Happenings in Myanmar: Post Updates on Facebook via VPN Service

NEW DELHI, INDIA, March 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The coup in Myanmar is still ongoing. Lots of people were killed in a protest, the traditional media has been shut down, social media apps were blocked, even the internet has been turned off quite a few times.

People are scared for their lives. Children in their teenage years are already aware of how much is at stake so they have also joined the protests. Even the elder people are terrified of what’s happening because these people have no idea on what unpleasant things might happen in the upcoming days.

The Impact of Facebook in Myanmar

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Myanmar. With over 28 million users last year of December, Facebook’s impact is massive in this technology-driven era. From keeping up with the trends to sharing news updates, this social media platform could have been Myanmar’s biggest weapon.

But since the military government blocked Facebook, Myanmar’s ace has gone.

Living in an Adaptive Society

Since these modern times require adaptivity on technology, technology researchers have to outdo themselves when it comes to innovation.

By this, another technology has been receiving traction: the Virtual Private Network or a VPN. A VPN is a software tool that conceals an internet user’s IP address so that a user can browse the web anonymously. Third parties would not be able to keep track of the user’s online data and activities. The user can even access geo-blocked websites such as Facebook.

Anyone connected with a VPN in Myanmar can access social media platforms and update the people around the globe on what’s happening without compromising their safety and security. This is made possible due to the server locations available in a VPN service. For example, a Myanmar citizen can make it appear that he is in another country by choosing any server location besides his current location.

Key Takeaways

Myanmar’s situation is getting worse. There are now possible ways of staying updated on the latest news and keeping in touch with loved ones. By connecting to a VPN like GoingVPN, one is guaranteed of his safety. GoingVPN also offers unlimited data so that users can access geo-blocked websites anytime.

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Tech startup Mokusei Intelligence that Sponsors your Education & Travel, revises guidelines for '$500 Press Challenge'

Mokusei Logo

Mokusei Intelligence Company Logo

vallued.ai logo white green

The World is a School


vallued logo square

Rules for the '$500 Press Challenge' have been revised to welcome entries from storytellers, artists & communicators that are made in languages of their choice.

Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

— Hellen Keller

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, March 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — India-based social impact Tech Startup Mokusei Intelligence offers up to 100% Financial Aid and Sponsorship to people for covering Education or Travel expenses in exchange for their help with testing Mokusei's 'Cheating-Detection' EdTech Software. Mokusei is currently reaching out to people from all across the world with an invitation to apply to become Mokusei's 'BETA Testers'.

This invitation is open to all people all over the world and is not restricted to just students alone. Even individuals who have already graduated and finished with their education can apply to become Mokusei's BETA Testers – and they can receive up to 100% reimbursement of the funds that they have spent or paid on their tuition fees. This funding that is provided by Mokusei Intelligence is NOT a loan and DOES NOT have to be returned back to the Company.

Some sections of the website like 'Subscribe', 'Home', 'About', 'How-it-Works' require visitors to enter email for identity verification to allow access.

'Fund Seekers' who are interested in receiving funds from Mokusei for education or travel must appear for the BETA Test (scheduled to be held in august 2021) on Mokusei's upcoming flagship EdTech mobile app – vallued.ai – and generate data that will be used by the Company to train and develop AI/ML based algorithms to develop software that detects cheating and unethical student behavior in online exams worldwide. These 'Fund Seekers' will become Mokusei's FIRST batch of BETA Testers.

Mokusei announced its EARLY BIRD REWARD PROGRAM on its website to gather initial interest and basic information from 'Fund Seekers' through its 'Subscription or Fund Seekers' form for the purpose of planning for logistics. This information will help the Company in making funding arrangements & for figuring out future strategies to plan a roadmap for growth, innovation, and evolution. It will also help the Company in terms of financial projections and valuations.

'Fund Seekers' interested in joining the Early Bird Reward Program and becoming Mokusei's BETA Testers for receiving reimbursement of education fees, funding aid, and support for upcoming education or travel – who fill up the 'Subscription' or 'Fund Seekers' form on the www.vallued.ai website before 30 April 2021 – will be eligible to receive exclusive early bird offers and benefits from Mokusei when they register for the BETA Test on the app upon launch. There is no cost or fee for filling the 'Fund Seekers' form and visitors who fill the form are free to change their mind later if they wish, and decide not to register for Mokusei's BETA Test to become Mokusei's BETA Testers.

In addition to the Early Bird Reward Program mentioned above Mokusei had also announced its FIRST ever '$500 Press Challenge' earlier this month. Mokusei announced this challenge to seek out some of the best untapped, unnoticed, undiscovered, raw talent and communicators out there for upcoming and future projects.

This challenge is open to absolutely any individual who is creative, artistic, or articulate — including Journalists, Reporters, Bloggers, Audio & Video Podcast Hosts, & Media Persons — from all over the world. Mokusei seeks the creative, quirky storytellers & interaction wizards hidden among the masses to articulate and explain better to the larger audiences and world out there what vallued.ai and Mokusei are all about in a simple yet effective, interactive, engaging, creative manner.

