Ribbon-Cutting to Celebrate 1Heart Caregiver Services Burbank

1Heart Burbank Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The newest 1Heart franchise location in Burbank marked its official grand opening on the 28th of June 2021, Monday, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“Companies like 1Heart solve problems that we previously didn’t even know existed.There are more people reaching out to find these kinds of services.” Chris Hunter,Director Burbank Chamber of Commerce”

— Chris Hunter

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The newest franchise location marked its official grand opening on the 28th of June 2021, Monday, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, located at 200 W Magnolia Blvd in the city of Burbank.

Despite the pandemic negatively impacting almost every industry all over the world, 1Heart Caregiver Services has been making strides in opening more locations throughout Southern California. Cecilia Mumar, 1Heart’s newest franchise owner and Managing Director for the Burbank location, expressed her gratitude to the City of Burbank for their support for her business. “I’m really grateful to the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, who worked with me even through these tough times during the tail end of the pandemic. With the support of the city is the only way my business can succeed, and only with my success can I be a great contributor to the City of Burbank.”

The event was attended by community members, esteemed guests, and representatives from State and city offices, including Arda Tchakian on behalf of State Senator Anthony Portantino, Will Steele from the Office of Supervisor Katherine Barger, City Council Members Nick Schultz and Konstantine Anthony, Alondra Lopez who is the Burbank Field Representative for Assembly Member Friedman, Director of Member Services Chris Hunter, and other members of the Chamber of Commerce including Ambassadors Jeanne Vlazny and Nathaniel Beaver.
1Heart’s very own Founder & CEO, Belina Calderon-Nernberg, Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Tagarao, and Vice President of Franchise Development, Randolph Clarito, were also present to celebrate this milestone.

The ceremony highlighted the importance of home care for seniors. “We all, at some point, took care of an elderly family member. That type of care can’t really be done alone and that’s what brought me to this type of business,” Cecile states. “Even just from the name alone, starting a business like 1Heart has to come with a lot of passion, compassion, and one heart to succeed and reassure our seniors to trust us to take care of them and their needs.”

“These home care businesses for seniors is something we don’t really get to talk about,” said Nick Schultz, City Council Member. “Most of our programs in the city are geared towards middle-aged individuals, young adults, and children, and we tend to overlook the seniors who have a lot of needs later in their lives. We are abdicating our responsibilities when we don’t think about the elderly population. Now that the word is out and we have businesses like 1Heart Caregiver Services here in Burbank, we can reassure people that they don’t have to care for their loved ones alone.”

“Companies like 1Heart solve problems that we previously didn’t even know existed. There are more people reaching out to find these kinds of services.” Chris Hunter, Director of Member Services for the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, stated, “The need for home care services has been present for a long time, and now that we’re starting to get some traction for this industry, our citizens no longer have to rely on their family and friends for care. Our elders and their families don’t have to do it on their own. They can get help from 1Heart.”

"We understand the need for senior care and that these supportive services are so integral to the health and sustainability of Burbank,” said Konstantine Anthony from the City Council. “We're so glad to have 1Heart Caregiver Services and its newest franchisee here in Burbank."
1Heart Caregiver Services Burbank proudly serves Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale, La Cañada Flintridge, La Crescenta Montrose, North Hollywood, and Toluca Lake.

About 1Heart Caregiver Services
1Heart Caregiver Services, founded in 2004 and franchising since 2014, assists seniors with daily requirements through high-quality care. Companionship, home care, hospital sitting, personal assistance, one-time "express" packages, and 24-hour care are among 1Heart's services. 1Heart lays a major focus on caregiver training, and the company's "1Heart Caregiver University" has educated thousands of caregivers. The brand currently has twelve locations throughout California and Nevada open or in development.

Belina Calderon-Nernberg
+1 8185792570
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1Heart Franchise Opportunity

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Popstar! TV Garners 14 Emmy Nominations for its Programming


LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — There were 14 Emmy nominations for Popstar! TV shows when the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) this week announced the nominees for its 48th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards Children’s & Animation and Lifestyle categories.

The awards programs will be celebrated in two live-streamed events on July 17 and July 18th, 2021. The Daytime Emmy Awards Lifestyle Programming ceremony will be presented on the Emmy® OTT platform on Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 8 p.m. ET.

