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Pottery Inside ATM Cave

A life changing experience…Four Reasons You Need to Visit Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in BELIZE!

SAN IGNACIO TOWN, CAYO DISTRICT, BELIZE, July 30, 2021 / — Four Reasons You Need to Visit
Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in BELIZE!

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave in the jungles of Belize is a significant natural attraction that was once used by the ancient Maya for ceremonies and sacrifices. Some people would even call it a life changing experience. The cave features numerous types of artifacts that vary from stoneware and ceramics to skeletal remains. It also has fascinating maze-like chambers with high ceilings that are amazing to explore. To access the cave, visitors must be prepared to embark on a 30-minute hike through the jungle, and they should expect to get wet as a short swim is required!

Cayo Inland Expeditions provides a variety of adventure tours within Belize that include Maya temples, ceremonial caves, jungle canopy zip-lining, horseback riding, and more. They also offer an exciting full-day ATM Cave Exploration Tour that guides guests through the cave while providing them with lots of history about its past. The tour includes all transportation, equipment, park fees, lunch, refreshments, and towels. By embarking on a tour with Cayo Inland Expeditions, travelers can rest assured that they are experiencing ATM in a fun and safe manner while under the careful guidance of a professionally trained, and licensed tour guide.

Here are four reasons you need to visit Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

1. It’s A Fascinating Archaeological Site
One of the most intriguing artifacts of ATM is the famous “Crystal Maiden”, a skeleton that is thought to be a sacrifice victim of the Maya. What makes this skeleton so unique, is that despite decades of weathering and natural processes, the surface of its bones appears to be covered with a geological sanded finish, which makes it appear to be covered in a fairy-like crystalized dust.

2. There are Animals to See
ATM is home to several animals such as bats, predatory spiders, freshwater crabs, tropical fish and sometimes even otters use the cave. With their trained eye, your Cayo Inland Expeditions’ tour guide will be able to point out animals that may be hidden or difficult to see within the cave. Therefore, you won’t miss out on catching a peek at the wildlife that otherwise may be overlooked.

3. Conservation is practiced
Guests can feel good knowing that conservation is practiced to maintain the quality of ATM for years to come. For example, visitors are asked to remove their shoes and wear socks when entering the upper dry chamber of the cave, in order to minimize the effects of foot traffic impact. Cameras are not allowed in the cave (without a permit) as in the past, a visitor’s camera was accidentally dropped on a skull that is believed to be over 1000 years old, causing damage to it. Entrance to the cave is also strictly limited to certain licensed holders in an attempt to preserve the site.

4. National Geographic Approves
ATM is ranked as one of the number one Sacred Cave Site of The World by the National Geographic Society. There have also been several documentaries created by Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and History Channel about this fascinating cave.

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Cayo Inland Expeditions, one of the top tour companies in Belize.

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Captivating Cecy Santana Sings Sensual Chords In Her Latest Sexy Track “You Make Me Say”

The songstress originally from Brazil, Cecy Santana, is set to excite her fans with her new song “You Make Me Say” available on all platforms.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Native Brazilian artist Cecy Santana’s new single and video titled "You Make Me Say" is available on all major platforms on July 30th. “You Make Me Say” is a sultry track produced by the legendary 20 Fingers on DMN Records and the fun and sexy video is sure to elevate the song's lyrics and melody. Listeners will be compelled to give their full attention and sing along.

Known for her versatile style in the music industry, Cecy Santana mixes the sultry sounds of jazz, samba, funk, rock ’n roll, and pop to create her one of a kind sound. She has performed countless sold-out shows and has a devoted and increasing fan base.

Previous work includes original music featured in commercials and music conventions and appearances with Musiq Soulchild, Lil Wayne, Fantasia Barrio, Roy Ayers, and Hugo Ferreira from Tantic Rock band. In addition to her music career, Santana is poised to become the next force in music, theatre, art, and motion picture and will star in a short film called “The Understudy'' set for release in 2021.

“You Make Me Say” is available on all major platforms.