The purpose of '$500 Press Challenge' is to gather work samples from creative brains and beings to find the right candidates who can join the Mokusei Tribe and create good art, content, media for the Company. The Applicant – or team of applicants – who ace this challenge will receive a compensation of $500 for the work or entry submitted – and Mokusei will be glad to sign a long-term contract with them or offer them a consultant role for some of Mokusei's upcoming projects.

Details of '$500 Press Challenge' can be found on The Press Challenge page of the website. This challenge was originally asked for submissions and entries from candidates in English language only. But on popular demand and on special requests, Mokusei Intelligence updated rules and guidelines for its FIRST ever '$500 Press Challenge' announced last week.

In the first iteration of rules, expected submissions and entries were to be designed and made in the English language only. Also, applicants were not allowed to seek clarity from the Mokusei team, or have their questions and doubts answered in case of ambiguous information or unclear information.

As per the NEW set of rules and guidelines, however, applicants can make and submit their art, work, or creation in any language of their choice — targeted towards, & tailored for, whatever audience they think is fit for this challenge – and would get interested in what vallued.ai and Mokusei have to offer. They can also freely approach the Mokusei Founder in case they have any questions or queries that need clarity – or in case they want to conduct an interview and get to know the Mokusei team better.

The application process, steps to be taken by interested applicants, and criteria for evaluation have all been mentioned on the website. Candidates can choose to write their piece, or make their art & creation based on absolutely any part and aspect of the information & content that they understand and like. Entries can be as short as 30 seconds video clips or as long as properly researched articles, posts, or news stories which articulate and explain the idea/concept of vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence.

Some candidates will get priority consideration for evaluation from Mokusei – to check and find out who fits that bill or matches the criteria please visit https://www.vallued.ai/the-press-challenge.

Mokusei has a very flexible work culture. Interested individuals may apply to work in part-time, freelance, or contract capacity in case they like Mokusei but are not in a position to contribute in a full-time capacity. In case you would like to work with Mokusei – or check out any openings and positions that might suit you – please visit https://www.vallued.ai/openings-and-projects

Ashish Bohora
Mokusei Intelligence
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How to Start a Movement – Derek Sivers

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Mokusei Intelligence invites journalists, bloggers, podcast hosts, social media influencers to explore www.vallued.ai

Mokusei Logo

Mokusei Intelligence Company Logo

vallued.ai logo white green

The World is a School


vallued logo square

Mokusei aims to spread the word about vallued.ai among students, travelers, and individuals who seek sponsorship for education or travel to find BETA Testers.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

— Albert Einstein

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, March 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mokusei Intelligence – a young social impact & education-centric tech company newly incorporated on 17 February 2021 Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, officially recognized by the Government of India as a high potential Startup on 25 February 2021 – provides financial support, sponsorship, or reimbursement of funds to people for education and travel if they become BETA Testers for Mokusei and help to test & deploy company software.

Whenever BETA Testers will help test the software for Mokusei, they will generate useful data which Mokusei aims to use for developing AI/ML based algorithms and tech solutions to solve social challenges like educational inequity, legal aid & justice dispensation, socio-cultural rifts & divide, political reform & systemic change, free & fair journalism among others.

Cheating in online examinations has become a major problem for educators and educational institutes worldwide – https://indianexpress.com/article/education/online-exam-cancelled-by-iit-b-after-incidents-of-cheating-surface-7064288/ . This malpractice not only impacts the analysis of a student's learning abilities, reputations of educational institutes, bottom-line of edtech companies, etc but also creates a biased and unfair system that allows the cheating candidates to move up ahead on the education & opportunities ladder while penalizing the sincere, honest, genuine hard-working students who put in their complete effort to make a future for themselves. These good students fail to turn their lives around as their scores and rank take a hit and get pushed down or become meaningless because of a system that not only does not penalize miscreants and cheaters but also allows them to thrive. They lose out on opportunities, good jobs, employment, and so on – vicious circle forces even the good students to ultimately resort to unfair practices and means simply to keep up with the (false) competition.

While most of the current proctoring services are browser and desktop/laptop based, they are also not foolproof. Mokusei's first focus and aim are to develop an exclusive mobile-only digital supervision and assessment platform which detects instances of cheating, unethical practices, defrauding, and so on in remote digital online examinations or assessments worldwide. For gathering relevant data to train its engines, Mokusei is developing its flagship test conducting app — vallued.ai. The app aims for a May 2021 launch while Mokusei's First ever BETA Test to collect and gather relevant real-time, exam-time-student-behaviour data is scheduled to be conducted in August 2021.

