Dedicated Developers Named One of the Top 5 Mobile App Developers in New York City

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Dedicated Developers has named Dedicated Developers a top 5 mobile app developer in New York City in a new post published in May.

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — Dedicated Developers, a leading provider of digital business solutions, has been named one of the top five mobile app developers in New York City by

Medium is an online publishing platform created by the developers of Twitter that prides itself on being a place that “taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers to bring you the smartest takes on topics that matter.”

Dedicated Developers was listed fifth in Medium’s rankings for New York City that were released on May 29.

To develop the rankings, Medium analyzed 13,284 tech firms. Medium looked at quality, pricing, team members and engineer location to determine the best mobile app companies in New York.

“The fact that there were over 13,000 firms analyzed for these rankings and we came out in the top 5 is really an honor,” said Vishal Bhatia, co-founder of Dedicated Developers. “It really shows both the quality of work that we provide as well as our high level of customer service. When people work with Dedicated Developers they can count on getting an app that exceeds their expectations.”

Dedicated Developers received a total score of 9.3 out of 10 in the rankings, just .6 behind the leader and just .3 out of second place.

Medium said about Dedicated Developers: “They have done work for clients across multiple domains, ranging from technology startups to small and mid-size companies. Past customers include Corning, Gorilla Glass, Kripalu, Get Momentum, and In Touch EMR.”

Dedicated Developers offers mobile app development and a number of other services including Website Development, Software Development, Full-Stack Development, Cloud Computing Services, IoT Services, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and more to clients around the world.

The company’s highly qualified designers and developers use the latest tools and frameworks to provide clients with the innovative solutions they need to grow. Clients who work with Dedicated Developers gain access to experts who are dedicated to designing, building and launching their app or web project in a timely manner.

Dedicated Developers is located at 2300 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 700, in Alpharetta, GA. The company also has offices at 1390 Market Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA. For more information, please visit

About Dedicated Developers:

Founded in 2007, Dedicated Developers has become a leading provider of Website Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Full-Stack Development, Cloud Computing Services, IoT Services, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and more to clients around the world.

The company has built a high performing team using strict selection criteria that have resulted in less than 5% of all applicants being chosen to work for the company. The team includes Graphic & Website Designers, Web Developers, PHP Coders, Android & iPhone App Developers, and much more. The company’s founders have over 25 years of combined development and design experience and have earned master’s degrees in electrical and computer engineering.

If a company is preparing to expand its business onto the Internet or is in need of more modern technology, Dedicated Developers is uniquely qualified to help it reach more potential clients both local and worldwide. And, with its customizable service and pricing plans, the company makes the best app development services affordable for almost any business.

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Elite Management Services Announces New Cleveland, OH Office

Elite Management Services - Property and HOA Management Services Logo

Elite Management Services Logo

Property management companies Cleveland OH

Property Management Cleveland OH

Elite Management Services, a leading property management company for condominium associations and HOAs announces new office location in Cleveland, Ohio.

CLEVELAND, OH, U.S., June 24, 2019 / — Elite Management Services, one of the leading association management companies in Ohio has expanded its presence in Ohio with a new office location in Cleveland.

In recent years, Cleveland has experienced a growth in its college educated population and is attracting more each year. Cleveland currently ranks 8th in the U.S. in growth of college educated young adults. As the Midwest thrives, Elite Management Services continues to provide expert HOA management services to the cities in the region.

Elite plans to add additional offices in the future in order to meet the increased demands for community association property managers. The new office location in Beachwood, Ohio will be able to serve homeowners and condominium associations throughout Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

General Manager of Elite Management Services, John Rinard, says “We are beyond excited about the new office location. It will help us better serve our existing communities in Cleveland and position us to serve more associations.”

This is the first expansion under John Rinard’s management since his promotion to General Manager back in April. “We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Elite.” John says. He continues, “Our goal is to provide the highest quality service possible and to be the leading property management company in Cleveland for homeowner and condominium associations in the Midwest.”

