In Memoriam: Sally Lee Graetz Wu

Sally Wu retirement photo

Colleagues remember founder of Marymount’s Peace Center as deeply passionate about bridging cultures and promoting intercultural understanding

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA, USA, January 22, 2021 / — Sally Lee Graetz Wu, a beloved Marymount California University professor of psychology for more than 30 years, died on January 8. She was 70.
Wu, who earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at California State University, Long Beach, joined the Marymount community in 1981 as the first director of the Learning Center. She taught courses in child development, child psychology and culture, and served as chair of the Behavioral Sciences Department and English instructor before becoming a psychology professor.

“Sally was one of the ‘Moms of Marymount’ and embodied the RSHM (Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary) spirit of dedicated service to her students,” said Behavioral Sciences Chair and Psychology Professor David Draper.
She founded the Marymount PEACE Center whose mission was to educate students on issues related to national and international peace with a focus on intercultural programs.

“Her absolute passion and interest was to support our international students and to develop intercultural understanding,” said Professor Virginia Wade. “She was always working to bring understanding between cultures.”

Wu was a passionate believer in international education and taught in China, Taiwan and England.
“She spoke near fluent Mandarin and was especially adored by our Mandarin-speaking students, who would commonly come to her for a little bit of home at Marymount,” said Draper.

In her role as an academic advisor, Wu often worked with international students because of her understanding of their unique needs. She also worked closely with students who were interested in becoming teachers, said Wade. “Her advisor student reviews were always very high because she was deeply interested in their goals,” she said.
In the aftermath of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, Wu led a PEACE Center project involving students, faculty and staff to create 1000 origami small paper cranes and then mail them to Japan.

“That was the typical type of activity that Sally would undertake to promote understanding between cultures and to support our Japanese students who were impacted by the tragedy,” said Wade.

Her honors included Faculty Educator of the Year, chosen by her fellow faculty members, and Student Teacher of the Year, chosen by her pupils.
Wu ended her 36-year Marymount career in 2018.

She leaves her husband Ray, daughter Katharine, and hundreds of former students, faculty and staff whose lives she touched.
Details of services have not been announced at this time.

Mike Mena
Marymount California University
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La Scuola d’Italia, New York's International Italian School and IB World School Introduces a Cutting Edge New Program

La Scuola d’Italia “Guglielmo Marconi”

La Scuola d’Italia, is enjoying success with its recently launched new program, Interests & Careers Event Series 2020-21: Building Links for the Future.

I was truly impressed with the La Scuola students’ insightful and unique questions. There’s going to be some real international leaders coming from this school.”

— Matteo Torre, President Ferrari North America

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, January 22, 2021 / — La Scuola d’Italia, located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is already enjoying success and recognition with its recently launched new program, Interests & Careers Event Series 2020-21: Building Links for the Future.

“This unique program supports our students’ personal goals beyond the high school and university levels by providing them direct access to international leaders and experts,” said Head of School, Maria Palandra, PhD.

President of Ferrari North America Matteo Torre praised the program, “I was truly impressed with the students’ insightful and unique questions. It was clear they were prepared, their ideas diligently researched. There’s going to be some real international leaders coming from this group.”

“What makes us so particularly proud of this program is that it is essentially designed by the students themselves. They told us what their current interests were, and also what they wanted their future careers to be,” said Palandra. “Architecture, automobile manufacturing, consumer products, sports management, and fashion were just some of their passions. The school community then invited extraordinarily accomplished people in those areas to speak directly with our students, answer their questions and the results have been truly amazing.”

Santo Versace, former President and founder of Gianni Versace, led an intimate Zoom chat where La Scuola d’Italia students asked questions about the iconic brand Versace, its history, and what advice he would give to students in finding their work interests and passions. “I fell in love with the La Scuola students and truly enjoyed speaking with them. I’m looking forward to seeing them again in the Spring and perhaps even one day in the international business world.”

After one talk, Tommaso Mattone, a senior, reflected, “I always thought that the world of work was something really far away in time, and that it was something that I would have to understand and take seriously in a distant future. And now I find myself in the last year of high-school, and I’m thinking about college preparation and how close I am getting to making important decisions in my life that will eventually lead to a world I thought to be far from me. Moderating the interview helped me to comprehend more. It was very helpful to talk with a person that has achieved such a high level of success. I’m really grateful that my school gave me this opportunity.”