Considering massive fees – https://www.edsurge.com/news/2020-01-21-how-stretching-to-pay-for-college-is-altering-middle-class-life Individuals who register for this BETA Test and become Mokusei's BETA Testers can get up to 100% funding support or reimbursement of fees spent for their education depending on the score and rank that they achieve in the BETA Test. BETA Testers who want to use funding they are entitled to receive for travel purposes instead of education may do so. This special benefit and reward is currently reserved only for individuals who fill up the "Fund Seeker" Form (or "Subscription" Form) on the website BEFORE 30 April 2021 to indicate their interest in the BETA Test. Mokusei needs this information and data to plan logistics & company financials in advance. The 'Fund Seeker' form is only for the purpose of gathering data and not a confirmation or commitment to Mokusei's BETA Test pilot. Visitors who fill up this form can freely change their minds later about registering for the BETA Test when they actually download, install, and use the app upon launch. They are free to choose to not become Mokusei's BETA Tester.

While the BETA Test has a Registration Fee component attached to it, individuals and users have an option to earn a registration fee waiver to take the BETA Test free of cost in case they do not wish to or are unable to pay the registration fees for the BETA Test. Mokusei wants to spread the word about vallued.ai to education/travel enthusiasts out there in so they become BETA Testers for Mokusei if they wish to.

The company is currently inviting journalists, reporters, press members, bloggers, social media influencers, podcast hosts, higher ed educators, edtech experts, travel enthusiasts with followers from all over the world to visit and explore the website https://www.vallued.ai/search-website Mokusei Team will be happy to answer any questions or queries that reviewers might have about vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence. If any Press member requests a guided exploration of the website, Mokusei founder Ashish Bohora will be glad to arrange for a session accordingly.

Reviewers may choose to publish or broadcast about vallued.ai to their followers, readers, or audiences only if they like the website, the (intentionally designed) navigational experience, and the thought/idea/concept behind vallued.ai. Mokusei wishes to stay true to the principles of integrity and honesty. While the company is not into unethical practices of offering bribes to influencers, press members, podcast hosts for the purposes of fake and false publicity or positive reviews, it also appreciates and understands the hard work, effort, and thought that goes behind writing stories, covering topice, or giving reviews.

Mokusei has decided to waive off registration fee for the first 36 reviewers who truly like the idea/concept and cover vallued.ai for spreading the word to their audience, followers, or readers before 14 March 2021. They must cover vallued.ai out of inner motivation and only if they themselves like the thought, team, future plans, etc. These reviewers must transparently tell their audiences and followers about the registration fee waiver they receive from Mokusei so people can make honest, informed choices. Mokusei wants to waive off registration fees for these reviewers as a gesture of thanks and appreciation so they may appear for the BETA Test free of cost to become Mokusei's BETA Testers and try their shot at becoming eligible to receive funding from Mokusei to cover their education fees or travel expenses. Mokusei will also NOT stop reviewers who dislike the idea/concept and disparage or criticize vallued.ai – however, registration fee waiver for BETA Test will not be applicable to such reviewers.

Interested reviewers may feel free to connect with Ashish preferably before 11 Feb so that word about vallued.ai can go out by 14 March.

Ashish Bohora
Mokusei Intelligence
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Can You Really Tell If A Kid Is Lying – Kang Lee

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International Women's Day: Café Mocha's Salute Her Awards to honor Cynthia Erivo, Holly Robinson Peete and More

2021 Virtual Salute Her Awards

In Celebration of International Women's Day, 'Saluting Our Culture' Award series kicks off with women' creating a legacy' for their resilience and innovation

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, March 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In celebration of International Women's History Day, Café Mocha Radio, the #1 nationally syndicated radio show for 'women of color,' announces its virtual Salute Her Awards, streaming Sunday, March 21 at 7 pm ET. Hosted by Emmy Award winner and Café Mocha co-host Loni Love, this year's 'creating a legacy' theme recognizes women who exemplify resilience and innovation with a commitment to building a legacy of connections for the next generation.

Presented by Toyota Motor North America and AARP, the Salute Her Awards is the first in Café Mocha's “Saluting Our Culture” award series with upcoming ceremonies in June and September honoring the phenomenal impact and contributions of African Americans globally.

2021 Salute Her Honorees Include:

Creating the Legacy Award – Cynthia Erivo, Grammy® Emmy® and Tony® Award-winning actress, singer, and producer
Toyota Champion Award – Holly Robinson-Peete, actress, author, tv host, and Co-founder of HollyRod Foundation
Champion for Change Award – LaTosha Brown, Co-Founder, Black Voters Matter
Champion for Children Award – Denene Millner, New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of MyBrownBaby.com
Powerhouse Award – Pinky Cole, Founder/CEO, Slutty Vegan
Game Changer Award – Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, Scientific Lead, Coronavirus Vaccines & Immunopathogenesis Team at NIH
Trailblazer Award – Melanie Campbell, President/CEO, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, convener, Black Women’s Roundtable

Following the awards ceremony, honoree Cynthia Erivo will debut her performance as Aretha Franklin in the National Geographic biographic television anthology series' Genius: Aretha' at 9 pm ET.

