Dennis McLaughlin: Making a Real Difference in Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Mississippi and California

Dennis G. McLaughlin III New York Skyline in the background

Dennis G. McLaughlin III New York

This is an image from the Heroes Advancement Programs May 10, 2019 Charity Event held at Hotle Zaza in Dallas, TX with Dennis McLaughlin, Hon. Allen Clark, Alex Muse in the image.

From Left to Right: Dennis McLaughlin, Hon. Allen Clark, Alex Muse

American Ark Record Co logo with an american flag on the edge and a cowboy on a horse in blue with the letter a in the top middle and the words American in blue and Ark in red and record co in blue.

American Ark Record Co – Dennis McLaughlin

Dennis McLaughlin: Giving a helping hand with philanthropy in Dallas, Oklahoma City, New York City and many more places to make a real change for humanity.

Instead of creating another entity that takes away from great organizations, HAP made the decision to operate like a United Way for veterans organizations.”

— Dennis McLaughlin

DALLAS, TX, US, June 24, 2019 / — Dennis McLaughlin has been a leader within many states as it pertains to the oil and gas industry. However, many people do not know that the McLaughlin’s family has provided scholarships for the University of Oklahoma for many years. The McLaughlin Award has provided a way for many first year students, at the University of Oklahoma, to succeed by this financial assistance. The generosity of the McLaughlin family continues to be seen in a number of ways. The Heroes Advancement Programs (HAP) is another charity to Dennis brought from a version in his head to a reality.
This charity provides hope to other veteran nonprofit charities by helping with raising funds, providing a spokesperson and mentorship. On May 10, 2019, the HAP events supported Gary Bartel’s nonprofit organization called Oath Inc. The focus of the event provided a platform to talk about the issue of suicide that is plaguing veterans throughout the United States. While sitting down with Dennis McLaughlin it was clear that the passion in order to address this issue was dear to his heart. The overall funding of organizations nonprofit while sitting down with Dennis McLaughlin it was clear that the passion in order to address this issue was dear to his heart. The overall funding of nonprofit organizations continues to go down year-by-year because of a myriad of reasons. This is one of the core reasons why the need to create a national dialogue between military and non-military citizens remains critical. It is only united when we can stand together against the issues that cause problems for the heroes that laid everything on the line for our nation. Instead of creating another entity that takes away from great organizations, HAP made the decision to operate like a United Way for veterans organizations. The goal is to start in Texas and then spread to Oklahoma, Arizona and eventually the rest of the United States.
During the event Dennis McLaughlin‘s recording company, American Ark Record Company, showcased the latest single Twenty-Two with Danny Griego and featuring KP Fitz. This song is already reaching thousands upon thousands of people and it is HAP’s hope that this article will further expand the reach of this song because a majority of the proceedings is going back to soldiers who are suffering from issues dealing with suicide.

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Twenty Two – Danny Griego and KP Fitz (Official Music Video)

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Slicks Graphics now wrapping trailers throughout greater Philadelphia, PA

Trailer Graphics

Slicks Graphics Wrapping a Trailer

Through a vigorous battle to scale our installation department, we are now extending our trailer wrap service to customers located in Philadelphia, PA.

Leading the vehicle graphics industry.”

— Craig Sanford

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — Wrapping Trailers is one of the best ways to generate thousands of daily impressions. Especially if your wrap travels nationally on highways at least five days a week. Here at Slicks Graphics, Inc., we specialize building high performance trailer wraps for commercial customers looking to brand their fleet of tractor trailers. From a simple, clean cut lettering kit, or a full coverage trailer wrap, we build more than 100 high quality trailer wraps each year and counting. Our products are made from leading products manufactured by 3M and Avery Dennison. These films when purchased at the higher performance level with OEM laminates, are equip with a 5 year vertical warranty, giving you peace of mind with adhesive coverage, ink fade coverage and even de-lamination coverage. When looking to wrap an entire fleet of 53’ tractor trailers, its very important to know what you are getting, so there are no surprises down the road.

