36th Year of Free High Holy Days Services at the Laugh Factory

This will be the 36th year the Laugh Factory will open its doors to the Jewish community for the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Laugh Factory, Los Angeles’s premiere comedy club, ushers in the Jewish New Year with its joyous gift to the Jewish community – free High Holy day services. This will be the 36th year the Laugh Factory will open its doors to the Jewish community for the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Jamie Masada, owner of the Laugh Factory states, “Two of the main reasons I love doing this is it gives so many actors, writers, comedians, and the entire Hollywood community who are away from their families a place to pray for the holidays. And, with the economic crisis this country has been experiencing now for over a decade, so many people cannot afford the high cost of tickets that most temples charge in order to attend services. At the Laugh Factory Temple, all are welcome to come and pray.”

Services are conducted in the Reform Jewish tradition by Rabbi Bob Jacobs.

Rosh Hashanah will be celebrated on:
Monday, September 30, 2019
11:00 am until 1:00 pm with refreshments to follow

Yom Kippur will begin with the Kol Nidre service on:
Tuesday, October 8, 2019
6:00 pm to 7:00pm

Services will continue on the morning of:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
11:00 am until 1:00 pm

Concluding with Neilah service:
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
6:00 pm until 7:00 pm.
A “break-the-fast” will follow.

No contributions are accepted and tickets are not required.
Observers are requested to come early in order to be accommodated indoors.

The Laugh Factory is located at 8001 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, two blocks west of Fairfax. Limited parking is available around the corner in the Laugh Factory parking lot on Laurel Place.

Due to high attendance, please call for reservations (323) 656-1336 x1 or email
info@laughfactory.com (include your name, number of guests, contact number, & zip code).

Aurora DeRose
Michael Levine Media
+1 310-396-6090
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Sri Lanka's Tamil Areas to Shut Down on Monday to Support a Huge Rally in Jaffna for Tamil’s Political Demands !

Every thing will shutdown except hospitals. Rally organizers have urged restaurants and petrol stations to open to help rally participants to get food & petrol

To support this rally, several rallies will be held on the same day in several cities around the world and before the UN Headquarters in New York and outside the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.”

— Tamil People's Council

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA, September 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Tamil areas of Sri Lanka in the North and Eastern provinces are going to shut down on Monday (16th) in support of a massive rally in Jaffna for the Tamil’s political demands.

Everything will shut down except hospitals. Rally organizers have urged restaurants and petrol stations to open to help rally participants to get food and petrol for the vehicles.

This rally is titled “Eluga Thamil”. People joining the rally will assemble in two points just outside the City and march to the esplanade for the massive rally, where several leaders will speak.

This rally is organized by Tamil People’s Council, a coalition of several Tamil political parties, civil society organizations, trade unions, University Students, Families of the Disappeared, Religious leaders, academics, war victim groups and others.

Former Northern Province Council Chief Minister Justice C.V. Wigneswaran is one of the three joint Presidents of the Tamil People’s Council. Other joint presidents are Dr. P. Lakshman and Mr. Vasantharajah.

To support this rally in Jaffna, several rallies will be held on the same day in several cities around the world and before the UN Headquarters in New York and outside the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Lanka News
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ஈழத்தமிழர் தேசத்தின் வலிமைக்கான வாயிலாக எழுகதமிழ் மாறுமா ?

எப்பொழுதும் எங்களுடைய பிரச்சனைகளை நாங்கள் எங்களுடைய உரிமைப் போராட்டத்தின் மூலம்தான் தீர்க்க முடியும்.

நாங்கள் எப்பொழுதுமே பரிதாப்பத்துக்குரியவர்களாக அலைவதனால், எங்களுடைய பிரச்சனகள் தீர்க்கப் போவதில்லை. பிரச்சனைகளை உரிமைப் போராட்டத்தின் மூலம்தான் தீர்க்க முடியும்.

— Tamil News

PARIS, FRANCE, September 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ —

'எப்போதுமே அப்பாவித்தனமாக மக்கள் இருப்பார்களானால், அடக்குமுறையாளர்கள் அவர்கள் மீது வன்முறையினை கட்டவிழ்த்து கொண்டே இருப்பார்கள்.

நாங்கள் எப்பொழுதுமே பரிதாப்பத்துக்குரியவர்களாக அலைவதனால், எல்லோருடைய பரிதாபத்தையும் இரக்கத்தையும் சம்பாதித்துக் கொண்டு இருப்போமே அன்றி, எங்களுடைய பிரச்சனைகளை தீர்க்கப் போவதில்லை.

எப்பொழுதும் எங்களுடைய பிரச்சனைகளை நாங்கள் எங்களுடைய உரிமைப் போராட்டத்தின் மூலம்தான் தீர்க்க முடியும்.

அடிக்க அடிக்க நாங்கள் ஓடிக்கொண்டிருந்தால் அடிப்பவனும் துரத்தி துரத்தி அடித்துக் கொண்டே; இருப்பான். திரும்ப அடிப்பதன் மூலமாகத்தான் எங்களுடைய நிலையினை பரிதாபத்தில் இருந்து நீக்கலாம்.

