College Campus Safety. Awareness & Self Defense. NEW sdi7 HIIT Workouts. Fight Back! Sculpt, tone & torch fat.

Schedule an appearance with Black Belt,Self Defense & Fitness expert Rob Fletcher.NEW sdi7 HIIT Workouts. College Campus Safety.Awareness.Self Defense Program.

Empower yourself. Practice safety and prevention habits and behaviors. Develop a healthy awareness not paranoid fear to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Implement sdi7 HIIT into your workouts.”

— Rob Fletcher

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2018 / — Some Facts:
* 1 in 4 females will be sexually assaulted before she finishes four years of college.
* Campus rape statistics are highest in the first three months of college.
* 95% of all student on student crimes are alcohol and drug-related
* Freshman, naive and independent are easy targets for campus victimization.

Your Safety is the #1 why and purpose for our college campus safety, prevention. awareness, self-defense program, and our sdi7 HIIT Workouts. Parents and their loved ones gear up and prepare for the next phase of life, college. This is very exciting for us all! At the same time emotions of fear, anxiety, and insecurity are on the forefront. Please take the time to review some of the safety tips visit our website Practicing and reinforcing this will keep your loved ones out of the category of being the perfect victim. I cannot emphasize this enough, please avoid complacency. Practice daily safety and prevention habits and behaviors. Develop a healthy awareness not paranoid fear to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Every teenage (college bound) girl should have the knowledge of "situational awareness" and skills of how to fight back. What to do. Where and how to strike.

Schedule an appearance with Rob for an informative, educational and dynamic seminar.
Advice and Tips: College Campus Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Click here or copy and paste:

Rob will be in Washington D.C August 3rd & 4th at The Gaylord National Convention Center for his sdi7 College Campus Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and the sdi7 HIIT Workouts with Rob Fletcher.

sdi7 HIIT: College Campus Safety. Awareness. Prevention. Self-Defense.
Black belt, Self-defense and fitness expert Rob Fletcher introduces a dynamic new program and workout: sdi7 HIIT and Self-Defense Workout for Women. This program/workout is available as a 6-week program, one time 90-minute seminars and presentations. Offered to health clubs, gyms, colleges, universities, high schools, women’s groups and organized special events. The program can be customized according to the needs and objectives of the client, with a special focus on college campus safety, awareness, and prevention.
The sdi7 College Campus Safety. Prevention. Awareness and Self Defense Program includes:
1. Situational Awareness is your best self-defense. Common sense awareness advice and tips. 
2. If ever faced with a physical attack: 
* The Mindset Zones – red, yellow, gray and green
* What to do. Where and how to strike: The primary target areas and the primary strikes of sdi7 HIIT Level 
3. The primary target areas. The effective strikes. 
4. The 7 Minute Workout – the sdi7 HIIT Workout girls can do in the dorm, home, at the park, on the beach, and in the gym.
5. The benefits and value of reinforcing fighting skills and self-defense techniques while torching fat.

sdi7 HIIT Workouts
A series of 7-minute interval workouts. 1 minute on a fighting skill or self-defense technique and 1 minute on an exercise, strength or explosive movement (sdi7 HIIT workouts vary depending on your fitness and skill level). sdi7 HIIT implements fighting skills, self-defense, boxing, MMA drills, kickboxing, strength and conditioning workouts and abdominal /core work. 

Benefits and Value of the sdi7 HIIT Workouts and Program
* Time – workouts can be done is as little as 7 minutes.
* Can be done anywhere and at any time.
* sdi7 HIIT  workout reinforces fighting skills of self-defense while burning calories, torching fat, sculpting and toning the body. 
* Through repetition one will enhance their fighting skills and self-defense techniques turning it into a reaction or reflex.
* Build confidence, and self-esteem.
* Knowledge of "Situational Awareness"
* Put you and your loved ones out of the category of being the perfect victim.