Since 2008, Slicks Graphics has led the vehicle wraps industry from building eye catching wrap designs, to printing high definition vehicle wraps on strong, durable vinyl wrap films, and even installing these films at the highest of standards as we are a 3M certified vehicle wrap shop. Our services tend nationwide with the help of our network of 3M certified installers we partner with around the country to help coordinate long distance installs.

Check us out online for more information on our great marketing products that can really help you grow your business.

Have a van you are looking to get wrapped or lettered? We also design very aggressive van wraps for customers looking to brand their delivery vans with eye catching lettering kits and even full van wraps completely transforming their companies image when their driver show up to Make a delivery and they simply can't be missed.

If you are looking to purchase trailer wraps in Philadelphia, or virtually anywhere across the United States, than give us a call today at 215-736-8000 for a free no obligation estimate or visit us on the web at for more information.

We also manufacture high quality signs for customers looking for a new street sign, directional way finding sign or even a backlit store front sign.

Craig Sanford
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Former Employees Sue Nolan Transportation Group for Overtime Wages

Nolan Transportation faces allegations of violating federal labor law by misclassifying workers as salaried and exempt from overtime

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — On June 19, 2019, former employees (Plaintiffs) of Nolan Transportation Group, LLC (Nolan) filed a class and collective action lawsuit (Case No. 1:19-cv-2812) against the company to recover unpaid overtime wages. Nolan is a third-party logistics and freight brokerage company that connects its clients with independent trucking companies in order to transport their products.

Plaintiffs all worked as Account Managers, Tracking Specialists and Operations Coordinators for Nolan. Plaintiffs allege that Nolan violated the wage and hour provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by intentionally misclassifying them as exempt salaried employees and refusing to pay them and others similarly situated overtime wages. Plaintiffs allege that they routinely worked more than fifty (50) hours per week without receiving “time and a half” their regular rate of pay for all hours worked over forty (40) in a workweek.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Benjamin L. Davis, III of the Law Offices of Peter T. Nicholl explains, “when an employee is not actually performing administrative work at a level which would qualify them for an exemption under the law, they should be paid overtime premiums for working over forty (40) hours a week.”

According to the Complaint, Plaintiffs and other similarly-situated employees primarily performed routine office work, such as data entry and file maintenance. Plaintiffs allege that they were the initial points of contact when receiving calls from Defendant’s clients and that Defendant’s “no voicemails” policy required them and other Account Managers, Tracking Specialists and Operations Coordinators to be present anytime a client called. It is alleged that this policy, combined with persistent understaffing, resulted in Plaintiffs having to consistently work overtime, even though they failed to receive overtime wages. This constitutes a willful violation of the FLSA and applicable state wage and hour laws.

Additional information regarding how other Account Managers, Tracking Specialists and Operations Coordinators who work or worked for Nolan can join this case can be found here or by calling the Law Offices of Peter T. Nicholl at 410-244-7005. The case is entitled Winters, et al. v. Nolan Transportation Group, LLC (Northern District Georgia).

The Law Offices of Peter T. Nicholl and DeLong, Caldwell, Bridgers, Fitzpatrick & Benjamin are recognized as leaders in the field of wage and hour litigation. Both firms have successfully handled numerous class and collective action lawsuits across the country. They are committed to vigorously representing employees whose rights have been violated.

Media contact information: 410-244-7005

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Speaker, Author and Coach Samantha Ruth to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — Samantha M Ruth is an inspiring professional. She has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology, which she obtained while living in Michigan. She is a licensed Psychologist in both Michigan and Colorado, where she currently lives. She practices in a way that is beyond therapy—it’s unique and revolutionary, and focused on concepts like overcoming adversity and being your true self (not what family or society expects of you).

