Property Escape pays cash for houses in any condition in Long Beach, California

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2021 / — With a growing community of happy customers on its side, the highly-rated real estate company Property Escape is excited to announce the launch of its new and improved website, set to become the one-stop destination for homeowners looking to sell their property quickly in Southern California.

With several years of experience as celebrated real estate agents in the area, Property Escape’s team has cultivated a thorough understanding of Southern California’s real estate market and knows how to assess the value of a property to provide sellers with the best possible cash offer.

Aiming to transform the complex house selling process from the inside out, the company has developed a smartly streamlined and quick process that is completely tailored to fit the homeowner’s needs, from booking the date of the property tour to picking the closing date for the final sale.

With the understanding that things don’t always work out as planned, the experienced team of buyers behind Property Escape wants to make selling your home a stress-free, straightforward process, far from the time-consuming and expensive experience of listing a property on the real estate market.

Whether you’ve decided to sell your house to pay off debt, relocating to a new state, or looking to sell an inherited property, the company’s expert team of licensed real estate agents is dedicated to moving the process along as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving you from all the headaches of selling on the open market. Property Escape is creating a whole new reality for prospective sellers: No hidden commission fees, no closing costs, no hefty maintenance costs, or time-consuming repairs.

Rather than investing more time and money into fixing minor and major issues, staging the property for countless viewings, and spending far more than you’re comfortable with on agent’s fees, Billy Fach, Isaias Boesi, and the rest of the team can guarantee you’ll get a competitive offer after just one viewing, no matter the condition your house might be in.

The company will buy your house as-is, without asking any more of you than your preferred closing date, and without expecting any commitment if you decide not to move forward. If we consider that the average time to sell a home in California sits at approximately 85 days (around 50 days to get an offer and 35 days to close), it’s easy to see why selling off-market with a trusted property buying company can feel like a miracle solution to some.

But there’s no hidden agenda or extra costs lurking in between the lines here — just a team dedicated to making what is already a stressful ordeal for many a more relaxed and uncomplicated experience. By taking your desired timeline for closing and external commitments as the utmost priority, this house buying company is quickly positioning itself as one of the most friendly real estate businesses in California.

When asked about why Property Escape is exactly the right company to contact when looking to sell a house quickly, the team points to the stellar reviews accumulated after years of working in Southern California’s real estate market, highlighting their one-of-a-kind professionalism, courtesy, and vast knowledge of the industry:

“I have been working with Jeremy Wieshiet and Billy Fach for about a year now and these two guys (and their teams) work so hard and are so responsive… any time I need something, they are on it so quick, great teamwork and great people to work with, courteous, professional, and all around good quality people”.

“Was the easiest large business transaction I’ve made. Jeremy Weisheit and his team are awesome. He simply did what he said he would do. This type of honesty, sincerity, and professionalism is rare today. An incredible experience”.

With a new website set to make contacting the team and booking a property tour much easier, Property Escape hopes to help sellers with little time and resources on their hands get the best deal possible thanks to their reputable experience. Complete with a comprehensive FAQs section and an industry blog offering valuable insights into the ins and outs of selling a house quickly in Southern California, this new resource might just become the go-to destination for selling to a California home fast and with no unnecessary hassle.

To discover more about the company’s mission, get to know the dedicated team behind it, and find out more about the unparalleled benefits of selling your property off-market, visit

About Property Escape

Property Escape is a home buying company based in Long Beach, California. Comprising an expertise-led team of real estate professionals with years of experience in the real estate market of sunny Southern California, the company prides itself on having one simple motto: We Buy Houses while solving problems.

Property Escape will buy any house in Southern California, providing you with the highest possible cash offer after just one quick tour and offering to buy the property as-is and with no obligation.
With no hidden fees, no real estate agent’s commissions, and no closing costs, getting in touch with the team of Property Escape is the most efficient way to sell your house quickly and completely on your terms.

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Property Escape
+1 714-360-0932

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