In just 10 years, Elite Management has quickly grown to become one of the most well known HOA management companies in Ohio. After starting in Dayton, the company expanded to Cincinnati and Columbus. In the past year, the company has continued to experience increased growth and has opened offices in Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY, and Indianapolis, IN.

John says, "The expansion to Cleveland was inevitable and was necessary. We have been contacted by many condominium association board members and HOA board members because of problems with their property management companies in Cleveland." He continues, "We encourage any board that needs assistance with their community to contact us to discuss their situation so that we can help them."

The Cleveland office is located at:
200 Auburn Drive
One Chagrin Highlands
Suite 200
Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone Number (440) 999-8898

About Elite Management Services
Elite Management Services is a professional property management company that specializes in HOA and condominium association management. Elite has seven office locations that provide Community Management Services in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. For more information about Elite Management Services, please visit or call (855) 238-8488.

John Rinard
Elite Management Services
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Welcome Wagon Reviews the Effectiveness of Direct Mail Marketing for Local Businesses

Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing for Local Businesses

Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing for Local Businesses

Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing for Local Businesses

To get started, visit

National marketing company continues to see high success with direct mail marketing as a proven and effective method for stirring up interest & inciting action.

Direct mail offers a huge opportunity for businesses to get into the hands of new movers who are actively looking to replace business relationships from their old community with new ones.”

— Steve Goodman, CEO and President of Welcome Wagon

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — As America’s Welcoming Service since 1928, Welcome Wagon has been introducing businesses to their best source of new customers – new movers. With 36.8 million address changes per year, businesses need to replace about 25% of their customer base that moves within a given year. Studies have shown that 85% of new movers will use the first vendor that contacts them, and 93% of those new movers take advantage of offers or invitations from a business in their new community that welcomes them to their new neighborhood. Welcome Wagon’s direct mail marketing solutions have proven successful due to its unique strategy targeting new movers and homeowners first.

United States Postal Service statistics have shown that the total volume of mail has declined since 2006 by nearly 30%, with a person receiving an average of 2 pieces of mail per day. With less mail to sort through, this leaves more room for businesses to stand out when targeting new movers in their local community with enticing offers.
When it comes to marketing, direct mail is consistently leading in new customer acquisition. And because new movers are at a stage where they are looking for goods and services, they are receptive and appreciative of the service they receive from local businesses in their new community and are ready to take action.

“Direct mail offers a huge opportunity for businesses to get into the hands of new movers who are actively looking to replace business relationships from their old community with new ones,” said Steve Goodman, CEO and President of Welcome Wagon. “Welcome Wagon’s solutions offer businesses multiple touchpoints to reach new movers, which is critical to the success of any marketing program.”

Welcome Wagon’s proven direct mail strategy includes a high-quality Gift Book delivered upon move in with full-page ads and category exclusivity. As a 30 day follow-up, new movers receive oversized postcards showcasing individual businesses with compelling offers to continue driving new customers to your business. For repeated exposure, a customized Especially For You Follow-Up Book is mailed to new movers as a follow-up piece.

With a variety of print marketing options, coupled with their innovative digital advertising solutions, Welcome Wagon allows businesses new and engaging strategies to reach new customers and grow their loyal customer base.
More about Welcome Wagon

Welcome Wagon was created in 1928 to embody the spirit of warm hospitality and welcome. Welcome Wagon continues the same mission to this day, helping to create lasting relationships between new movers and local businesses. Their goal is to assist people in saving money, growing their business, and helping the local economy prosper. For more information on Welcome Wagon, visit
For career opportunities, visit

Jennifer Troyan
Welcome Wagon
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Welcome Wagon® has been helping local businesses introduce themselves to new movers since 1928

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IT Governance launches Operation Cyber Secure, a 5-week boot camp to help organisations implement a cyber security plan

IT Governance, the global cybersecurity experts.

Operation Cyber Secure

ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, June 24, 2019 / — IT Governance, the leading provider of privacy and cyber risk management solutions, has launched its new Operation Cyber Secure campaign.