வலியவர்கள் வாழ்வார்கள் என்ற தத்துவம்தான் இந்த உலகத்தில் உள்ளது. வலிமையல்தான் எமது பிரச்சனைகளை தீர்த்துக் கொள்ள முடியும்.'

இது, 1983 கறுப்பு யுலையின் பட்டறிவு தனக்கு உணர்த்திய செய்தியென, விடுதலைப் புலிகளின் தலைவர் வே.பிரபாகரன் அவர்கள் நிதர்சனத்தின் வீடியோ மஞ்சரி ஒன்றில் அன்று தெரிவித்திருந்தார்.

இக்கருத்து இன்று மட்டுமல்ல என்றைக்குமே ஒடுக்கப்பட்ட அடக்கப்பட்ட மக்களின் உரிமைப் போராட்டத்துக்கான திசைவழிப்பாதையை தெளிவாகவே முன்வைக்கின்றது.

சமகாலத்தில், தமிழர் தாயகத்தில் மட்டுமல்ல புலம்பெயர் தேசங்களிலும், தமிழகத்திலும் எழுகதமிழ் ஓர் அசைவாக காணப்படுகின்ற நிலையில், மேற்சொன்ன கூற்று, பல்வேறு வகையிலும் எழுகதமிழுக்கு தெளிவான செய்தியினை எடுத்துரைத்து நிற்கின்றது.

எழுகதமிழ் முன்வைக்கின்ற கோரிக்கைகள் முதற்கொண்டு, அதனை முன்னெடுக்கின்ற தரப்பினர் வரை பல்வேறு வகையிலும் முன்னர் இல்லாதவாறு பல்வேறு எதிர்கேள்விகளை முன்வைத்து வருகின்றனர். இந்த எதிர்கேள்விகளுக்கு, எதிர்கருத்துகளுக்கு பின்னால் பல்வேறு உள்நோக்கங்கள் காணப்பட்டாலும், எழகதமிழில் உள்நோக்கம் என்பது, ஈழத்தமிழர் தேசத்தின் மக்கள் சக்தியின் திரட்சியாகவே இருக்க முடியும்.

இதனைத்தான் 1983 கறுப்பு யுலை பட்டறிவில் இருந்து தலைவர் வே.பிரபாகரன் குறிப்பிடுகின்றார். அதாவது வலியது உலகில் வாழும். பரிதாப்பத்துக்குரியவர்களாக 'கோரிக்கைகளுடன்' இலங்கைத்தீவுக்குள் மட்டுமல்ல, வெளியேயும் அலைந்து திரிவதனால், கடந்த பத்து ஆண்டுகளில் ஈழத்தமிழின இரக்கத்தையும், பரிதாபத்தையும் பெற்றுக் கொண்டதே அன்றி, தீர்வை அல்ல.

இலங்கைதீவுக்கு படையெடுக்கின்ற வெளிநாட்டு அரச பிரதிநிதிகளைச் சந்திக்கின்ற தமிழ் தேசியக் கூட்டமைப்பு தலைவர் இரா.சம்பந்தன் அவர்கள், எமது நிலைப்பாட்டை சர்வதேச தரப்புக்களுடன் முறையிட்டிருக்கின்றோம் என பல தடவை குறிப்பிட்டிருக்கின்றார். இதுதான் புலம்பெயர் தேசங்களிலும் நடந்திருக்கின்றது. ஆனால் தமிழர்களின் கோரிக்கைகளை எதிர்பார்ப்பினை இரக்கத்தோடும், பரிவோடும் 'அவர்கள்' கேட்டார்கள் தமிழ்கூறும் நல்லுலகிற்கு கூறப்படும். ஆனால் முன்வைக்கப்பட்ட கோரிக்கைகளை, முறைப்பாடுகளில் காத்திரமான முறையில் சர்வதேச சக்திகளால் தீர்க்கப்பட்டுள்ளதா எனில் அது இல்லை என்பதாகவே இருக்கும். நல்லாட்சி அரசாங்கத்தினால் இரா.சம்பந்தன் ஏமாற்றப்பட்டுவிட்டார் என சமீபத்தில் பல ஊடகங்கள் தலைப்பிட்டிருந்தன. காரணம் நல்லாட்சி அரசாங்கத்தினை ஆட்சிகதிரையில் ஏற்ற விரும்பிய சர்வதேச சக்திகளுக்கு தமிழர்களின் வாக்குகளை பெற்றுக் கொடுத்த தமிழ்த் தேசியக் கூட்டமைப்பு, தமது எதிர்பாப்புகள் சர்வதேச தரப்புக்கள் ஊடாக நிறைவேற்றப்படும் என காத்திருந்தனர். ஆனால் எதுவே உருப்படியாக நடக்காத நிலையில்தான், தற்போது தமிழ்த் தேசியக் கூட்டமைப்பு தரப்பு தாம் சிறிலங்கா அரசாங்கத்தினால் மட்டுமல்ல, சர்வதேச சக்திகளாலும் ஏமாற்றப்பட்டுவிட்டதாக உணர்வாக பலரும் தமது சமீபத்திய செவ்விகளில் குறிப்பிடுகின்றனர்.

