Editors, 70 Administrative Translators, and over 500 Collaborative Translators, we always ensure absolute satisfaction to our customers.”


HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM, August 6, 2020 / — The clientele for translation is growing dramatically in Vietnam, leading to an immense number of service providers entering the translating – interpreting market. For that reason, it can be hard to choose a suitable translation agency.

This article provides you with the utmost important factors to consider when choosing a translation agency in Vietnam. You can consult as a reliable company as they offer some of the best quality you can ever find in the S-shaped country at a reasonable cost.

The Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Translation Service in Vietnam

Does the company have enough experience and knowledge when translating certain fields (literary, scientific, judicial, etc.)?

First thing first, translators from well-known companies should master translating in different domains because they have been working on a good variety of projects. So, make sure the company is experienced in your sector before you employ them.

As trivial as it sounds, businesses and individuals tend to overlook this factor. One may be expertise in translating books; it doesn’t mean he/she can translate legal documents precisely. A good translator must have a good idea of the sectors they’re working on. has some of the best people in the business, prepared with not only in-depth knowledge of different industries but also cultural knowhow.

Cultural know-how is very important; people tend to pay native translators more than foreign ones because they have a better understanding of their country’s culture.

Native translators are beneficial in certain aspects, and it’d be great if you can find a native translator. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean foreign translators make a bad option. Cultural know-how is something that can be learned through time, and you’ll be surprised to see how well a foreign translator knows about one’s culture. Plus, foreign translators also offer a lower price point.

If possible, ask to interview the translator who will be working on your project to see how well he/she knows about the culture, especially if your business is new to the industry.

The Languages Available
While translators need to have a good command over the two needed languages for your projects, the company should also have several other languages available for working in the long run.
Finding a translation agency that provides multiple languages will save you so much time and effort of going through the same process looking for a new translation service in the future. expertises in 8 major languages: Vietnamese – English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Aside from that, the company is working on expanding the team into translating other languages such as Indonesian, Khmer, Lao, Thai, Myanmar, Arabic, Malaysian, Spanish, Romansh, Portuguese, and Italian.

The Reputation
A company reputation says a lot about their quality; there has got to be reasons why consumers trust to go back with that company. More or less, it proved that the team has put their back in getting the deserved accreditation by offering clients with the best of what they can give; it also means that they have been working actively in the translation industry in recent years. is one of the most prestigious translation agencies in Vietnam. The company is trusted among customers over the years due to many reasons; one of them is being adhered to strict deadlines, and willing to pay a penalty fee in case of delay (which rarely happens).
No matter how good the quality was, businesses and individuals will think twice about going back to that same translation agency because they didn’t stick to the proposed deadline.

The Cost
The final yet most important factor – the cost.

You know what people say, the great price comes with great quality; that’s also applied in the translation industry: you get what you pay for. However, that isn’t always the case. Some agencies charge ridiculous costs when the quality they provide is not anywhere near that price range.

Companies that are willing to negotiate to price-match with their competitors even though they’re at the peak of their game should be highly appreciated. proposes a very endowed cost from only 35,000 VND (with VAT) for one page of 300-400 words (from English to Vietnamese and vice versa), and it depends on certain domains that the price will be slightly higher.

In Closing
Choosing a suitable translation agency in Vietnam won’t be that big of a problem anymore if you consider the factors we mentioned carefully.
We recommend not only because they have the best deals you can find but also the quality for their translations has been verified by many consumers; most of the time they come back, even the most skeptical ones!

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