About The International Baccalaureate Program, Global Management and Leadership, Interests & Careers Event Series 2020-21: Building Links for the Future

La Scuola d’Italia’s faculty asked its high school students what their future goals and career interests were. The school community then decided to invite extraordinarily accomplished people in those areas of interest to speak directly with the students. Meetings are conducted in a questions and answers format, either in English or Italian, according to the interviewee's preference. Before the talk, the students extensively research each guest, his/her background, expertise, and company. The analysis is further supported by a professor who teaches at university level and is La Scuola’s global education and career consultant. This academic and published author offers an extracurricular course for select high school students at the school, entitled Global Management and Leadership.

About La Scuola d’Italia

La Scuola d’Italia “Guglielmo Marconi” was founded in 1977 and is located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side in a beautiful 17,000 square foot mansion built in 1916 at 12 East 96th Street, just steps from Central Park. It is New York City’s first and only international Italian and American school and includes all grades pre-K through high school. La Scuola d’Italia is also the only school in the world that offers the combination of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the Esame di Stato (the Italian Ministry of Education State Exam, which is recognized by universities in the United States and European Union). This multi-faceted, international approach provides a strong foundation in Classical and Scientific studies while offering tangible real-world applications. By the time La Scuola d’Italia students leave for university level education, either in the U.S. or abroad, they are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in all their future endeavors.

Stefano Lanfredini
La Scuola d'Italia “Guglielmo Marconi”
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Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property concerns with controlling the infringing facilities in the Kingdom

Saudi efforts to protect and enforce intellectual property rights

SAIP stressed that it will be keen to take necessary measures to penalize violators of intellectual property in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, January 22, 2021 / —

In continuation of the Saudi efforts to protect and enforce intellectual property rights, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP), in cooperation with the General Security, has launched inspection campaigns across Saudi Arabia with the aim of controlling commercial stores that violate intellectual property rights regulations. During January 2021, 11620 items violating creative rights were seized, including electronics, computer programs, sound recordings, and printed works (student services).
The campaign was launched by conducting preliminary surveys and more than 440 visits of mystery shoppers to targeted areas. In accordance with the laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia, establishments that violated intellectual property rights and prohibited or exploited goods were identified.

In the same context, SAIP has launched a parallel campaign aimed at inspecting websites to verify the extent of their compliance with intellectual property systems. Legal measures were taken against infringing websites that amount to blocking them. As a result of this campaign, more than 355 websites were inspected, of which 77 were proven to violate intellectual property systems. Accordingly, these websites were blocked.

The campaign came as an extension of the periodic field tours carried out by intellectual property inspectors on commercial establishments to combat the violation of property rights and to control the performance of service providers. In cooperation with partners from the government and private sectors, intellectual property inspection is done by means of continuous awareness-raising, inspection campaigns, knowledge of violators, and the punitive legal measures against them.
SAIP stressed that it will be keen to take necessary measures to penalize violators of intellectual property in Saudi Arabia. SAIP also urged citizens and residents to support efforts of respecting intellectual property by communicating with SAIP official channels through social media @saipksa , email and the contact customer service number: 920021421.

abdullah almansour
+966 9200 21421

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TGTE Congratulates and Thank Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown for Building Mullivaikal Memorial

"The destruction of Mullivaikal monument was a pathetic attempt by the Sri Lanka state to "Whitewash their own blood-stained history"

BRAMPTON, CANADA, January 22, 2021 / —

In a letter to the Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown, the Prime Minister for Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) congratulated and thank him and the Brampton City Council for a swift a and meaningful vote to build the Mullivaikal Memorial as a response to the destruction of the same erected by the students and faculty of the Jaffna University.

As you aptly noted in your speech, the destruction of Mullivaikal monument was a pathetic attempt by the Sri Lanka state to "Whitewash their own blood-stained history", said the letter.

"The immediate spontaneous response from the Tamils across the globe and the human rights activists like the members of the Brampton City Council demonstrate that the world at large will not only forget the Tamil Genocide but will not rest until justice is done to Tamils, continued the letter.