The Toyota Champion Award will be presented to actress Holly Robinson-Peete for her tireless work with the HollyRod Foundation co-founded with her husband, retired NFL quarterback Rodney Peete. The foundation provides "medical, physical, and emotional support" to individuals living with Parkinson's disease and families of children with autism. The HollyRod4kids initiative assists families affected by autism by providing resources to improve the lives of children diagnosed with the disorder. Recently diagnosed with Autism at 31, Morgan Harper Nichols, acclaimed artist and poet will perform special tribute during the ceremony.

The virtual event will feature musical tributes from 4x Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Eric Benet, 2x Grammy Award-winning singer and 2014 Salute Her Award recipient Gloria Gaynor, and 2020 Salute THEM Award recipient, multiple Grammy and Stellar Award-winning "Rose of Gospel Music" Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole. The evening will pay respect to the life of Cicely Tyson who left an indelible mark and legacy within the world of TV & Film.

“Toyota is proud to wrap this extraordinary year for the Salute Her Awards Tour by awarding Holly Robinson Peete and the HollyRod Foundation – the final Toyota Champion Award,” said Alva Adams-Mason, Group Manager Multicultural Business Strategy, and Dealer Relations for Toyota Motor North America. “The brand honors the selfless work of the HollyRod Foundation and their commitment in offering compassionate care to individuals and families living with autism and Parkinson's disease.”

AARP has once again partnered with the Salute Her Awards to exemplify their commitment to profile the work of today's women and their impact on the next generation. They are proud to "Celebrate Black Joy" for its beauty, brilliance, variety, tenacity, and resilience.

Proceeds from the Salute Her Awards benefit the Mocha Cares Foundation to support housing and services to combat homelessness and domestic violence through mentorship programs.

The awards will stream "live" via SaluteHER.com and across all the network's social media platforms @cafemocharadio. To register, visit www.SaluteHer.com.

For more information, contact Sheila Eldridge at 301-249-1700 / sheila@milesaheadentertainment.com or Alex Hill at 313-213-2149 / alex@milesaheadentertainment.com.

About the Salute Her Awards:
Café Mocha Radio launched its annual Salute Her Awards events in 2011, with a mission to recognize dynamic women who have made contributions in their communities and breaking down barriers. Since its inception ten years ago, past honorees include activist Sybrina Fulton, broadcast personality Wendy Williams, and Iyanla Vanzant, "Empire" actress Ta'Rhonda Jones, CNN correspondent Fredricka Whitfield, renowned White House journalist and author April Ryan and legendary actress Pam Grier, actress/humanitarian Sheryl Lee Ralph, Cynthia Bailey, Kim Fields, Malinda Williams, Terri J. Vaughn and Vy Higginsen, singers Gloria Gaynor, Stephanie Mills, Fantasia Barrino Taylor, Syleena Johnson, and Tamela Mann, influencers Constance White, Luvvie Ajayi, Lola Ogunnaike, Jamie Foster Brown, Shirley Strawberry, fashion designer Barbara Bates, Dr. Bernice King, Deanna Brown Thomas, Ricki Fairley, NBA mom Wanda Durant and Ilyasah Shabazz to name few.

About Toyota
Toyota (NYSE:TM), creator of the Prius hybrid and the Mirai fuel cell vehicle, is committed to building vehicles for the way people live through our Toyota and Lexus brands. Over the past 60 years, we've built more than 40 million cars and trucks in North America, where we have 14 manufacturing plants, 15 including our joint venture in Alabama (10 in the U.S.), and directly employ more than 47,000 people (over 36,000 in the U.S.). Our 1,800 North American dealerships (nearly 1,500 in the U.S.) sold nearly 2.8 million cars and trucks (nearly 2.4 million in the U.S.) in 2019.

About AARP
AARP is the nation's largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering people 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. With a nationwide presence and nearly 38 million members, AARP strengthens communities and advocates for what matters most to families: health security, financial stability, and personal fulfillment. AARP also produces the nation's largest circulation publications: AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit www.aarp.org or follow @AARP and @AARPadvocates on social media.


Sheila Eldridge
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As the UN Human Rights Council Meets -Tamil Women in Sri Lanka Continues to Search for Their Disappeared Babies : TGTE

International Truth and Justice Project handed over details to UN on Sri Lankan Military run "Rape Camps", where Tamil women are being held as “sex slaves”

Tamil women are campaigning at UN Human Rights Council to Refer Sri Lanka to International Criminal Court (ICC) to get justice.
They fear failure will embolden Forces to commit abuses without fear”

— Mrs. Balambihai Murugadas, Deputy Prime Minister, TGTE

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, March 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —

As the current UN Human Rights Council meets in Geneva – Tamil women in Sri Lanka continues to search for their babies, children, husbands and fathers who disappeared as a result of Sri Lankan Security force's actions, said Mrs. Balambihai Murugadas, Deputy Prime Minister of Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE).

“UN ranked Sri Lanka as having the second highest number of the disappeared in the world.”

