Dianne Porter Publishes New Edition of Her Guide to Grief and Loss

Dianne Porter

Dianne Porter

My Mother's Way of Dying Well - Revisited

My Mother’s Way of Dying Well – Revisited

"My Mother's Way of Dying Well Revisited" details author's bereavement process as both medical professional and daughter

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With "My Mother's Way of Dying Well Revisited" Dianne Porter provides readers with a glimpse of what it is like to grieve for a lost loved one. A retired general nurse specializing in aged care, she is uniquely positioned to offer a perspective on the bereavement process from the perspective of both a healthcare professional and a mourning daughter. With this, she not only shares her memories of her mother but also offers a roadmap for others experiencing similar pain who may need help navigating the process psychologically, emotionally and even logistically.

Porter delves into the unexpected twists she and her family experienced during that time and her narrative shows how a time of death and bereavement reveals that there is a lot to be living done when someone is dying and dies. She thoroughly recounts the thoughts and emotions she held along with that of her family. This is because she was journaling during the time and made detailed records of what transpired each day. The initial edition of "My Mother's Way of Dying Well Revisited" was based on extracts from these journals and with the revised second edition, Porter enhances the content and adds new material including the music to four original songs as well as laments to her parents Helen and Geoffrey Byrne.

Moreover, with her narrative Porter shows how her Christian faith grew during this hard time and helped her with the difficulties. Porter also provides practical advice for the loved ones and family for matters such as planning for death and preparing for the intense emotions, just as those Porter herself confronted. Other advice based on the author's professional experience include what to do in case a loved one suddenly passes away, or when palliative care must be arranged, contingencies for when doctors cannot be reached or when the death occurs outside and officers or coroners get involved.

When family dynamics have upsetting complications, such as in the author's case, professional support may be necessary and Porter shows how this can be of great help to all involved. Porter also provides tips for pain management, funeral planning and creative ways to scatter the ashes of the departed.

In the final part of the book Porter describes her spiritual journey after her parents passed, how she moved on with her own life and came to terms with the losses. She also provides songs, laments and photographs to help readers understand both the grieving process in general and the individuals involved in Porter's life. All in all, Porter's guide is relatable and relevant, being of use to many readers particularly those going through similar experiences.

About the Author
Dianne Porter is the founder of the Canberra Christian Writers Group and the editor and publisher of their Annual Anthology.

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My Mother’s Way of Dying Well by Dianne Porter

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