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DUBLIN, FERMANAGH, IRELAND , January 1, 2021 / — ‘Finding Farms Made Simple

Offering a faster and more efficient way to search for rural and agricultural properties.

Farms For Sale Ireland / UK offers a faster and more efficient way to search for rural and agricultural properties.

This dedicated advertising platform has quickly established itself as a marketplace with an extensive agricultural land, property and farm portfolio across Ireland and an enthusiastic property audience all under one roof!

The website contains all the typical features that are needed, which include: property listings, property details, image gallery, downloadable brochure, login and upload features, online payment features, property auctions, forthcoming farming events and much more. It is fully responsive and suitable for all devices, mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

Agricultural and rural property listings span all categories of farming enterprises including country estates, residential farms, arable / tillage farms, beef and sheep enterprises, dairy units, equestrian facilities / stud farms, fishery farms, forestry / woodlands, pig and poultry units, mushroom units, horticultural, organic, small holdings and windmill farms.

Instantly access upcoming farming events and agricultural property auctions across the country with our farming events guide.

Potential rural property buyers have easy-to-use search tools to customise their search by country, county/state, type of farm, area size and price range. Estate agencies/agents can be contacted easily from each bespoke property listing with social media sharing integration.

Our unique Farm Finder Map allows users to search for agricultural properties within a given radius.

Estate agents benefit from bespoke Agency and multiple Agent profiles. Properties can be allocated to specific agents/negotiators with their individual contact and social networking details.
Farms For Sale Ireland / UK is currently building an extensive social media network. We are also forging relationships with other Farming Forums/Websites to ensure maximum exposure for all our advertised agricultural properties.
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Remember to SHARE and take a few moments to VISIT our site. We hope that you will not be disappointed with the range of rural properties currently available on the Irish market!

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Freshkala is quickly becoming the top online grocery store in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 1, 2021 / — Freshkala is quickly becoming the top online grocery store in Los Angeles
As the COVID-19 pandemic surges once more, an increasing number of people have begun relying on online grocery stores to provide them with their daily shopping needs, whether it is fresh or frozen foods or non-perishable foods and ingredients. With online grocery stores growing by almost 53% this year alone in the United States, it is clear that many shoppers are getting into the habit of shopping this way to satisfy their daily needs.

Freshkala is a new online Persian grocery store based out of Los Angeles that has recently announced they have successfully started shipping orders of groceries, fresh foods and non-perishable ingredients all across the United States. With a growing number of people turning to online grocery stories to purchase not only their non-perishable foods but also fresh and frozen foods, Freshkala have compiled a vast ensemble of Persian and local products and brands available on their online store, from fresh produce, deli products, dairy products to dry and frozen foods, and so much more. Their product range fulfills all of their customers’ kitchen needs, from ingredients to kitchenware.

Freshkala is dedicated to providing and shipping the best quality groceries right to the doorsteps of their customers. Aside from their wide range of fresh and non-perishable food products, they also specialise in providing a unique range of bakery and confectionery products, a collection of useful kitchenware and a very nice variety of dried foods, nuts and beverages. They also stock a wide range of local and Persian food brands, including Sadaf, GOLCHIN, ALMAS, Zarrin and Indo-European to mention a few. Their product range caters to a wide clientele with the appetite for a variety of flavours and different kinds of products.

Freshkala also knows better than most online grocery stores that secure payment methods are one of the most important factors of any online business. Having a secure payment method is crucial, which is why Freshkala offers their customers a number of secure payment method options and have a return policy of seven days for non-perishable products that have not been used, are in the same condition as they were received and are still in the original packaging. Their return policy for deli products, frozen foods, dairy products and fresh produce is however only three days, rather than the full seven days. As with all refund policies of online groceries stores, they also insist that customers provide proof of purchase to complete the return.

Currently based out of Los Angeles, Freshkala gives customers the option of selecting two shipping days to ensure the freshness of dairy, frozen and fresh foods once packaged and shipped. They have a fast delivery system specifically for the Los Angeles area. Any orders placed on Thursday and days after containing perishable goods, deli products, fresh produce or frozen foods will be shipped in the following week to ensure optimal freshness of all products from the time they leave the store until they arrive at their destination.

It is true that most online grocery stores have experienced substantial growth in recent months and Freshkala is no different. Freshkala has in a very short period of time taken over the online grocery shopping market in Los Angeles, and with their dedication to providing all kinds of fresh and non-perishable product all across the United States, it won’t be long before they become a leading competitor in the online shopping market not only in Los Angeles but in all states across the United States as well.

Frashkala is a new online grocery store that specialises in providing local and Persian fresh foods and brands. Based out of Los Angeles, they stock and ship fresh produce, deli and dairy products, confectionery and baking goods, kitchenware, pantry products, frozen foods, dried fruits and nuts and beverages straight to their customers’ doors. With the aim of delivering the best quality groceries to customers all across the United States in record time, they ship from Monday to Friday and any perishable goods ordered and purchased after Thursday are delivered in the following week to ensure the freshness of all produce that leaves their store.

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Rapper DaBwoi Fane Shares First Hot Track of the Year, Still Coolin

Still Coolin Available Now on Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2021 / — DaBwoi Fane, a hip-hop/rap artist, starts the new year by releasing his track, “Still Coolin”. The single was inspired by one of DaBwoi’s 2014 records titled, “For The Love” mixtape.

“Still Coolin” is a masterful, uptempo track, giving off relaxed, unbothered, and chill vibes. “Still Coolin” is arguably DaBwoi Fane’s best work to date.

DaBwoi believes sticking to your guns is important as his latest track, “Still Coolin”, encourages listeners to become better versions of themselves. “Sticking to your purpose and staying true to yourself is important to getting through obstacles through your personal journey,” says DaBwoi.