அவ்வாறெனில் மீண்டும் கோரிக்கைகளுடன்தானே, 'எழுகதழும்' இம்முறை அறைகூவப்படுகின்றது என யாரும் கேட்கலாம். கோரிக்கைகளின் வழி மக்களை திரட்டுவதற்கான ஒரு கருவியாக இருக்கின்றதே அன்றி, திரளுகின்ற மக்கள் சக்திதான் வலிமைதான் இங்கு முக்கியமானது. திரளுகின்ற மக்கள் சக்திதான் ஈழத்தமிழர் தேசத்தினது உரிமைப் போராட்டத்தின் உயிர்ப்பையும் விழிப்பையும் உலகிற்கு காட்டுகின்ற ஒன்றாக இருக்க வேண்டும்.

வலியவர்கள் வாழ்வார்கள் என்ற தத்துவம்தான் இந்த உலகத்தில் போக்கில், எவ்வாறு ஈழத்தமிழர்கள் தமது வலிமை பெற்று தமது பிரச்சனைகளை தீர்த்துக் கொள்ளவது ?

சிறிலங்காவின் அரசியலமைப்புக்கு உட்பட்ட தேர்தலில் பங்கெடுப்பதனாலும், மாகாண சபைகளை பிடிப்பதாலும், பராளுமன்ற பிரதிநிதித்துவங்களை பெறுவதாலும் ஈழத்தமிழினம் வலிமை பெற்றுவிடுமா ?

இவைகள் யாவுமே, தமிழர்கள் எதிர்பார்கின்ற நீதியினைiயும், அரசியல் இறைமையினையும் பெற்றுக் கொள்வதற்கான வலிமையினை தராது. முள்ளிவாய்க்காலின் பின்னராக தமிழர்களின் ஜனநாயகப் வழிப் போராட்டத்தில், தேர்தல் அரசியலே 'தமிழர்களின் அரசியல்' என்ற நிலை கட்டமைக்கப்படுகின்றது. ஆனால் தமிழர்களின் விடுதலைக்கான அரசியல் என்பது சிறிலங்காவின் தேர்தல் அரசியலுக்கு அப்பாற்பட்டதாகவே காணப்படுகின்றது.

அந்தவகையில், தேர்தல் அரசியலைக்கடந்து விடுதலைக்கான அரசியலுக்கான வலிமையினை, மக்கள் சக்தியின் வழியே கட்டமைப்பதானால்தான், ஈழத்தமிழர்களின் எதிர்பார்ப்புகளை இலங்கைத்தீவில் நிறைவேற்றிக் கொள்ள முடியும்.

இன்றைய இந்தியப் பெருங்கடல் புவிசார் அரசியலில் இலங்கைத்தீவின் கேந்திர முக்கியத்துவத்தினை, தமிழர் அரசியல் தரப்புக்கள் நன்குணர்ந்து தமது விடுதலைக்கான மூலோபாயங்களை வகுக்க வேண்டிய காலமிது. இந்தியா-மேற்குலகம், சீனா, சிறிலங்கா என முத்தரப்பு இலங்கைத்தீவினை சுற்றிய புவிசார் அரசியலில் தரப்புக்களாக இருக்கின்றார்களே அன்றி, தமிழர்கள் அல்ல. அன்று தமிழர்கள் இத்தில் ஒரு தரப்பாக மாறுவதற்குரிய வலிமையினை தமது ஆயுதப் போராட்ட வெற்றிகள் மூலம் அடைந்தார்கள். அதுவே சமாதான பேச்சுவார்த்தைகளில் தமிழர் தரப்பை ஒரு தரப்பாக ஏற்றுக் கொள்ள வைத்திருந்ததோடு, வலுச்சமநிலையினை தந்திருந்தது.

இவ்வாறெனில், ஆயுதப் போராட்டத்தை ஊக்குவிப்பதல்ல இக்கட்டுரையின் நோக்கம். மாறாக தமிழர்களை ஒரு தரப்பாக இச்சர்வதேச சக்திகள் எட்டுவதற்குதரிய வலிமையே இங்கு முக்கியமானது. அந்த வலிமையினை ஆயுதங்களால் மட்டுமல்ல, ஆயுதங்கள் அற்ற முறையிலும் அறிவு வலிமையினால், அரசியல் வலிமையினை எட்டமுடியும். இதற்கு ஓர் உதாரணமாக வற்றிக்கானை நோக்கலாம். அதற்கு ஆயுதம் தரித்த இராணுவம் இல்லை. ஆனால் அது உலகில் தனது வலிமையுள்ள ஒன்றாக இருக்கின்றது எனில் அது தன் மதக்கட்டமைப்பினை ஓர் ஆயுதமாக கையாளுகின்றது.

இதுபோவே இந்தியப் பெருங்கடல் புவிசார் அரசியலில் தமிழர்களும் தம்மை ஒரு தரப்பாக மாற்றுவதன் ஊடாகத்தான், எமது கோரிக்கைகளுக்கான தீர்வினை எட்டமுடியும். இதற்கான வலிமையினை, இலங்கைத்தீவில் தமிழர்களின் தாயகப் பகுதி அமைந்திருக்கின்ற கேந்திர முக்கியத்துவத்தினை, தமிழர்கள் தமது வலிமைக்கான முதலீமாக மாற்ற வேண்டும். அதாவது அரசியல் முதலீமாக மாற்ற வேண்டும். இதில் இருந்துதான் வலிமை கட்டமைக்கப்படும். இந்த வலிமைக்கான சக்தியே, மக்கள் திரட்சியாகும்.