Samantha sees people as whole and beautiful, not sick or damaged, and supports them like an ally and coach. She guides clients with more than 20 years of professional experience, along with the experiences of her own life (which often brought challenges and change.) Samantha weaves in the philosophies of famed success coach Jack Canfield, and has had numerous training and speaking sessions with him. Her practices evolved in a way that is so holistic, transformational and distinct, that the only label that could be applied is: The Ruthology Method.

“I think of my mission like the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi,” Samantha says, “It’s a technique that repairs objects like vases with a special gold lacquer, so that the result is even more breathtaking. Samantha actually does that as she coaches people toward meeting new goals, and living with greater stability, happiness and success.

Samantha continues to apprentice with Jack Canfield and co-authored a book with Kate Butler from his inner circle. Part five of the series Women Who Illuminate will be out in August, and Samantha has two books of her own slated for 2020 release. She very much loves to write and use journals, both with clients and for her own self-healing.

Samantha sure is ambitious. She just launched a new online support group, in which a small group of people will deal with their anxiety and related issues. And she created a non-profit foundation, Whole Lotta Love, to honor her husband James Lincoln Ruth. We applaud Samantha for achieving all this and more, and we look forward to talking about it together.

CUTV News Radio will feature Samantha Ruth in interviews with Jim Masters on Wednesdays on June 26th, July 10th and July 17th at 2:00pm EDT

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Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills Celebrates Opening of New Biocellular Regenerative Center

Acclaimed plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Alter

The new center will be leading the way in aesthetic medicine through innovative stem cell therapies.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — The Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills organization is excited to announce the grand opening of their new state-of-the-art Biocellular Regenerative Center. ( The new center will be leading the way in aesthetic medicine through innovative stem cell therapies. It will offer regenerative stem cell treatments for Men and Women, and specialize in non-invasive hair loss treatment, vaginal rejuvenation, erectile dysfunction, and facial and body procedures.

Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills
416 North Bedford Drive, Suite 403
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

When a person visits the practice, they’ll meet with a clinician who can talk with them about their needs and goals, then recommend some treatment options that are right for them. The clinicians are highly-trained, attentive, friendly, and patient-centered; their job is to help patient’s feel at ease, and to provide no-pressure information that they can use to determine the type of treatment they’d most prefer.

The goal is to provide a warm, welcoming and comfortable setting so that individuals may feel relaxed and can look forward to the results of their treatment. The doctors are board certified and world-renowned plastic surgeons who have specialized in aesthetic medicine for over 2 decades.

For example, Dr. Gary Alter, M.D. is a rare plastic surgeon certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Urology. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at UCLA School of Medicine. Due to his unique training, he specializes primarily in male and female genital plastic surgery but also performs most aesthetic procedures. He has innovated and developed many new genital procedures that are now used worldwide. He has published 39 medical articles in major medical journals and authored twenty book chapters. He is co-editor of the major medical textbook Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery of the External Genitalia that was published by W.B. Saunders Co., the first book of its kind in over 25 years. Due to his unique skills, he is frequently invited to speak at national and international meetings

After practicing urology for ten years, he returned to plastic surgery training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota followed by a fellowship in genital reconstructive surgery at the Eastern Virginia Graduate School of Medicine in Norfolk, VA. He is an active member the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and the American Urological Association. He is also a member of the Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons.

Recently, Dr. Alter was chosen by the “Best of Los Angeles Award” community as one of L.A.’s 100 most fascinating people, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the “Best of Los Angeles Award” community. The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed four years ago and consists of over 5,300 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places and things in Los Angeles with a slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.”

“Incredible doctors, beautiful facility and patient setting,” concludes satisfied client Julie H., “not to mention a totally awesome staff. Everyone is super helpful. Dr. Alter is one of the best.”

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John Ebron of Ebron Coaching and Consulting to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

LITHONIA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — John Ebron is an executive coach and the founder of Ebron Coaching and Consulting, where he specializes in coaching entrepreneurs stepping out on their own and finding their own way.

As an executive coach, John combines his experience in the military with the John Maxwell team’s unique approach to leadership development.