It aims to provide organisations with guidance on the measures and controls that can help prepare, prevent and respond to cyber threats.

Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, said: “Effective cyber security is about competent people implementing management frameworks, supported by investment in infrastructure and staff training. After all, cyber criminals are already major investors in malware development and attack capability.

“Organisations must take a definitive step towards transforming their security posture. Operation Cyber Secure is our contribution, helping organisations win the war against cyber criminals as well as identify, detect and protect their data and valuable information from breaches and other cyber security incidents.”

As part of Operation Cyber Secure, professionals are encouraged to take a simple one-minute test, which will provide a snapshot of their organisation’s cyber preparedness and offers guidance on the measures required to fill the gaps in its cyber and data protection defences.

The five-week boot camp is designed to provide organisations with cyber security advice and guidance, giving them an overview of the five defensive measures a cyber security plan should include and helping them understand the benefits and risks associated with each one, as well as how to build a business case for implementing them.

Alan Calder will also deliver a cyber resilience webinar series that aims to provide a deeper understanding of how to develop a cyber security strategy and discusses the importance of standards and supporting frameworks in achieving cyber resilience.

For more information about IT Governance’s Operation Cyber Secure, visit the website, email or call +44 (0)333 800 7000.

Mihaela Scarratt
IT Governance Ltd
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世紀の大仏 ギネス世界記録認定 和解と共栄の旅・夏至の花蓮登場








TAIPEI, TAIWAN, TAIWAN, June 22, 2019 / — 台湾覚性地球協会は、2019年6月21日に美しい花蓮という恵まれた自然景観を有し、山と海と霧の趣が密集し、優れた土壌が逸材を育む絶好の土地で、「大仏ギネス世界記録認定式」を開催します。協会龔玲慧理事長は夏至である当日に「大仏初日の出観賞」を計画し、参加者に「世紀の大仏・粧金開心」イベントをとおして、山と海の間に位置する花蓮迴瀾湾で魂の偉大なる和解に達し、楽しく素直に自分を探してほしいと語りました。







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ASA Insurance Announces Utah Listed Among Most Affordable States for Home Insurance

The state is listed as the fourth most affordable for buying home insurance

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2019 / — Utah is listed as the fourth most affordable state for home insurance, according to new data provided by The average annual cost of home insurance in Utah is $642, as stated by the website whose information is regularly relied upon by homeowners across America.

ASA Insurance — a provider of home insurance for Utah residents as well as for those contemplating a move to the state — says this is positive news for homeowners.

Utah came in fourth place, right behind Idaho, whose average annual home insurance rate is just $20 less. In first place was Hawaii, whose residents pay an average of only $337 for home insurance annually. In last place was Florida, where residents pay almost $2350 more than the national average each year for their home insurance policies.

Among the many factors that influence the price of a home insurance policy include a policyholder’s previous claims, the type of coverage they choose, the rebuild cost of their home, the condition of the home, common weather events near the home, and crime rates in their area.

Creed Anderson of ASA Insurance (a leading provider of home and auto insurance in Salt Lake City) encourages homeowners to look beyond the cost of a home insurance policy in Salt Lake City and throughout the rest of Utah. In addition to price, homeowners will also want to ensure they have the right amount of coverage for their needs: “Don’t just look at the cost, but consider how much coverage you need to protect your family if something bad should happen.” He recommends that homeowners think about where they live and the kind of incidents that could lead to a claim, like heavy winds or high crime rates.

Anderson also suggests talking to an insurance agent who will review each situation and make suggestions based on their specific budget and needs. Homeowners should not always settle for the cheapest home insurance. Instead, they must also consider their specific needs, lifestyle, and situation to ensure adequate coverage in the event of a home insurance claim.

Creed Anderson
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Claudette Roche Talks the Changing of Communication Through Texting and Messaging Services

Claudette Roche

Avoiding uncomfortable phone or face-to-face conversations has never been easier.