கட்சிக்காக வேண்டாம், தெருக்காட்சிக்காக வேண்டாம் என்ற தேனிசை செல்லப்பாவின் எழுகதமிழ் பாடல் போல், எழுகதமிழ் என்பது ஒரு நாள் கூடிவிட்டு கலைகின்ற ஒரு கூட்டமாக அல்லாமல், ஈழத்தமிழர் தேசம் தனது வலிமையினை பெற்றுக் கொள்வதற்குரிய நல்லதொரு தொடக்கமாக மாற்ற வேண்டும். தாயக தமிழர்களும், புலம்பெயர் தமிழர்களும், தமிழக் தமிழர்களும் ஈழத்தமிழத் தேசத்தின் வலிமைக்குரிய மக்கள் சக்தியாக திரட்ட வேண்டும். திரளுகின்ற இந்த வலிமையினை அறிவு வலிமையாக அரசியல் வலிமையாக மாற்றுவதன் ஊடாக, இந்தியப் பெருங்கடல் புவிசார் அரசியலில் ஈழத்தமிழர்கள் ஒரு தரப்பாக மாற முடியும்.

இதுநோக்கிய தெளிவானதொரு நிகழ்ச்சி நிரலுடன் எழுகதமிழ் கட்டியங் கூறவேண்டும். இல்லாது போனால், தமிழர்கள் பரிதாப்பத்துக்குதரிய ஓர் இனமாக, கோரிக்கைகளுடன், உலகெங்கும் அலைந்து திரிந்து கொண்டு, பிறரது பரிதாபத்துக்கும், இரக்கத்துக்கும் உள்ளாவார்களே அன்றி, அவர்கள் தமக்கான தீர்வினை எட்டமுடியாது.

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"The Simeon Synderella" Hip Hop Mixtape By La'Vega Is Pure Dope

The Simeon Synderella

The Simeon Synderella

Hip Hop Artist La'Vega

Hip Hop Artist La’Vega

La'Vega has released her latest mixtape via her longtime record label MVB RECORDS, and it is something special.

She always Raps from the heart, but this mixtape puts the MCs feelings and current state of mind on full display. She has definitely blossomed into a real musician; not just a Rapper.”

— David Kessler

BRONX, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The name alone, "The Simeon Synderella", lets her longtime fans; and new listeners as well, know that this mixtape is something different. "The Simeon Synderella" is the 9th mixtape by this independent Hip Hop artist since she signed her first record deal in 2013, with MVBEMG. If you do not count the mixtapes prior to her hiatus from the Rap game, then this is her 3rd mixtape. What makes this mixtape special is that it is 5 tracks of pure music. Yes, it's a Hip Hop mixtape, and yes, it's a La'Vega mixtape, but, she sounds more relaxed and confident on the tracks, than on any of her previous projects.

On the 1st track "Ain't Got Time For That", La'Vega sounds like she is having an open conversation with her listeners, letting them know that she's come a long way since her music journey started. She does not sound like she's rapping on this track, her flow is very laid back. I can honestly imagine La'Vega smoking a joint while she spits bars over this bouncy track, reflecting on her life-now that she is back in the Rap game making new music. On the 2nd track, "I Don't Owe You", the title and lyrical content both fall in line with La'Vega's message, telling (warning) anyone who feels entitled to her current status, money, or time, that they should expect exactly what they gave her when she was experienceing her darkest days.

"Living Life" is the 3rd track on "The Simeon Synderella" mixtape, and this track has La'Vega daydreaming about the special moments in life where stress and the daily demands of life cannot be found. The most creative; and best track of the mixtape has to be track number 4, "Up In My Mind". La'Vega exposes her thoughts, and her vulnerability on this track as she sings melodic lines about how she is constantly lost in her thoughts.

Track number 5, "You F*cked Up", is the most curious track of the mixtape; who is La'Vega Rapping and singing about? Is this song about a past lover or current? Whoever it is, La'Vega deals with their infidelities with serious bars and a reality check. She let's the person know that she will not be a part of their "3 way" transaction. "The Simeon Synderella" is by far La'Vega's most honest mixtape. She always Raps from the heart, but this mixtape puts the MCs feelings and current state of mind on full display. She has definitely blossomed into a real musician; not just a Rapper.

David Kessler
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La’Vega – 1st Photo Shoot of 2019

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A New Flagship Model of Aquadom Medicine Cabinet with Light

New Bathroom Style presents a new 60-inch flagship medicine cabinet with light from the Aquadom brand.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — New Bathroom Style, Bathroom Supply Showroom in Brooklyn, NY, presents a new flagship model of Aquadom medicine cabinet with light.