About Cecy Santana

Cecy Santana hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a product of a large musical family, she learned and embraced music from her legendary father Carlos Santana. Santana is endlessly reinventing herself, and has been featured in commercials and conventions. As a highly acclaimed composer, Cecy’s original music, whether with one of her many Brazilian ensembles or solo, will command your attention.

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Substrata announces Bacto-Zyme for sale

The enzyme based product is used for odor elimination and degreasing

Bacto-Zyme helps us reach our sustainability goals with its zero harmful residues and working with the Substrata team is easy.”

— Rhiannon Woo

HENDERSON, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Henderson, Nevada based chemical manufacturing company Substrata announced today their enzymatic microbial cleaner Bacto-Zyme is available for purchase by formulators.

Bacto-Zyme is an enzyme-based odor eliminator and degreaser. Instead of masking odors the enzymes eat odors, permanently removing them. Bacto-Zyme is 100% environmentally friendly. It has been proven safe for waste dumps, landfills, and misting systems used in livestock farming.

When used as a degreasing agent Bacto-Zyme’s enzymes reduce the surface tension of grease allowing it to be easily lifted off by either spraying or wiping. It’s been used for mold remediation and has been successfully used in hydroponic gardening systems to remove biofilm, significantly saving on time.

“Bacto-Zyme helps us reach our sustainability goals with its zero harmful residues and working with the Substrata team is easy,” said Rhiannon Woo of OnePointOne, a vertical farming company.

Regular use of Bacto-Zyme will keep grease traps, drains, garbage disposals, wet wells and septic systems free flowing and odorless.

There is no special procedure to using Bacto-Zyme, just dilute it with water.

To learn more about the different uses of Bacto-Zyme you can visit

About Substrata

Substrata has quickly become the go-to bio-chemical manufacturer of enzyme-based products, serving government agencies, commercial businesses and farmers worldwide. Products created by Substrata are natural enzyme-based compounds that are ideal for road and soil stabilization, soil conditioning, petroleum bioremediation, cleaning and odor control. To learn more about Substrata products, call 702.825.2500 or visit

Alfonso Martinez
+1 702-825-5200

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Banyan raises $10M to unlock Receipt Data for Financial Institutions and Fintechs

Banyan is the global interchange between banks, fintechs and merchants for SKU data – enables consumers to receive receipts in any app or service they choose

Consumers want to receive their receipts in any app they choose, without having to take pictures of printed receipts, or other antiquated methods of saving and storing their purchase information.”

— Logan Allin, Founder and Managing General Partner of Fin VC

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 30, 2021 / — Banyan, the global platform that connects SKU-level receipt data to transaction data, today announced that it has raised a $10 million funding round led by Fin VC to provide frictionless financial transparency between banks, fintechs, merchants and consumers. TTV Capital, Motivate Ventures, Manifold also participated in the round, along with a roster of more than a dozen industry veteran Angels.

Founded in 2019, Banyan technology enables financial institutions, fintechs, and consumer apps to gain access to item-level transaction details for the first time. Their technology enables financial institutions and fintechs to increase consumers' engagement by delivering personalized experiences, while helping merchants eliminate paper receipts and create a new renewable source of revenue.

“Investors with deep expertise in both finance and retail have validated our vision of creating the infrastructure between the Retail and Financial Ecosystems,” said Banyan CEO Jehan Luth. “For the first time, these two worlds will be seamlessly connected, harnessing significant value for all parties involved. We will use this investment to bring our technology platform to the retailers, financial-services companies, and consumers who’ve been waiting years for this level of data.”

Banyan informs a range of personal finance management apps, issuing banks, card linked offer providers, health and wellness apps, and other apps showing individuals their habits and patterns so they can make changes for the better. Banyan has already signed up more than 14,000 merchants, a number of leading fintech companies, and some of the leading consumer apps as clients.

The platform is designed with privacy at its core, and also enables fintechs to protect their consumers and reduce chargebacks via transaction transparency. Banyan only works with merchants and financial services partners that jointly opt-in to comply with its consumer privacy standards. By empowering the consumer with access to their data when requested from their bank or their fintech app, the consumer remains in control of how their data moves.