VERO BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2019 / — Avoiding uncomfortable phone or face-to-face conversations has never been easier. A simple text or email message can get anyone out of sticky or unwanted situation. And texting is becoming the preferred method of communication amongst youth today.

The Accent Coach, Claudette Roche, discusses how texting and messaging is impacting face-to-face communication today. What is being altered? What could the potential impact be down the road?

“Texting is changing the way we communicate. You talk to each other less on the phone. You see your friends less face-to-face. It’s interesting living in a time when all this technology is taking the place of more traditional means of communicating,” Roche states.

The Accent Coach adds, “The most fascinating piece I find when it comes to texting or messaging is how the message is conveyed by the person on the other end. If you don’t know someone well, it’s very easy to misinterpret or misunderstand a text. Whereas in person, this doesn’t happen – at least not as much.”

Further, it’s been suggested by experts that individuals who text frequently may not have as developed social and communication skills in person. In fact, these individuals may find it uncomfortable to communicate face-to-face.

Another problem is pointed out by Roche, “Most texting is surface-level conversation. It’s not forming deep bonds and relationships. In other words, individuals are less likely to have those meaningful connections and conversations through messaging or text.”

The problem may further escalate into other aspects of an individual’s life, such as their mental state which may decline due to a possible lack of socialization. “We are seeing this in some individuals today when it comes to technology. However, at the same, we possibly can’t fully blame the technology as it also has opened many doors for other people. But it may evidently play a part in certain cases of depression or anxiety and so forth,” Roche says.

“We can only guess how this may also play out down the road,” Roche elaborates. “Intimacy, deeper relationships, meaningful connections… There may be a lack of that in the future because of this technology. But this is why many experts continue to emphasis and demonstrate the importance of face-to-face communication.”

It leaves the questions as to whether face-to-face communication skills could possibly get an individual ahead in business and in life. With that, Roche adds, “If you learn to properly communicate, such as via the use of a speech or voice coach, you may end up leaps and bounds ahead of your peers which could benefit you in your career and personal life. It still has an invaluable role in this world, which texting or messaging hasn’t fully replace yet.”

Claudette Roche
The Accent Coach
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LEBEN – Entitle Everyone to Better Medical Service with Big Data Technology

Structure of LEBEN Platform

Application Cases

Picture of Professor Zhu Haogang

Professor John Fox

BEIJING, CHINA, June 21, 2019 / — What is LEBEN?

LEBEN is a smart-contract-based collaboration platform for global medical industry that technologically features "profound sharing of medical knowledge" and "creditable medical data exchange" and combines big data with artificial intelligence technologies. As LEBEN shares a vision of "Equalization of Global Healthcare", the "equalization" here means the possibility of enabling medically underdeveloped regions to be on an infinite par with medically developed regions via LEBEN platform. (

What can LEBEN do?
Determined to break the ground of the current medical industry in which knowledge cannot be effectively shared and utilized, the LEBEN platform allows any doctor or medical institution to share their knowledge, experience or data with anyone by turning them into smart contracts in the Contract Mall. Others can call these smart contracts for auxiliary diagnosis and treatment on our devices or DApp. The whole process is done in a "black box" where sharers do not need to worry about data disclosure and users do not have to download or store any data.

Please see the following case to figure out what LEBEN can do:

In an underdeveloped region with high occurrence of congenital diseases of fetuses, we connected a B Ultrasonic Scanner with the LEBEN platform, which allowed us to compare the locally scanned image of a fetus with those images in the database of many hospitals across the globe. After a series of AI computation, the device will output a probability of congenital disease suffered by that fetus, with an accuracy infinitely approaching those produced by hospitals in developed regions.

LEBEN Chief Architect Zhu Haogang said, "Making data, algorithm and knowledge exchangeable at different locations is our original purpose of creating LEBEN."

The other initiator of LEBEN project is Dr. John Fox, the founder of PROforma, who said, "LEBEN can not only license services at different environment in many countries, but can also help healthcare professionals improve the quality of their services offered to patents, allowing them to better take care of themselves."

