BOSCO Connect: The First Tool To Accurately Predict Campaign ROI For Online Retailers

BOSCO™ Connect For mobile

BOSCO™ Connect for mobile

BOSCO™ Connect Screen

BOSCO™ Connect Screen

BOSCO™ Connect internet retail

BOSCO™ Connect internet retail

Online Retail Guesswork Becomes A Thing Of The Past

If you need to create a unified dashboard that combines all the data required to predict future online performance, then BOSCO™ Connect does just that.”

— John Readman CEO & Founder Modo25

LEEDS, YORKSHIRE, UK, July 1, 2021 / — MarTech innovator Modo25 ( ) has announced the launch of BOSCO™ Connect. This disruptive new platform provides online retailers with a single-view dashboard that streamlines the planning of online marketing spend in one place, enabling best-spend predictive forecasts to be created by combining market analytics with the marketer’s own internal data.

This platform ensures that users secure the maximum ROI for marketing spend, along with optimal targeting. This is good news for users, but extremely bad news for poorly performing media. The platform is based on extensive algorithmic modelling conducted by the sector’s leading data science team.

With easy to interpret board reports, BOSCO™ Connect enables infinite ‘what-if’ simulations to be reviewed. This ensures that retailers and or their digital agencies have far greater confidence in the decisions made when planning and forecasting new campaigns. It also enables easy comparison with competitors through the creation of league tables.

Commenting on the launch, John Readman, CEO and founder of Modo25 noted, “In the past online advertising was a sea of pain points – with too many disparate contradictory sources of data. Online retailers needed a toolset that eliminates both the complexity of online media and the confusion caused by competition between the different options. If you need to create a unified dashboard that combines all the data required to predict future online performance, then BOSCO™ Connect does just that.

“For anyone looking to get the most from their budget, BOSCO™ Connect is a serious game-changer. It ends the high-risk, rule-of-thumb mentality that dogged early digital marketing and cost retailers so dearly. For the first time, decisions are data-driven, as retailers, marketers and their agencies can use this single metric to evaluate alternatives and compare their performance against the market.”

For more information, please contact:

John Readman
0113 350 2560 
About Modo25: 
Based in Leeds, UK, Modo25 is a digital marketing provider with charity at its heart. Modo is the name of a child that is part of the 1moreChild orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. Modo25 donates a percentage of its profits to this orphanage to better improve their quality of life and inspire the next generation. 

Bosco is named after the man who runs the orphanage and is the inspiration behind the new technology platform of the same name.

Leigh RIchards
The Right Image
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Independence Sale 2021 Grab Amazing Discounts on Korean Food Products at Kim’C Market


Kim’C Market


Midang Aged Kimchi jigae

Drinking Porridge 5 Flavors

Drinking Porridge 5 Flavors

“It's raining discounts at Kim’C Market! Celebrate Independence Day 2021 with your favorite Korean supermarket and get up to 60% off across categories.”

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 / — This year, Independence Day celebrations got happier with super discounts from Kim’C Market. The Independence Sale 2021 is now live until July 5, 2021. Grab your favorite Korean grocery item from their Independence Day Collection and get up to 60% off on multiple ready-to-eat meal options. The collection includes healthy Korean snacks, ready-to-eat soups, and more, starting from $1 USD to $10 USD.

Korean Snacking Range

The sale features a healthy and organic Korean snacks range. Korean food lovers can savor crispy oyster mushroom and shitake mushroom chips. This premium snack from Favorips uses organically grown mushrooms that are vacuum fried at low temperatures. Indulge in guilt-free snacking with these mushroom chips full of nutrition. This unique combo by Favorips as a part of Kim’C Market’s Independence Sale 2021 is now available at $5.40. Regular price is $13.50.

Superfood snack bites by 62-Sam are also on sale. The nut and almond crisp jujube are full of nutrients and do not contain added sugar. Sourced from South Korea’s Boeun County, the jujubes or red dates are stuffed with Brazilian nuts and California almonds. No added sugar. These ready-to-eat bites are on sale for $1.80.

The Korean market has offerings for both adults and kids. The flavored Ddoddomom rice puffs are made of organically grown rice from farms of Yangpyung. The air-fried mini puffs from freshly milled rice are best for babies available in 5 flavors- banana, cheese, spinach, sweet pumpkin, and strawberry yogurt. The $16 combo of 3 packs of these mini rice puffs are available on sale at $6.40.

