ChromaChecker Corporation Unveils ChromaChecker Nano, Offers Unique and Affordable Color Appearance Solution

Nano assesses three surface attributes in addition to color

Nano assesses three surface attributes in addition to color

Nano measuring varnish on product packaging

Nano measuring varnish on product packaging

Nano Solution Components

Nano Solution Components

New ChromaChecker Nano provides both color measurement and appearance/texture measurement in one instrument, for manufacturers of products and print solutions.

ChromaChecker allows our organization to use one Color Cloud to assess our suppliers manufacturing capabilities related to our product, and our print packaging without any one having to travel.”

— Nick M.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, January 22, 2021 / — ChromaChecker Corporation, creator of worldwide ChromaChecker Color Conformance platform, is excited to announce ChromaChecker Nano, a remarkable new hardware and cloud based software combination, that measures both color differences and surface characteristics. Collaboratively created by developers from ChromaChecker and Colorix, the ChromaChecker Nano was designed to simplify the complex process of measuring color appearance.

ChromaChecker Nano works by uploading appearance parameters to the ChromaChecker Cloud, analyzing the material, and reporting results, to the brand, to ensure the color quality manufacturing was performed accurately. Thanks to its dynamic aperture, ChromaChecker Nano can measure any size objects very quickly. ChromaChecker Nano can be used to perform surface analysis on most materials, including uneven surfaces. No matter the product and no matter what it is made of, ChromaChecker Nano can measure any object and ensure the color and appearance attributes match.

ChromaChecker Nano’s functionality is unparalleled and unlike anything else in the marketplace. Rather than simply measuring color, it can measure the texture of anything from paper to plastics to product textiles. By measuring up to five parameters, ChromaChecker Nano assesses not only a color but also an appearance match. By measuring surface characteristics that affect appearance, and analyzing average and dominant color, ChromaChecker Nano eliminates subjectivity to generate a result that closely resembles what the human eye perceives. The solution tracks numerous metrics and provides real-time performance reports.

Like all other ChromaChecker solutions, the ChromaChecker Nano was designed with customer satisfaction in mind. By offering a ChromaChecker Nano IOS mobile application, ChromaChecker puts high-quality color and texture match technology in the palm of your hand.

ChromaChecker is exploring future projects and innovations every day. To learn more about ChromaChecker Nano, watch Nano Paper Texture Assessment video.

About ChromaChecker:
ChromaChecker is the first Color Conformance Platform that numerically quantifies a color “match” for pages with spot and process colors. Built on a print manufacturing framework (G7 and ISO) and utilizing E-Factor (Expectation Factor), ChromaChecker helps printers manufacture “salable” color, in accordance with the buyer’s color “match” requirements and print provider’s goals. ChromaChecker is a non-proprietary solution that captures and assesses a print company’s greatest color asset, their measured data, while overseeing each and every variable in their print production environment. ChromaChecker is based on an open architecture, supporting the vast majority of hardware and software being used in the print industry today. The ultimate goal of ChromaChecker is to reduce time and material waste in production which, in turn, increases productivity and boosts bottom line profitability.

About Colorix:
Colorix SA is engaged in the research, development and manufacture of software and color measurement devices for over 20 years. Colorix products received several industry awards and are used in areas such as coatings, printing, quality control, design & architecture, dermatology and cosmetics. Designed in Switzerland. Built in Switzerland. Colorix software and hardware are always compatible with the latest technology for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). Thanks to its unique experience in color measuring, Colorix stands for leading technology and represents "The State of the Art in Digital Color Communication".

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How ChromaChecker Nano differentiates textures to ensure appearance meets customer expectations for any textured manufactured process worldwide.

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