Tamil women took the lead in organizing themselves to find their loved ones and are holding regular protests including hunger strikes. Over the years, several Tamil women who have searched their loved ones have died, but others continue their search despite threats, harassment and other abuses by the Security forces and intelligence officers, said Mrs. Murugadas.

“They also reached out to the United Nations, including continuously presenting their cases to the UN Human Rights Council. Despite all their activities they are unable to get any answer from the Sri Lankan Government about the fate of their loved ones.”

Recently, they became part of the massive movement called Pothuvil to Polihandy (P2P), urging to Refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed against the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan State.

“Tamil mothers are also actively campaigning at the current UN Human Rights Council Session to Refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to get justice. Tamil women fear that failure to refer Sri Lanka will embolden to commit abuses against Tamil women without any fear of facing justice for abuses.”

According to UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office report on April 2013, there are over 90,000 Tamil war widows in Sri Lanka.

International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) in February 2017 handed over details to the United Nations of Sri Lankan Military run "Rape Camps", where Tamil women are being held as “sex slaves.”

The report states the following:

“A senior officer came into the room and was asked to take his pick, like we were meat in a meat market. He looked around and chose me. He took me to another room and raped me”

“Two of the women describe being detained in a group in one room, available for any soldier to come and choose from and take to an adjacent room or tent to be raped,” says ITJP.

ITJP has also provided details of six military men including a major and a lieutenant colonel who are alleged perpetrators of rape and torture in the military.
Details: http://www.jdslanka.org/index.php/news-features/human-rights/669-un-told-of-sri-lanka-military-operating-qrape-campsq

According to the UN, Sri Lankan security forces have committed mass killings and large scale rape of Tamil women. The same security forces that committed these abuses are still stationed in very large numbers in Tamil areas; among the same women they committed sexual violence. Tamil women have to undergo fear and humiliation to live among the soldiers and to see them walking free and enjoying full protection and support of the successive Governments.

Tamil areas have a ratio of one soldier for every five civilians, believed to be the highest number of soldiers to civilian ratio in the world.

Several military officers who were credibly accused of involvement in rape camps, enforced disappearance and other abuses were given promotions and called “war heroes” said, Mrs. Murugadas.

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
+44 7896 588369
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Advertising on Hulu: 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs This – Peter Belbita

Peter Belbita - Advertising on Hulu: 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs This

Peter Belbita – Advertising on Hulu: 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs This

It’s not exactly a secret that the current media landscape is in the midst of a drastic change. Pay Per View TV is now the best way to reach the TV audience.

The digital landscape is changing fast! Advertisers and agencies together need to adapt to the current trends and consumer patterns. In today's digital age, time is of the essence.”

— Peter Belbita

DARIEN, CT, USA, March 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s not exactly a secret that the current media landscape is in the midst of a drastic change. Traditional television, once the most reliable and surefire way to reach people, is no longer the force it once was. This has sent businesses and marketers scrambling to find the most effective ways to get their message out.

Consumer preferences shifting away from traditional TV services and onto formats like advertising on Hulu.

If you’re working towards improving a brand’s marketing efforts through TV ads, then this probably rings true:

You’re beginning to feel like only running ads on television is no longer effective.
You may not be sure of what ad format(s) to use instead.
Social media may seem like the right route for advertising, but you may be apprehensive. Google Advertising can yield great results, but it can become very expensive, very quickly. Keeping up with the constant rise and fall of new and different digital marketing channels can be hard to keep up with.

This uncertainty is exactly why you need an advertising plan that you can feel confident in. A plan with a clear path towards success. Advertising on Hulu is the strategy that will achieve this.

Hulu is an online streaming service that allows viewers to watch TV shows, movies, live TV, as well as live sports. As well as being available on all phones and computers, Hulu can be accessed on a growing number of devices and platforms, such as:

Apple TV
Google Chromecast
Amazon Fire TV
Xbox 360, XBOX One, and
Nintendo Switch
Your Tesla’s screen
Hulu’s current position in the market gives you several reasons to consider advertising your brand on their platform.

1. Advertising on Hulu is more effective than TV
As previously mentioned, newer digital platforms are outperforming traditional television, equating to better advertising results.

And the difference is significant.

Research has shown that Hulu ads are at least 2 times more effective than TV ads.

Television ads have been used so heavily for so long, that we have essentially become numb to them. Plus, usually the frequency they appear detracts from your enjoyment of the show you’re watching.

Unless that show you’ve put on really is that good. Or it’s the Super Bowl. Those Ads are typically more fun.

Ads that appear on television are often tuned out, crushing any hopes you may have had to help raise awareness for your brand.

Ads on Hulu, on the other hand, create significantly higher purchase intent as well as stronger ad recall.

By advertising on Hulu, you are ensuring that your brand is reaching the minds of consumers and staying there, motivating purchases.