About Rob Fletcher 
Rob has over 30 years in the martial arts and fitness industry. Certified through several leading fitness organizations: Master of Fitness through the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association), MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach through IHP (Institute of Human Performance) Creator of the sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and the sdi7 HIIT Workouts. He is a Black Belt, Self Defense & Fitness expert. A former North American Kickboxing Champion and member of the World Champion US Kickboxing Team. Inducted into the Black Belt Masters Hall of Fame. Recognized for Outstanding Martial Arts Achievement, and Listed in The Who’s Who of Martial Arts. Honored with the Joe Lewis PKA Eternal Warrior Award. Author of America’s Next Great Trainer Transform Your Life. 

Actions Conquer Tragedy. The Reagan Tokes Story.
Rob was enlisted by the Tokes family who lost they're 21-year-old daughter Reagan. Reagan was abducted, robbed, raped and murdered February 8, 2017. Much of what he does will benefit the Action Conquers Tragedy Movement and the Reagan Delaney Tokes Memorial Foundation. Launching national programs, seminars and sdi7 HIIT Trainer Certifications which will be offered to high schools, colleges, universities, health clubs and fitness studios, businesses and for organized special events. The sdi7 HIIT program is designed to educate and raise awareness. Providing the knowledge and skills of self-defense. How to fight back. Where and how to strike to survive an attack. For more information, you can visit

Schedule or host an event at your college or university. sdi7 College Campus Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and experience the awesome sdi7 HIIT Workouts. Email for more information.

Follow Us:
Instagram: @sdi7hiit
Twitter: @robfletcherangt
Facebook Link:

Rob Fletcher
Rob Fletcher Enterprises
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NBC News sdi7 HIIT and the sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and the sdi7 HIIT Workouts

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Mary Beth Davis to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2018 / — Like most of us, Mary Beth Davis, did not begin her career intending to become a pioneer. Several years into her nursing career, her path took an unexpected turn toward holistic medicine when Davis experienced a significant health event of her own. This opened her to exploring different options for healing and expanding her knowledge into areas such as nutrition. Some 30 years later, she is recognized as an innovator in the field of holistic medicine whose work has had a profound impact that ultimately touches and transforms thousands of lives.

“It gives me tremendous pleasure to be in this exciting and ever growing field,” says Davis, owner of Holistic Health Resources, LLC. Through her company, she provides consulting to individuals, organizations, and businesses in the areas of nutrition, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Davis enjoys empowering people through her own tools and expertise, and she is equally driven to connect individuals to other practitioners in order to provide the best possible outcomes.

“It’s immensely gratifying to be a pioneer in my work, and I love seeing that moment, that spark, when people become open to possibilities they may never have considered previously. I strive to make their process enjoyable, and maybe even fun!”

In 1980, Davis experienced her own spark when she became seriously ill and a friend suggested she take vitamin B complex. Up to this point, nutritional supplements had been downplayed in Davis’s nursing education. The supplement had such a positive effect on her that Davis started on an awe-inspiring exploration towards holistic medicine that was literally life changing. Subsequently, Davis began planting the seeds through her work in nursing in a variety of health care specialties including dermatology, allergy, cardiology, and education. She developed and implemented health and wellness programs for a multi-disciplinary clinic, the local health department, and community hospitals.

In the late 1990s, she was hired to develop a hospital-based holistic resource program where she worked as holistic specialist. She worked extensively developing a resource center to help educate the community. She introduced health care providers to the benefits of combining conventional medicine with complementary methods of healing and integrated these methods into hospital departments such as oncology, pain management, women’s health and corporate wellness. During this time, she also co-created an holistic medicine course for the University of Southern Indiana School of Nursing and Health Professions. All of this experience helped her resonate with nurses and other health care providers.

“I now see promise and an openness within the medical community” says Davis. “Younger people are opening up to a healthier lifestyle and recognizing the significance of physical, mental, and spiritual health.”

When Davis works with her clients she makes it enjoyable, lighthearted, and fun even including music in some of her educational presentations. Her goal is to continually radiate pure love to everything she touches and everyone she meets. According to Davis, there is a divine presence that is the origin of everything and encompasses all in its path.

“Ultimately, my goal is to “be” a bridge of healing, a bridge of love, and the root of that is pure unconditional love, kindness, and compassion,” says Davis. ”Everyone has unique gifts to offer and we all have a different life purpose and unique reason for coming to this earth.”