“Consumers want the ability to receive their receipts in any app they choose,” said Logan Allin, Founder and Managing General Partner of Fin VC, “without having to take pictures of printed receipts, or other antiquated methods of saving and storing their purchase information. Retailers want a safe and secure way to connect with their customers, and to more effectively monetize their data. Banks and Fintech companies need granular item-level receipt data to better understand their customers and create incredible products and experiences. Banyan is the first company to make all three groups happy with one solution. We’re pleased to support this fintech infrastructure pioneer.”

Banyan will use the additional capital to accelerate market penetration on both the supply and demand sides of their network, as well as recruitment in technology, sales, and infrastructure.

Digital Commerce 360 covered this funding announcement first:

About Banyan
Banyan makes it easy for consumers to connect their receipts to the apps and services they choose. Powered by the Banyan API, merchants can seamlessly and securely monetize these connections, while unlocking powerful insights and new marketing opportunities.

Banyan provides our merchant partners complete transparency and control, while our privacy-by-design architecture requires consumer consent before any receipts are shared.

Financial Institutions, Fintechs, and consumer apps for the first time gain access to item-level transaction data, enabling them to create incredible experiences and products for their customers.

About Fin VC

Fin Venture Capital is focused on Enterprise SaaS FinTech companies across the US, UK, and Europe with offices in San Francisco and New York.

Fin VC has built a global asset management platform with Early Stage (Flagship) and Growth Equity (Horizons) strategies with 25 portfolio companies globally, including 8 unicorns, across
six sub-sectors: Embedded Finance, Asset Management/Capital Markets, CFO Tech Stack, InsureTech, Blockchain Enterprise Applications, and Enabling Tech/Infrastructure,

As former corporate and start-up operators, headed by Founder & Managing General Partner, Logan Allin, and General Partner, Peter Ackerson, the Fin VC team takes an active value-added approach, leveraging its Operating Playbook to steward its portfolio companies with business development, capital formation, corporate development, board advisory and talent sourcing.

# # #

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11x Motocross Champion signs with Foundation

Wyatt Hasil, 13 Year old Motocross Champion, signs with Fueled by Verge

Wyatt Hasil jumped to another impressive win in his debut race in the big bike class at the AMC Alberta Mx Championship series in Brooks Ab Canada.

Wyatt led the pack into the first corner earning himself a cool 2000 $XVG from Fueled by Verge Hole Shot Awards.

11X Canadian Provincial Motocross Champion, Wyatt Hasil, has joined Fueled By Verge (FbV) Foundation

It’s so cool to see Fueled by Verge support grassroots motocross. It’s an honour to join the movement to grow with Verge and see where the journey takes Wyatt as a Fueled By Verge Athlete.”

— Troy Hasil, Father to Wyatt Hasil

CANADA, July 30, 2021 / — 11X Canadian Motocross Champion joins Fueled By Verge (FbV)

Fueled by Verge(FbV), a Foundation that commits to digital currency adoption by educating and spreading awareness of blockchain technology and Verge Currency, through community athletes, has signed Wyatt Hasil from Langdon Alberta Canada. A Young 13 Year old Motocross racer who has been moving up the amateur ranks fast.

Wyatt was born July 1, 2008, sharing the same birthday with Canada and is now 13 years old. Wyatt continues to ride and race at a level beyond his age and competes at a very high level racing older competition on larger bikes is a regular thing. Wyatt has been riding motorcycles since he was 3 years old and has been racing competitively since 2014. He won his first Alberta provincial series race he entered. Wyatt loves riding and racing with his moto buddies at the track and has made many lifelong motocross friends across North America in his travels. Wyatt looks up to several older motocross riders and ensures he is a strong role model for younger riders by watching and encouraging them to be their best and just have fun riding motorcycles. Wyatt does a great job in school and has been very helpful teaching his seven year old little brother to ride. In 2020, Direct Motocross worte an ‘On the Radar’ article Presented by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada as they took notice of Wyatt’s results.

Wyatt has recently been picked up by JC Powersports South | Honda® | Yamaha® Dealer | Calgary AB who are starting to make an impact with the Moto Community here in Calgary AB. Not only getting a ride, also joining Wyatt is Troy Lee Designs Official – Moto, MTB, Helmets, Gear and Protection with gear sponsorship support.