“The military is such a rigid environment with lots of structure and systems thinking to compensate for a lack of creativity,” explains Ebron. “The John Maxwell team’s approach is very structured, but it is all centered around personal development. The missions are less external and more internal, but the program keeps you engaged and measures their success from week to week. So I married the two together and this is how I continue my work after retiring from the military.”

In the military, Ebron served in a management position as part of the army’s chaplain’s corps.

“There were times where our leadership was not decisive enough to know what to manage or how to manage,” recalls Ebron. “I had to start leading myself so that I could manage myself. For all intents and purposes, I became a life coach in the military.”

As part of the chaplain’s corps, Ebron worked with Resilience, paying close attention to his fellow servicemen’s mental health in response to the Iraqi invasion and multiple deployments.

“People were really worn out and over-stressed,” says Ebron. “This work is almost like a counter-action to what I experienced in the military. We indoctrinate ourselves, rightly so, to handle everything outside of the present, and then we retire and they say now you have to be present and in the moment. How do you do that? Working through that for myself and with other people, it is amazing the strength you gain by having that skill, to go on autopilot when you have to get things done, but also to know how to come back focused on the here-and-now.”

Coaching is not about advice but rather helping pull out what's already there, says Ebron. It's getting a person in that space where they're not looking for someone else to solve their problems but still finding value in that conversation.

“To do my job well, I have to see ‘God with amnesia’ sitting across from me,” says Ebron. “We can do absolutely anything in the world we can think of, but we’ve forgotten that part of ourselves that is capable of accomplishing our dream. Many people are not familiar with tapping into that larger part of themselves, that creative side. Through coaching, we really help them establish a whole new dimension of their own identity where they're capable of creating something from nothing and possess the tenacity to go after it in a systematic way.”

CUTV News Radio will feature John Ebron in an interview with Jim Masters on June 26th at 12pm EDT

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Exclusive Mississippi Paddle Wheeler Cruise – "People on the Great River Road"

American Countess

American Countess

Craig Lesh - Archaelogist

Craig Lesh – Archaelogist

USS Cairo

USS Cairo

Join Archaeology Educator Craig Lesh May 17th – May 24th, 2020 On the Beautiful New Paddle Wheeler "American Countess"

I’m excited about the exclusive tours we’ve put together. We are going back 3000 years to the amazing World Heritage archaeological site, of Poverty Point. Join us!”

— Craig Lesh – Archaeology Educator

REDLANDS, CA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — Join Archaeology Educator Craig Lesh May 17th – May 24th, 2020
On the Beautiful New Paddle Wheeler 'American Countess'

This EXCLUSIVE cruise is Sailing from New Orleans to Memphis.

Sailing on the Mississippi, one of the Great Rivers of the United States.

Craig Lesh is the founder of Heritage Education Programs. He has a B.S. degree from Cal Poly University, Pomona and an M.S degree, in Archaeology Heritage from Leicester University, in the UK. Craig runs the pre-college outreach program at the Center for Near Eastern Archeology, at La Sierra University, Riverside, CA and is Chairman of the Education and Outreach Committee of the Society for California Archaeology.

In addition to the tours provided by American Queen Steamboat Company, we have put together some exclusive tours that delve more than 3,000 years into the past.

In addition to the fine food, Broadway class entertainment and tours provided by American Queen Steamboat Company, we have put together some exclusive tours that delve more than 3,000 years into the past.
Our private group will tour the site of the oldest city in North America, Poverty Point archaeological site. Before the Maya pyramids and before Stonehenge, the residents of Poverty Point built a master planned city for with a large plaza, concentric C shape living terraces and monumental earthen platform mounds. It is one of the most important archaeological sits in the country, and it is a World Heritage Site.

In addition to one of the first cultures mound-building cultures, our tour group will also visit the site of one of the last of the mound-building cultures; the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians. The Natchez’s village was destroyed by the French in 1730.