CUTV news will feature Mary Beth Davis in an interview with Jim Masters on Monday July 23rd at 3 p.m. EST and with Doug Llewelyn on July 30th at 3 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest please call (347) 996-3389

For more information on our guest please visit

Author: Beatrice Maria Centeno

Lou Ceparano
(631) 850-3314
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Protein Brokers, LLC , Pre-cooked Eggs Brand , Temptee Specialty Foods

Pre-cooked Eggs Brand Cage Free Gourmet Eggs and Fruit

Pre-cooked Eggs Brand Cage Free Gourmet Scrambled Eggs


Temptee Specialty Foods is excited to appoint Colorado Woman-Owned and Managed Company Protein Brokers, LLC as their Master Broker for the Pre-cooked Eggs Brand, Temptee and Old Timer Brands”

— Jack Lowe President / CEO

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2018 / — Temptee Specialty Foods has developed a UNIQUE COOKING AND PASTEURIZATION PROCESS that retains almost all of the moisture in the Pre-cooked Cage Free Eggs in their FDA / U.S.D.A. Inspected facility in Denver, Colorado without adding fillers, milk, corn starch,gums or other additives. The only ingredient added to the HICKMAN'S FAMILY FARMS CAGE FREE EGGS is a small amount of citric acid. The eggs are Pure Gourmet Scrambled Eggs and Pure Gourmet Egg Crumbles. For over 8 years Temptee has processed pre-cooked eggs for burrito manufactures.

The Pre-cooked Eggs Brand Cage Free Eggs can be used HOT or COLD in commercial burrito and taco manufacturing operations, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, catering trucks, salad companies, schools, sandwich making operations, C-stores, grocery store deli’s, hospitals, senior living centers, buffets, salad bars, camping and backpacking, and egg diets of all kinds!

Protein Brokers, LLC President Marlene Seward will be appointing retail and foodservice brokers Nationally for the Pre-cooked Eggs Brand Cage Free Eggs over the next few months to give local support to Foodservice Distributors, Retail Chains, C-stores, and Food, Sandwich, and Burrito Manufacturing Operations.

Pre-cooked Eggs Brand is owned by Egg Fundraising, LLC and Licensed to Temptee Specialty Foods to produce. The Pre-cooked Eggs Brand can also be purchased online in full pallet quantities with a credit card for companies wanting to receive their travel reward points. Prices are FOB Denver, Colorado and in ADDITION…Pre-cooked Eggs Brand will donate $0.05 cents per lb. to Easterseal Colorado to help kids and adults with disabilities in the buyers name or to any Charity or Organization that the buyer chooses.

Barney Seward
Protein Brokers, LLC
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Law Firm Marketing 101: Lawyers Need Blogs for Their Marketing Plans

Law Firm Marketing Agency

Mary Ann Fasanella, CEO of Advisory Concept Evolvers, tells you why lawyers need blogs as part of their marketing plan.

Blogs are incredibly beneficial to law firms in terms of marketing and should be standard as part of their marketing plan.”

— Mary Ann Fasanella, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 22, 2018 / — Lawyers Need Blogs for Their Marketing Plans

Ever since blogs came on the scene, they have become a popular way to showcase a person’s expertise and interests. Soon it wasn’t just crafters who were blogging; businesses where adding blog feeds to their websites.

However, they were misusing their blogs. Instead of creating a valuable opinion or explaining a new trend, people were using blogs to repeat their services and/or products just to have more content.

Blogging has become a big industry, with numerous resources out there on how to create a blog and make money with it (e.g., ads).

Blogs are targeted content. They are expected to be part of a website and are one of the many great legal marketing ideas. There are many reasons why lawyers should add blogs to their content marketing plans.

Reasons for Having a Blog Page

1. A Conversation Starter. When you give your opinion, it starts a conversation. All leads start with a conversation, whether electronic (email, chat or contact form) or in-person (consultation or networking). Potential clients can check out your blog on your website or via RSS. By subscribing by RSS, they will be alerted when new content is posted.