Winning an impressive 11 Alberta Provincial Championships doesn’t come easy, though Wyatt made it look easy with an impressive winning resume full of 1-1-1-1-1

With a resume full of racing history from the young age of 5 , Wyatt is starting to make waves in the motocross community and with his winning attitude on and off the track is exactly what Fueled By Verge is looking for. We are not only paying attention to professional athletes but we are following young amateur athletes who are dedicated to their respective sport. We want to support them now and in the future as they move up the ranks. The young generation is fast advancing and are the generation that will understand Digital Currency and help push awareness for Verge Currency.

Wyatt will not only learn about Blockchain Technology (Verge Currency) but he will now be part of this generational movement and join Danny Robertson under the Motocross umbrella with our athletes and have a whole new community following him which is 1 million strong. This type of exposure will boost his presence to the one of biggest communities in the crypto world, the #VergeFam!

Troy Hasil, Father to Wyatt, comments “It’s so cool to see Fueled by Verge support our grassroots motocross right here in our backyard in Alberta Canada. It’s an honour to join the movement to grow with Verge and see where the journey takes Wyatt as a Fueled By Verge Athlete”

Derek Robertson, Co-Founder, Fueled by Verge says “Bringing on Wyatt is exactly what our vision is with #JoinTheMovement. We are attracting young generational athletes who are grasping our vision. Having young talented athletes joining Fueled by Verge will help grow our vision. There is a long list of really fast up and coming Motocross racers right here in Canada. I believe we will see future stars out of the prairie province. The Grass roots of the FbV Movement started here in Alberta Canada. So it’s a win-win for both sides, the FbV Movement and the young talented racers right here in Alberta!”

Welcome to the team Wyatt!

Follow Wyatt on his social platforms

Wyatt Hasil #5️⃣0️⃣ (@wyatthasil50) | Instagram

Wyatt (@Wyatthasil50) | Twitter

About Fueled by Verge (FbV)
Fueled by Verge was started by Danny Robertson, Derek Robertson, and Mark Wittenberg, in 2018. At 9 years old, Danny wanted to bring awareness and usability to his peers in the motocross world. It has since become a worldwide movement, and foundation, to support athletes and bring awareness to their respective talents. At the same time, utilizing the Verge Currency blockchain and Currency community to further the awareness.Our mission is to build awareness of Verge Currency, as we harness the power of Bitcoin in a way that combines the speed of digital payments, but with the privacy of paying in cash.

For more information about Fueled by Verge, visit

Derek Robertson
Fueled By Verge / Verge Currency
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Marketing Specialists Develop a Comprehensive AI Marketing Guide

B2B Business Experts Logo

B2B Business Experts Logo

Digital Experts Claim Public Relation Campaigns are Essential for Success

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, July 30, 2021 / — B2B Business Experts created the Ultimate AI Marketing Tools List — an essential handbook for organizations of different sizes and industries who want to invest in the latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The trailblazing company aims to help B2B businesses thrive through this innovative manual.

When asked about the role of AI marketing in today’s modern world, B2B Business Experts founder Jeremy Haug answered, “AI has transformed our business. We’ve helped several clients boost their marketing return on investment (ROI) by as much as 30% by cutting costs per lead by up to 80%.”

He added, “The secret to success in today’s modern era lies in personalization efforts. Nobody wants to do business with impersonal brands. This requirement doesn’t just work on the consumer side but also on the business side. For personalized press releases, we use Howler Media.”

Howler Media is a simple outreach tool that helps organizations get in front of relevant journalists quickly. It maximizes the chance of getting featured on English-speaking outlets by matching valuable pitches to ideal correspondents. With Howler Media on your side, you can use a reliable algorithm to reduce spam and enjoy more media attention.

Below are some of the benefits of using this revolutionary marketing tool:

● Enjoy high-quality pitches from industry specialists.
● Save time and money by using automated PR campaigns to reach thousands of relevant journalists.
● Choose a niche relevant to your campaign.