In conclusion the letter stated that "Let me again thank you and Brampton City Council member and hold your hands in the spirit of solidarity.


The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is a democratically elected Government of over a million strong Tamils (from the island of Sri Lanka) living in several countries around the world.

TGTE was formed after the mass killing of Tamils by the Sri Lankan Government in 2009.

TGTE thrice held internationally supervised elections among Tamils around the world to elect 135 Members of Parliament. It has two chambers of Parliament: The House of Representatives and the Senate and also a Cabinet.

TGTE is leading a campaign to realize the political aspirations of Tamils through peaceful, democratic, and diplomatic means and its Constitution mandates that it should realize its political objectives only through peaceful means. It’s based on the principles of nationhood, homeland and self-determination.

TGTE seeks that the international community hold the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide against the Tamil people to account. TGTE calls for a referendum to decide the political future of Tamils.

The Prime Minister of TGTE is Mr. Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, a New York based lawyer.

Twitter: @TGTE_PMO


Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka faced repeated mass killings in 1958, 1977, and 1983 and the mass killings in 2009 prompted UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to appoint a Panel of Experts to report on the scale of the killings.

According to UN internal review report on Sri Lanka, over 70 thousand Tamils were killed in six months in early 2009 and Tamil women were sexually assaulted and raped by the Sri Lankan Security forces.

International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) in February 2017 handed over details to UN of Sri Lankan Military run "Rape Camps", where Tamil women are being held as “sex slaves”. Also, According to UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office report on April 2013, there are over 90 thousand Tamil war widows in Sri Lanka.

Thousands of Tamils disappeared, including babies and children. UN Working Group on Enforced Disappearances stated in 2020 that the second highest number of enforced disappearance cases in the world is from Sri Lanka.
According to this UN report, the killings and other abuses that took place amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. Independent experts believe that there are elements of these abuses that constitute an act of genocide.

Members of the Sri Lankan security forces are almost exclusively from the Sinhalese community and the victims are all from the Tamil community. A Buddhist Monk shot and killed a Sri Lankan Prime Minister 1959 for having talks with Tamils.

Tamils overwhelmingly voted in a Parliamentary election in 1977 to establish an independent and sovereign country called Tamil Eelam. This Parliamentary election was conducted by the Sri Lankan Government.

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
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MediaOps Announces the 2020 DevOps Dozen² Awards Honorees

MediaOps announces the recipients of the sixth annual DevOps Dozen Awards in recognition of their outstanding leadership and service to the DevOps community.

BOCA RATON , FL , UNITES STATED, January 22, 2021 / — MediaOps, the place to tell your story in the most powerful way, has published the list of honorees for the 24 categories of the 2020 DevOps Dozen² Awards. The DevOps Dozen Awards highlight the most agile and distinguished individuals and companies who have demonstrated exceptional performance and commitment to the DevOps community.

This year’s awards include twice the number of categories than in previous years, divided into two main sections: DevOps Dozen Tools and Services Awards and DevOps Dozen Community Awards.

The DevOps Dozen honorees have displayed resilience, determination, commitment and willingness to embrace change in a year of unprecedented challenges to drive their business—and the industry—forward. They represent the best of the best in the maturing DevOps space.

“It is a privilege and an honor to present these awards to such hardworking, inspirational and innovative individuals, projects and organizations,” said Alan Shimel, CEO of MediaOps. “Each and every one of them is a valuable asset to the DevOps community. Congratulations to all the honorees, and to the finalists as well, for making our community better through their leadership and service.”