Another archaeological discovery we will visit is the Civil War Gunboat USS Cairo. Sunk in 1862, it was raised in 1964. The reassembled gunboat is displayed at the Vicksburg Military Park and is the only Civil War river gunboat in existence.

Our group’s host is Craig Lesh, the founder of Heritage Education Programs. Craig runs the pre-college outreach program at the Center for Near Eastern Archaeology, at La Sierra University in Riverside California and is the Chairman of the Education and Outreach Committee of the Society for California Archaeology. He has a B.S. degree from Cal Poly University, Pomona and a M.A degree, in Archaeology and Heritage from Leicester University, in the UK.

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Qatar Could Be Belt & Road News’s Headquarter


BRN Logo

Largest Investment in BRI’s Media Sector, Creating World's Fourth Largest News Agency Dedicated to Belt & Road Initiative

“Our mission is to be completely unbiased. We're loyal to neither nations nor its leaders but only to truth".”

— Dawood KHAN, Chairman Belt & Road News Network

HONG KONG, June 24, 2019 / — Belt and Road News Network (BRN), an emerging international media organization, that is the world's first & only news network dedicated to China's massive Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) (also known as Silk Road Initiative) offering News, Views & Analysis on BRI and it's 150-member countries, announced today of considering Middle East for their headquarters that will create 3,500 jobs in the region.

BRN to disseminate its news through various spectrums including wire services, 24-hours English language news & documentary television channel, independent Arabic & French news channels, 24-hour English language radio, a multilingual digital newspaper & magazine in English, French & Arabic providing comprehensive coverage of belt and road Initiative and its projects accurately & in a timely manner.

Having an army of journalists, correspondents, columnists, writers and fully staffed regional offices in London, Singapore, Middle East, São Paulo, Addis Ababa, New York and news bureaus in 100 countries, giving BRN hands on the pulse of every aspect of the 22 trillion dollar initiative.

Creating a better understanding of the initiative across globe, otherwise viewed/blamed for being ill-informed & heavily wrapped and always seen with skepticism that is manoeuvred according to will.

As said Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, World Bank Vice President in a statement "Achieving the ambitions of the Belt and Road Initiative will require equally ambitious reforms from participating countries. Improvements in data reporting and transparency—especially around debt—open government procurement, and adherence to the highest social and environmental standards will help significantly."

Belt and Road Initiative is one of President Xi’s most ambitious foreign and economic policy, that comprises of ‘21st Century Maritime Silk Road’ & the ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ in series of highways, railways and ports as well as facilities for energy, telecommunications, healthcare and education. Together they will connect more than 65 countries making up over 62% of the world’s population, around 35% of the world’s trade and over 31% of the world’s GDP.

Over 152 countries and international organisations have joined the initiative, that has already witnessed investments of over $1.6 trillion USD on related projects. The Asian Development Bank estimates that by 2030 the initiative will reach over $22 trillion. None the less the Initiative has received an immense amount of positive reactions from across the world and currently is one of the major driver of economies in the developing countries.

“Our mission is to be completely unbiased. We're loyal to neither nations nor its leaders but only to truth. With responsive reporting & their analysis, ascertaining the truth from every angle & source. While fake news continues to be checked & blocked, there are still countless assertions that go unchecked. We endure to fill in the gap. We are committed to being fully transparent with how we report our stories. BRN is prone to be the leader in providing dedicated news, views & analyst on BRI, we are an organization to be recognized globally for its authority, integrity and accuracy” said Dawood KHAN, Chairman of Belt Road News Network.

“The total investment for the project will reach USD 500 million to be financed partly debt and shareholder's equity. Allowing us to tap into lucrative and opportunistic investment in this spectrum of media, positioning us to achieve its full potential."

We are currently studying Middle East in general & Qatar in particular for its policies towards media networks & their support in this sector. If found favourable we can consider setting up our headquarters in Doha, as Qatar was amongst the first ones to support BRI & signed several agreements and MoUs that supported the initiative KHAN said.