Jeremy Haug is a world-class marketer who has led various organizations to achieve Inc 5000 status. Today, our founder aims to guide 10,000 B2B businesses to the next level through groundbreaking AI technologies. Reach out through or +1 727-384-9620 for a complimentary consultation.

Jeremy Haug
B2B Business Experts
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Business Professionals Develop a Revolutionary Handbook for Digital Success

B2B Business Experts Logo

B2B Business Experts Logo

Specialists from B2B Business Experts Reveal the Wonders of AI Marketing

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA, USA, July 30, 2021 / — B2B Business Experts launched the Ultimate AI Marketing Tools List — an essential artificial intelligence (AI) guide for companies of varying sizes and industries. Entrepreneurs and decision-makers alike will learn pro secrets from this handbook to help them thrive in today’s modern environment.

B2B Business Experts founder Jeremy Haug had this to say about the AI marketing guide, “I’ve been in the sales and marketing industry for over ten years now, and there’s never been an industry development as exciting as AI. When AI visionaries started thinking outside the box, digital tools became reliable allies for business growth.”

He added, “AI has transformed the way we run our organization. Even with a lean team, we’ve helped our clients boost their marketing return on investment (ROI) by up to 30%. We’ve doubled our productivity because of AI marketing tools that helped us grow traffic, convert leads, and close deals, like HubSpot.”

In 2004, fellow MIT graduate students Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah noticed a shift in consumer’s purchasing habits. Shoppers were no longer interested in disruptive attempts to grab their attention. On the contrary, potential clients became so accustomed to ads that they could ignore them completely.

From their observation, the trailblazers founded Hubspot. The pair developed innovative inbound marketing strategies that helped companies stand out with the right crowd instead of getting lost amidst all the digital clutter.

Since 2004, Brian, Dharmesh, and the Hubspot team have been elevating their services to address the market’s ever-changing needs. Today, they offer groundbreaking solutions for sales and marketing strategies, like the ones listed below.

● Workflow automation: Hubspot allows users to develop targeted workflows for personalized communications with every contact in their customer relationship management (CRM) software. Using this tool enables entrepreneurs and marketers to free up hours in a day and focus on other high-value activities.
● RFM segmentation: A whopping 72% of consumers only interact with brands that offer personalized messaging. With Hubspot’s Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value (RFM) analysis, businesses can segment customers and analyze their needs. Such valuable information can inspire customized campaigns for each customer segment.
● Growth tools: As an inbound-focused company, Hubspot provides users with exceptional lead generation services. From coupons to abandoned cart recovery and customized promotions, companies can conveniently develop strategies to boost traffic.

Jeremy Haug is a world-renowned marketing expert. He has guided several companies to achieve Inc 5000 status. Today, our founder plans to help thousands of B2B organizations boost their digital presence through AI marketing. You may reach us through or +1 727-384-9620 for a complimentary consultation.

Jeremy Haug
B2B Business Experts
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Marketing Specialists Create an Essential AI Marketing Guide for Businesses Growth

B2B Business Experts Logo

B2B Business Experts Logo

Professionals from B2B Business Experts Declare Grammar a Crucial Tool for Success

TAMPA BAY, FL, USA, July 30, 2021 / — B2B Business Experts released the Ultimate AI Marketing Tools List, a thorough guide to using artificial intelligence (AI) in any business setting. Decision-makers will find a list of game-changers in this handbook. Through this manual, the innovative marketing and consulting solutions company aims to help B2B businesses of all sizes and industries thrive in the modern world.

When asked about the revolutionary AI marketing guide, B2B Business Experts founder Jeremy Haug replied, “I’ve been in the sales and marketing industry for over a decade, and I’ve never seen AI elevate businesses as it can today. Nowadays, it can help companies create personalized content, enhance customer service, and improve user experience — all important aspects in generating revenues.”

He adds, “AI has transformed the way we do business. We’ve helped our clients boost their marketing return on investment (ROI) by up to 30% by using personalization strategies. One often overlooked aspect of these figures is grammar, a tool that enhances a brand’s reputation. Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that there are now apps like Grammarly that can quickly check content before publication.”