“Popstar! TV has seen significant growth over the last two years here in America as well as on platforms worldwide, states Jacob Mayberry, Popstar’s President of Worldwide Productions, as wee are the only truly independent ad-supported channel that offers original comedies, reality shows and dramas produced exclusively for Popstar! TV. It was thrilling to hear of our 14 nominations, led by the critically-acclaimed soap drama, The Bay, which premiered its sixth season on the channel.”

Popstar! TV is proud to be the network presenting the award-winning series, The Bay, which just received multiple Emmy nominations.

Gregori J. Martin, creator, writer and producer of The Bay, agrees, “I’m over the moon with excitement for the show’s writing nomination and all the recognition my talented actors received today in the performer categories. So grateful for all the nominations this year. Thank you to Popstar! TV and to all of this year’s Emmy judges!”

Emmy nominations on Popstar! TV this year include:


The Bay

Jade Harlow, as Lianna Ramos
Karrueche Tran, as Vivian Johnson-Garrett

Kristos Andrews, as Pete Garrett

Alicia Leigh-Willis, as Avery Garrett

Jacklyn Zeman, as Sofia Madison

Mike Manning, as Caleb McKinnon
Eric Nelsen, as Daniel Garrett

Bianca D’Ambrosio, as Frankie Sanders
Chiara D’Ambrosio, as Regan Sanders

A Martinez, as Nardo Ramos
Randy Wayne, as Matthew Johnson


In addition to the above nominations for The Bay, Popstar! TV also received a nomination for Outstanding Directing Team for a Single Camera Daytime Non-Fiction Program for Saluting Everyday Heroes.

Popstar! TV is based on the wildly successful POPSTAR! Magazine. It is a one-stop shop for exceptional programming, combining original dramas, comedies, movies,

The Daytime Emmy® Awards have recognized outstanding achievement in daytime television programming since 1974. The awards are presented to individuals and programs broadcast between 2:00 am and 6:00 pm, as well as certain categories of digital and syndicated programming of similar content.

This year’s awards honor content from more than 3,000 submissions that originally premiered in calendar-year 2020. The submissions were judged by a pool of more than 1,000 peer professionals from across the television industry.


For more information, please contact:

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
+ +1 951-870-0099
email us here

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Free BETA Program for CleverPad – Remote Collaborative Whiteboarding

CleverPad today announces the availability of the beta version of the CleverPad product for remote collaborative whiteboarding.

CleverPad is an exciting development that runs in any Web browser and with functionality that blows the tablet-based drawing tools out of the water.”

— Mark Gibson

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — CleverPad today announces the availability of the beta version of the CleverPad product for remote collaborative whiteboarding.

Corey Sommers co-founded Whiteboard Selling back in 2007 and has been an advocate for visual storytelling using whiteboards ever since.

Today, Corey Sommers is announcing a free beta program for his latest adventure in whiteboard storytelling – CleverPad.

CleverPadTM is the first dedicated whiteboard tool for sales, created for the world of remote engagement. It empowers visual storytelling, sales engagement, immersive training, and innovative education models. CleverPad remembers what you draw with its patented MemDrawtm capability.

MemDrawTM is a breakthrough, patented technology that remembers your whiteboard and clipart drawings and can reproduce them on command.

Studies prove that whiteboard drawings are far more engaging than slide presentations, but enabling an entire sales team to whiteboard with precision and consistency – until CleverPad – has proven elusive.
CleverPad will track various engagement metrics, including views, shares, call-to-actions, and comments, and attach it to the associated Salesforce opportunity or a lead or a contact.

With a CleverPad Whiteboard to tell your story to your prospects, B-2-B Account Managers, Sales Engineers, CS pro’s and Channel Partners can quickly access libraries of on-demand whiteboard clipart, snippets and slideshows on every conceivable topic, from product architectures to competitive differentiation, to Win Stories, to integration techniques.

About CleverPad: CleverPad CEO and co-founder, Corey Sommers is one of the early pioneers of the discipline of Field Enablement within high technology, with over 15 years of dedicated Field Enablement experience in his 30-year career, including key roles at BMC Software, VMware, Couchbase. He created the first, purpose-built, Sales Enablement software solution back in 1997.