Ready-to-eat Korean Meals

To make the Independence Day celebration more happening the Korean supermarket is offering discounts on ready-to-eat meals. Different varieties of soups by Midang starting from $4 are on sale. Midang soups on sale include their signature Chu-uh-tang (muddy loach soup), brown seaweed soup with sea urchin, aged kimchi jjigae, and pollack soup.

Dooson Food’s Drinking Porridge can serve as a hearty and traditional home meal for all those away from home. The porridge comes in 5 different flavors, all available in a pack of seven at $ 6.20. You can mix this with ice cream or onto red bean shaved ice, patbingsu.
Other Kim’C Market favorites on sale include fermented colored dried pear, hijiki, grain noodles, sauces, rice, and more.

Korean Kitchenware Gifting Options

The Korean market's recently launched Korean Kitchenware line can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. The collection offers porcelain dinnerware and containers and heat-resistant earthenware. These handcrafted utensils by Kim’C Market provide a rich Korean culinary and dining experience.

Kim’C Market is an online Korean market dedicated to delivering high-quality, wholesome, and traditional Korean food in the U.S. Every food product at Kim’C Market undergoes strict quality checks before getting sourced, ensuring high quality and freshness.

The Independence Day Sale 2021 is now live at Kim'C Market until July 5, 2021, or until stocks last. Enjoy the flat 60% discounts across select categories, including ready-made food, snacks, and grocery items, and various discounts under sale section by visiting

For regular updates, follow Kim'C Market online on Instagram –

Ryan Kim
Kim'C Market
+1 646-844-0715
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We are Jerry and GOVAR develop virtual workshop & live experience platform for BMW i Motorsport running on Pico headsets

BMW i Virtual Garage Experience

BMW i Virtual Garage Experience

Neo 3 Pro 6DoF VR standalone headset

Pico Neo 3 Pro 6DoF VR standalone headset

With Pico's VR headsets, select customers, sponsors and partners of BMW i Motorsport will get access to the world's first fully immersive Formula E experience

The virtual workshop & live experience platform developed by We are Jerry and GOVAR opens up new ways and opportunities for us at BMW i Motorsport to work with sponsors, partners and customers”

— Lutz-Philipp Kugler, Brand Cooperations BMW Group,

BARCELONA, SPAIN, July 1, 2021 / — Pico Interactive, one of the world's leading developers of innovative VR (virtual reality) solutions for B2B use, will showcase for the first time at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona a groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) workshop & live experience developed by Munich-based sports consulting agency We are Jerry and AR/VR experts GOVAR for BMW i Motorsport's Formula E engagement. The virtual Experience works on the ENGAGE VR platform, developed by VR Education, which makes it possible to incorporate not only all CAD and 360° data, videos, live streams, and presentations from BMW i Motorsport, but also content from sponsors and partners. In order to overcome COVID restrictions on live events, such as VIP hospitality events, We are Jerry and GOVAR created a virtual experience platform – the "BMW i Virtual Garage Experience" – for BMW i Motorsport, which offers even more possibilities than the live onsite experience.

Exceptional motorsport experience
The central question was: "How do we compensate for the COVID-related limitations for the partners and guests of BMW i Motorsport and, at the same time, create completely new target group-compliant customer experiences in the digital world, all as efficiently and synergistically as possible?" explains Karsten Streng, Founder and Managing Partner of We are Jerry.

It quickly became clear to all those responsible: The high standards and requirements of BMW i Motosport could only be implemented with extremely powerful VR headsets. The guests should be presented with a seamless immersive experience that lives up to the premium standards of the BMW brand as an innovation leader. The choice quickly fell on standalone VR headsets from Pico Interactive: "Pico has by far the most powerful VR glasses, which also offer 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) for spatial movement in the experience," says Stefan Göppel, Managing Director of GOVAR. "Spatial distance does not mean sacrificing social interaction. The virtual workshop & live experience for BMW i Motorsport is therefore an encounter, thanks to the immersion it creates the feeling of a live meeting.”

From the Garage Tour to The Roof Top Bar: Talk&Meet with the drivers
The newly created VR event platform offers significantly more options than "just" virtually mapping the possibilities of the previous hospitality events as part of Formula E. For example, CAD and 360° data of the BMW E race cars, videos, live streams, presentations and other content can be integrated into the Experience, which can be accessed individually by guests. In addition, BMW i Motorsport has the option to provide sponsors and partners of the Formula E team such as Julius Baer, Einhell, Fortinet and others with their own virtual experience areas, which they can use for their own customer loyalty measures. Up to 70 guests can move around the virtual live experience at the same time or if required, even up to 1,000 guests.