2. Hulu Subscribers Are Watching Frequently
As nice as it would be for your brand’s advertisement to stick with consumers after one viewing, the fact of the matter is that repetition is what will really cement your brand in the mind of the consumer. This is why choosing to use a video ad on Hulu is so effective.

Currently, 47% of Hulu subscribers view Hulu at least daily.

Such a large portion of the Hulu subscriber base viewing the platform’s programming at such a high frequency means more exposure to advertising efforts there.

When you advertise on Hulu, you are ensuring a high rate of exposure and brand awareness.

Also, unlike advertising through traditional TV, Hulu’s tracking technology harnesses viewer habits and uses this to target them with more relevant, traceable ads.

3. Over 32 Million People View Hulu With Ads
With features such as Ad Selector and Branded Entertainment Selector (BES), Hulu viewers can control their ad experience or even pay to have no ads. The fact that Hulu offers a package where consumers can pay more to enjoy ad-free viewing may seem discouraging to your marketing efforts on the platform. In spite of this, the vast majority of Hulu viewers still watch their favorite TV shows with ads.

Really? – Yes.

Of the 39.4 million current Hulu subscribers (as of Feb 2021), 32 million watch with advertisements (that’s over 80%!). This is a significant percentage of Hulu’s viewers that you will still be reaching with advertisements.

Boom. Another reason to consider advertising on Hulu: a massive audience where you can reach your target market with precision.

4. Advertising on Hulu Allows Access To Younger Markets
Today, getting the attention and business of the Millennial demographic is critical. They are a large and highly educated group that can greatly improve your business’s performance. Reaching this group of consumers can be difficult, but Hulu makes it much easier.

The average age of a Hulu subscriber in the US is 31. Thus, advertising on this platform will make reaching a younger target audience that much easier.

When you consider the high number of viewers, the high frequency of viewing, and the youth of people streaming TV, Hulu is the perfect way to reach a very profitable consumer base.

Reaching a younger audience with your brand’s message also has the added benefit of locking in customers for a long period of time.

5. Hulu Is A Growing Platform
One of the most appealing, and important, aspects of using Hulu to advertise your brand is the fact that the platform is growing continuously. In 2019 Hulu had 22.8 million subscribers, which has increased to 39.4 million in 2021, and shows no signs of stopping.

The significant growth that Hulu has shown since its founding shows that it is a service on the rise. Advertising on a platform with so much potential moving forward provides you with the unique opportunity to ensure that your brand’s advertising continually improves.

Peter Belbita also recommends: "These 7 Steps Will Improve Your Company’s Brand"

Thomas McClure
Noble House Media
+1 203-903-1225
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Angelena Bonet Wins 'Best Woman Filmmaker' For Her Documentary Film CHANGE THE WORLD at Madras Film Festival in India

Angelena Bonet - AACTA Awards

Angelena Bonet – The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards

Madras International Film Festival

Madras International Film Festival – Best Woman Filmmaker

Kalakari Film Festival

Kalakari Film Festival – Official Selection

Multi-award winning Australian documentary filmmaker, singer-songwriter and humanitarian wins another film award for her biopic documentary "Change The World".

Receiving the Best Woman Filmmaker award in India has been just wonderful! I make reference to Jyoti Singh in my film and make no apologies for my defiance of this abhorrent human rights violation.”

— Angelena Bonet

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, March 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Multi-award winning Australian documentary filmmaker, singer-songwriter and global women's rights ambassador, Angelena Bonet, has won 'Best Woman Filmmaker' at the Madras International Film Festival in Chennai, India. Bonet’s biopic documentary film, which she produced in its entirety, has won nearly 150 film festival awards worldwide, including an Official Selection at the Kalakari Film Festival in Dewas, India. The inspiring film just screened in Tokyo and Seoul and is now currently screening at the New York Tri-State Film Festival and the Roma Short Film Festival in Rome, Italy. She has been the recipient of many awards including the 'Humanitarian Award' at The Jane Austen International Film Festival and the 'Human Spirit Award' at the DOCS Without Borders Film Festival in The Bahamas.

Bonet has also produced a biopic documentary trilogy feature film series consisting of "Angelena: Change The World", "Angelena: Heart Of The Matter" and "Angelena: Light At The End Of The Tunnel" which will be available to rent or buy on Vimeo on the 14th of March, 2021. A former Australian supermodel and actress, she had to give her career away after two life changing tragedies, which she has chronicled in her documentary “Change The World”. Her soulmate and fiancé of three days, Erick Deeby, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in August 2007. He had written and recorded instrumental pieces of music for her between 2005 and 2007. Bonet then wrote the lyrics and melody to his music after his devastating death and during her time of deepest grief. Then on May 26, 2012, she was a victim of a violent attack and was kidnapped and gang-raped but miraculously survived the attempted murder in Melbourne, Australia. Suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a consequence of the heinous crime, orchestrated by someone that she knew and trusted, she is now ready to share her story. The music she co-wrote with Deeby has become the soundtrack for her films and also won numerous 'Best Original Soundtrack' and 'Best Film Score' awards. She promised him whilst in a coma that she would finish their special project and thirteen years later she has received accolades from every corner of the globe.