Content marketing is very important to a website. It shows just how authentic your content is and its quality. No one wants to read content that isn’t interesting, personal or helpful. This means that when marketing your law firm, you need to seriously consider content marketing strategies, and focus those strategies on providing direct answers to questions potential clients may have.

2. An Educational Tool. The best way for people to remember your law firm’s name is to help them without making contact. What I mean by this is to make your blog educational. Give some tips on a problem they may be facing (e.g., bankruptcy).

For example, a blog topic can be the most asked legal questions and answers. The more topics you have, the more people you can help.

This will create an atmosphere where prospective clients will feel comfortable enough to want to contact you for a consultation. Also, instead of creating a long email, you can insert a link to one of your blogs to save time and to showcase your expertise on the issue.

3. Saves Money. Instead of hiring a PR firm or social media specialist, you can simply post a blog. This gives you the opportunity to broadcast your opinion and to create a following.

Your blogs can also be shared, which can create leads. You can even use Twitter or Instagram to promote your latest blog.

4. Creates Followers. If you post your blog daily or weekly, you are creating a following because people will want to see what you have posted – fresh content. Remember, it’s important to be consistent with posting content.

5. Creates Traffic to Your Website. When you create content, you will naturally use keywords to describe your business and industry. This is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is how your website gets found quickly on the Internet.

The goal is to get listed on page one of Google. This does not happen overnight. No one can guarantee this or for how long, since Google is the boss.

Google is constantly changing its algorithms to be smarter at categorizing websites (and finding those using black hat SEO tricks). You can also use phrases (long-tail keywords) or enter a question to narrow down the search. SEO legal is designed to attract people to your website based on the legal problem they searched for.

Before contacting a lawyer, people will research their problem and see who is the leading expert on it. Your blog (and website) will not only tell them what they will need to know about their legal issue, but they’ll also get a feel for your firm and its staff. It’s not just about the content; the design and navigation can also be turn-offs for visitors.

Blogs in Law Firm Marketing

Blogs are the key to letting people know you are on top of the latest legal issues and they help build strong SEO. At ACE, we know how important blogs are to lawyer marketing. They are just one piece of the marketing pie, along with legal research, web design and advertising.

Blogs are also considered to be proactive marketing because you are constantly creating blogs on topics; one of which will be a person’s legal problem. By discussing a legal issue, you are reducing the anxiety one has towards it. You are letting the reader know that he or she is not alone and that others have been in the same situation with positive results.

Get in Touch With Us Today!

Advisory Concept Evolvers offers innovative legal marketing services to build your client book. We have the experience and track record to make your law firm more profitable, efficient and relevant. Call or email us today!

Readers of this information also read:

Law Firm Content Marketing: (

Mary Ann Fasanella, CEO
Advisory Concept Evolvers
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How to fix up a dated kitchen to sell your home

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, July 22, 2018 / — If you’re planning on selling your home, your dated kitchen could deter buyers and even lower your asking price. Kitchen renovations are expensive, and it might not be possible to invest in a total remodel. There are some things you can do to fix up your dated kitchen that are cost-effective, have a good return on investment and can help attract buyers.
Invest in Cabinet Refinishing
Cabinet refinishing is when you keep all the components of your cabinets but paint or stain them a new colour. Companies that offer cabinet painting will remove all the drawers and doors and refinish them along with the box faces and all exposed panels. This will give your kitchen a totally new look and can cost less than 25% of a full replacement. You can do cabinet refinishing if our cabinets are still sturdy and in good shape.
Tip: Consider painting your cabinets white. This will give your kitchen a bright, welcoming and open look. It also creates a neutral pallet for home buyers to imagine their own décor and design ideas in your home.
Get new appliances.
You don’t have to splurge on the best, most high-tech appliances on the market, but if your appliances are decades old and clearly falling apart, purchasing new, functional ones can go a long way. Buyers will not like the idea of having to replace old appliances when they move in. Get some standard, nice-looking replacements. If the buyer wants an upgrade, they can worry about that later. For now, they want to move into a house with a working fridge and stove.
Replace the countertops.
After the cabinets, the countertops are a big visual when you walk into the kitchen. Dated and damaged countertops are not working in your favour if you’re trying to sell. Replace your old countertops with quality laminate countertops. Laminate has come a long way over the years and can be made to mimic the look of natural stone like granite, marble and quartz. Having a new surface can really improve the aesthetics of the kitchen. is a free online directory of pre-screened, certified and trustworthy companies in the home service industry, including cabinet refinishing companies It is not a review site. All companies listed on RenovationFind have passed background checks and are continually monitored to ensure they’re meeting standards. They are all screened to ensure they have legal, credit, they have a legitimate business license, insurance, and customer complaints are reviewed. Those companies who are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) receive a higher rating.