About Belt and Road News Network
Belt & Road News (BRN) is a registered trademark & copyright that is prone to be the source of dedicated News, Views & Analytics on BRI to be recognized globally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. BRN teams are currently based in Hong Kong, London, Addis Ababa, Pakistan & Middle East.

Media Contact:
Wan Yüan

# # #

©2019 Belt and Road News • 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong • All rights reserved.

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Australia’s Katrina McCarter To Detail 7 Key Global Mom Future Trends At M2Moms® The Marketing to Moms Conference

marketing to moms

Katrina McCarter, Founder & CEO, Marketing to Mums

marketing to moms

The Mother of All Opportunities, by Katrina McCarter

New technology and cultural forces are changing the marketing to moms landscape

“There are key mum segments that are being overlooked and it’s costing brands valuable sales and profit”

— Katrina McCarter Founder/CEO Marketing to Mums

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 24, 2019 / — “Mothers are the powerhouse of the global economy,” according to Katrina McCarter, Founder/CEO, Marketing to Mums. “They’re responsible for 80% of consumer spending.” Previewing her presentation at M2Moms®– The Marketing to Moms Conference, McCarter said, “There are key mum segments that are being overlooked and it’s costing brands valuable sales and profit. I’ll share an overview of those mum segments and detail the seven key marketing to mums success factors critical to building brands over the next ten years.” M2Moms® is presented by The Center for Positive Marketing at Fordham University. It is attended by national and global brand marketing executives who attend to learn how to build more business with moms. It will be held October 16 & 17, 2019, at Fordham’s NYC Lincoln Center campus.

The Mother of All Opportunities
The Melbourne, Australia based McCarter, who was voted best speaker at M2Moms® 2018, explained, “The seven key factors for future success are: Rise of the Sharing Economy, Importance of Understanding Mums Moments, Growth of Femtech, Micro Niching, Role of Voice, Experiential Marketing, and Purpose. Brands who are able to tap into these factors will gain a significant category wide competitive advantage over the coming decade.” She is the best-selling author of Marketing to Mums and the soon to be published, The Mother of All Opportunities. "Like my presentation my new book shines a light on the opportunities which abound by deeply understanding mothers across the world. It’s written for Board Directors, C Suite and senior marketing executives to help them identify growth drivers over the next decade. And it includes recommendations from leading brands including Volvo, Unilever, J&J, Expedia, Milk Stork and more.”

2019 Highlights:
“In addition to Katrina’s presentation, this year’s new sessions & topics include a look at the moms market in China. It absolutely dwarfs the US market. Every year 17 million new babies are born in China versus only 4 million new US babies,” added Nan McCann, M2Moms® producer. “We’ll also be especially focusing on tech with segments on how moms and women are using every screen at their disposal to network, search, get advice, recommend, shop & buy. The tech sessions & media discussions will be presented by Google, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, JetBlack, Instagram and Edison Research. Additionally, we’ll study how “smart” innovation is changing the home environment. Plus, we’ll examine how intergenerational marketing has become a key component of marketing to moms and women. But, probably our most timely new presentations will look at the very real differences between millennial moms and women and the massive emerging cohort of Gen Z moms and women!”

Creative Engagement & Awards:
“It’s not all work, to stimulate everyone’s creative juices we’re introducing our first ever female targeted startup “Shark Tank” featuring quick elevator pitches with a cash prize to the winner voted by the audience. Plus, in keeping with our annual traditions we’ll present our “Mom First” & “This Woman Means Business” Awards. The “Mom First” Award is given to a mom who saw and successfully pursued a business opportunity she discovered while being a mom. The “This Women Means Business” Award is presented to a proven business leader… an innovator and visionary…who in words and actions recognizes that women can be a transforming economic force in the world today…that for every successful enterprise, women mean business.”

