Fay Ghandour of Interview Coach Online to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — You've worked incredibly hard to land an interview for your dream job, but all that work is wasted if you can't show up as your best-self.

To avoid the pitfalls and put our best foot forward, we have to remain comfortable and keep our confidence.

Fay Ghandour is the founder of Interview Coach Online, where she helps job applicants develop the skills they need to prepare for these all important interviews and make a great first impression that lands the big job they want.

“The truth is the majority of us are not great at job interviews. We need practice,” says Fay. “When an interviewer is asking questions, they're looking for results, but most people are not ready to answer those tough questions. So it's really about helping people practice and develop self-confidence.”

Interview Coach Online is for people searching for a new job and need to brush up on their interview skills and those looking for a promotion to bridge the gap with their technical experience. It’s also perfect for fresh graduates who don’t know what to expect. Fay can teach anyone to develop the self-confidence to navigate big job interviews.

“So many college students reached out to me asking questions,” recalls Fay. “They have completed their education and they are really excited about working in their fields, but they were so uncertain. There is a big unknown for them. What should I expect in an interview? How do I prepare? What type of questions will the interviewer ask me? There was a lot of uncertainty. She would also hear many of them say I interviewed but never heard back. Feedback would be nice to help me develop and improve. They don't what questions to expect.”

Fay offers over 20 years of experience in hiring as both corporate recruiter and an agency recruiter.

“The most difficult questions are not technical. It's the people stuff; you have to make your experience relevant to people. So the most rewarding thing for me is helping people expand their knowledge of themselves and when they realize they have so many great examples they can share. That they have skills and stories hidden within their career they can bring to light.,” says Fay. “I find people learn more about themselves when they go through this coaching journey, because a coach really helps you discover more about yourself. You have the answers, but we are there to help support your growth.”

“Your elevator pitch is your opportunity to introduce yourself. It is a preview of your background. A great Elevator pitch should say enough that the interviewer wants to learn more. Your examples should demonstrate how you achieve results, how you work under fire, how you influence people, how you help others do their job better.”

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