“We’ve all heard stories of people being ripped off by bad contractors,” said Riley. “If you are looking for a contractor to install a new driveway or concrete countertops, you should go beyond online reviews and check their references, ask to see proof of insurance, a valid business license and examples of their work. Being thorough in your research and asking to see these things is your right as a consumer.”

If you’re planning on upgrading your kitchen you might want to do research and read >>> options for a kitchen upgrade.

Keith Riley
email us here

RenovationFind Intro

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நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் அறிமுகப்படுத்தும் TGTE TV அங்குரார்ப்பணம் – 22.07.2018

உலகப்பரப்பெங்கும் பரந்து வாழுகின்ற மக்களை ஒரே அணியாக்கி தேசியம் நோக்கி பயணிக்கின்ற செயற்பாடுகளை ஐநா வரை தமிழர் தரப்பால் முன்னெடுக்கப்பட்டு வருகின்றது.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 22, 2018 / —

தாயகம், தேசியம், தன்னாட்சியுரிமை எனும் தொனிப்பொருளுடன் இயங்கும் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் தேசிய விடுதலை தொடர்பான செயற்பாடுகளை உலகம் எங்கும் வாழும் தமிழ் மக்கள் மத்தியில் எடுத்துச் செல்லவும் மக்கள் மத்தியில் தேசிய விடுதலை தொடர்பான விழிப்புணர்வை உருவாக்கி தேசிய விடுதலைக்கு வலுச் சேர்க்கும் முகமாக நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தால் புதியதோர் முயற்சியாக ஊடகம் மற்றும் பொதுசன விவகாரங்களுக்கான அமைச்சினால் TGTE TV அறிமுகப்படுத்தப்படுகின்றது.

காலம் :

22.07.2018, ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை

நேரம் :

மாலை 16:00 தொடக்கம் 19:00 வரை

இடம் :

Harrow Civic Centre,

2nd Floor, Station Road,

Harrow, HA1 2XY
Buses : 140,186,182

Nearest underground : Harrow & Wealdtone

Free car park available.

இணையம் மூலமாக பார்வையிட :

இன்றைய நிகழ்வின் நேரடி ஒளிபரப்பு இணையத்தின் ஊடாக ஒளிபரப்பப்படும்.

Phone: +44(0)7896 588 369

Email: info@tgte.yv

ஊடகம் மற்றும் பொதுசன விவகாரங்களுக்கான அமைச்சு,
நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம்
+44(0)7896 588 369
email us here

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Retired Adult Star Nadia Ali Invites LA Fans to the Grand Opening of Beauty Bar Onai Here 2 Slay this Sunday 2pm – 4pm

Onai Malik Welcomes You to the Grand Opening of Onai Here 2 Slay

Now Living as Onai Malik Pakistan Young Woman Calls Business, Her "Never-Ending Journey"

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA , July 21, 2018 / — Onai Malik infamously known as the controversial Muslim Pakistan adult star, Nadia Ali, will be hosting the grand opening of her beauty bar, Onai Here 2 Slay, this Sunday, July 22nd from 2pm to 4pm, featuring a ceremonial ribbon cutting at 3pm, champagne, finger food and cupcakes and invites all well-wishers to join the celebration.

“This has been a dream of mine, years in the works and now the day is finally here, the grand opening of my own beauty bar,” says Onai. “My goal is to make Onai Here 2 Slay is the place to go for beauty, confidence and empowerment, and I want to thank all of my friends, family and fans for all of their support.”