Here are the names of the 2020 DevOps Dozen² Awards honorees:
DevOps Dozen Community Awards
Best DevOps Industry Implementation
Lloyds Banking Group

Best DevOps Survey/Analysis/Research
2020 State of DevOps Report by Puppet

Best DevOps Related Video Series (Video)
Devops Unbound

Best Podcast of the Series (Audio Only) of the Year
The Modern Mainframe: Building a Better Software Delivery Platform

Best DevOps Books / eBook of the Year
Standing On Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation by Jack Maher and Carmen DeArdo (foreword by Gene Kim)

Top DevOps Evangelist
Helen Beal, chief ambassador at DevOps Institute

Best DevOps Transformation (Non-Vendor)
Fidelity Investments

Best DevOps Virtual Event of the Year
DevOps World 2020

Most Innovative DevOps Open Source Project
Grafana Loki

DevOps Executive of the Year
GitLab CEO and Co-Founder Sid Sijbrandij

Best DevOps Presentation of the Year
On Ramp to Open DevOps for Mainframe by George DeCandio, chief technology officer of the Mainframe Software Division at Broadcom

Best Article of the Year
How to Reduce Engineer Burnout During COVID-19 by Henry Jewkes, staff software engineer at Split
DevOps Dozen Tools and Services Awards
Best End to End DevOps Tool/Service

Best DevOps Repo/GitOps Tool/Service

Best CI/CD Tool

Best Value Stream Management Tool Value Stream Platform

Best Observability Solution
Splunk Observability Suite

Best DevSecOps Solution
JFrog Xray

Best Testing Service/Tool
Tricentis Tosca

Best Kubernetes Platform/Service
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Best Cloud Native Security Solution/Service

Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution
CA Endevor Bridge for Git by Broadcom and Compuware’s Topaz (tie)

Best DevOps for DataOps/Database Solution

Best New DevOps Tool/Service Provider

Winners have been chosen from among the finalists with general public voting being weighted for 40% of the final total and our judges selections for 60% of the weighted total.

The DevOps Dozen Awards honorees will receive both digital and physical trophies and badges celebrating their achievements.

For more information about the awards and each category, please visit the DevOps Dozen² Awards website. For any information regarding the entry process, awards, timing or any technical issues regarding the website, please contact us at

MediaOps, the place to tell your story in the most powerful way, is an omniversal media company covering IT industries and practices that are reshaping the world of technology, including DevOps, Cloud-Native, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation. Through a convergence of new media distribution platforms, we deliver the experiential stories IT professionals need to gain fresh insights and learn new skills. For marketing partners, MediaOps delivers unparalleled access to inform and engage with a highly involved IT community for thought leadership, demand generation and specialized campaigns. MediaOps is not only the most trusted name in technology media, but the most loved as well.

Rebecca Auguste
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Gina Pearce of Kristin’s Fund to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NEW HARTFORD, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2021 / — Kristin Palumbo Longo was a free spirit whose bright smile and warm embrace brought comfort and joy to those around her. She was a mom of four, a cheerleading coach, registered nurse, and a caring daughter, sister and friend.

On September 28th, 2009, Kristin’s estranged husband entered their home and stabbed her 17 times, killing her and then himself. Her death sent shockwaves through their close-knit community.

Now, 11 years later, her sister, Gina Pearce, is honoring her sister’s legacy by speaking about her experience with devastation and grief caused by her sister’s domestic violence homicide, while sharing her story of survival and hope.

“After my sister died, I was devastated. But I was also compelled to research,” recalls her sister Gina Pearce. “I had to better understand how domestic violence happens, how it escalates and how to best prevent it so that other families didn’t suffer like ours.”

The more she dug in and learned, the more she knew she was being called to help others, says Gina.

“I wouldn't have predicted that my sister would be a victim of domestic violence homicide. I was desperately trying to find ways to ensure that this kind of preventable tragedy wouldn’t happen to other families.”

To do so, Gina founded Kristin’s Fund, a non-profit organization with a mission of creating safer communities through domestic violence education and prevention.

“We work to prevent domestic violence by educating kids and communities about healthy relationships. We want people to know how to react when unhealthy relationships and domestic violence touches their lives.”

Gina believes that educated communities are safer communities, educated families are safer families and educated children are safer children.

Launched in 2016, Kristin’s Fund has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for domestic violence awareness and prevention. A volunteer organization, the fund has since evolved to include a platform for Gina to share her story and create awareness outside of their community to educate as many people as possible to stop the cycle of abuse.

“Part of my healing process is and will continue to be talking about my sister and sharing what I know. I never planned to be an expert on domestic violence or grief, but now I have an obligation,” says Gina.

