Women Who Rose During the Tough Times of 2020


Here are the inspirational and passionate women entrepreneurs who continue to thrive during these gloomy times and are moving ahead with positivity.

When women help each other, fantastic things happen.”

— Prashanthi Kolluru

CALIFORNIA, SANFRANSICO, USA, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — When the pandemic struck the entire world and limited our movement, the economy paused, markets collapsed, and the world went numb. For businesses that had just started a few months ago, all their dreams came down like a pack of cards, with nothing left under their control.

Globally, all businesses have suffered these tumultuous times. No one knows when this was going to end. Entrepreneurs reacted intuitively – some ended their businesses, some stopped pursuing their dreams while some just paused. However, there are a few women who thought differently.

Statistics reveal that while 2.4 percent of the women-led, women-founded start-ups were successful in raising funding in the past year, the percentage rose to 3.9 percent for the past three months alone.

Sarah, who owned a boutique store, changed her business model. She adapted technology, started her e-commerce store, and delivered the best quality products. All this during the pandemic.

Advertising took a new dimension during these social-distancing times, and so Amy’s business. Amy successfully worked towards bridging the gap between upcoming models and brands through her mobile application. She helped many women secure brand partnership by collaborating with other women and thus allowed faster brand scaling.

The pandemic made children witness a bolt from the blue, with their education having suffered a terrible hit. Communication among parents, teachers, and students turned complex, and so did the process of imparting knowledge. Women who are intuitively sensitive to the needs of the children are always at the forefront to make their lives better. Alisha developed an application to bridge the communication gap that has been hampering the remote education system that emerged in this pandemic.

Having a business is a daring venture. It involves a long term persistence, the ability to upskill oneself with the latest trends, market analysis, and most importantly, a passion for going ahead.

Everything is like a roller-coaster ride till the business establishes itself as an unvanquishable brand. People who see the glass half-empty are unlikely to proceed further, while those who see the glass half-full are the ones who continue their journey towards success.

eCommerce grew to its zenith in the social distancing era as it allows people to procure their necessities at the comfort of a click, which is a blessing in these mask-wearing times. However, every penny is precious when the income scale declines due to the lockdown.

Sasha’s initiative resulted in the development of a cashback program that rewards online shoppers with monetary perks every time a consumer purchases through the cashback site. Retailers pay a commission to her eCommerce site from which its founder Sasha pays cash to her clients.
And we see people welcoming her idea.

The growth and development of a society are reliant on the nurturing of young minds. While gender bias is still prevalent in the world, it is saddening to note that girl children still experience a scarcity of many amenities. Consequently, they show a lack of interest in pursuing further in all spheres of life. Anna continued her venture of making a difference in this seemingly unalterable situation.

She launched a magazine that leads the path for children, especially girls, to help them to find a resource to explore different fields like science and technology, set an incredible target, and achieve it. With most millennials having to quarantine themselves this year, they started pursuing hobbies like reading and writing. A young entrepreneur Annie made the most of this situation and started a new magazine on career advice. This advisory platform endeavors to help millions of multi-talented youngsters who are confused about the career path to pick in their long run. In just a few months, her efforts earned her thousands of subscribers.

The road is never smooth for anyone. It is all about how a person crosses the hurdles on the way.
For those seeking to learn and upgrade their skills, Pankaj made it possible by developing an online resource that connects expert tutors in the field of digital marketing to those aspiring to build a career out of it. There are live classes from well-experienced tutors in the field of search engine marketing, coding and analytics, graphic designing, and many more. Many aspirants who were unable to learn these techniques earlier are now thankful for this resource that enables them to stay at home and make use of the time in learning.

Job scarcity has become a burning problem recently in these hard-pressed times. While most employers themselves are deprived of work, many businesses had no option but to deploy their employees in favor of cost reduction. But that is not the case with KloudPortal. (Actual name used in cognizance of the business. Our gratitude to KloudPortal for permission.)

The world is an ocean of opportunities. It is an individual choice to identify and explore them. A group of women at KloudPortal believed that the world never stops, and they have to inspire businesses through this global crisis. They know that there is light at the end of every tunnel. They started educating and encouraging their clients that this is the time to invest in marketing. They guided the path to many of their clients who moved ahead while their competitors paused during the pandemic. Today KloudPortal has acquired more clients than they had for the last six years. While they grow, they continued to inspire fellow entrepreneurs to grow and thrive! “While KloudPortal continues to inspire and grow, we encourage businesses to look at the positive side of a crisis,” says Prashanthi Kolluru, CEO of KloudPortal.

What does this show?

People who have an optimistic outlook will always keep moving in the direction of their vision and mission. No pandemic or a global crisis can stop them. It is the attitude that defines a person’s success. As Simon Sinek says, “You can either see the goal or a long path to achieve the goal. What you see is important!” Stay safe, and stay positive!

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