Now ready to share her story, Angelena, recently released "Change The World" on YouTube to make it available to everyone for free. She realised that many women and girls who could benefit from her voice and be inspired by her journey may be at a financial disadvantage and wanted to help them. Domestic violence has been hidden for millennia and has risen exponentially since Covid-19 began and many victims are in lockdown with their perpetrators. Angelena hopes to reach those women and give them hope and assure them there is light at the end of the tunnel and they are definitely not alone. No longer can this sickness within our society be hidden and ignored. It’s a time of reckoning and humanity has the opportunity to heal and find a more harmonious way of being. She is honored to be instrumental in creating public awareness by being transparent with her own experiences and thus encouraging other women to stand up and speak out also. True power comes from within and we can choose to be a victim or take responsibility for our own healing and practice forgiveness and self love. She is an example that one can not only survive, but thrive. As a global ambassador for women and girls, Bonet believes that women’s voices need to be heard more than ever and is proud to be attending the International Women's Day March tomorrow in Sydney.

A former Australian Supermodel, Angelena, comes from a musical family and grew up studying and playing her grandmother's piano in her bedroom. Her father was a bassist/guitarist and her mother sang in the Sydney Symphony Choir. Her great grandmother, Lily Bolden, was an actress and dancer in the Royal D'Oyle Carte Theatre Company that toured South Africa in the late 1800s. It was there that she married a Director and had her grandfather before returning to Australia. A talented dancer herself, Angelena experienced a back injury in her early teens which forced her to sit out of her dance classes except Tap for a couple of year and focused her energies on singing and drama lessons. She trained at the Australian College of Entertainment (formerly known as the "Johnny Young Talent School" where Dannii and Kylie Minogue were discovered) with many working actors and musical theatre artists as her teachers. It was her passion and then at eighteen the modelling industry discovered her at a hair salon. Her first shoot appeared in Vogue Australia.

At Madras Independent Film Festival, they are looking for unique and standout works of the independent film industry. Madras Independent Film Festival is the tool that every filmmaker needs, in order to showcase and get recognition for their film. They have created monthly editions to give continuity to the selection process and steady feedback to the filmmakers. Filmmakers are immediately contacted if selected. Their work is privately screened every month and evaluated by a team of experts in the industry.

Angelena Bonet
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Book Review by Literary Titan of "The YOU beyond you – The knowledge of the Willing" by Ramzi Najjar

A book that will change your perception of Life

Ramzi Najjar – Multi Award-winning Author “The YOU beyond you”

A book that will change your perception of life

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In The You Beyond You, Ramzi Najjar offers advice that can help one change their perception about life, boost their self-esteem and improve their personal habits. The author is engaging and his words are thought-provoking. The author talks about life experiences, and the lessons one should take when they fail. This book has rare truths, some of which are painful and agonizing to read about. The author however uses a friendly tone and captivating words that enable the reader to keep going. The You Beyond You is not just a self-help book but a personal guide for anyone who would appreciate reading encouraging words before they start their day.

I enjoyed reading the chapter ‘Letting the Right Memory Run our Life,’ because of how great the author expounded about the mind. I learned about pure memory, being positive, and how prepared we should be psychologically. Some of the things we do subconsciously are a result of the energy around us. Other chapters that I immensely enjoyed reading about were those that spoke about body pollution, mind pollution, and getting imprinted with the correct memory.

In this book, you will learn that there are solutions to most problems if you are committed to look for solutions. The author advises that as an individual, focus on being a better person before trying to be helpful to the next person. The energy you carry in you will be reflected in your actions. Every human being has feelings and the author writes that there is nothing wrong with expressing one’s feelings.

Ramzi Najjar is a great motivational writer. His book has wisdom that can be helpful to teenagers, young adults, senior citizens, and anyone going through personal struggles. Being in the right state of mind will enable you to make better financial, career, and even romantic decisions and that is why this book is a must read for every reader. One good thing about Ramzi Najjar’s writing style is that he is easy to understand. The phrases he used are easy to comprehend and the examples given in the book are relatable. I would recommend The You Beyond You to anyone who is looking for an inspirational book for personal growth.

Book Available on Amazon @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578726270

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The YOU beyond you
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Researchers Say Worries Over Money Matters Make Black Americans Sick According to BlackDoctor.org

Nicole Roberts Jones

Nicole Roberts Jones, Host of Bankroll Your Brilliance

Nicole Roberts Jones

Bankroll Your Brilliance with NRJ

Nicole Roberts Jones event


Bankroll Your Brilliance Show with Nicole Roberts Jones Premieres Exclusively Thursdays at 12:00 p.m. EST

Nicole Roberts Jones is the Bankroll Your Brilliance Expert.”