When choosing interior elements, their appearance and how they fit into a particular style are most important for us. But, there is an exception. A mirror's design depends more on what is nearby and is reflected in it. And there are very few characteristics that are really important for the successful purchase. For sure, you need to buy a special mirror for each room. And the most important point where it must be placed – is the bathroom. In this case, the mirror should be of sufficient size and with a clear reflection image. It is precisely significant because it is a place where we got cleaned up and do all our hygienic procedures at the beginning and at the end of each day.

Many manufacturers give up on decorative elements and wooden frames on bathroom mirrors due to the high humidity conditions. Also, a very useful construction is a combination of a medicine cabinet and mirror. The most advanced models have LED-lighting, clock, and other functions.

Today there are many points where you can buy mirrors for your bathroom. But the showroom with one of the largest collections of bathroom mirrors is situated in New York. At New Bathroom Style bathroom supply store you will find collections from leading European brands – unique, luxurious, lighted and other abovementioned functions.

New Bathroom Style presents a new 60-inch flagship medicine cabinet with light from the Aquadom brand. Now it is made of a stronger scratch-resistant aluminum. The mirror thickness is also increased by 5 mm. The new SR model has a 3D-lighting function and preinstalled dimmer. It means that you can choose the illumination shade by yourself – cold, warm or neutral. Another very useful function – is defogger. Now your mirror will always be perfectly clear. Even when emitting steam from a hot shower. 72 inch – is the maximum size. But this model is also available in 12 other sizes. You can easily choose the one that fits exactly for your bathroom.

When you make your purchase in New Bathroom Style shop, you can be sure of the quality of the products and service. The showroom is located in Brooklyn, New York. You can also see all the models on the website or call the manager to get the best price today.

Sergio Stone
New Bathroom Style Inc
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The Command Center provides support and communication that allows our volunteers to do what they need to do to get the one hot meal that matters to those in need.

The first of 2500 hot meals arrive in Freeport, Grand Bahamas

Nonprofit Serving Hot Barbecue Meals Following Hurricane Dorian IN FIRST International Effort

We’re deployed on our first international mission. We saw the devastation in the Bahamas and knew we had to help. People in need have no boarder and now neither does Operation BBQ Relief!”

— Stan Hays, Co-Founder and CEO, Operation BBQ Relief.

Nonprofit Serving Hot Barbecue Meals Following Hurricane Dorian

Pleasant Hill, Mo. (Sept. 12, 2019) – Operation BBQ Relief (OBR) announced today that it has deployed to Freeport, Grand Bahamas to support recovery efforts following Hurricane Dorian. OBR is a nonprofit organization started by barbecue enthusiasts that has grown to become the nation’s premier disaster feeder with people from all walks of life with diverse skillsets. In common, they are all dedicated to serving hot meals to displaced residents and first responders following natural disasters across the country. This deployment in the Bahamas will be their first international deployment.

Operation BBQ Relief will be preparing hot meals in Ft. Lauderdale and airlifting up to 30,000 meals daily with the help of a flying piece of history. The “Miss Montana” is a US C-47 World War II Military transport and she will see as many as sixty sorties over the next month as she lifts hot meals and spirits to those in need.

“We’re deployed on our first international mission. As our teams were prepared to support an east coast land strike that did not unfold, we saw the devastation in the Bahamas and knew we had to help. There was an overwhelming desire by our volunteer base to provide hot meals to the communities in need wherever they may be. The push to head to the islands with the healing power of BBQ was a no brainer.” says Stan Hays, Co-Founder and CEO, Operation BBQ Relief. “For those who have the ability to fund our efforts or would like to volunteer, we encourage them to visit OperationBBQRelief.org.”

OBR was established in 2011, following a devastating tornado in Joplin, Mo. Since then, the organization has deployed to disasters including Hurricane Michael in the panhandle of Florida, Hurricane Florence in Wilmington, North Carolina, and the Carr fire, all in 2018. Through deployments in 60 disaster-stricken communities and 26 different states across the country, OBR has served 3 million meals, with the help of more than 14,000 volunteers.

In 2017, president and CEO Stan Hays was recognized by CNN as one of their “CNN Heroes” for his work with OBR. In May 2019 Operation BBQ Relief was recognized as The Volunteer Organization of the Year by the Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference for their work. Operation BBQ Relief Connects, Inspires, Serves, Educates and Feeds Those In Need.

OBR depends on donations and volunteers to make a difference. Please visit Operationbbqrelief.org to learn how to help.

Media Contact:
David Marks
Head of Marketing and Communications

# # #

About Operation BBQ Relief
Operation BBQ Relief is a 501.c.3 Disaster Relief Organization on a mission to provide friendship, compassion and hot barbecue meals to displaced residents and emergency personnel during times of natural and other disasters. Run almost entirely by volunteers who participate in barbecue competitions across the country, Operation BBQ Relief combines its expertise in cooking and catering barbecue meals with its ability to quickly mobilize teams into any area where disaster disrupts and tears apart the lives of Americans.

Donate to Operation BBQ Relief, or connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

David Marks
Operation BBQ Relief
+1 610-564-0885
email us here

What Operation BBQ Relief does and how you can help.