Corey is the co-author of an Amazon best-selling book Whiteboard Selling – Empowering Sales Through Visuals about one of the most important skills in high tech sales – Visual Storytelling.

This background translates into a singular passion for providing B-2-B, high-tech sellers with the right mix of training, automation, and tools to increase their productivity, efficiency.


#CleverPad – The first dedicated whiteboarding tool for B2B SALES

Danielle Garvey
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California Congressional Candidate Ronda Kennedy LEADS the Fight Against Voter Fraud

" I am not just complaining about election fraud. I am fighting in court to assure our elections are fair."

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — California 26th Congressional District candidate Ronda Kennedy, a Republican civil rights attorney running against Julia Brownly, issued a statement vowing to restore election integrity in her district before voters go to the polls in 2022.

Kennedy defeated her Democrat opponent by 3-1 at the voting booth in the November 2020 election, but like Democrats across the country, Brownly was fraudulently reelected after receiving an overwhelming majority (94 percent) of the mail-in ballots in the district where only 55 percent of voters are registered Democrats.

In January, Kennedy joined forces with the Election Integrity Project and nine other candidates and filed a federal lawsuit, EIPCa, et al. v. Weber, et al., challenging California’s unconstitutional election process for future elections. Kennedy and the plaintiffs are seeking Declaratory and Injunctive Relief following rampant irregularities in the 2020 general election in California.

The 9th Circuit Court of appeals is reviewing the case that will likely be adjudicated in the Supreme Court, setting precedence for other states in the union, Kennedy contends:

“I am not just complaining about election fraud. I am fighting in court to assure our elections are free, fair and every American vote counts. My campaign represents the seventy-four-plus million Americans who were defrauded and are not gonna shut up – who refuse to step past the illegitimate elections as if nothing happened. If we allow the fraudulence to go unchecked, we have stepped from what was America into tyranny.

It’s time for photo-voter ID law. The absence of voter ID is a recipe for fraud waiting to happen. A photo ID is required for everything we do in this country. Eighty percent of Americans support voter ID laws. Yet, Democrats connivingly attempt to persuade voters into believing that verifying your identity to vote is a racist ploy and vote against Voter ID legislation. As a result, people can vote multiple times. The dead vote. Illegal immigrants vote.

It’s time we get rid of mail-in ballots. The enemies of freedom exploited a manufactured COVID pandemic in 2020 to rig the election with an unprecedented mail-in-ballot election for the express purpose of electing Democrats. In court, we will irrefutably prove that our electoral system is broken. California laws like ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots disadvantage minority groups who prefer to vote at the ballot box than by mail. We cannot dwell on the past. I am fighting for future elections. I expect that my 2022 election results will be fair.”

CONTACT: mediainquiries@rondakennedy.com

Ronda Kennedy
Ronda Kennedy for Congress
+1 (805)665-3991
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GoodFirms Announces the List of Best Contest, Photography Studio and PR Software for Businesses – 2021

Best Contest Software

Best Contest Software



GoodFirms reveals the reliable contest, photography studio, and PR software for executing various marketing tactics.

Marketing executives integrate the contest software into their marketing strategy to run campaigns successfully.”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The digital era has increased the competition of varied sectors with their competitors. That's the reason every business is approaching new marketing strategies to produce exceptional results for them. Organizations also utilize various tools to conduct marketing tactics on social media platforms to attract customers, boost and promote their products and services.

Today several organizations have invested in contest tools to increase engagement, followers, brand loyalty, and much more. However, many marketing professionals and businesses struggle to reach suitable systems to choose from as there is tight competitiveness for digital channels. Here to help them, GoodFirms has unveiled the list of Best Contest Software which makes it easy for the businesses to run viral campaigns.

List of the Best Online Contest Software at GoodFirms:

Award Force
DoJiggy Donations

Marketing executives and businesses utilize the contest software to create new strategies and set up referral campaigns, rewards, loyalty programs, giveaways, and many more. It also makes it effortless, scalable, affordable, and customizable for the marketing experts to accept, review, and report any digital content. At GoodFirms, the businesses can even pick the Best Photography Studio Software that helps manage and send large photos, sync them with calendars, etc.