The birth and development of LEBEN not only brings a whole new platform for the credit system construction of the medical industry, but reshapes the way of obtaining and iterating knowledge, exchanging and sharing data in the medical industry, making every participant on the platform a "platform" itself. By coordinated innovation and tested practice, we boost the construction and development of the global medical system, and fuel up the provision of more benefits to the entire human kind.

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Currently there are over 6.5 million adults in the U.S. living with heart failure which affects the ability of the heart to pump blood to the body. Heart Failure is a debilitating and life-threatening condition and is the leading cause of hospitalization among Americans over the age of 65. Heart failure presents a major and growing health-economic burden that currently exceeds $30 billion in the United States, which accounts for both direct and indirect costs. When a patient receives the diagnosis of heart failure it has a profound emotional impact on patients and their families. This diagnosis is often frightening; however, there are many treatments and therapies that can help individuals live long and productive lives.

The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses discovered a void in the standard for educating the Heart Failure Patient, the public and medical community about Heart Failure. To address this need, the non-profit Heart Failure Patient Foundation was created. This is the first and only US based foundation dedicated specifically to the heart failure patient and caregiver. “The Heart Failure Patient Foundation is designed to empower patients, their families and caregivers with accurate timely educational information and resources regarding prevention, diagnosis, self-care and treatment options, to promote shared informed decisions and active participation in their care” Marilyn Prasun, PhD, CCNS-BC, CNL, CHFN, FAHA.

The Board of the Heart Failure Patient Foundation was created from HF clinicians, patients, caregivers and business professionals to provide awareness, educational resources networking opportunities for patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers.

The focus of the foundation is to raise awareness to improve the quality of life for patients with heart failure. “As a caregiver myself, I learned that it is important to be the bridge between clinician and the patient. When a patient is diagnosed they are scared, confused, and sometimes have a difficult time sharing their concerns. This foundation will help both the patient and the caregiver become educated and able to identify and manage heart failure rick factors” Janice Tippett.

The more we talk about Heart Failure and get the proper information to patients and caregivers, the more we can turn it into heart success

Key Takeaways:
The Heart Failure Foundation will:
• Promote awareness, prevention and treatment of heart failure.
• Provide access to information and educational resources to patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers.
• Facilitate networking opportunities for patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers to share heart failure information.
• Increase heart failure awareness among influential groups and the public.
• Engage key stakeholders who will champion development and implementation of educational resources.
• Promote heart failure advances and research.

About The Heart Failure Patient Foundation

The mission of The Heart Failure Patient Foundation is to raise awareness to improve the quality of life for patients with heart failure, by providing patients and their families, caregivers, nurses and others with information, education, networking opportunities, and related resources.

Learn more at


The AAHFN is a specialty organization dedicated to advancing nursing education, clinical practice and research to improve heart failure patient outcomes. Heart failure is our exclusive interest and passion. Our goal is to set the standards for heart failure nursing care.
The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) unites professionals in the support and advancement of heart failure practice, education and research to promote optimal patient outcomes. AAHFN is dedicated to advancing nursing education, clinical practice and research with the goal of setting the standards for heart failure nursing care. Find more information about AAHFN by visiting and following the association on Twitter at @AAHFN or calling 888-45-AAHFN.


Karyn Lockshine, Executive Director
The Heart Failure Patient Foundation
856-793-0806 Direct, Fax: 856-439-0525,


Source: The Heart Failure Patient Foundation

Karyn Lockshine
American Association of Heart Failure Nurses
+1 856-793-0806
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Dr. Reef Karim, Prominent Brain Scientist & Life Strategist, Weighs in on the Dangers of “Digital Distraction”

Dr. Reef Karim, Prominent Brain Scientist & Life Strategist

“Digital Distraction will be our next major health care crisis. These symptoms are subtle, emotional and slow building.” – Dr. Reef Karim

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2019 / — In an age of over-stimulation, online profiles and social media, our digital use habits may be changing the way our brains operate, and the discovered effects are quite worrisome. An international team of researchers from Western Sydney University, Harvard University, Kings College, Oxford University and University of Manchester have found that the Internet can produce both acute and sustained alterations in specific areas of cognition, which may reflect changes in the brain. This can affect anything from attentional capacities and memory processes to social interactions.

