Elements Media Networks Broadcasting LLC The Future of streaming television and radio

Elements Media Networks Broadcasting LLC The Future of streaming television and radio. Experience the next in television streaming

PHILADELPHIA, PE, USA, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Elements Media Networks Broadcasting LLC The Future of streaming television and radio.

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We sat down with Elements Media Networks and E.M.N Enterprise LLC Chairman Howard E Smith to go over his plans for building his empire.

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Since 2013 you have built your company along with your team what separates Elements Media Networks from the rest?

Elements Media Networks platform is not geared to worrying about other streaming platforms fan base . We are ahead of the curve and it’s the vision that divides our brand from the rest .

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Let’s talk your model and platform for our readers.

We are a 24 hour streaming television and radio platform with on demand channels. Our model is an advertising base structure available on set-top devices and relaunching on IOS and Android on Sept 24 , 2021. Our website will also host each channel for those who do not have ROKU, FIRE TV and APPLE TV . Mobile users will be able to watch all our content exclusively via cell phones.

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I know you touched on set-top devices can you let our viewers know about your channels .

We designed each channel
based of the idea of creating content for a specific audience in mind across the globe. We have Beyond BE TV our all music channel then we Twenty One TV home of our sitcoms and films.

Media one television is for sports amateur and pro and we are relaunching Global News network to Global News Television. In the coming months we are debuting We Go TV , Wired TV and EMN Classics all within 2021-22.

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Very impressive structure let’s get into original series and shows .

Being a writer I lead by example with my creativity and innovation so I every year we bring in a group of Entry level entrepreneurs to make magic by crafting scripts to develop content.

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You spoke to us briefly about radio and the future of audio in its current state.

We are creating radio and podcasts for all audiences with great talented DJ’s and VJ’s . One of our first stations EMN Wired 98.7 FM we are building our Hiphop and the art of being a DJ by partnering with DJ Phamous Phrillz
who will be part owner of the station .

We are also opening 2 other stations this fall EMN Hits Radio and EMN Wicked both will be available via mobile apps and online as well.

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That’s awesome let’s get into syndication and working with other networks.

We have E.M.N Studios you can say we produce projects for other networks as well and I created relationships with other networks to syndicated content or just design shows just for those companies that ask for our services.

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You mentioned publishing and magazines can you talk more about that side of your company.

We are developing a digital magazine available this fall that will cover all aspects of news.
I will be releasing publications based off of television shows that we are developing in 2022. I can't forget we also will be releasing comic books under our N Print division towards the end of 2021 .

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Thank you for your time Howard everyone please go follow and check out Elements Media Networks .






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