List of Best Photography Studio Management Software at GoodFirms:

Adobe Photoshop
Light Blue
Xara Cloud
Studio Ninja

A leading and globally acknowledged B2B GoodFirms is a research, ratings and reviews platform. It acts as a bridge to associate the service seekers and service providers from different sectors of industries. The team of GoodFirms performs a profound assessment to reach reliable and excellent companies. This research includes three main key factors that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

These components are segregated into sub-categories such as verifying the complete portfolio of each agency, years of experience they hold in their domain area, online market presence, and what clients have to say about their services. Thus, focusing on several criteria's GoodFirms provides scores to every firm that are out of a total of 60.

Therefore, considering these points, the GoodFirms analyst team indexes the agencies in the list of the best software, top development companies and other organizations from various industries. Lately, the GoodFirms team has also unlocked the list of Best Public Relation (PR) Software known for helping businesses in improving their communication and building strong relationships with customers.

List of Best PR Software at GoodFirms:

Critical Mention

Additionally, GoodFirms encourages the service providers by asking them to participate in the ongoing research process and provide strong proof of their work. Thus, grab a chance to get listed in top companies as per their specialties. Getting indexed in the list of excellent agencies will improve your visibility globally as well as get in touch with new prospects.

About GoodFirms:

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C.-based research firm that aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient contest software that delivers results to its clients. GoodFirms research is a confluence of new age consumer reference processes and conventional industry-wide review & rankings that help service seekers leap further and multiply their industry-wide value and credibility.

Rachael Ray
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How Tax Consultation and Other Services from Terry Selb Can Help Prepare for your Future

Terry Selb of American Tax Solutions

Terry Selb of American Tax Solutions

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Filing federal, state, and local tax returns is an obligation that all people and businesses have. Further, your tax liability is going to be something that will have an impact on your financial position for years to come. For those that are looking to prepare for their future and manage their taxes, working with Terry Selb and American Tax Solutions can be a great option as they can provide a range of services to help you prepare for your financial future.

Terry Selb and American Tax Solutions Offer Tax Preparation

One of the reasons to work with Terry Selb and American Tax Solutions is that they can provide you with tax preparation. It is a legal obligation to have your taxes filed on time each year. Once the taxes are filed, you will also need to pay your liability. As there are some complexities that come with filing and paying taxes, working with a professional is very important. They can help ensure that you are taking advantage of all deductions and credits, are using the right tax forms, and have your taxes filed on time.

Tax Planning for Future

While it is important that you have your taxes filed on time each year, you also need to ensure that you are planning for your future. Your annual tax liability can vary based on your income, whether you sold assets, or are taking advantage of deductions and credits. Terry Selb and the team at American Tax Solutions will give you the support you need to properly prepare for filing. This will include offering full financial planning services while taking tax implications in mind. This will ensure you are making sound financial decisions and able to reduce your future liability.

Support with Tax Challenges

While you can do your best to file taxes on time and pay your bills at the end of each year, there is always a chance that an error could occur or other challenges develop. If you find yourself in an audit, behind on your tax payments, or notice past errors, Terry Selb and American Tax Solutions can provide valuable services. The team can help you work through any tax challenges that you have. This can include helping you amend past tax returns, negotiate a fair repayment plan with the IRS or state taxing authority, or even help you through the various challenges and stages of an audit.

Paying taxes on your income is inevitable and something that all people have to do. As your annual tax bill can be significant, ensuring that you are not paying too much and are filing on time is very important. The services provided by Terry Selb and American Tax Solutions can help anyone better manage their tax liability and prepare for their financial future.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
+1 786-551-9491
email us here

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MOVIE REVIEWS: METHOD APPROACH Podcast Announces Its Most Notable "Must See" Movies for July 2021

Movie Reviews Must See Movies  for July 2021 from  Method Approach  Podcast (Click Photo to Enlarge)

Movie Reviews Must See Movies for July 2021 from Method Approach Podcast (Click Image to Enlarge)

Movie Reviews

Visit Method Approach Podcast at www.methodapproach.com

Upscale Notable Magazine Published By Lexcirca Media Company

Upscale Notable Magazine Published By Lexcirca Media Company

Movie Reviews from Method Approach Podcast The Absolute Very Best of Streaming, Film, Cable, Theater and ÑetworkTV Entertainment