Accomplished neuroscientist, speaker, and life strategist Dr. Reef Karim has more than a few words to say on the topic. Not only is he a leading expert in human behavior, but he’s also dedicated his life to educating, entertaining and helping people understand themselves better.

“Digital Distraction will be our next major health care crisis. The reason we haven't heard more about the health consequences of digital media is because these symptoms are subtle, emotional and slow building,” states Dr. Reef, “But the impact is life altering; loneliness, disconnection, boredom, fatigue, distractibility, impulsivity, emotional reactivity, self-worth issues, diminished creativity, diminished originality, diminished empathy, less emotional resilience. Each of these symptoms can originate and grow because of one's attentional challenges, over-stimulation and reliance on online feedback for self-esteem/validation.”

In a first-of-its-kind review, published in World Psychiatry – the world's leading psychiatric research journal, the group of researchers investigated leading hypotheses on how the Internet may alter cognitive processes. The extensive report, led by Dr. Joseph Firth, Senior Research Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University and Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Manchester, combined the evidence to produce revised models on how the Internet could affect the brain's structure, function and cognitive development.

“The key findings of this report are that high-levels of Internet use could indeed impact on many functions of the brain… the Internet encourages us towards constantly holding a divided attention – which then in turn may decrease our capacity for maintaining concentration on a single task,” said Dr. Firth, “Additionally, the online world now presents us with a uniquely large and constantly-accessible resource for facts and information, which is never more than a few taps and swipes away.”

“Recent research reveals reductions in grey matter of the brain in areas focused on impulse control and decision making when an individual is too focused on the digital world,” Dr. Reef adds, “and research on the overuse of social media reveals significant changes in mood, stress levels and the ability to manage that stress. All of these potential changes in one's emotional health have significant effects on how one leads a good life. You're leading a more challenging life because of your digital habit imprinting and you probably don't even know it."

The recent introduction and widespread adoption of social media is also of concern to some teachers and parents. The World Health Organization's 2018 guidelines recommended that young children (aged 2-5) should be exposed to one hour per day, or less, of screen time. However, the report also found that the vast majority of research examining the effects of the Internet on the brain has only been conducted on adults – and so more research is needed to determine the benefits and drawbacks of Internet use in young people.

To help with this struggle, a multitude of apps and software programs have emerged for restricting Internet usage and access on smartphones and computers – which parents and care givers can use to place some “family-friendly” rules around both the time spent on personal devices, and also the types of content engaged with. No matter the age, however, it’s clear that this “digital distraction” could become a disturbing trend as the internet becomes more and more prevalent in everyday lives over the next few decades.

Luckily, Dr. Reef may have a short-term solution before more research is completed on the subject. “As our technology grows, so should our focus on self care; it's imperative to not lose skills that help us feel connected and fulfilled. Solutions to combat a dependency on the internet and social media include any and all of the following: real life sociability (building emotional skills in person), experiencing the mental health effects of nature, experiential learning (retraining the brain to learn through experiences rather than a quick google search), novelty in one's life, mindfulness practice and creative growth and experiences (to generate collateral neuronal connections),” concludes Dr. Reef, “every one of us must realize the warning signs of becoming too dependent on the digital world as it is a primary and growing source of stress and can impact our psychological well-being and brain functioning. Our growing technology is necessary but it should come with a warning label.”

*Dr Reef Karim is a double board-certified psychiatrist, addiction medicine physician and relationship expert as well as a writer, host and media personality. He served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience, has published in prestigious medical journals on topics including self sabotage, mental health and addictions and is an international expert on the intersection of creativity, spirituality and neuroscience.

Aurora DeRose
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