About Katrina McCarter:
Katrina McCarter
Marketing to Mums

Katrina is founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums, a marketing and research consultancy in Melbourne, Australia. She is a marketing strategist who specializes in understanding mothers as a powerful market sector, through experience and research.
Katrina is the author of best-selling book, Marketing to Mums, and is highly regarded for her creative growth strategies and her ability to negotiate strategic partnerships to increase sales and profits in selling to mums. An award-winning businesswoman and mother of three, Katrina is a sought after international speaker and a regular contributor to business media.

M2Moms® / M2W® Sponsors:
Presenting Sponsor for 2019 is The Center for Positive Marketing at Fordham University. Additional sponsors include: Google, Facebook, Foursquare, WongDoody, The MotherBoard, FlashLight Insights, Marketing to Mums, The Female Factor, The Hunter Miller Group, Edison Research, Snippies and Tiny Tutus.

About M2Moms® / M2W®
M2Moms® -The Marketing to Moms Conference
M2W® -The Marketing to Women Conference
October 16 & 17, 2019
Pope Auditorium at Fordham University
113 W. 60TH St., NYC

For information:, or 860.724.2649 or
25% Early Registration Discount Code Is EB25 at:

M2Moms® & M2W® are produced by PME® Enterprises LLC, a sales and marketing company specializing in event creation, promotion, production and management.

Nanci McCann
PME Enterprises LLC
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Protecting healthcare providers against violence is the only way to protect our patients

Protecting healthcare workers against violence | HealthSoul

Protecting healthcare workers against violence

Doctor Violence, a global problem | HealthSoul

Doctor Violence, a global problem

Laws against violence at hospitals | HealthSoul

Laws against violence at hospitals

Reasons for violence against healthcare workers | HealthSoul

Reasons for violence against healthcare workers

Prevention of violence at healthcare place | HealthSoul

Prevention of violence at healthcare place

CHANDIGARH, PUNJAB, INDIA, June 24, 2019 / — An intern serving the neediest at NRS Medical college, Kolkata, Dr. Paribaha Mukhopadhyay, suffered depressed skull fracture. This was result of an attack by a 200 strong mob; consisting of the relatives and acquaintances of an elderly gentleman who died while receiving treatment at the NRS Hospital. The brutality of this incident lead to more than a week long impasse of medical fraternity going on work strike seeking stringent laws and safe workplace environment. This disrupted the health care again for the most needy and vulnerable who depend on Government funded healthcare centers. It is imperative to note that the employer in this case State Government is required to provide a place of employment that is free from recognized hazards. We explore violence against health-care practitioners in India to understand its reasons and prevention.

Violence against physicians: Is this problem specific to India or a global issue?

Health care system in India is rife with infrastructure and human resource constraints. The charge for Governmental facilities initially was to help with disease prevention, vaccination, and maternal child health and they have done a great job at achieving these goals. The expectations are changing with aging of populations, and a growing population and economy. One would probably assume that violence against healthcare providers is more common in India or similar developing countries.

A WHO Publication, indicates that more than half of health care providers around the world faced at least one incidence of violence (physical or psychological) in the past year: Brazil (47%), Thailand (54%), South Africa (61%) and United Kingdom (65%), Australia (67%), and Israel (74%). In the United States, 3 out of every 4 cases related to workplace violence are reported from the health care set up. The severity and consequence of these incidents in countries excluding US with high gun violence. About 3 out of every 4 reported workplace violence in the US of nearly 25,000 reported each year occurs to workers in healthcare settings.

An Indian Medical Association study came to a conclusion that 75% of doctors in India have faced violence at some point or the other in their careers; most cases being reported form ICUs (Intensive Care Units) and the perpetrators commonly being patient attendants. In conclusion, violence against medical practitioners is fairly prevalent across the globe and is not confined to India or the developing nations.