Creators of New Original Film & TV Content Entertainment for Your Favorite Streaming Service”

— Paula Levine, Vice President of Original Content Development

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Method Approach® Podcast announces for July 2021, its Most Notable Must See Movies. The Movie Reviews are conducted by each member of the Notable Magazine Editorial Board," according to Paula Levine, Vice President of Digital Content Creation & Marketing, for Lexcirca Streaming Media Company and John Rearden, creator of several films and TV series and the Method Approach Podcast.

John Rearden, prolific writer and creator of original content (films and television series), has been contacted by several OnDemand studios to bid on securing production rights. As of this date, he has created the following original content screen treatments:

1. Sci-fi thriller "Planet Earth"
2. "The Music" A Streaming TV Series in the genre of "Fame and Glee."
3. Political Drama set in the JFK Presidency (Frances McDormand, Jodie Foster or Glenn Close have been identified as possible leads).
4. Vigilante movie Never Again (view trailer) that will rewrite this genre of similar films, Taken, Die Hard, Mute, Peppermint Wrath of Man, Without Remorse.

"We are also launching our inaugural Method Approach Podcast "Movie Contest." The contest is for our Podcast listeners and followers on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter for details @methodapproach," said Paula.

Method Approach Podcast's Most Notable Must See Movies for July 2021 are set forth in the Movie Review poster.

METHOD APPROACH® also announced that every month beginning August 1, 2021, it will begin providing it's "unique reviews and ratings of Streaming, Theatre, and Cable TV entertainment, from many companies such as @Disney+, @Hulu, @Netflix, HBOMAX @Primevideo " said Ms. Levine.

About Method Approach Podcast
METHOD APPROACH® is produced by Lexcirca Streaming Media Company. Lexcirca is creating More Relevant Content for Our Audience to Enjoy.

The "METHOD APPROACH® podcast brings to its audience interviews of notable Actors that shape our culture, our daily lives, our environment and humanity."

© 2021 LEXCIRCA MEDIA COMPANY. All rights reserved. METHOD APPROACH™ is a subsidiary of LEXCIRCA MEDIA COMPANY. METHOD APPROACH is a trademark of LEXCIRCA MEDIA COMPANY and is used under limited license.

Paula Levine
Lexcirca Streaming Media Content Company
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Never Again Movie Trailer New Original Film Content Coming Soon From Your Favorite Streaming Service

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Inbox Mailers Solves Low Open and Click Rates for Email Marketers

Inbox Mailers

Inbox Mailers

Inbox Mailers

Inbox Mailers Homepage

Unique solution leverages recipient psychology to triple open rates for most clients

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Inbox Mailers announces a deceptively simple tool to get outsized results in email marketing campaigns.

Low delivery rates, open rate, and click-through rates are the top three concerns for most email marketers, and Inbox Mailers has discovered the solution: their triggered email tool utilizes subscriber data to sense when a recipient is already active in their inbox, at which point the tool sends a new, relevant message to capture their attention.

These ‘triggered sends’ are consistently tripling open rates and click volume – and these higher engagement rates cause a knock-on increase in inboxing and deliverability for the same clients. All through an automated workflow that doesn’t put an additional burden on clients’ marketing teams. For 58% of marketers, increasing engagement is their number one goal – and 44% said it was their top challenge. Inbox Mailers is meeting this challenge head-on, and the results are staggering.

In 2020, average open rates across industries were around 18%, with click-through rates at a measly 2.6%. By contrast, Inbox Mailers has consistently delivered open-and-click rates around and even above 50%. The effect of such an enormous jump on clients’ bottom lines has been notable.

In addition to their self-service tool, which improves engagement with active subscribers in clients’ networks, Inbox Mailers also offers an extended affiliate network to re-engage lapsed subscribers. Members of the network share trigger data, enabling clients to see when subscribers who haven’t opened their email are in their inbox opening a partner’s message, so they can send a targeted trigger message and re-capture the subscribers’ interest.