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Pinellas Foster Children in Need of Help, Local Businesses Answer the Call

Intuition Salon and Spa: Natural and Organic Hair Care

Intuition Salon and Spa: Natural and Organic Hair Care

Dawn has been a professional hair stylist for over 25 years, specializing in Exceptional Hair Color, Expert Hair Cuts, Keratin and Conditioning Treatments and Artistic and Creative Make-overs helping her clients achieve “The Look” they truly want and love

Dawn has been a professional hair stylist for over 25 years, specializing in Exceptional Hair Color, Expert Hair Cuts, Keratin and Conditioning Treatments and Artistic and Creative Make-overs helping her clients achieve “The Look” they truly want and love

Intuition Salon and Spa: Natural and Organic Hair Care

Intuition Salon and Spa: Natural and Organic Hair Care

There are about 19,000 children in foster care in Florida and too often when a child moves from one home to another their belongings are carried in a trash bag.

Giving back to the community is important to me. This isn’t just where I work, it is where I live, and that means I have a responsibility to help build a better place.”

— Dawn Shannon, Founder & Owner

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dawn Shannon’s Intuition Salon & Spa announced this week the launch of a drive to collect suitcases for foster children in the Tampa Bay area. Donations can be dropped off at both the Clearwater and St. Petersburg Intuition Salon & Spa locations between now and Christmas during business hours. The suitcases will be donated to the Pinellas County Foster & Adoptive Parent Association (PCFAPA), which strives to provide quality training, support and activities for foster and adoptive families.

Joining forces with other local business, Intuition Salon and Spa hopes to collect enough suitcases to meet the needs to the foster children in the area and is happy to be supporting the PCFAPA.

There are about 19,000 children in foster care in Florida and all too often when a child is moved from one home to another, whatever personal belongings they have are carried in a trash bag.

“As a mother, when I learned that these children didn’t have anything to carry with them when they moved it broke my heart and I knew I needed to do something to help,” said Dawn Shannon, owner of Intuition Salon & Spa.

As a past nominee of the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropy Award, Shannon has been an active supporter of programs serving children for the past 16 years. Whether it is collecting toys for the holidays, helping to send an impoverished young woman in Honduras to beauty school so she can help support her family when she graduates or working with local youth employment programs; giving back to the community is simply how Dawn Shannon chooses to live her life.

Suitcases can be dropped off and donations can be made on Monday between 11am and 7pm and Tuesday through Saturday from 8am until 8pm at either 16 N. Fort Harrison Ave. in Clearwater, FL (727-443-2927) or 2053 Central Ave. St. Petersburg, FL (727-322-3802).
To learn more about Dawn Shannon and Intuition Salon & Spa please visit http://www.intuitionsalonandspa.com/

About Dawn Shannon: With over 25 years of experience, Dawn Shannon, has worked with local and national celebrity client’s around the country and founded Intuition Salon & Spa to create a friendlier high-end salon environment, where every client can experience the Intuition Magic. Requiring that every artist working in her salons continue their advanced training in color, cut and style, ensures the quality Dawn demands at Intuition while maintaining a relaxing, professional and fun salon experience. Specializing in organic color and color correction, Dawn Shannon’s Intuition Salon & Spa has three locations in the Tampa Bay area. For more information visit http://www.dawn-shannon.com/

Diane Stein
Intuition Salon & Spa
+1 727-443-2927
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Salon Tips and Techniques with Dawn Shannon

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Sensum launches empathic tech toolkit for in-cabin safety, services and personalisation at IAA Frankfurt

SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit being displayed inside a vehicle

SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit

SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit - Product Shot

SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit – Product Shot

A decade of empathic technology knowledge deployed in a box to accelerate automotive innovation

Human data will become the most important asset in the next generation of in-cabin products & services. Companies need a solution like ours to put in the data miles for custom human-reactive models.”

— Gawain Morrison, CEO & co-founder, Sensum

BELFAST, IRELAND, September 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sensum, the empathic technology company, today launches the SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit, the world’s first sensor-fusion kit for measuring real-time human states from body, face and voice data combined. Synsis equips automotive OEMs, tier one suppliers and simulator companies with a single solution to research and rapidly prototype a new generation of personalised in-cabin solutions. After several years of engineering custom solutions for the automotive industry Sensum is now packaging its technology and algorithms for customers to purchase and operate. Synsis is designed to speed up research and development for products that can measure and respond to human feelings. This new wave of empathic technology promises enhancements in safety, comfort and services.

For digital technology to interact with humans in smarter and more personal ways it needs to understand how they are feeling. Human data measurement from in-cabin sensors can result in greater road safety by identifying driver distraction or the onset of fatigue. Distracted driving accounts for at least one in ten fatal accidents[1], while fatigue may contribute to one in five road accidents[2]. As well as safety benefits, empathic vehicle technology will also provide personalised entertainment, comfort and digital services.

Over the last decade the automotive industry has been transformed by huge leaps in technology such as electrification of vehicles, and assisted driving technologies. New connected car platforms and advances in telecommunications infrastructure such as 5G offer opportunities for safety and personalisation in fleet, commercial and personal vehicles, as the automotive industry searches for new business models.