Although Onai Malik left the adult industry two years ago, her legacy as a proud, sexual Muslim woman lives on, most recently she was written about in a New York Times Op-Ed piece last month called, “How to Be a Hoejabi,” and fans may read what another young Pakistan woman had to say about the artist formerly known as Nadia Ali here

“Business is a never-ending journey,” says Onai. “You must continue with your chest up and your head held high.”

Onai Here to Slay is located at 6730 West Sunset Blvd., Suite 414, Los Angeles, CA 90028 and to make an appointment, you may call directly at 415-881-0225.

Find out what people are saying about Onai Here 2 Slay here .

Fans may follow Onai Here to Slay here and on Instagram at Fans may follow Onai Malik on Facebook at and enjoy her brown tutorial here

About Onai Malik:

Pakistani native Onaza Malik got her start threading brows at just 17 years old. In 2009, Onaza began working as a threader in salons, and became fascinated with the art of lash extensions when threading in 2013 at a Lash Salon in the Bay Area. Two years ago, Onaza began to really perfect her skill in both brows AND lash extensions by working house calls, which was a hit! Now offering brow tinting, Onaza loves the idea of her clients waking up in the morning to their significant other with flawless, yet natural look! Brow tinting, threading, and lash extensions are all great temporary solutions Onaza has picked up rather quickly. She also now has expertise in a semi- permanent solution: Brow Microblading! Onaza is Licensed/Certified in Brow Microblading. Onai (Pronounced O-NAY, high school nickname!) adores the self-made, high-maintenance woman, and pampering her and is exactly why she named her business Onaihere2slay!!! Book an appointment or send in an inquiry! I can’t wait to slay

# # #

Publicist: Lainie Speiser, 201-920-2777;

Lainie Speiser
Lainie Speiser Publicity
email us here

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Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam is Launching Its Own TV Channel Called – TGTE TV –

When: Sunday 22nd July –
Time: 4 PM to 7 PM –

Where: Harrow Civic Centre, London.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 20, 2018 / —

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is launching its own Tamil TV Channel called – TGTE TV – for news and information for viewers around the world.

LINK to the TV Channel:

This free TV Channel will air news, discussions, debates and transmit events live and will not show any entertainment programmes like serials, cinema songs, movies, etc.

When: Sunday 22nd July

Time: 4 PM to 7 PM

Where: Harrow Civic Centre,
2nd Floor, Station Road,
Harrow HA1 2XY
United Kingdom

Buses : 140,186 and 182
Underground : Harrow & Wealdtone
*Free car park available.*

Contact:+44(0)7896 588 369

LINK to the TV Channel:

Ministry of Media and Public Relations
Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)
+44(0)7896 588 369
email us here

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PA State Representatives Confirmed to Attend Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County and the Main Line's Veteran Event

Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County & the Main Line will host an Honor our Veterans event July 29th

Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County and the Main Line will be hosting an Honor our Veterans event on July 29th from 12-3 pm in Haverford, PA.

Veterans are so important to our American history. It’s only right to honor and celebrate their bravery and dedication.”

— Ian Bongaardt, Owner of CK of Montgomery County & the Main Line


Comfort Keepers sincerely appreciates the services America’s veterans have performed to honor and serve our country. In honor of their services, Comfort Keepers will be hosting an Honor our Veterans celebratory event on July 29th, 2018. It has been confirmed that PA State Representatives, Alex Charlton and Greg Vitali, will be attending the event.

The Honor our Veterans event will be held at the Haverford Township Parks and Recreation Department in Haverford, PA. It begins at 12:00 pm and will go until 3:00 pm. During the celebration, friends and family will be able to hear stories from veterans, listen and sing along to patriotic music, and take home commemorative photos. Light refreshments will also be available for your enjoyment.

Comfort Keepers is honored to host two PA State Representatives, Charlton and Vitali, who have confirmed their attendance to the event. The extended support from the community and State Representatives will make this event an unforgettable day to honor our veterans.