"The virtual workshop & live experience platform developed by We are Jerry and GOVAR opens up new ways and opportunities for us at BMW i Motorsport to work with sponsors, partners and customers," says Lutz-Philipp Kugler, Brand Cooperations BMW Group, summarizing the unique project. "Instead of setting up hospitality events over and over again for each Formula E race, we only had to develop the virtual platform once and can now flexibly change and adapt it. Our sponsors and partners have responded very positively to this new form of customer engagement and interaction – not only as an alternative during the Corona pandemic, but they welcome being able to create their own virtual experience spaces for their own content and experiences. This experience clearly demonstrates the future potential of virtual events."

The first BMW i Virtual Garage Experience will take place on July 1, 2021. Selected marketing decision-makers from BMW i Motorsport partners around the world will receive a special BMW i Formula E Experience box containing the Pico headsets as well as exclusive team merchandise. Using the Pico VR headset, guests will be able to enjoy the pre-installed virtual experience and visit unique locations.

During the garage tour, a BMW engineer waits for the guests and introduces the technical concept of the electric racer. Guests can look through the BMW Formula E racing car as if they were using an X-ray machine and view all the technical details at their leisure. Guests will get first-hand insights from the two Team BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers Maximilian Günther and Jake Dennis, who will be on hand to answer questions. Those who aren't afraid of fast-paced action can climb into the BMW i8 Safety Car as a co-driver and take a lap of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit in 360°. In addition, various content offers await the guests, which they can consume at their leisure. Formula E Hospitality can then be rounded off perfectly with a virtual drink in the Roof Top Bar. Here, guests have the opportunity to communicate with the other guests while also switching to a private mode if others are not to take part in the conversation. Another advantage of the ENGAGE platform used is that the BMW Formula E experience can also be experienced in 2D desktop/laptop mode.

In addition to the tour through the garage of the BMW i Andretti Motorsport team, guests receive an X-ray view of the inner workings of the BMW Formula E race car, receive background information from BMW engineers about the drivetrain, for example, and can experience the cockpit of the bolide to get the race car drivers’ perspective. They can also take a virtual 360° lap of the racetrack as a co-driver in the BMW i8 Safety Car and then meet other guests in the Roof Top Bar for an informal exchange of ideas.Guests at the BMW i Virtual Garage Experience will receive a high-quality hospitality box in advance of each event, which will include exclusive team merchandise as well as standalone VR headsets from Pico Interactive: Simply put on the headset and dive in, the Formula E Experience is pre-installed.

Samet Simsek
Havana Orange GmbH
+4989921315188 ext.
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TY the Tasmanian Tiger’s award-winning sequel launches on PlayStation 4 systems.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD out now for PlayStation systems

TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD out now for PlayStation systems

Krome Studios Launches Classic Platformer TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, July 1, 2021 / — TY the Tasmanian Tiger is back for seconds with the highly anticipated return of TY the Tasmanian Tiger™ 2: Bush Rescue™ HD on PlayStation®4 systems.

Practically bursting at the polygons with character, charm and wit, this light-hearted romp around the Australian Outback will have you meeting a diverse cast of critters from intellectual Koalas to a wise-cracking Cockatoo down to a jailbreaking Cassowary who goes by the name of “Boss Cass”.

The game has the player taking the fight to Cass directly with the newly established Bush Rescue. TY and his friends are needed to protect the colorful townsfolk across Southern Rivers from the looming threat presented by Cass and his frilled-neck goons!

“This all-ages game was such a treat on the PlayStation 2 back in 2004,” reveals Krome Studios CEO, Robert Walsh, “Character platformers are still popular with kids of all ages today.”

Featuring a wide assortment of iconic boomerangs, some new and others returning… (See what we did there?) TY the Tasmanian Tiger, sports a signature boomerang move set consisting of glides, swinging and combat thwacks to help overcome most Bush Rescue missions in the game.

When a rang is not going to cut the mustard, TY has access to a wide variety of vehicles and mechanized suits known as “Bunyips”. Adventure awaits! Hop in the back of Shazza’s trusted 4×4 “Fourbie” to skid into the action, traversing across a lush and interconnected world.