With Synsis, customers will be able to start analysing human states immediately, and build empathic features within the vehicle that respond to these states. This new kind of interaction can be operated through any programmable component of the vehicle, such as the infotainment system, environment controls, or advanced driver assistance systems. These in-cabin solutions could be differentiators for automotive brands searching for new ways to attract customers, as noisy engines, manual driving and vehicle ownership are replaced with electrification, automation and ride sharing.

Gawain Morrison, CEO & Co-Founder, Sensum comments: “Human data will become the most important asset in the next generation of in-cabin products and services. Companies need to put in the data miles now to build customised models, and a solution like ours is the only way to get true data in the real places where people live their lives.”

The challenges of data synchronisation, human state labelling, ground truth data collection, and simultaneous processing of multiple human data streams have been problems that Sensum has solved over a decade of operations. This in-the-wild knowledge of research and product development is now being deployed in the Synsis Developer Kit, helping to speed up the research and prototyping of human-reactive products, whether that’s in VR, the simulator, on the road or the racetrack.

User experience designers and researchers can now collect human data in the wild, to gather data from a wide range of sensors for body, face & voice data, and context data can be integrated from almost any source. Sensum’s patent-pending sensor-fusion solution brings all human data streams into one place synchronised, tagged for events, and ready for analysis.

Engineers can build human-reactive prototypes using Sensum’s scientifically validated human state models, which provide a comprehensive model of the human user across a wide range of emotions and other cognitive & physiological states. They can then trigger product features based on the user's current state, to test and build products that respond empathically, for richer, more personalised human-machine interaction.

As a European company operating under GDPR, Sensum has always taken a strong stance on data privacy and human rights across all of its processes, from data collection, to the design of human state models, addressing issues such as potential algorithmic bias in consultation with its customers. This ethos brought Sensum and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) together to initiate a working group to develop a new global ethics standard for empathic technology. The P7014 Standard for Ethical considerations in Emulated Empathy in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems is the latest addition to the IEEE’s P7000 series of standards in development, all focused on different aspects of the ethics of autonomous and intelligent systems. The group is open to anyone and Sensum encourages interested parties to join, to help shape the future of this new field of technology.

For more information on SynsisTM the Empathic Technology Developer Kit please visit https://sensum.co/product and sign up to get early access.


World Health Organization report on distracted driving (2011): http://bit.ly/WHO_Distract
RoSPA report on drowsy driving: http://bit.ly/RoSPA_Fatigue

About Sensum – Empathic Technology for the Connected World
Sensum builds empathic technology solutions that turn human data into emotion, physiology & behaviour insights. With real-time, unified modelling of human states, our customers are building products & experiences that are more personal, responsive, engaging… more human.

Since 2011, in a string of world-firsts with global brands, we have deployed empathic technology solutions into some of the most extreme environments on the planet, making us world leaders at measuring human data 'in the wild', where people live their lives.
Our patent-pending empathic AI engine Synsis™ automatically appraises user data to derive human emotions & states from any situation. We combine this with our patent-pending tools for automatically syncing data & media from the widest range of sensors on the market. Our customers embed Synsis in their technology to create new kinds of empathic human-machine interaction, and develop a deeper understanding of the digital self.

Our tools have measured human data across 20 countries, online, in shops, in homes, in the wild; from 1 person to 15,000 people simultaneously, at 4,000 m, at 300 km/h; from the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Rim; in cars, planes, trains, boats, bicycles, motorbikes, parachutes, zip-lines… even a jetpack.

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Synsis TM Empathic Tech Developer Kit for Measuring Real-Time Human States from Body, Face & Voice Data

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Mosh Pit Masters SPILT unload Someone n No one

SPILT’s latest binaural single SOMEONE n NO ONE is out now on Jacaranda Records

SPILT’s latest immersive audio track – SOMEONE n NO ONE – goes spatial on Jacaranda Records today.

We’re an Immersive First Label, everything we do is about reinventing the use of spatial mix and mastering tools”

— Ray Mia

LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM, September 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — SPILT’s latest immersive track – SOMEONE n NO ONE – is out on Jacaranda Records today.

Landing slap-bang in the middle of a string of releases from the reimagined record label, SPILT’s performance of the oscillating track at this year’s Future Yard festival left the audience in a psychedelic trance, cementing their growing reputation as the ambidextrous masters of the Northern mosh pit.

Quintessentially SPILT, the track seizes an opportunity to push binaural technology to the edge of its capabilities and beyond to forge an all-enveloping experience, carrying the listener on a wave of dissonance to the inevitable conclusion that we are all – all of us – SOMEONE n NO ONE.