Contrary to popular belief, Grammarly does so much more than correct spelling blunders. Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant that reviews copy based on the following factors:

● Grammar
● Spelling
● Punctuation
● Spacing
● Clarity
● Engagement

Its algorithms use AI to flag potential mistakes and offer appropriate replacements for the errors. The results are clear, concise, and brand-appropriate copy. Grammarly offers a free service for grammatically sound content, but users can also upgrade their accounts to Premium or Business for exceptional writing.

In today's modern world, content is king. With the help of B2B Marketing Experts and Grammarly, organizations can now develop grammatical content from website copy to blogs and social media ads quickly and conveniently.

Below are some of the benefits of using Grammarly in business settings:
● Real-time editing: Once you upload a file on the site or app, you can instantly see errors and suggested edits. You can choose to accept or ignore the suggestions.
● High accuracy level: Grammarly is not perfect, but it’s one of the best Grammar tools in the market today. Additionally, you can add words to your dictionary in case the app is not familiar with them.
● Practical explanations: Grammarly uses a relatable tone that you can easily understand.

A world-class marketing expert, Jeremy Haug has led several companies to the Inc 5000. He specializes in building high-performing teams focused on achieving results for clients. Today, our founder envisions elevating 10,000 B2B businesses with the help of the latest AI marketing technologies. Get in touch with our specialists through or +1 727-384-9620 for a complimentary marketing evaluation.

Jeremy Haug
B2B Business Experts
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B2B Business Experts Pushes Technology Limits for Cutting-Edge Marketing Services

B2B Business Experts Logo

B2B Business Experts Logo

Artificial Intelligence Helps Clients Achieve Rapid Digital Growth

CLEARWATER, FL, USA, July 30, 2021 / — B2B Business Experts created the Ultimate AI Marketing Tools List, a comprehensive guide to artificial intelligence (AI) marketing ideal for businesses of all industries and sizes. Through this guide, the trailblazing marketing agency aims to help B2B businesses thrive. Using the most promising tools, companies can now make more impact in the digital world while enjoying massive savings.

When asked about the current AI tools on the market, B2B Business Experts founder Jeremy Haug replied, “It’s an exciting time to be in the industry because AI has evened the playing field for all businesses. Nowadays, technology can help businesses learn about their potential clients, improve personalization efforts, and enhance customer service platforms at a fraction of the cost.”

He adds, “AI has been a game-changer for us. We’ve helped companies increase their marketing return on investment (ROI) by up to 30% in under 60 days by cutting costs per lead by up to 80%. With the right tools like Market Muse, it’s easy for us to help our clients grow their businesses exponentially.”

Market Muse is a team of data scientists, engineers, and brand strategists that aim to use AI to transform digital content. Here’s why AI tools like Market Muse are essential for success: 89% of B2B companies use content marketing, but 63% of them don’t have a documented strategy. The revolutionary AI tool aims to bridge the gap by making industry-leading technologies available to organizations of varying sizes and skill levels.

One of the challenges marketers face is consistently producing high-quality content. With the help of B2B Business Experts and Market Muse, companies can now develop large quantities of valuable content for their particular target market.

These are the steps B2B Business Experts will take to achieve results for clients:

● Understand the ideal client: Organizations must learn everything there is to know about their target market, from demographics to digital habits and content preferences.
● Developing a strategy: The key to digital success lies in telling a brand’s story in a way that resonates with intended audiences. Keep in mind that each company needs a customized plan and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for success.
● Get results: Whatever the preferred strategy is, it’s best to aim for five to ten times ROI.

Jeremy Haug is a celebrated marketing expert and leader. He has led various organizations to the Inc 5000. Today, our founder aims to help 10,000 B2B businesses boost their digital presence through innovative AI technologies. Get in touch with us through or +1 727-384-9620 for a complimentary consultation.

Jeremy Haug
B2B Business Experts
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Do Merchants Accept Crypto to Avoid Fund Recovery? TDA Advises Caution

here are some drawbacks to cryptocurrency, at least for consumers. Once a transaction has occurred on the blockchain, it is final

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been rising in popularity. Now, bitcoin is a payment option for food chains, eCommerce stores, and payment platforms such as Paypal.