— Reggie Ware, BlackDoctor.org

FARMINGTON, MI, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Did you know money stresses three out of four Americans, and in African American households the numbers are even higher? According to the American Psychological Association, Black Americans suffer a greater amount of stress, and that “plays a significant role in increasing susceptibility to disease and undermining recovery from illness.” And with white Americans outliving their Black counterparts by roughly six years, it is time to address the health needs of people of color. That is where BlackDoctor.org (BDO) comes in. Positioned as the world’s largest and most comprehensive health resource for Black people, BDO uniquely conveys the challenges and cultural nuances of the African American community.

Seeing the needs of his people, CEO Reggie Ware — a true visionary — launches “Bankroll Your Brilliance” with host Nicole Roberts Jones. She is the founder and CEO of NRJ Enterprises. Her company is a premier training and talent development company dedicated to helping women align their purpose with their paycheck. She is a nationally recognized voice says her purpose is to help people release their gifts and callings to live their best life. Through “Bankroll Your Brilliance,” Roberts Jones exposes how financial strain leads to personal anxiety and even illness.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 80% of professionals dread Mondays. Jones, a former talent management and casting expert, thinks some people suffer from the “Scary Sundays” because they may be mismatched. Through her weekly broadcast, this bestselling author will show viewers how to uncover their DNA or Distinct Natural Abilities, to gain financial independence, and a deeper sense of self-worth resulting in a better quality of life.

Nicole Roberts Jones is on a mission to see viewers break the bondage of the nine-to-five rut by finding new avenues to build wealth, thus securing a future for their families. This revolutionary show involves a connected experience where Roberts Jones will answer questions on the spot. Viewers will have the power to help steer a collaborative virtual conversation. According to this sought-after speaker with a solid gold roster that includes Steve Harvey World Group, Dell EMC, and McDonalds, “true fulfillment and meaning in life comes from your contribution for others.”

“Bankroll Your Brilliance” is the brainchild of Nicole Roberts Jones that Reggie Ware brought to BlackDoctor.org as a pivotal program for the state-of-the-art healthcare resource. Under his unwavering guidance, the online platform now reaches 19 million participants per month and has more Facebook followers than WebMD. Ware, whose long list of accomplishments includes launching “Heart and Soul” magazine, the first healthcare magazine for Black women, hand picks the over 10,000 articles on the growing BDO website.

In the age where two out of three Black people are refusing the COVID vaccine, BDO steps in to provide guidance with the largest database of Black doctors who can relate to the concerns which are specific to this population. Researchers also found one out of five Black Americans admit to distrusting the healthcare system. BlackDoctor.org aims to sway that opinion by offering a safe place for Black and brown people to find answers to their health concerns.

We are living in a time where African Americans can still hear the whispers of their grandparents talking about the nefarious Tuskegee experiments, not to mention the atrocity of using Henrietta Lacks as a guinea pig for cancer research.

BlackDoctor.org is the answer many have waited for. This revolutionary platform sheds light on the specific health concerns of Black people, while addressing the underlying cause through their groundbreaking new show “Bankroll Your Brilliance.” This interactive broadcast is live on Facebook every Thursday at noon.

Nicole Roberts Jones’ is also hosting her annual workshop intensive where she shares with women her strategy how to “Bankroll their Brilliance” on March 12-13. It’s an online event where each participant will leave with an exact plan how to turn their expertise and experience into online programs so they can scale their business. Register here www.BeTheAnswerEvent.com

To hear more about Nicole Roberts Jones contact Pam Perry at (248) 690-6810 | staff@pamperrypr.com

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Bankroll Your Brilliance Thursday with Nicole Roberts Jones

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Metro Infusion Center continues to expand its infusion therapy services

Now open, Metro Infusion Center located at 30 La Casa Via, Building 2, Suite 108, Walnut Creek, CA, 94598.

The staff and medical team go out of their way to make sure patients are comfortable, understand their options, and have an agreed-upon plan of action for their treatments.”

— Michael D.

BURR RIDGE, IL, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Metro Infusion Center, a top provider of infusion treatments, is thrilled to announce the addition of a new office located at 130 La Casa Via, Building 2, Suite 108, Walnut Creek, CA, 94598. The Walnut Creek, CA, office joins several other West Coast facilities in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

With more than two decades of experience, Metro Infusion Center specializes in infusion therapy treatments for chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, neurologic diseases, immune deficiencies, and other autoimmune conditions.

“Metro Infusion Center goes above and beyond,” patient Michael D. said. “The staff and medical team go out of their way to make sure patients are comfortable, understand their options, and have an agreed-upon plan of action for their treatments.”

Patient Support Services at the new Walnut Creek facility will continue to uphold Metro Infusion Center’s commitment to patient care, comfort, and confidence. The Patient Support team is fully equipped to manage insurance coverage questions and help patients navigate their treatment experience.

In addition to a top-notch medical and Patient Support team, Metro Infusion Center is known across the country for its kind and compassionate approach to treatment.

Neil Stanton
Metro Infusion Center
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