Jacaranda Records Capomaestro Ray Mia said:

“We’re an Immersive First Label, everything we do is about reinventing the use of spatial mix and mastering tools, the binaural mixes we are releasing sit downstream from some groundbreaking work in Dolby Atmos, what’s even more impressive is the speed and ingenuity of the guys in SPILT, their music already lends itself to a richer immersive playback, the thinking behind the mixes take people on a journey – a story in words and notes and arrangement, movement and a relentless attack…"

“SOMEONE n NO ONE is raising the bar again, as they have done with every one of their current releases, there is simply no other Immersive Audio mixing like this anywhere… but as we’ve always maintained, you have to see it live to believe what they are capable of. The binaural mixes are stand out, their live performances are Shamanic in their effect, and we captured them in a Jacaranda Basement Tape – you get the energy, the dynamism, the power and drive – the small stage and the minimal lighting with no audience gave them the room to play like very few people can play in this day and age. All in one take, with no in-ears… they are a phenomenon. Check out the lyrics for the track, then look at the verve and dexterity they have in delivering those lyrics – no backing track, no fancy front of house set up, just raw – bleeding-edge talent. The immersive material only makes sense when it gets driven with such passion and tenacity. They are getting better and better…”

[Listen Here] [Wear Headphones]

Release Details

SOMEONE n NO ONE was performed by SPILT, and written by Morgan Molyneux, Ronald Ayres & Josh Cunningham.

Supervising Immersive Mix Producer: mrmmr
Immersive Mix engineering & mixing by James Kershaw
Stereo Mix production, engineering & mixing by Jonathan Tringham

From Immersive-first Label Jacaranda Records, specialists in spatial audio, the SOMEONE n NO ONE binaural master provides anyone using a set of standard headphones a three-dimensional audio experience – and richer stereo for anyone using speakers. The track is available to stream or download via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and all major streaming services.

SPILT are:
Mo Molyneux (Vocals/guitar)
Ron Ayres (Bass)
Josh Cunningham (Drums)

About Jacaranda Records

Jacaranda Records is a reimagined record label driven by immersive audio, with a street network of live music venues and record stores in the heart of Liverpool – The UK's music city.

Working with a wide international coalition of musicians, producers, managers and audio visual experts, the label provides a disruptive antidote to the traditional music industry ethos, forging new approaches to music creation, manufacture, promotion and distribution that leave control and revenues firmly in the hands of our artists.

We provide developing and established artists with a range of creative, technical and monetization services while preserving their full mechanical, publishing and IP rights. Artist focused, forward-thinking and expert in deploying innovative technologies and techniques through every stage of the recording, release, distribution and commercialisation cycles, the label works with a diverse range of creatives and performers to maximise the impact and returns for their work, all the while re-imagining, re-inventing and re-defining what impact and return means.
The latest evolution of the brand that launched The Beatles, Jacaranda Records is taking the soul of an organisation built on launching talent in a City where music is in its DNA, and forging a new path to support and build on the breadth of talent that walks its streets – all with an attitude and vision befitting its people and the global audiences who care about music.

Press Team
Jacaranda Records
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USPONSORME: Living in the USA: Yes you can

Living in the USA: Yes you can !

A new platform is born in the United States, which can provide you with the names of companies ready to sponsor…

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Finding a job in the U.S. can be very challenging, especially for foreigners who need a visa sponsorship. To help make the process easier than it’s ever been before, USponsorMe matches international candidates with the right US-based companies and helps foreigners all the way to job offer acquisition. Created by assembling more than 6 million visa petition records, the platform uses a state-of-the-art algorithm that matches candidates with a network of companies.

"Each year, over 12 million foreigners are fighting to get a job and a visa to move to the USA, spending months and a lot of money without any results. USponsor Me drives them to the right sponsor companies in a couple of minutes.” says founder and CEO Sarah Papasodaro.

But how does it really work?

UsponsorMe will analyze a candidate’s profile, calculate the visa for which he or she may be eligible, drive the candidate to suggested open jobs at companies that can sponsor them for the kind of visa that would match their profile, and guide them to successful lead, featuring more than 350,000 U.S.-based sponsor companies on their platform.

More About USponsorMe:

Founded in 2017, USponsorMe was created by Sarah Papasodaro who decided to leave her 9-to-5 career in France to explore new opportunities in the United States.

With five years of experience as an enterprise resource planning consultant, Papasodaro understands customer needs and was able to grow a tech platform that efficiently resolves any issues that a job seeker faces when trying to move to the USA. A talented business developer with a Master’s degree, Papasodaro headed abroad in 2014 and launched a blog about her experience seeking work in America.

Leveraging her SEO abilities, Papasodaro’s blog reached the 500K visitor mark in just two years. The website’s newsletter also garnered an impressive 65,000 subscribers in under three years.‬‬

The site ultimately evolved to USponsor Me where Papasodaro now serves as CEO.

Papasodaro is joined by CTO and partner‬ Maxime Hilaire,‬ who holds a Master’s in computer science and has 9 years’ experience as a full stack software engineer. He worked across more than 10 successful projects for Airbus, Sharp and Fox, among others.

Hilaire’s challenges as a tech lead are to design and build apps in the cloud that manage tens of millions of documents at scale so applications can ingest TB of data smoothly at the "speed of light".

Maxime’s 2 AWS certifications (Developer & Architect) and in-depth knowledge of NoSql, big data, cloud, and JavaScript have allowed him to build the USponsorMe platform.

Both Papasodaro and Hilaire left France to find work in America despite not having any connections in a new country. After this difficult experience, both know the numerous challenges that foreign job seekers face, and it is why USponsorMe is the ideal platform to help people find work in the U.S.

More information: usponsorme.com/

SpLAshPR Agency
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"Coloring the world, one story at a time"

Solene Jouan
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