Close Up Radio will feature Gina Pearce in an interview with Jim Masters on January 26th at 12pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389.

For more information, visit

Lou Ceparano
Close Up Television & Radio
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International Motivational Keynote Speaker Didi Wong Featured in Award Winning New Inspirational Movie “Impact”



Didi Wong

Didi Wong

Didi Wong

Inspirational diversity speaker and philanthropist Didi Wong stars in an award-winning inspirational movie, “Impact.”

It is time for women to rise up, to have a voice, to be heard, and to claim the more powerful positions in our country and the world.”

— Didi Wong

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 22, 2021 / — International diversity speaker and philanthropist Didi Wong stars in an award-winning inspirational movie, “Impact,” which premiered on Thursday and has already been nominated for 12 international film awards and has won 6 awards.

The movie profiles three people who overcame tremendous disadvantages to lead successful lives that will inspire others.

“My father said, ‘You will never make it in America,” she said. “I came to America against my family’s wishes and became a recognized keynote speaker in just four years.

She has spoken at the United Nations and was presented the "Women of the Decade" award for entrepreneurship and Venture Capital from the Women Economic Forum.

The movie shows her starting out as a speaker and stumbling when rehearsing a speech to her four young children.

“When you master the art of articulation, you will experience a whole lot more yeses,” she said.

“Like Kamala Harris, I want to inspire people to speak up and be bold. I want to show that any minority female can face their adversities and come out on the other end as a trusted name, resource, mentor, and successful entrepreneur,” she said.

“It is time for women to rise up, to have a voice, to be heard, and to claim the more powerful positions in our country and the world. I strive to be the most recognized Asian female speaker in the U.S. and in the world and to pave the way for the younger female generation to succeed on a greater scale,” she said.

About the Movie
“Impact” is an inspiring movie about three people who embark on a personal journey to transform the way they communicate. On their quest to impact the world, they discover their superpowers.

About the Film Makers and Producers
The film’s producers include Robert Kahn, Amy Carroll, and David Meltzer.

Eric Bailey, Eric Edmeades, and Amy Carroll coached Didi on presentation skills.

As film directors/producers, authors, and educators Patryk & Kasia Wezowski are on a mission to inspire over ten million lives by making movies that make a difference in the world. Their educational videos have over 4 million views on YouTube.

As founders of the Center for Body Language, the world’s number one body language training for business, they trained over 100,000 people in making a bigger impact. Their work has been published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Huffington Post, CBS, Fox News, TEDx and Harvard University.

To see the movie, sign up for free at

About Didi Wong

Born in Hong Kong, raised in England, and now residing in Los Angeles, Didi Wong is an award-winning international keynote speaker, Hollywood film and TV producer and financier, serial entrepreneur, business and speaking mentor, best-selling author, and angel investor.

She was given the highest level award of “Women of the Decade for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital” from the Women Economic Forum as well as an award of Achievements, Recognition and Excellence by the National Council of Women from the Egyptian Government. She has also been honored to speak at the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative at the United Nations and she was the resident speaker on the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour 2019.

She has funded, executive produced, and worked alongside the likes of Larry King, Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and John Stevenson of Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and Madagascar success. She was a judge on the number one digital business show "Elevator Pitch."

Didi was given the Certificate of Recognition by Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles for helping women entrepreneurs succeed. Oprah Magazine calls her a "Woman Who Mean Business." In 2021, she will be knighted as "Lady Didi Wong" where she will join the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and St. Helen of Spain to further the Royal initiatives both domestically and internationally.

Philanthropically, she participates as a Parent Council in the Obstetrics and Post-Partum department at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills. She is the President of the Women Economic Forum Los Angeles as well as being on the Board of Advisors for Destined 4 Greatness, a non-profit to help inspire young students in the LAUSD and Long Beach USD arena. She is also an Ambassador for the Unstoppable Foundation.

Her superpowers lie in managing her four children under the age of ten, including a set of identical girl twins and all her projects, speaking engagements, clients, and investments, always with a smile on her face.

