Reach Out Together Expands Global Network of Mental Health Advocates

A cocktail networking hour closes the Mental Health Summit. Mental health advocates connect from the U.K., Canada, and elsewhere.

Reach Out Together’s stated purpose for the event is building a global network of advocates as well as awareness. The event closes with a networking hour involving advocates from Canada, the U.K., and elsewhere.

Reach Out Together continues to host more and more of its talks on Clubhouse, a new audio-only platform.

Reach Out Together’s club on Clubhouse, set up in early 2021, has 300+ members and is actively recruiting with each of its talks on the platform.

Following an eight-hour Mental Health Summit, advocates continue to join in global push for education, resources & mutual support.

Community is key, no matter how difficult it might be to reach out.”

— Sabrina Mabel Nicholson, Founder of Sacred Soul Melody

MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA, July 27, 2021 / — Reach Out Together, the Toronto-based not-for-profit founded by success coach, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of Success Strategies Aanchal Vash, continues to grow in the wake of its annual flagship Mental Health Summit marking July 12, World Reach Out Together Day.

This year’s free event welcomes the support of new and returning sponsors, the South-Asian Professional Networking Association (SAPNA) Toronto, faith-based nonprofit Of a Sound Mind, Unsugarcoated Media, and Garth Peters (Mental Fitness Coach).

Hosted for the first time on Clubhouse, an audio-only social media app which relies on invites from active users for growth, the eight-hour series of panel discussions, performances and healing sessions has drawn participation from mental health professionals and advocates across the globe.

Following the event, Reach Out Together’s team of volunteers is growing.

Jahnavi Nandwani, from Lagos, Nigeria, joins as Content Creator & Video Editor.

“We welcome the voices of our youth today and Jahnavi's passion for raising awareness on mental health among her peers as well as volunteering to be the bridge between generations to demand that we acknowledge the needs of ones after us is exceptional and inspiring to say the least,” says Volunteer Manager Jasmine Bhomia.

Garth Peters, who hosted this Mental Health Summit’s first panel discussion on Coping With Loss & Grief, will be joining Reach Out Together as a Clubhouse Host, leading future discussions through the new platform.

“He will be joining us to help host more spaces on Clubhouse that anyone and everyone can feel safe in and cultivate conversations that bring us closer to reducing the stigma around Mental Health conversations,” says Reach Out Together’s Volunteer Manager, Jasmine Bhomia.

Aanchal Vash confirms that Clubhouse talks will also be a regular, scheduled occurrence for the organization in the near future.

The organization’s weekly Mental Health Impact Series, which features many of the panelists and hosts of this year’s Mental Health Summit, will continue through YouTube.

The fifth annual event includes four panel discussions: Coping With Loss & Grief, Life After Trauma, Mental Health in Academia, and Workplace Mental Health. As an organization largely involving young professionals as volunteers, these topics will continue to be raised in Reach Out Together’s future discussions.

Each panel had a core message.

On Coping with Loss & Grief, Sabrina Mabel Nicholson, who was diagnosed three years ago with complex PTSD, and who is the founder of the alternative & holistic health service Sacred Soul Melody, says, “I’ve learned that community is key, no matter how difficult it might be to reach out.”

On Life After Trauma, transformation expert, brain trauma & cancer survivor and host of the Release the Genie podcast Paul Rogers says, “You don’t ‘get over’ trauma. You just get better at living with it and dealing with it.”

On Mental Health in Academia, student Shiv Anandani says, “If your child is trusting you enough to be vulnerable, they clearly want your help. Show empathy, follow through, and get them the help they need.”

On Workplace Mental Health, Dr. Yasmine Saad, a Top 3 Rated NYC-based Clinical Psychologist and founder and CEO of Madison Park Psychological Services, says “As leaders, you want to create environments that are respectful, where people feel protected…It’s important to understand what kind of workplace culture you’re building up.”

As countries across the world continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and relevant public health measures, grief, trauma, academia, and workplaces are all affected in ways that directly impact mental health, from gaps in support services to sudden increases in demand for them. The Mental Health Summit’s EventBrite description says this makes it important “now more than ever” to continue platforming mental health advocates everywhere.

Reach Out Together echoes the words of Shiv Anandani, a student in Canada who spoke on the panel for Mental Health in Academia, “Reach out to people. Don’t wait for them to reach out to you.”

The Mental Health Summit is held on July 12, World Reach Out Together Day, in memoriam to Aanchal Vash’s late twin brother Tushar, who passed away to suicide in 2015 as a result of undiagnosed mental illness.

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