The wide adoption of cryptocurrencies may seem mutually beneficial for merchants and consumers. Cryptocurrencies are a digital form of currency with no physical equivalent. Holders can be paid, pay for items, and trade keeping all of their money in cryptocurrencies. All transactions occur on the blockchain which is encrypted, secure, and free from government regulation.

However, there are some drawbacks to cryptocurrency, at least for consumers. Once a transaction has occurred on the blockchain, it is final. Transactions are also anonymous and are identified by a code rather than a name. This means that chargebacks, in the sense that charges are reversed on credit cards, are not possible on the blockchain. This could lie behind the wide acceptance of cryptocurrency among merchants–to prevent consumer requests to reverse charges.

Trader Defense Advisory, a team of fund recovery experts, advises consumers to choose merchants with a selection of payment options, and avoid those that accept only cryptocurrencies.

Also, TDA recommends using cryptocurrencies for transactions with care, knowing that the blockchain prevents chargebacks, at least in the way that they occur with credit cards, and pose a particular challenge for fund recovery. Although getting your money back from a crypto transaction is possible, the process is more complex than fund recovery with credit cards.
Are Merchants Skirting the Issue of Chargebacks?
Most consumers feel they need some recourse if they are unsatisfied with a purchase and want their money back. Credit card chargebacks, for example, provide them with an easy way for merchants to return funds. In addition, the chargeback process involves the participation of an issuing bank, an acquiring bank, and if the case is unsolved, to a government consumer protection agency and ombudsman.

The chargeback process may seem complex, but it provides layers of protection for the consumer. However, merchants often complain that this process is abused and often is resolved in the customer’s favor. They may cite the unfortunate trend of “friendly fraud,” a new form of shoplifting in which the customer keeps the item but still goes through the chargeback process claiming they were not satisfied.

There are many ways merchants can avoid friendly fraud, such as demanding proof that the customer sent the item back. However, many merchants report that they feel pressured to settle a chargeback case on behalf of a client, who may write bad reviews or post negatively about the company on social media.

According to Juniper research, merchants reported they lost $17.5 billion in chargebacks in 2020. Many companies are encouraging bitcoin as a payment option to reduce the issue of chargebacks and to lock consumers into transactions.
Who Is Right? The Consumers or the Merchants?
Although there is no doubt that friendly fraud is a growing problem, it also causes honest consumers serious problems and makes legitimate claims seem suspect. There are a number of ways to prove a consumer is not fraudulent in their claims, and the issuing bank in the chargeback process asks for evidence from the consumer before making a decision.

Merchants’ complaints about the staggering losses from chargebacks do not take into account how many of these refunds were legitimate. It could be that, in the race to compete in a crowded eCommerce space, they may be making errors and sending items that do not work more often than they would like to admit.

Many merchants are trying to avoid chargebacks, even legitimate claims, by encouraging customers to use bitcoin with the full knowledge that fund recovery is difficult for them. TDA experts point out that the fact that cryptocurrencies are not regulated hurts the customer more than the merchant and provides them with no recourse except the goodwill of the merchant if they feel they have been mistreated.
There Is Hope for Fund Recovery Even with Crypto
Fortunately, TDA emphasizes that there is hope for fund recovery even from cryptocurrencies, although they warn that it is more challenging. In cases of cryptos scams, law enforcement can obtain a court order for crypto codes of fraudulent transactions. The key, however, is that it has to be a suspected fraud before a court order is given. Getting a crypto refund from a regular merchant can be more daunting.

This is the reason it is worthwhile to work with Trader Defense Advisory experts if you need a chargeback, a refund from a crypto transaction, or have lost money in a crypto scam or a forex trading scam.

About Trader Defense Advisory

Trader Defense Advisory offers all clients a free consultation to assess their cases and design a roadmap for pursuing their claims. The TDA team works tirelessly to advocate for clients and will fight back against Crypto and broker scams.

Dan Arnheim, Media Relations Director
Trader Defense Advisory
Telephone: +1-917-920-6749
1900 E Golf Rd Suite 950 Schaumburg, IL 60173

Daniel A
+1 9179206749
email us here
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