Poetry Book Captures Life in the 21st Century

How the Petals Shiver

How the Petals Shiver

Jamie Martin's "How the Petals Shiver" conveys modern aspirations and conundrums

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, September 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 21st century has only just begun and humanity has already made much progress. The era offers seemingly boundless opportunities but at the same time, it has no shortage of challenges. This paradox and both the ambition and anxieties stemming from this has compelled author Jamie Martin to pen a collection of poems. "How the Petals Shiver" simultaneously asks big philosophical questions and delves into the inner recesses of the human heart and mind, exploring both global issues and intimate concerns.

Love, religion, philosophy, hope, yearning – Martin explores these with his poetic response to life in the 21st century. While the world has changed a lot, religion and philosophy remain as relevant as ever. People still search for meaning, just as the philosophers of yore did in their time. The world is now connected to the point where individuals from across the globe can start relationships, yet at the same time finding romance is still a matter of chance – and discovering true love is as elusive as it always has been.

It is a contradictory time. People seek meaning, love, connection, relevance. Yet the world is in peril, its finite resources are dwindling, and saving the planet is the great test of the century. Martin asks his readers to consider these profound matters that affect both the world and their own lives, for they will encounter these issues in their own journeys, and so too will their children – and their children's children. So by caring for the Earth, people are in effect caring for their children and securing their futures.

"How the Petals Shiver" instills a message of hope and provides an uplifting reading experience, delivering its message through wit while eschewing sarcasm, which Martin considers to be the lowest form of wit. This is not a cynical or bleak work but a balm for the soul, realistic while being nourishing for the spirit. Ultimately it is a book about love, for in people's love for each other lies the foundation of loving the Earth, caring for it and ultimately helping it and all life in it.

About the Author
A lover who cares about the planet, Jamie Martin has been a certified bookworm from an early age. Astute in Chess and European languages, he pursued a career in literature and is an avowed ailurophile. He also plays the piano and delves into the visual arts.

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