“The adventure continues and expands for all the TY fans that have been anxiously waiting for this next installment of the series.”, voices Steve Stamatiadis, Creative Director at Krome.

After successfully relaunching the first game of the series, the developers at Australian based Krome Studios have made it their mission to offer the same level of care to this remaster of the classic collect-a-thon platforming sequel. Returning fans are sure to get a kick out of this!

A heightened visual treatment along with many quality-of-life improvements have been made throughout the adventure, likely to surprise and delight original fans while also appealing to a new audience. All the while maintaining that classic retro aesthetic that stays true to the original.

Collect, Complete, Compete. With the help of TY’s fans, Krome added new unlockable skins for both TY and the Fourbie! Video game completionists or speedrunners can take advantage of the newly added Leaderboards to record their high scores. Measure your progress against your friends with trophies on your quest for the new Platinum trophy.

This product is available on the PlayStation™Store as a digital download. For more information, including requests for a review code, please contact



Europe / AU / NZ:

About Krome Studios
Krome is a professional game development studio based in Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 1999, it has shipped over 45 titles with partners and publishers worldwide including Disney Interactive Inc., Microsoft™, LucasArts™, Activision®, Electronic Arts™, Vivendi Universal and Konami® Digital Entertainment.

More information is available at and our social channels: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Giphy, TikTok and Facebook

©2004-2021 Krome Studios Inc. All rights reserved. TY the Tasmanian Tiger, Bush Rescue, the characters and the Krome Studios logo are trademarks of Krome Studios Inc.

Krome Studios Press
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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new global community platform

World Elite Solutions is expanding its range of events by offering a new digital community platform, available worldwide, around the clock, – 365 days a year,

BEIRUT, LEBANON, July 1, 2021 / — 2020 forever changed the way we plan events. As the dust clears a bit and we look to the future of meetings and events for 2021, a few things are for sure; virtual events are here to stay, and the future is hybrid. With these new event types, there is an obvious need for World Elite Solutions to put upcoming series of events in one digital platform, that bring together experts, governmental and media representatives, leaders from the private sector to tackle the current situation of Lebanon and finds ways to move forward, in different sectors of interest like healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, energy, ICT, education and many more.

The Exclusive Community Platform, created by b2Match, with the support of the Lebanese Ministry of Industry and Association of Lebanese Industrialists will be available worldwide, around the clock, and offers the participants the opportunity to expand their network beyond the borders of a country with its integrated marketplace and B2B matchmaking!

This digital interactive platform will not replace the person-to-person interaction, but rather expand the reach of the participants and our partners. The “live days” will give the industry professionals the opportunity for regular interaction. Every month companies and industry professionals will be invited to meet live in the digital space of The Exclusive Community Platform. These Live Days will be highlighted by speeches, case studies, and presentations pertaining to current topics for the concrete and precast industry. The case studies will be offered live and on-demand where we will be able to combine real with the virtual and analog with digital realms.

Upcoming Conferences:
– Energy Efficiency Forum
– The Future of Infrastructure Conference & Expo
– Healthcare Infrastructure & Innovation Summit
– Education Summit 20|21
– Energy Strategies Summit

Why participate?
– As purchaser – find qualified International suppliers during effective one-to-one meetings
– As market/sales manager – find new International customers
– As a product developer – find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions

How can you benefit from this platform?
– Publish and showcase your products, projects, services or business needs to event participants
– Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings at the event
– Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way
– Stay one step ahead of your competitors by being seen and visibly present at the event

The Exclusive Community Platform objectives are:
– To create a powerful platform where business people meet and partner on opportunities;
– To design a smarter way to developing business-to-business opportunities.
– To connect thousands of companies on an international level;
– To help its members find new suppliers, expand product lines, reach new markets, look for funding or even sell their business
– To integrate sustainability initiatives at onsite events to support the Lebanese community with a virtual audience

The Exclusive Community Platform is divided into six main sections: Participants, Marketplace, Partners, Speakers, Live Stage, Virtual Tours, and Events. It is a client-centric layout, so our members can easily navigate through the platform and connect with others. In the Participants section, you will find all the participants, their business profiles, marketplace, and interests. The Marketplace section provides detailed descriptions of the services, products, and partnership opportunities that our members proudly offer. We have dedicated our new Virtual Tours section to share projects, factories, touristic sites. In the Events, you will find information about our next events and the Speakers section gives you the opportunity to know better our speakers.
Many exciting opportunities can be realized when the digital world of The Exclusive Business Community combines with the in-person communication of the conferences and publications. Make sure not to miss them!

