Amy Minh Hanh Corey Can Officially Say “Thank You For Attending My Ted Talk.”

Amy Minh Hanh Corey collaborates with TedxĐaKao for her first Tedx Talk titled: Starting With Yourself: A Guide through Grievance, Sorrow, and Hardship.

Mental Health Public Speaker and Advocate, Recording Artist, and Songwriter, Amy Minh Hanh Corey uses her voice in a very special Tedx Talk titled: Starting WIth Yourself: A Guide through Grievance, Sorrow, and Hardship. In partnership with her Goodwill Ambassadorship to the Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development in Vietnam, Amy’s dream becomes her reality in bringing her passions and message in Mental Health Advocacy to her two homelands in one project. Born and adopted from Da Nang, Vietnam at six months old, Her birth name is Dang Thi Minh Hanh. A very symbolic and meaningful name in Vietnamese. “Minh” means “bright” and “Hạnh” means “good morale, good soul”. Combining those two doesn’t just make a powerful name, but a powerful person, and has empowered Amy to reach further than the stars in her dreams in healing what and who she can in the world. Amy collaborated with Tedx curator Hoang Ngoc Anh and TedxĐaKao, one of the Tedx communities in Vietnam. Amy worked with Chi Anh, Madam Ninh and the Hpdf team for over two months, and worked closely with them on 12 hour time difference Zoom calls, where she was thoroughly educated in Vietnamese Culture, Mental Health in Vietnam and their continuous work to overcome COVID-19 to then have the knowledge and translation to write her talk which she ended up having to re-write three times.

Amy comments “We all wanted this to be the best. We all knew I had the best in me but I was not there yet, and so I was challenged and encouraged to grow and become that. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the support from Chi Anh, Chi Dung, Madam Ninh, and the HPDF team for the education and being so patient and understanding through this process, especially with the challenge of me being here in the States and them in Vietnam. I had to remember that though this is TedxTalk, it was a Tedx Talk that is with the Vietnamese community for Vietnam first. It was very different from how I speak in America with my Public Speaking. I was born in Vietnam but I grew up in America, and I knew I was one of few Americans who would have an amazing opportunity like this, but it wasn’t because I was American, it was because I am Vietnamese. I had to fully switch my mind and soul back to my Vietnamese roots to understand them first. I was so excited to learn, and I was happy to be quiet and listen to everyone’s feedback, stories, and thoughts to become not only the best for them but to honor myself as well and my Vietnamese roots.”

At only twenty-four years of age, Amy Minh Hanh Corey has started a creative empire just by being honest with her life, her mental health, and overcoming her past struggles with being adopted, bullying, depression, attempted suicide, self harm, eating disorders and so much more. She passionately infuses this honesty in her music, speaking, writing, brand, ambassadorships, and other entrepreneurial projects. Recognised throughout industries and the world for her compassion and understanding to those who feel misunderstood, Amy is in her own league that has given her the drive to expand her voice in multiple industries and around the world to better the world. Amy started her creative empire as a Nashville Recording Artist and Songwriter and signed to Dolly Parton’s producer Kent Wells until she decided to fully use her voice beyond a three minute song and expanded her career and passions to pursue into mental health public speaking, advocacy, and entrepreneurial projects to expand her message. Amy adds this Tedx Talk as another step to her dreams and passions to show that no matter where you are from, no matter what darkness you go through, you can not only step into the light but become it and shine it to help those who go through the same darkness. There will be an exclusive interview and watch party on August 15th with Amy and TedxĐaKao to premiere Amy’s Talk. It will officially be published on, and Ted’s Youtube as well in September.

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