Possible Reasons for Such High Rates of Violence

1. Mismatch between expectations from healthcare system, and reality leading to frustration may play a large role. Frustrations start with long wait times, crowding in clinical areas, delay in treatment due to access to diagnostic and treatment modalities.
2. Lack of healthcare infrastructure to support the needs of a growing population in cities as well as human resources affecting the emotional wellbeing of healthcare provider’s esp. those in training who may be spread too thin.
3. Lack of healthcare education among patients and their relatives about the health condition
4. Financial constraints on family members and lack of transparency and forthrightness about expenses can be a source of frustration.
5. Poor settings and communication in breaking adverse news to family members including lack of proper training among trainees who may be the only ones available in odd hours at night in ICU settings.
6. Lack of proper channels for expression and resolution of patient grievances
7. A general sense of corruption and mistrust in both healthcare justice systems
8. Lastly, a lack of basic (well trained and equipped security personal, unrestricted access of guests to clinical areas, screening of guests), strong deterrents (stringent laws) against work-place violence and mob violence.

The immediate enabling factor is the poor security measures at most government hospitals. Unlike other public places with high-footfall, there is hardly any screening or checking of entrants from a security point of view in hospitals. The very fact that a mob of 200 odd could reach right where the doctors were working, without encountering any resistance, speaks volumes about the inadequacy of security provisions. During the course of the current protest, one got to hear repeatedly, that doctors are considered soft targets, who can be attacked without fear of any consequences. It is a debatable point of view, because most attacks on doctors, are carried out in the heat of the moment and not premeditated. Since the crime is one of passion, it is doubtful if the doctor or other medical staff being thought of as a soft target has much to do with such incidents.

Legal protection against violence towards health care providers in India. How does it compare to other countries?

Queensland, Australia has one of the harshest laws to deal with violence against healthcare professionals, with provisions of imprisonment of up to 14 years. The National Health Service in United Kingdom has a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy towards violence against health professionals. The Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act provides for imprisonment up to 12 months. Even in the much more federal United States of America, with provisions differ from state to state, of late, there have been calls to move towards more uniform policies to deal with and prevent violence against health-care professionals, an example being the Health Care Workplace Violence Prevention Act tabled in 2018. Many states designate assault on healthcare workers as third-degree felony which can carry a sentence of 5 years in prison, and five years probation.

One of the demands of the protesting doctors (which in principle was accepted by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Hon. Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare), is a strong law to deal with perpetrators of violence against health care professionals. It is interesting to note, that there already exists, in as many as 19 states of India (including West Bengal), a Protection Of Medicare Service Persons And Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention Of Violence And Damage To Property) Act, also known as the Medical Protection Act (MPA). As per provisions of the Act, attacking a health-care professional or causing damage to property in a health-care facility can attract a fine of Rs. 50,000 and a jail term of 3 years. Additionally, there are the general provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) dealing with assault, injury and grievous injury (the fracture suffered by Dr. Paribaho would have been one). Protection of patient rights falls under the Consumer Protection Act (COPRA).

There are problems with the implementation of the MPA, as it is as yet not included in the IPC or CrPC (Code of Criminal Procedure) and the law enforcement system in India is ill-famed for its tedious, slow moving pace. Moreover, in many cases (possibly including the latest one in Kolkata), the perpetrators of violence against the health-practitioners are linked to the party in power at the local level or enjoy its patronage. In such cases, the law enforcement machinery can hardly be expected to be unbiased and efficient in bringing to book the perpetrators.

A new law promised by Dr. Harsh Vardhan (Hon. Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India), comes close- with 12 years of imprisonment in such cases, envisaged to be made part of the law.

Possible Preventive and Deterrent Measures !

Though, harsh and swift punishments of any offender will deter violence and assault. The issue is complex and needs attention at multiple systematic levels. Providing more resources including security at workplaces to avoid overcrowding may be an immediate step. Training of healthcare professional in identification and de-escalation of conflicts will be next important step. Simulations and mock-drills could be carried out from time to time to check the systems at hand and plug loopholes, if any. The broader and important issue of more resources to health care system, priorities, and checking waste, reduce out of pocket expenses, as well as building trust and respect in the system should follow.

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Violence against doctors

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