With one simple tool, Inbox Mailers clients are seeing incredible effects on their email engagement, click-throughs, and deliverability – and when businesses join the network they’re also able to re-engage subscribers who were previously lost to them. All with a minimal investment in time and process design.

One of the Case Studies is on their client Traders Agency in which increased sales by 60% weekly using Inbox Mailers, See: How Traders Agency Increased Sales by 60% Weekly

Jonathan Alonso
Inbox Mailers
+1 (407) 606-6245
email us here
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View Time Optimization – Who is Inbox Mailers?

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Shimoda Explore v2 launches today on Kickstarter

Explore v2 Camera Backpacks

Explore v2 Camera Backpack features

Designed to meet the needs of today’s TRAVEL and LANDSCAPE photographers.

Explore v2 addresses the needs of passionate travelers, landscape photographers, content creators and professional imagemakers better than anything that has come before.”

— Peter Waisnor, VP of Tenba and Shimoda

NORTH WHITE PLAINS, NY, USA, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, Shimoda Designs launches their latest Kickstarter for the newly refined Explore Series v2. This new collection positions itself as the ultimate camera bag for today’s TRAVEL and LANDSCAPE photographers. Founder Ian Millar saw a need for a camera bag that could carry camera gear further than “just from one airport to another,” but could also get a photographer and their gear comfortably to the top of the mountain. That’s when ‘Airport to Alpine’ became the driving force behind the new Explore Series v2: a camera bag system that features all the conveniences of a travel pack, but is also built for serious alpine adventures and can still hang in style while in the city.

Explore v2 combines the all-day comfort and core functions of the original Explore series with the robust durability of the Action X series, and tops it off with key Travel and Landscape features requested by Shimoda’s growing community of photographers.


Carry-On Friendly
The Explore v2 is available in 25L, 30L and 35L pack sizes.

Each of these packs is a direct response to their community wanting smaller options in a carry-on friendly adventure camera bag.

The Explore 35 v2 (E35) is great for US airlines and premium seating options.
The Explore 30 v2 (E30) is sized for stricter European Union guidelines.
And the Explore 25 v2 (E25) is compact enough that it will travel almost anywhere and easily fit under an airline seat.

Explore v2’s NEW Travel and Landscape features:
New Aired-Out Harness
Combines an extra-plush air-mesh with ventilated EVA cushioning to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the rear panel, shoulder strap and belt. Stays cooler on a crowded non-airconditioned bus or steamy summertime mountain adventure.

Carry-On Compatible
All three sizes meet carry-on requirements ranging from strictest international flights and regional jets to larger EU and US domestic standards.

Wireless Lav Mic Attachment Points
Conveniently located on each shoulder strap for content creators documenting their journey.

Padded Filter Pockets
Designed to fit 100mm filters.

Included Rain Cover
Provides an extra layer of protection in wet weather and self-stows in its own pouch for convenient storage.

Luggage-Handle Pass-Through
The pack can be easily attached to a roller to take the load off your back.

Hidden Passport Pocket
Keeps your most important travel document secured and can still be easily accessed when needed.

Lock-Friendly YKK Zippers
Included on exposed access points for greater security.

Dual-Access Document Pocket
Great for books, maps, camera accessories and always knowing where your important papers are.

Low Contrast Logo Detail
Enhances visual subtlety while keeping the pack and its contents less obvious in precarious situations.

Base Handle
Helps distribute the packs lifting weight to two hands and makes it extremely convenient to move the pack while searching for the right angle or just loading an overhead bin.

Female Photographers
Women can choose one of Shimoda’s three female-specific shoulder strap options to help find their best fit. The new pack sizes will also help smaller female photographers find greater comfort in a premium adventure camera bag.

Two New Core Units
Both the E25 and E30 are sized to work with Shimoda’s two new Core Unit sizes. Shimoda packs have a modular camera insert system that allows users to customize their camera carry needs to the day ahead. Shimoda now offers a total of 8 modular Core Units.

The new Small Mirrorless Core Unit is the most versatile yet. It’s specifically designed for the narrower Explore 25, but when the Core Unit is rotated 90 degrees it fits perfectly in all other Shimoda backpacks and rollers.