“Still Coolin” is one of DaBwoi’s proudest singles and demonstrates great progress within the quality sound of his music, wordplay with lyrics, and practices getting craftier/whittier in each track.

“Still Coolin” is available now on all major platforms. Follow DaBwoi on Instagram to stay up to date on upcoming projects this year.

About DaBwoi Fane

DaBwoi Fane is an emerging artist out of Grand Rapids, Mi by way of Muskegon, Mi. Formally known as Profane S. flames, he signed his first independent contract with Game Face Entertainment in 2010, an independent company out of Indianapolis, In. With the label, he would release a series of mixtapes (Never Get Enough, M.O.B.B. & For The Love) respectively from 2010-2015, gaining buzz throughout the internet and Midwest in general. After taking a short break from music and revaluation of his moves in music, he met business guru Douglas Leech in 2019. Doug & DaBwoi Fane started Bank Talk Records, later releasing DaBwoi Fane’s debut album “Holy Matrimony''.

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Richard Hoffman of HFT Fire and Rescue Technologies & Equipment to be Featured on Close Up Radio

DALLAS, OREGON, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2021 / — Mr. Hoffmann is a medically retired Correctional Fire Captain, twice patented inventor and Fire Command, Investigation, Prevention, and Hazardous Materials Specialist Instructor.

In 2006, Texas A & M University requested his copyright release to instruct his hose deployment method internationally []. A first to handroll 100 ft of 5” LDH and prepare any length for immediate deployment [including the world’s first functional] that transitions into an 8:1 Mechanical Advantage

In 2008 perfected his Home Fire Protection System; now he’s a private sector first to copyright Wildland Fire Hydraulics and direct the creation of and invent a mechanical to calculate TOTAL Engine Pressure in seconds.

His research inspired, a progressive hoselay methodology that allows nozzle flow to increase 25% (50% more “Knock-Down” at 75 GPM) and extend 500’/83% farther and pump water 639’ higher at 1,100’ on a 32% grade to exponentially increase firefighter SAFETY!

Close Up Radio will feature Richard Hoffman in an interview with Jim Masters on January 5th at 2pm EST

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For a demonstration of Hoffman’s remarkable technology, watch on YouTube

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Sandra Lee of Miracle Inspirations to be Featured on Close Up Radio

OLIVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, January 1, 2021 / — Many of our health problems are not physical in origin. They are energetic and traumatic in origin. This keeps us from having optimal health. And without health, we can’t create success.

Are there things in your life around which you feel stuck? Imagine you have support from the Earth itself to take steps forward.

Sandra Lee is the founder of Miracle Inspirations, where she helps people find emotional clarity, freedom from physical pain, and a renewed life purpose through energy work to heal your body, mind and heart.

“People come to me when they feel something is wrong with their health. They've seen a variety of practitioners and not gotten the results they want. Many have given up hope,” says Sandra. “The kind of change that people see with me is at a different level than what they've seen with other people. It can feel like a miracle for them.”

Sandra employs a whole-body healing philosophy that combines her training in massage therapy with Biofield Tuning and Human Design to help you arrive at a place of empowerment and deep peace.

“I've been exposed to so many different techniques over the years––Reiki, acupressure, The Emotion Code and The Body Code. With Biofield Tuning I see changes at a level that I've never seen with other energetic modalities. I create change in how people feel, how their bodies feel. It's just a question of connecting with what is stuck or chaotic and allowing it to become organized.”

According to Sandra, there's a point below your feet that connects you to the earth and draws in earth energy. You also connect to God's inspiration. These energetic sources provide energy throughout your body, and support all of your actions and endeavors.

“The people I work with come to me overwhelmed and stressed, sometimes to the point of not being able to function, to live their daily life. They may have struggled for their entire life. I am really proud that I help them feel like they have the ability to shift and move forward. It's empowering to them."

Close Up Radio will feature Sandra Lee in an interview with Jim Masters on January 5th at 1pm EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

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King Taper Spotify Curated Playlist

King Taper – Kings Dont Die (Single)

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King Taper is kicking off 2021 with a Dr. SEBI & DR. DRE inspired banger, KINGS DONT DIE

I was great before anyone else recognized it.”

— King Taper

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2021 / — King Taper is kicking off 2021 with a Dr. SEBI & DR. DRE inspired banger, KINGS DONT DIE; a Jazzy-Trap record with a vintage, yet ultra-current vibe. This St. Louis-born superstar was on a creative tear in the last months of 2020 earning his 1st Spotify curated playlist, loads of radio airplay and interviews on Atlanta radio stations, as well as thousands of streams from the collective efforts of songs like Mis Chakras and Holy Trinity, The Album.

In our interview King Taper explains his influences for the song “Kings Don’t Die; is based on a conversation with the legendary Dr. Dre on-set of the classic film "Straight Outta Compton". Invited on-set by friend/client Director F Gary Gray; King Taper nervously seized the opportunity to ask Dr. Dre, "How does it feel to have a movie made about you?" Dr. Dre replied, "I feel like I'm being IMMORTALIZED". That statement King Taper says, was the inception of the
song Kings Don’t Die.

Both of King Taper’s latest single releases for The Ghost and Mis Chakras music videos on YouTube were greeted with anticipation; with The Ghost earning 10k+ views its first week and Mis Chakras on a steady climb to 30k+ views.

King Taper’s discography also includes The Taper Project Vol. 1 (The Journey of a Dreamer), a collection of raw hip hop tracks, released in 2015. Love Me Forever or Never, The Album followed in 2017, and served to be a sonically melodic album based on a theme he coined TRILL R&B.

Jenny Rodriguez
The Taper Project, LLC
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King Taper – The Ghost

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