To book Didi to speak, go to

Social Media
Facebook: @didiwongofficial
Instagram: @didiwongofficial

Didi Wong
Didi Wong
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 22, 2021 / — We’re unfortunately conditioned to think of the singer/songwriter in certain terms. There’s usually an acoustic guitar involved. More strum than beat. The endeavor of packing more syllables than are available into a couplet. And so on. But, as reported today by our friends at AMERICAN SONGWRITER, LA-based upstart Emma Negrete is a whole other story. The publication shares the artist’s video for “Lost In Translation,” a track packed with so much truly good stuff that its function is much less ‘just another tune’ and much more a reveal of the inevitability of its singer/songwriter to become a real force in popular music.

In a world ever-primed for battle, the first few strains of “Lost In Translation'' find Negrete already self-possessed enough to know that there’s inherent strength in vulnerability. She’s even self-effacing, singing “I’ve become a coffee shop regular…”. But then, in a world of f-you salvos and restless anger, she gives us something we’re not used to– acceptance: “You are gonna feel how you are gonna feel/I will always feel how I will always feel.” For that, the song is a tearjerker, because it reminds us that, at some point, we’re going to have to give up and move on. That’s the painful part, and Negrete sings it like she’s lived it…

“God is always wrong in the Devil’s eyes/So, it’s safe to say that we were both right.”

One of L.A.’s best kept secrets, via Chicago and the comfy Midwest hub of Des Moines, Negrete started performing when she was 7 years old, spending many subsequent years participating in many choirs and ensembles with a wide variety of genres. She studied opera during high school and went on to study vocal performance in the jazz conservatory at the Chicago College of Performing Arts.
She performed in many venues around Chicago with her band, which inspired her to pursue music full time and move to Los Angeles, California. Negrete, pioneer of soulful pop, incredibly powerful voice immensely influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks, Beyonce and Lauryn Hill. Indeed, Negrete has an economical style and a talent for note bending that is truly unique and I do believe not a single wasted note among the mere six songs appearing on her forthcoming debut EP on Business Records “Breaking Down the Algorithm”, dropping February 12, 2021.

Negrete’s stinging, emotional leads are highlighted throughout atmospheric straight-up Soulful Pop pieces “Lost In Translation“, “Strawberry Moon” and “Magma”. Negrete’s voice catches fire on “Living in the Post” and “Absent", this EP is 110% Emma Negrete, In full blow-them-away mode, Soultastic! Tasteful and timeless surprises for all music lovers. Emma Negrete, a soulful singer who is not adverse to pop or rock, sings with hardly any divisions, blues, soul, jazz and rock together in one melting pot of pop culture and bonded by the new, loud sound of millennial music… every phrase is a statement.
Emma’s traveled a lot of hard roads, even spending a year abroad in China, where she was greatly humbled and forced to face her darkest truths in a world of isolation… the real quarantine. Through her music she expresses her moments of clarity and the process of gaining back the control of her own mind. Now with her debut single “Lost In Translation” and EP “Breaking Down the Algorithm”, Negrete is at her best filling the world with timeless repertoire, well composed and relatable soon to be classic songs, not to mention a hefty injection of Worldy-Soulful Pop !

Negrete often writes about the people, observations, self-realizations, culture, and struggles she experienced while living overseas, hence, “Lost In Translation.” In her own words “I write at my best when I am very passionate about particular philosophies that stem from self realizations and a change in perspective. I find that if I have purposeful lyrics first, everything else will fall into place”.

Negrete’s biggest mission in the world is to share that changing your entire mindset for the better does exist and for people to feel the same amount of selfless love for themselves that she has found. It doesn’t come naturally for most people, it’s a muscle you have to exercise every day.
Emma Negrete “Lost In Translation” and the EP “Breaking Down the Algorithm” will be available on Cassette, CD, Vinyl, Digital and all Streaming platforms.

For more information, visit:

For press inquiries, please contact:
Perry Serpa and/or River Hooks
Vicious Kid Public Relations
917 660-4137


David Skye
Business Records
+1 213-842-6664

Emma Negrete Lost In Translation (Official Video)

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Tarah Who? Releases New Single “Swallow That Pill”

Swallow That Pill is Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2021 / — Pop music duo Tarah Who? releases a new single “Swallow That Pill”. The track is one of eight in their upcoming album, “Exposed”. The duo is composed of front-womanTarah Carpenter and drummer/backing vocalist Coralie Hervé.