The new Large Mirrorless allows adventure photographers to carry more gear in the new E30 v2 (and Action X30) camera bags. This enables photographers to pack more gear in a smaller, lower profile camera bag. Both Core Units offer integrated side-access and come with a dust cover packing skin.

To fit a small amount of gear in a small or big backpack, or a large amount of gear in a smaller, lower-profile backpack, Shimoda’s new Core Units have the solution.

Explore v2 delivers a level of refinement not yet found in the adventure, landscape, and travel photography market.
Shimoda Explore v2 camera bags are constructed with abrasion-resistant and water repellent, carbonate-coated ripstop nylon – the same durable material from Shimoda’s robust Action X line. They’ve improved the material by infusing the Carbonate-Resin with its chosen color pigment. This results in a softer, more subtle appearance that has greater resistance to color fading.

Shimoda continues to use proven and premium quality components manufactured by likes of YKK, Nifco and premium Asian textile manufactures. Their use of matte-finish splashguard zippers, nickel-finish zipper heads, TPU pull tabs and leather-accented zipper pulls delivers a level of refinement not previously available in the adventure photography market.

For more information, contact:
Ian Millar | ian@shimodadesigns.com
Peter Waisnor | peterw@macgroupus.com

About Shimoda
Shimoda Designs is an adventure camera bag company created as a reaction to real world adventures rather than those imagined from a comfortable office environment. Shimoda founder Ian Millar is a lifelong explorer, snowboarder and product designer known for developing some of the most innovative camera bags in the world. Shimoda is his new venture (in collaboration with Tenba) and represents the culmination of all his experiences and utilizes the most advanced materials and technologies available to minimize the pain, fatigue and suffering that comes with foul mountain conditions. Shimoda products are a direct reflection and reaction to the outdoor lifestyle that Ian and his adventure photographer friends love so much.

Colleen Carlisle Nicholas
MAC Group
+1 914-784-2678
email us here

Explore v2… For the Road Less Traveled

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Scottsdale-based the spr agency Named to 4 Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona Business Lists for 2021

Al Stevens is the president and founder of Scottsdale-based public relations and social media firm the spr agency.

Al Stevens is the president and founder of Scottsdale-based public relations and social media firm the spr agency.

The Scottsdale-based public relations agency ranked in four core categories, including No. 3 rankings for advertising agency and social media marketing agency.

We’re honored to be selected by Ranking Arizona and proud to continue our legacy of providing the best possible client representation we can to businesses throughout the United States.”

— Al Stevens

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The spr agency, a Scottsdale-based public relations and social media firm, has been named as a top business marketing agency in four core categories for Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona Business 2021, including No. 3 rankings for advertising agency and social media marketing agency.

In addition to the pair of third-place rankings, the spr agency also received Top 10 classifications in Ranking Arizona’s public relations and Internet marketing agency categories. Ranking Arizona is Arizona’s largest business opinion poll, according to publisher AZ Big Media. The annual ranking of the state’s best businesses is now in its 24th year of publication.

It’s the latest honor for the spr agency, which consistently ranks as one of the state’s top social media, public relations and Internet marketing firms.

“We’re honored to be selected by Ranking Arizona and proud to continue our legacy of providing the best possible client representation we can to businesses throughout the United States,” said Al Stevens, president and founder of the spr agency. “It’s gratifying to be recognized for that dedication to our clients.”

The Scottsdale-based agency, which was named Ranking Arizona’s No. 1 Public Relations Agency in 2017 as well as No. 1 Best Workplace Culture: Advertising/Marketing Agency by Ranking Arizona in 2019, provides full-service business marketing, public relations, digital marketing and social media services to companies throughout the United States. Previous clients have included national homebuilders, premier master-planned communities, electronics manufacturers, top-rated lawyers and healthcare companies.

Founded in 2008, the spr agency has garnered a reputation for creating and implementing successful digital marketing campaigns for some of today’s leading brands.

The spr agency is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information, please call (480) 648-1770 or visit https://thespragency.com/.

About the spr agency
Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the spr agency provides full-service business marketing, public relations, digital marketing and social media services to a host of successful companies throughout the United States. The company has worked with clients in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Washington in recent years. For more information about the spr agency, please visit https://thespragency.com/.

Al Stevens
the spr agency
+1 4806481770
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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