UglyFace is Finally Woke

LA, USA, January 29, 2021 / — The UglyFace collective has created music together for years in California, from Oakland to Stockton. Kevin Farpella and Aaron Temple were introduced by mutual friend Andre Mosley. They would later be dubbed UglyFace, by Aric Jones, a Bay Area kid with Chi Town roots, after some hard hitting sessions. The group then temporarily disbanded to sharpen their individual swords, singer Andre Mosley at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, Aaron Temple in Brooklyn, New York and Aric Jones in Los Angeles with only Kevin Farpella remaining in Tracy, California.

Yet, with a strengthened brotherhood they’ve finally decided to finish what they started under the music label, UglyFace, where they write, produce and perform their own music.

Uglyface have released a series of projects and singles as they learnt how to navigate the music industry. Throughout the years they’ve opened up for various other performers, including the likes of Andre Nicatina, E-40, Too $hort and Bone Thugs n Harmony.

They’ve now decided to take things seriously and focus more acutely on growing the UglyFace collective as an independent music label. Reflecting on what the UglyFace collective has produced over the years, Kevin Farpella commented: "Your speed isn't as important as your direction’."

The group consider the direction they want their music to go in, in conjunction with the musical journey of the UglyFace collective, rather than the speed at which they are able to release new songs and albums. After staying “low key” for the majority of the group’s time together, they’ve decided it's time for a focused consistency.

Feeling 2021 is the year to bring some more music notoriety to Northern California, the UglyFace collective, made up of music producer Kevin Farpella, rapper/producers Aaron Temple and Aric Jones and singer Andre Mosley, have come together once again to kick off what they believe will be a busy year of music releases for them, starting with their latest release, “Woke Up”.

The music industry took a massive hit in 2020, suffering almost $9 billion in losses due to cancelled or grounded live performances, delayed album and music video releases, decreased album sales and not to mention the inconsiderable number of layoffs within the industry made permanent. Yet, despite the severe impact the coronavirus has had on the music industry and the challenges they will no doubt face upon their re-entry, their latest release, “Woke Up” is how they decided to set the tone for 2021.

“Woke Up” is only the beginning of what the group plans to release in 2021. Yet it is also a reflection of the direction they plan to pursue this year by bringing some fresh and new music to the world, as well as representing The Bay Area and surrounding areas. After a long slumber their eyes and ears are wide open, UglyFace is finally woke and wants to kick off 2021 with more releases than ever before.

Be on the lookout for Travis Walker’s “Without You Remix” featuring Aric Jones, 30Chalice’s “Grundy” and the solo effort “Yah” by their very own Aric Jones.

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