“Veterans are so important to our American history,” said Ian Bongaardt, owner of Comfort Keepers Springfield. “We at Comfort Keepers work with many on a day to day basis.”

“It’s only right to honor and celebrate their bravery and dedication,” Bongaardt said, “I am really looking forward to this event.”

Comfort Keepers Springfield works closely with veterans on a day to day basis. Many veterans could potentially qualify for veteran benefits, which would cover the cost of in-home care. If you are in need of in-home care and are a veteran or even a spouse of a veteran, you may be offered pension benefits from the Veterans Administration.

The Veterans Improved Pension Benefit Program could be the answer to covering in-home senior care service costs. If you are questioning if you or your loved one is eligible for such benefits, Comfort Keepers is ready to help assist in the process of accessing information and evaluating eligibility for the benefits program.

Some basic requirements to qualify are as follows:
-Veteran or spouse of a veteran
-If a widow, you cannot be re-married
-65 years old or older
-Veteran that has served a minimum of 90 days of active military service
-Discharged under any condition, except dishonorably
-Must be in need of personal care services such as feeding, showering, etc.
-Falls below the annual income threshold

If you or your loved one meets any of these basic qualifications, you or they may qualify for pension benefits from the Veterans Administration. For further information and assistance, contact Comfort Keepers Springfield today to learn more.

“Many veterans and their family members are not fully informed about the benefits they can receive,” Bongaardt said, “which could potentially help cover the costs of in-home senior care and take a financial burden off of families.”

Bongaardt continued, “We hope this event will show our veteran clients, their families, and any veterans considering in-home care that we are appreciative of their services and ready to now honorably serve them.”

Comfort Keepers looks forward to celebrating America’s veterans at the Honor our Veterans event and also every day they’re taken care of through in-home care services. This event will be a time to reflect on our country’s history while embracing a healthy and happy future for our veterans.

If you would like to attend the Honor our Veterans event, please RSVP to Sharon Miller at (610) 783-7878, or visit Comfort Keepers Springfield’s website for more information.

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Ian Bongaardt
Comfort Keepers Springfield
(610) 543-6300
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Brutal Bigfoot Release Date Confirmed Complaint Filed Against New To The Street

First of Five


Eye witness testimonies of the suit designer and person who wore the suit.

Details how the film was taken

Distributor has confirmed release date for "Brutal Bigfoot". BGFT has filed a complaint against FMW Media Works for breach of contract.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTCMKTS:BGFT)

REDWOOD CITY, CA, US, July 20, 2018 / — Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. traded on the OTC markets under the ticker symbol BGFT has received confirmation of the release date for the first of five films in the series know as "Brutal Bigfoot" from their distributor. The distributor is now in the process of a media campaign for the film and has asked BGFT not to disclose the actual release date. We are glad to announce that it will be released soon and look forward to a positive fan reaction to this found footage film production.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. has filed a complaint against FMW Media Works (New To The Street) for breach of contract. The defendant was personally served with the complaint June 29th. Details on the case can not be released while it is in litigation.

The Searching for Bigfoot expedition team is gearing up for the fall expedition, we are in the process of collecting eye witness accounts as well has pictorial, and physical evidence to plan our next exploration route across the United States. Go to the website for instructions on reporting your encounters. You could be one of the lucky ones that the team meets, investigates with and shares information with. Be rewarded with your very own Searching for Bigfoot merchandise for your contribution to the research of the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot.

You can also be featured on out blog talk radio show, listen every Wednesday night at 7 pm Pacific. Real people reporting real encounters every week.

Merger candidate has been identified as a good fit for our business model. Initial due diligence has been completed by Veyo Parthers. They have initiated negotiations with a company that will enhance our financials and provide new revenue and investigation opportunities for BGFT.

Negotiations are underway with current convertible notes holders. The company plans to extinguish the debt without any additional shares being issued. August 28, 2017 note with Power Up Lending fully converted June 26th. Reserve shares were subsequently released and note was closed out.

Contact the Searching for Bigfoot expedition team to report your encounters and be included in the next expedition!

Sara Reynolds
Bigfoot Project Investments Inc.
email us here

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