For any questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact us at! We look forward to seeing you at the

About us:

World Elite Solutions is an independent media project including a broad range of media tools: print and online editions of The Exclusive, mobile applications, web platform, marketing and branding, strategic consulting services, media distribution, and event services. Our mission is to create experiential events that improve people's lives through access to worldwide information, opportunity, and sustainable development now and for future generations.

Raluca Buna
The Exclusive
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Combining Creativity and Technology puts Alvaro Melendez in Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Influencers by MARsum 2021

Alvaro will receive the award in a ceremony on June 30th 2021, to be held in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, July 1, 2021 / — Marketing, Advertising and Retail Summit, MARsum USA announced that Alvaro Meléndez, Co-Founder and CEO at CRANT, has been selected among the top 100 Marketing & Advertising Influencers 2021.

Alvaro has become known as the creativity expert at CRANT, a creative machine learning company. The main functioning of this company is to use technology in creative ways, to help companies drive differentiation and relevance. The aim here is to make public and private data actionable through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Alvaro Melendez will be a main keynote speaker at the MARSUM USA 2021 event, where he will be speaking about ‘Storytelling and The Use of Machine Learning for Creative Branding’. Other renowned keynote speakers will be Lauren Petrullo, Owner & CEO at Mongoose Media, Sahir Zaveri, Co-Founder at King Children and more.

Alvaro Melendez’s expertise lies in challenging the way marketing is viewed today by campaigning a radical way of rethinking how the system breeds innovation, joy, care and curiosity. He is the Co-founder of CRANT, a company that has become one of the most innovative and versatile companies in marketing today.

“Alvaro Meléndez is a creative, strategist and global nomad. He works with leaders of brave companies in digital transformation processes to symbiotically grow their businesses in a world where competition is now analytical. He is also a renowned Keynote Speaker about Marketing, Creativity and Technology. He explores creative transformations, AdTech and a diverse Weltbild”, says MARsum Magazines.

“I have shifted my focus to working with courageous women leaders. Why? Because in my experience, they are more willing to rethink the way we do marketing: less predatory and more creative, inclusive, caring and joyful. I believe creativity and technology can help achieve this“, says the founder of CRANT Alvaro Melendez.

CRANT’s main goal is to digitally transform companies into analytical competitors that redefine their markets and generate a positive impact for humanity with every dollar they make. Alvaro Melendez has over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising.

Alvaro Meléndez
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The Central African Republic Offers a Simple, Fast, and Easy Online Process to Apply for an eVisa

Central African eVISA Application

Central African eVISA Application

The Central African Republic Offers a Simple, Fast, and Easy Online Process to Apply for an eVisa

OMAN, July 1, 2021 / — The Central African Republic is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth; it’s a landlocked country located in the heart of Africa and is home to several species of wildlife, vegetation, rainforests, and more. However, because of its political history and poverty, it’s not a popular tourist destination.

In recent years, the country's situation has improved, and it’s opening doors for tourists to boost the economy. To make things easier, the Republic for Central Africa has launched a website to apply for an e-visa. It’s fast, easy, and simple.

Using this website, tourists can learn more about the Central African Republic and see if they are eligible to apply for a visa –some countries don’t need one—to enter the country. The process is straightforward as people only have to select their visa type, enter their details, and make online payments. Once the process is complete, people receive an email confirmation and can keep track of the application.

A representative of the company said, “It’s heartbreaking to see that the Central African Republic doesn’t get a lot of tourists, although the country has so much to offer. It’s truly a gem. People can go for safaris, interact with nature, sit with locals to learn about their customs and traditions, and visit rainforests.”

The representative continued, “To facilitate people and to save them the hassle of standing in line for long hours, we have introduced e-visas. From selecting the type of visa to waiting for the arrival, it only takes about three days to receive your visa."

The website also gives people information relating to visa requirements, fees, exemption, duration, and other important guidelines. People can also find their payment and refund policies in another section.

People worldwide making plans for their summer vacation can visit their website to learn more about the visa process of the Central African Republic or by sending them an email. The contact information is given below.

The website is controlled by the Al Madina Group, based in UAE, and helps make the CAR visa process easier for those interested in visiting the country. It also allows applicants to track their visa application status and offers easy and secure payment options.


Al Madina
AL Madina Group
email us here

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