“Swallow that Pill” Is an upbeat pop, rock track with fast-paced tunes. Tarah Who?’s storytelling and vocals in this track will allow listeners to be empathetic to the frustration of a hard worker being unappreciated and taken advantage of.

“Swallow That Pill” inspired Tarah Who? to reflect on coworkers that worked hard every day, only to get backlash and harassed by managers or bosses. Tarah Who? believe that having responsibilities and paying bills doesn't mean we should accept every situation.

Tarah says, “I’m really sensitive to things that happen around me, and I love studying psychology and human behavior. When I write, I seek to process personal stories and news stories through these perspectives, but in a way, that’s relatable to everyone.”

Following the single of “Swallow That Pill” the duo put together a music video where someone enters a break room to let out frustration on a long day of work.

“Swallow That Pill” is available now on all major platforms. Checkout Tarah Who?‘s website to stay up to date on upcoming projects.

About Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? Well, “she” equals “they,” and “they’re'' a power duo masterminded by grunge-punk sage Tarah Carpenter, a firebrand frontwoman who channels explosive emotionality into rousing anthems. In addition to Tarah, drummer/backing vocalist Coralie Hervé. Previously, Tarah Who? has released two full-lengths, three EPs, and one single of raw punky rock n’ roll. The duo’s output has garnered plaudits and earned feature-story coverage from GIG Radar, Kill The Music, La Grosse Radio, Loud Stuff, Moshville, Music Connection, Muzak, and The Ring Master, among other outlets. The Ladies of Tarah Who? Are fired up, inspired, and tighter as friends and musicians.

Team AMW
AMW Group
+1 310-295-4150
email us here

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New England podcast host Diane Taha, style & beauty blogger, interviews fellow fashion & style blogger Jaimie Tucker

Meet Influencer – Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger – Jaimie Tucker

Host of Channel Your Influence Podcast, Diane Taha

Blogger Jaimie Tucker Talks with Channel Your Influence Host Diane Taha about Setting Goals and Building Relationships in the Influencer Business

Diane and I have a natural synergy. It is such a pleasure chatting with other influencers who understand how this unique business works.”

— Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer & Blogger, Jaimie

HARTFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2021 / — The importance of building authentic relationships with brands cannot be understated. No matter what line of work one is in, competition is stiff. “It's the relationships you build that will get you the job or allow you to be chosen,” says Tucker. This along with an insider view on the influencer business, goal setting, and relationship building are the topics that influencers Diane Taha and Jaimie Tucker elaborate on during their second Channel Your Influence (CYI) podcast hitting airwaves Sunday, January 24th, 2020.

Taha has interviewed fashion and lifestyle blogger Jaimie Tucker before, relying on her advice and taking note of tips on pitching brands, setting goals, and how to live healthfully with a life work balance. This engaging conversation is filled with valuable information for influencers and bloggers alike.

“Diane and I have a natural synergy and this is actually the second time I’ve appeared on Channel Your Influence (CYI). It's such a pleasure chatting with other influencers who understand how this unique business works. I’m sure you will enjoy listening to the two of us chatting along like girlfriends who have known each other for a long time.” ~ says fashion & lifestyle influencer & blogger, Jaimie Tucker.

Tucker in the interview hopes to provide insider understanding on the influencer business. She also hopes to provide inspiration on how to think about setting goals and creating revenue in a more comprehensive way for new and current influencers. She further elaborates on the hope that listeners, particularly bloggers/influencers, will find the tips on how to work with brands useful, as she shares strategies about pitching brands and turning one off partnerships into long term contractual relationships.

A large portion of the interview addresses goal setting and taking a deeper dive into the million-dollar question(s) “What would your ideal outcome be?” and as Jaimie calls ‘tinkering with time’ – creating a schedule that allows you to maximize your productivity. Jaimie and Taha also address how to use past experiences as tools for learning and defining new potential opportunities – opportunities for partnership, collaboration, creativity, and visibility in the world of social media, where influencers and brands join forces to earn consumer trust and communicate a brand narrative.

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